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An Invitation to Rethink Your Life
Think about your sexual milestones. All of them have moved you either closer or farther from God’s plan for your life.

Finding Pure Intimacy
Recovering the heart of human sexuality.

Recovery and Redemption
An Introduction to Pure Intimacy.


Our Approach

What's with all the Psycho-babble?
God is the source of any true healing in our lives. Yet, many have already tried praying harder —without results.

What's with all the 'God' talk?
No matter where you are on the spectrum of faith, you are welcome here.


What We Offer

A Glorious Story
Christians have a far more beautiful story to tell about the glorious nature of human sexuality than most imagine.

About This Site
Learn more about what Pure Intimacy has to offer.

Focus on the Family Counseling Services
Focus on the Family has a staff of licensed, professional Christian counselors available to talk with you.


Who We Are

Focus on the Family Fact Sheet
Focus on the Family was founded in 1977.


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Media Inquiries
How to contact Focus on the family media representatives


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Do you endorse 12-step programs to free people from sexual addiction?
a question to Pure Intimacy

How do I share this site with others?
Encourage others by inviting them to this site.

Welcome to Pure Intimacy
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