Arcwave Voy Review For 2022

The Arcwave Voy doesn’t look like much, but it transformed my masturbation game. Although my sex life wasn’t sad enough to involve homemade toys, I still wasn’t experiencing my desired intensity. It’s also challenging to reach a satisfying orgasm when all your devices are boring.

I needed something new for my collection, and it had to be convenient. My lifestyle requires compact, lightweight, and portable stuff because I travel a lot. But even when I’m at home with a partner, it always helps to have something “handy” on the nightstand. That’s where this love story begins.

What Is the Arcwave Voy?

The Arcwave Voy is a manual masturbator for men. It’s perfect for multiple applications, with a design built to deliver maximum stimulation in minimal space. The hollow form and ergonomic shape provide a smooth ride to simplify solo sessions and partner play.

This hands-on sex toy offers several benefits to a boring bedroom. The features are user-friendly and straightforward, with zero learning curves and countless combinations. You can use the Arcwave Voy by yourself or as part of your foreplay presentation. It’s also practical for stamina training, edging, tantric sex, and intercourse prep.

DID YOU KNOW: I use a penis pump and then wear a cock ring to enhance my sensations.

The Primary Features

As one of the most innovative male masturbators, the Arcwave Voy offers several features to keep guys interested. It doesn’t use complex technologies, and the one-piece design is easy to clean. However, you get much more than convenience with this compact sex toy for men.

The premium materials help start your voyage to ecstasy. This device features a superior canal with a scientifically engineered texture. You can also adjust the tightness to feel variable sensations depending on your mood. A custom-fit approach to personal pleasure is its signature.

Voy has specially designed pleasure sensors to stimulate specific parts of the penis. It also responds instantly to skin contact and intuitively adjusts to pressure inside the canal. With integrated SexTech and a cutting-edge design, Arcwave manufacturers included a flexible form and silky-soft finish to help us fall in lust.

This toy features patented CleanTech material that stays fresh even after getting dirty. Each device comes with two protector lids to help shield the delicate sleeve. The lids also feature ventilation channels to ensure optimal comfort despite tremendous friction. And since the Arcwave Voy is all about accessibility, the end caps double as storage, turning your device into a self-contained machine.


  • Fully Submersible in Water
  • Water-Based Lube Compatible
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

Cycle through the eight distinct pleasure settings via the twisty Tightness Adjustment System (TAS). Meanwhile, forget about electronic parts, batteries, and charging cables. The Arcwave Voy is entirely manual, with no extra equipment required.

How Does It Feel?

I included this sex life staple into my collection because it’s practical and effective. It’s not the most sophisticated device on the market, but that didn’t matter. I wanted something dependable, and maintaining USB rechargeable sex toys can be challenging. The Arcwave Voy came to the rescue just when I was about to create a Fifi.

This toy is ready to go whenever I am, which matters more than technology. High-tech devices are terrific when you have the time to prepare. But my life requires the spontaneity of a manual stroker. Harnessing the power of my free will feels fantastic, making the rest of my experience more enjoyable.

As for the device itself, I can’t complain. The materials are soft, the texture is intense, and the design is straightforward. I assume the Arcwave Voy is what every man imagines when craving a convenient kink. Its open-ended design means every guy can experience bliss, even men with erectile dysfunction and problems with premature ejaculation.

What Comes in the Box?

The Voy is a simple penis stroker, so you shouldn’t expect much extra stuff in the box. The manufacturer keeps everything simple and easy, with only three items included:

  • The Arcwave Voy Pressure-Adjustable Stroker
  • Arcwave Water-Based Lubricant Sample
  • User’s Manual

You can also download a PDF version of the user’s manual on the Arcwave website. There, you’ll find more information about the included two-year warranty that the manufacturer only mentions on the homepage.

NOTE: You’ll have to purchase more lubricant after using the included sample.

The Pros and Cons

Nothing is perfect, not even a male stroker with an intuitive design. Men are unique creatures with specific needs, meaning sex toys can’t possibly please everybody. The Arcwave Voy is no exception, although it offers superior sensations and an ergonomic form. Here is what else you need to know:


  • Palm-sized powerhouse
  • Fits most penis sizes
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight for effortless handling
  • Perfect for men with ED
  • Tailored pleasure
  • Safe for all skin types


  • No automatic features
  • Does not engulf the shaft
  • Not compatible with other toys

I mitigate some of the cons with creative strategies. For example, the manual labor required to masturbate with this toy inspires me to involve partners. I also take advantage of the tiny form by pinpointing specific spots on my penis for targeted stimulation and stamina training.

How to Make the Arcwave Voy Feel Better

Sex toys with excellent designs are typically pleasurable without additional steps. However, you can always improve your practice with the Arcwave Voy using these three tips:

#1. Use the Best Lubricant

High-quality lubricants can help prevent skin irritation from manual masturbation. However, the Voy features a patented silicone lining. So, you should use water-based lube only to avoid damaging your device. Also, apply plenty because the wetness can decrease the tighter you squeeze.

TIP: Find an enhanced lubricant with heating, cooling, or tingling ingredients.

#2. Warm the Canal

The Arcwave Voy is 100% waterproof so that you can heat or cool the material under running water. Increase the realism with a warmed canal or delay your orgasm with a cold texture. You can also combine your favorite lube with various temperatures for a customized experience.

TIP: Boil water in a pan, then dip your device to warm the insides instantly.

#3. Keep It Squeaky Clean

Filthy penis strokers can be dangerous. You could give yourself an infection, injure a partner, or damage your device. So, stay clean with regular washing instead. Healthy habits help enhance the experience for everyone, and you preserve your device too. Plus, your lube sticks better to debris-free surfaces.

TIP: Use a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic sex toy cleaner to avoid damaging your device or skin.

Look at your owner’s manual for specific instructions and safety warnings. The manufacturer doesn’t offer any performance enhancement tips, but you can improve your experience with shrewd methods.

The Final Verdict

The Arcwave Voy is an unassuming sex toy for men, with a compact and lightweight design for discreet convenience. I take mine everywhere – from plane rides to partners’ houses. Although the imperfections leave room for other devices in my collection, the Voy is a reliable staple with practicality written all over it.

Use the best water-based lube and pair this toy with a vibrating cock ring for the ultimate experience. You can also let a lover take control or target specific nerve endings hands-on with the open-ended design. The Arcwave sets you on a VOYage that you won’t soon forget.


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