Best Anal Douches: The Clean Stream Deluxe Shower Enema Set

They say cleanliness is next to Godliness. I suppose that’s where anal douches got their humble beginnings – in the minds and hearts of the holy. And the holiest of holes just so happens to be the anus, which just so happens to be one of the most bacteria-riddled places on the human body. So, while it may provide a tight, texturized orifice for you to explore your deepest, darkest sexual fantasies, enjoying the anal cavity requires planning, responsibility and sensitivity as much as it requires perversion and bravery. In fact, neglecting to properly cleanse your bum before and after sex or masturbation (even with a synthetic toy) can wreak havoc on your health and happiness, not to mention your love life.

I learned all this hygiene stuff the hard way, but you don’t have to make the same mistakes. Find a decent enema delivery system and never worry about passing gas or communicable diseases during sex ever again. Moreover, you get to bask in the convenience of having a device that’s glad to work double duty. These creative and comfortable anal cleaners can also be used as p-spot stimulators if the right model is chosen. And so, now you know why I gave the time of day to the Clean Stream Deluxe Shower Enema Kit. According to everyone I talked to, it had it all – the power, the construction, the ergonomics, everything. So, how did this bad boy shape up against my professional tush? Did it make all my creams come true or did I waste my money? Well, let’s make sure we all know what I’m talking about first.

What Is the Clean Stream Deluxe Shower Enema Kit (CSD)?

The CSD Kit is basically just a higher-end, more complex version of a traditional anal douche, only it has the ability to be used in the bath or shower with running water of any temperature. Instead of siphoning your cleansing liquid from a bowl or basin, this device allows you to derive water directly from the tap for a continual stream that can be used for cleanliness or pleasure play. It offers a home décor and user-friendly design that can be attached temporarily or permanently to your existing faucet without tools or special skills. And since it’s made out of skin-safe materials and features a body-conscious shape and size, it can be used by both male and female participants to achieve greater pre-game anal cleanliness or simply enjoy the sensations of water and/or temperature play.

The Main Features

The patented Clean Stream Deluxe system has all the convenience of a detachable water hose with all the power of a permanent one. It features an adjustable valve that can be attached temporarily or permanently to your shower faucet, plus the valve offers three-way convenience so you never have to choose between practicality and perversion. The regulated tap attachment also allows the user to control waterflow pressure through the hose so there’s never a dull moment (or a painful one). And speaking of hoses, the CSD Kit offers six full feet of flexible, metal fun for optimal range of motion no matter what’s going on in that shower of yours.

With a rust-proof stainless-steel construction, water not only flows freely through the bidet but also stays true to temperature the entire time and can be used by anyone regardless of skin sensitivities or allergies. Go deep with the two included nozzles that vary in size, shape and length. The smaller one features an open-ended design and measures a quaint, beginner-friendly 2.75 inches in length and has a 1-inch circumference. The larger one features a five-hole jet design and measures a more commanding, expert-friendly 4.5 inches in length and has a 2.5-inch girth. The whole shebang comes with four rubber washers to slide inside your chosen component making it completely water-tight and as powerful as possible.

What Comes in the Box?

If you don’t know what an enema is, it’s pretty easy to pass this product off as a conventional kitchen or bathroom appliance because of its relatively commercial looking packaging. The box itself won’t suffice as anything but trash once you pop it open, but at least the pieces inside are high enough quality to make up for that fact. Here’s what you get for the price you pay:

  • A six-foot bidet hose
  • A three-way tap valve
  • A small, single-hole cleaning nozzle
  • A larger, five-hole jet nozzle
  • Four small rubber washers
  • A detailed installation, safety and maintenance brochure

What you won’t get are any lube samples, toy cleaning supplies or storage containers for this new purchase of yours. It’s always nice to get freebies, but it seems like more and more manufacturers are moving away from good customer service in exchange for better profit margins. Either way, you still get everything needed to start using your CSD Kit right away because it requires no special skills, tools or equipment for installation or removal.

The Experience

Listen, anal douching is not for everyone. You have to be into butt play first of all, or else there’s really no clinically proven health benefit to doing it in your own home with tap water. Properly cleansing the anus requires a set of skills and a level of patience that some of you might not be ready for. As for me, I’ve been shoving stuff inside me since I found the first hole, which means I know a good enema when I find one. The CSD Kit did not disappoint.

The initial setup wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be. I simply slid a washer inside my chosen nozzle and then screwed the assembly onto the three-way valve that was already attached to my water faucet. I may have done that backwards, but everything worked just fine regardless of my ineptness. I began my experiment with the smaller nozzle, naturally. It felt fine but I could certainly tell it was made for newbies who either didn’t like a lot of pressure or who preferred not to feel anything at all. It got my clean though, but it took a bit longer than expected to see the water start to run clear.

You can’t have both nozzles going at the same time unless you buy two separate kits and use only the hose out of the second one, but the affordable price makes that relatively possible for most people if they want to get super kinky or creative in the shower (or if they have a partner with different needs and tastes than them). I chose to go that route so I didn’t have to keep installing those little rubber washers every time I wanted to try something new. Once I got around to using the larger, five-holed jet nozzle I began to understand the need for variety. That SOB will make you blast off like a rocket if you’re not careful to adjust the pressure valve. It’s certainly useful as an anal cleaning device but it’s definitely a favorite for pleasure too.

So far, I haven’t been able to convince my partner to give it a try because it looks “too intimidating.” The only improvement I can think of is to add a fleshy dildo attachment or something. I swear, some people always find a reason to complain. I’m glad I was brave enough to attempt the CSD Kit because it has drastically changed the way I get ready for (and enjoy) anal orgasms.

The Ups and Downs

Remember, boys and girls, there’s no such thing as the perfect product on today’s sex toy +market. Little do some of you know, manufacturers create their items with built-in obsolescence, meaning they’re designed to break down after a while. More than that though, there are just too many different tastes in the world for one single product to please every individual. As such, even the well-made CSD Kit has a few of its own ups and downs. Here are the things I think you need to know:


  • Three-way faucet attachment
  • Adjustable water pressure control
  • Permanent installation possible
  • Extra-long and flexible bidet hose
  • Two separate nozzle attachments for optimal versatility
  • Air-tight seal for maximum water pressure
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials
  • Rust resistant


  • Requires some manual setup and installation
  • Small washers are sometimes difficult to maneuver with wet hands (install before getting in the shower)

The Takeaway

The hunt for a good anal douche is harder than most people think. Not only do you first have to get over your inhibitions and start talking candidly about cleanliness but you also have to begin looking for well-made products that can get the job done (and maybe more). As for the Clean Stream Deluxe Shower Enema Kit, it plays double duty as a hygiene product and as a pleasure product without require too much in the way of assembly. On top of that, it’s made out of high-grade materials that generally outlast things like silicone, rubber and latex. It’s skin-safe, needs nothing special for installation and fits into almost anyone’s budget. Overall, the CSD is a smart purchase in my book because it’s like getting two high-quality products in one.

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