Top 3 Best Clitoral Vibrators Reviewed In 2021

For a long time, I kept a big secret from all of my sexual partners: I can’t always get off with penetration alone. In college, I thought it was a sign that I was meant to be a lesbian, not fully understanding (or appreciating) the fact that direct clitoral stimulation is one of the most intense things you can subject the human body to regardless of the victim’s sexual orientation.

Had I not been so diligent in my personal pleasure studies, I might not have ever been able to experience a real, satisfying orgasm. I also might not have flunked out of college, but that’s neither here nor there.

The point is that I know about the importance of good clitoral stimulation now, meaning I can no longer stand it when a lackluster lover thinks shoving a dick or dildo deep inside me is enough.

Put simply, if my partner isn’t willing to concentrate on my clit a bit then I’ll just have sex with myself. And the sex toy industry isn’t what it once was – a sad excuse for permissive perversion.

These days, the market is replete with self-pleasure options that can take a partner completely out of the equation. Luckily for those poor saps, some of the nicer manufacturers started making couples-friendly clit vibes a few years back, ya know, just to give our partners something to do.

Fast-forward a few years and now we have dozens of choices that promote togetherness as much as they support solo artists. What I’m saying is that it’s nearly impossible NOT to achieve an orgasm if you use the right CV.

And that brings me to my next point: The wonderful world of clitoral vibrators hasn’t gotten the respect and attention I think it deserves – much like the clitoris itself until the mid-1900s.

I don’t know if it’s because of the late discovery of the clit or because of people’s inability to try something new, but things are getting pretty interesting out there and it seems like nobody is talked about it.

With all the high technology, advanced engineering and scientifically researched ergonomics being used by today’s top sex toy makers, the hard part is no longer trying to reach climax. Now, the hard part is picking out the sex toy that’s right for you and/or your partner in lieu of all the options. This is where clitoral vibrators tend to shine.

What Is a Clitoral Vibrator?

A clitoral (or clit) vibrator (or vibe) is a handheld self-pleasure device that’s designed to stimulate a specific part of the female anatomy for the purposes of producing extremely intense orgasms, either independently or with a partner.

Many modern-day models have features that promote couple’s play, while some are made for solo missions only. Regardless of the overall functionality (or lack thereof), clit vibes tend to be highly versatile products that work well in conjunction with other toys.

In fact, clitoral vibrator are commonly used alongside other sex toys like a dildos, anal beads, or even nipple clamps and/or BDSM sex toys.

Furthermore, these lady-loving items are notorious for making women squirt across the room, even and especially if they’ve never done anything like that before.

And while many contemporary vibrating dildos integrate a form of clitoral vibe (the Rabbit, for example), the products described here are stand-alone sex toys that don’t come with anything for penetration.

Used for external vaginal stimulation only, clit vibes serve as an amazing alternative to sex and are often favored by folks who are either still virgins or who derive more pleasure from clitoral manipulation, as opposed to strictly deep penetration.

But despite the fact that these toys all operate in basically the same way, there is no one-size-fits-all model anywhere on the market.

The variety of clit vibrators is so large, in fact, that it’s getting harder and harder for anyone to find what they’re looking for without suffering through several rounds of trial and error.

Luckily for you, I’m here to change all that by shedding some objective light on the subject. Trust me, you’re gonna need it.

Why Use a Clitoral Vibrator Though?

To be quite honest, there are so many good reasons to use a clitoral vibrator that they can’t all be contained here in this buyer’s guide. However, here are the top 6 most agreed-upon advantages that jump out at the average clit vibe user immediately:

  • You Get Direct Clitoral Stimulation.

Unlike penetrative sex and even vibrating cock rings and/or rabbit dildos, clitoral vibrators can provide pleasure that’s uniquely targeted at the clit, generating a whole-body orgasm that rivals the sensations of real oral sex.

  • Foreplay and Priming Become Much More Enjoyable.

Whether using a clitoral vibrator as a stand-alone product or as part of a well-rounded play date, foreplay and pre-game priming are streamlined and intensified instantly (and even more so with plenty of practice).

  • You Get to Keep It Tight.

In the event that you’re still a virgin (or just don’t want to go shoving big dicks up in you all willy-nilly like), clit vibes can give you the sexual satisfaction you desire without forcing you to take one for the team.

  • Your Relationship Receives a Boost

When you and/or your partner are able to please one another in the bedroom, other facets of the relationship take a turn for the better. Clit vibes can instigate passion and romance by making it difficult to control urges or sustain inhibitions.

  • You and/or Your Lover Learn How to Squirt

A good clitoral vibrator can tickle and tease the vagina in such a way that it’s forced to do things it never thought possible, like squirt ejaculate across the room when climax is finally achieved.

  • Clit Vibes Are Easy to Clean

Because there’s no penetration required for a clit job to do it’s job, clean-up and maintenance are usually much easier than they are with other types of sex toys.

But, to get a clitoral vibrator that will give you all 6 of those things, you’ll need to have some info about the following 5 things:

  1. Your Skin Type – Your skin type will play a crucial role in your experience with any sex toy. Allergies and sensitivities need to be carefully measured and monitored before venturing into the clit vibe arena. For best results, always make sure the lube you like is compatible with both your skin type and with the material of the clit vibe you choose.
  2. Your Vaginal Sensitivity Level – Understand the fact that well-made clitoral vibrators are designed specifically to instigate extreme vaginal sensations that are centered on the clitoris. This type of stimulation may be too intense for some people, especially those who are extra sensitive down below.
  3. Your Sex Life – For many, a good clit vibe can assimilate seamlessly into their existing sex toy collection and/or routine. However, special attention should be paid to the toy’s features and functionality, as they will define the boundaries of your sex life.
  4. Your Sexual Goals – Knowing what you plan to achieve with your new clitoral vibrator is the best way to make sure it happens, whether that be solely self pleasure, kinky foreplay or an education on squirting.
  5. Your Sex Toy Budget – Considering how diverse the clit vibe industry is, and taking into consideration how the prices of devices vary quite widely, it’s important to formulate a flexible budget before tacking the task of picking one out. Expect to spend about the same amount as you spend on other types of sex toys, with a premium placed on high technology and luxury materials, of course.

The Top 5 Ways to Tell If That Clitoral Vibrator Is Worth It or Not

Putting this much time and energy into purchasing a clitoral vibrator may seem frivolous, but I assure you it’s not.

Buying your first (or next) clit vibe may not be a walk in the park but it’s certainly a decision that should always be made with careful consideration and industry knowledge. As such, there are a handful of things that everyone should be aware of before shopping for one.

For your convenience (and because I’m obsessed), I’ve done the homework for you already.

The following are the top 5 things you and/or your partner should look at or consider when searching for the best clitoral vibrator:

  • The Size

Although there’s a little more wiggle room on size when it comes to clit vibes in particular, the dimensions of whatever you choose will still play a role in how much pleasure and satisfaction you get from it.

As a general rule, the sex toy in your hand should encompass the entire genital region that’s being targeted. If the CV is too small, it may only get half the job done and with tons of frustration at that.

If it’s too large, it may overwhelm your pussy and make it impossible to ejaculate as desired. Properly sized clitoral vibrators are compact enough to remain discreet but big enough to hug the curves of the vaginal area while also being easy to control with your hands.

  • The Features

Obviously, the features on any sex toy matter quite a bit and clitoral vibes are no exception to that rule. Usually, well-made clit vibrators come with a wide variety of functions including but not always limited to stuff like wide-ranged vibe settings and customizable intensity and/or speed levels.

Some of the higher-end models even use high-tech, futuristic innovations such as SenseMotion Technology, Sync to Music Technology, wireless remote controlling and rechargeable batteries. For most users, the features of the clit vibe should match the current intended purposes (with a little room for experimentation when/if the mood strikes).

  • The Materials

According to recent studies, there are at least 200,000 visits to the emergency room because of sex toy injuries, and those are only the ones that get reported.

Most of the time, the emergency is due to improper use of a sex toy, but sometimes it’s because someone had an allergic reaction to one of the materials used. Paying close attention here is vital, especially if you and/or your potential partner has sensitives to certain materials.

Typically, all people are urged to stay away from products that contain latex, parabens or phthalates, as those substances have all been linked to serious health concerns.

For best results, stick with skin-safe materials such as silicone, PVC, TPE, polycarbonate or any other form of high-grade, hypoallergenic elastomer.

  • The Compatibility

They say variety is the spice of life. Well, it most certainly is when it comes to sex (especially sex with toys). And while few self-respecting clit vibes offer vaginal penetration, a good one can still provide the type of versatility you and/or your partner crave in the bedroom.

Commonly, the higher-end products from this category provide several love-making options for both the user and her lover, including hands-free function features and compatibility with other sex toys.

Keep in mind, however, that compatibility not only requires extra equipment in most cases but that it’s also a relatively new form of technology that comes at a premium.

Expect to pay more for high-tech devices, but enjoy warranties that don’t usually come with conventional models.

  • The Ergonomics

It makes no difference how awesome the features and functionality are on that clit vibe you’re considering if the ergonomics are all wrong. As self-driven handheld devices, clitoral vibrators are supposed to be made to fit the female form while also being effortless to maneuver.

And although size is certainly a factor here, the overall shape makes a huge difference in how easy the device is to handle by the user and/or her partner.

Look for things like curved handles, security loops, texturized gripper pads or harness compatibility to get the most bang for your buck.

Using the guidelines provided above should help you find what you’re looking for. It should also help you understand why the following three clit vibes have made it onto my prestigious “Three Kings” list.

It isn’t always easy narrowing things down to only three devices, but when it came to choosing clitoral vibrators there was no question who the victors would be.

My Top 3 Best Clitoral Vibrators In 2021:

If you’ve been on this search for the best clit vibe for more than an hour you’ve probably noticed that there are too many options to keep track of. As difficult as that makes thing for consumers like us, it’s still a lot better than having no choice at all.

Our poor perverted ancestors suffered through some pretty terrible things just to pave the way for this kind of market influx, so let’s be thankful, shall we? In the meantime, check out these three superior clit vibes.

They’re hands-down my favorite on the market right now and you’re about to find out why.


Made by one of the best-known sex toy manufacturers on the planet, the HULA Beads by Lelo introduce users to a lap of luxury – literally. This high-grade clitoral vibrator makes self-pleasure and partner participation an easy, breezy experience with plenty of pleasure to explore.

First of all, it uses a wireless remote control for hands-free gaming and it also features the industry’s coveted SenseMotion Technology which allows you and/or your partner to control the 8 pleasure settings with the flick of your wrist.

With a rechargeable battery and a 100% waterproof design, users can enjoy the swirling Ben Wa beads inside the super-soft, skin-safe silicone casing for hours. And with it being ideal for both internal and external vaginal stimulation, this clit vibe is probably the most versatile on the market today.

Pro: The uniquely rotating pleasure balls feel just as good on the outside as they do on the inside (plus, this thing can triple as an anal sex toy if you follow protocol).

Con: The vibrator itself may be somewhat difficult to hold onto for certain users, despite the relatively secure loop attached to the bottom.


The We-Vibe brand has done an outstanding job of introducing the sex toy market to some of the best devices known to Mankind, and their innovative Touch is a testament to that.

It not only features a highly ergonomic wave-shaped design but it also has a rounded tip to deliver pin-point accuracy during sex/masturbation. The most definitive feature is, of course, the spoon-like scoop on the top of the toy – crafted specifically to hug the clitoris.

The We-Vibe Touch also has 8 different vibration modes to explore and uses a patented waterproof silicone material as its main ingredient.

With rechargeable batteries that last up to two hours and 3.75-inch wide by 1.75-inch long body, this user-friendly clit vibe is perfect for newbies while also being an ideal addition to any professional collection.

Pro: The WeVibe Touch is one of the most compact yet powerful clitoral vibrators available today, plus it comes with a silky drawstring bag for added discretion and easier maintenance.

Con: This one doesn’t come with any special features for couples like wired/wireless remote controlling or SenseMotion Technology.


Perfect for couples in need of a little sensual variety in the sack, the Lelo LYLA 2 is the new and improved version of an already fantastic sex toy.

Featuring an upgraded wireless remote control that uses the brand’s favorite SenseMotion Technology, this bad boy now has a lot more range and offers more intense vibrations. In fact, it offers 8 stimulation modes and 16 different speeds to be exact.

Made to be enjoyed externally or internally, this 100% body-safe silicone clit vibe offers pleasure to both partners in a new and fully integrated way. It’s rechargeable, waterproof and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to boot. And the fact that it comes packed inside a luxury gift box makes it the perfect present for perverted lovebirds.

Pro: The Lelo LYLA 2 uses a good mix of high technology and simplicity for a well-rounded sex toy that’s perfect for couple’s play as well as solo sex.

Con: To use this couple’s clit vibe as intended, you and/or your partner must be in a position where either of you can hold it in place.

HONORABLE MENTION: The Pave by Jopen Collection

Bejeweled and bewitching, the relatively unheard of Pave brand has a small inventory but a big (and growing) reputation.

Their luxurious and incredibly glamorous-looking collection includes a handful of pastel blue clitoral vibrators of every shape and variety – from finger-bound toys to full-size rabbit dildos and everything in between.

Each one is made from skin-safe silicone and they all come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty too. Choose between the Liz, the Diana, the Grace, the Vivian or the Marilyn for a fully customizable approach to sex and masturbation that’s perfectly suited for sexual experts and novices alike (plus, the entire Pave by Jopen lineup is suitable for solo missions and/or couples play as well).

Pro: This family of clitoral/vaginal sex toys is gorgeous, not to mention soft, powerful and held together by industry-standard ergonomics.

Con: Unfortunately, none of the Pave brand toys use any high-tech features besides waterproofing and rechargeable batteries.

The End Game

It’s not always easy being sleazy, but that doesn’t make it impossible either. And whether you derive sexual pleasure from conventional love-making or with the help of a sex toy is nobody’s business but your own.

One of the best-selling female sex toys on the planet – the clitoral vibrator – just so happens to come in all shapes, sizes and colors, with components that have been specially designed to produce the most intense orgasms humanly possible.

Earth girls aren’t as easy as you think, so the key is to find something that works for your unique situation. As long as all the features come together to offer you and/or your sexual partner a safe and satisfying experience, that’s the only thing that matters.

If that takes a completely waterproof clit vibe with silky-smooth silicone over an 8-function motor, then so be it. You want some good heavy petting just as much as the next gal and you don’t have to keep it a secret anymore.

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