Best Condoms: One Pleasure Plus

They say “wrap it before you tap it” and there are a bunch of good reasons for that. Today’s world is a very dangerous place, especially for someone who is sexually active on any regular basis. Because of things like sexually transmitted infections (former called “STDs”), unplanned pregnancies and skin sensitivities to certain materials exist in our society, condoms have become a staple in the modern-day person’s life. And while some people would prefer not to wear them because of their uncanny ability to reduce the sensations of pleasure during masturbation and/or intercourse, it’s sometimes a matter of life and death that they do it anyway.

The double-edged sword has lead too many good men and women down dangerous paths, plus it has reduced the general consensus that sex is an amazing thing that can be enjoyed by everybody. In response to the overwhelming woe, contemporary condom manufacturers have worked tirelessly over the last few decades to develop prophylactics that increase pleasure rather than decrease it. The well-known ONE brand is one today’s top manufacturers who is breaking boundaries without breaking condoms with their elite line of genital protection sleeves. I recently had the opportunity to try out their Pleasure Plus selection and there’s so much to tell about it. Did I feel like my sexual experience was improved or did I feel nothing at all? Well, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about the subject matter first.

What Are the One “Pleasure Plus” Condoms?

One Pleasure Plus: Are you down with OPP? These bad boys are designed to improve your relations with lovers without improving your chances of visiting the clinic.  Their main selling point is the overall shape – one which allows the sensations of protected sex to be cancelled out in a safe and satisfying way. By utilizing a specially crafted shape which accentuates the natural dimensions of the average man’s penis, these condoms act as a clandestine barrier between you and your partner’s genital juices while also providing a safe place for your ejaculate to accumulate. The unique ergonomics allow wearers to have sex for longer without running the risk of breakage or slippage (which is probably why they’re preferred 8 to 1 when compared to other condom varieties).

The Main Features

Something that I found particularly impressive about these condoms (other than the fact that they rank so high with consumers) is the reservoir tip. Now, it’s not your run-of-the-mill RT that simply stores your jizz so you can keep on pumping. Instead, this innovative condom was granted a worldwide patent for its unique design. The feature has earned it the title of “The Latex Vagina” by Glamour and elevated the product to first place in Men’s Fitness Magazine. Marketed as “scientifically developed to increase pleasure inside and out,” the One Pleasure Plus prophylactics utilize a pouch that gently rocks back and forth with every single thrust. On top of that, each one is expertly ribbed on the outside to provide optimal pleasure for the wearer while featuring a separate set of superfine textures for the receiver’s unique contours.

Moreover, people seem to enjoy wearing the OPPs as opposed to other condom brands because of their premium silicone lubricant (although that limits their ability to use them with many high-end sex toys). Each purchase can be used to acquire points from the manufacturer, allowing consumers to redeem special POP codes that they can use to get a free carrying case from the manufacturer. The complementary case carries four condoms out of each package, with all pieces featuring the same standard measurements that are appropriate for most penis sizes. The width at the base is about 53mm, the width at the head is 70mm, the middle measures 52mm in width and the total length is around 194mm on average.

What Comes in the Box?

Condoms are packaged in a wide variety of ways, from being sold as single units in the gas station bathrooms to having swanky boxes that contain several different options. Most purchases don’t come with a personal lubrication sample or anything like that because consumers can choose whether they want lubricated ones or not. However, the quantity vs. quality ratio is what many people struggle with. So, while the One Pleasure Plus option is one of the most expensive on today’s prophylactic market, you get tons of bang for your buck. Here’s what you get for the money you spend:

  • A package of 12 pre-lubricated Pleasure Plus condoms by One
  • 1200 Momentum Points
  • A user guide leaflet

Don’t expect much else from the makers of the world’s most popular condom, even if you’re used to receiving a bunch of freebies (or coupons for freebies). Although the manufacturer is constantly hosting special sales and discounts, you don’t get anything like that with your initial purchase. Take advantage of those Momentum Points though because some of their free gear is pretty neato.

The Experience

I have never been a fan of condoms. My first experience with one was back in high school. Everything was going great until I had to pause in the middle of it to shield my dick from possible infections using a cold, flimsy piece of lubed-up plastic. Talk about a mood killer. The only thing worse was the time when my ex’s mom walked in on us doing a 69. The look on her face is something I’ll never forget. Either way, I’ve become accustomed to sliding on a shlong protector before sex as long as that shlong protector is worth my time. According to a friend of mine, the One Pleasure Plus condoms were going to change my life. They didn’t.

I purchased mine from an adult entertainment store around the corner from my house. They were pretty expensive, but I did get quite a few in the package. Each one was individually wrapped for convenience and hygiene purposes, so that was nice of the manufacturer. I had a hard time getting the initial wrapping off, but that’s probably a personal problem instead of a design flaw. Once opened, I snatched one of them out of their wrapper and slid it onto my dick with a quickness. Planning to use it with my favorite sex toy, I had to double-back on my idea because the maker uses silicone lube instead of something water-based (which means it would have eaten away at the materials on my toys if I would have used it to masturbate with in that way). My second option was to call up my partner for a test drive. About 45 minutes later, it was on and poppin’.

I went ahead and put the OPP on before she got there (a little trick I learned back in high school), that way I could just slide right into home plate when the time was right. I could tell right away that the interior of the condom was different. It felt substantial; it felt wet. It was tight enough to stay put on my placid penis but stretchy enough to accommodate when my monster started to grow. My partner said that she could feel the reservoir tip hit the back/upper walls of her vagina each time I thrusted, even more so when it became full from my ejaculate. I ended up getting off three times before changing into a new one, which more or less made the expensive cost of the condoms worth it after all.

The Ups and Downs

There’s no such thing as a perfect condom because the simple fact that we need to use condoms is indicative of a fallen world. You will never be completely satisfied with the idea of strapping a sleeve of cold plastic around your penis, so at least use the best products when you can. The One brand may be extremely popular on the modern-day market, but that doesn’t mean everything they make it flawless. Here are the things I think you need to know about the Pleasure Plus variety before you spend any money on them:


  • Patented reservoir tip
  • Rocking motion design to ensure best fit
  • Dual textures for maximum pleasure
  • Large quantity for the purchase price
  • Made from skin-safe materials


  • May not be big enough for some people
  • Uses silicone-based lubricant (not ideal for all activities)

The Takeaway

While most people would probably agree that wearing no condom at all is ideal, the compromise provided by the One brand with their Pleasure Plus condoms is a surprising break from the norm. I enjoyed the inner and outer texturization the most, although the superfine material made it difficult to feel once the natural body juices got flowing. That reservoir tip was a nice touch too, for much more than its ability to accumulate large vats of jizz before spewing over the side. Overall, my favorite thing about the OPP prophylactics are their enormous quantity and general quality. You can tell just by looking at them that they’re a high-end product, and you can tell just by using them that they’re bound to work wonders for the safety and satisfaction of your love life.

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