Best Condoms: The Lifestyles SKYN

We’ve all subjected our genitalia to things we probably shouldn’t have. For instance, I once stuck my dick into the suction end of a shop-vac just to see how it felt. Let me tell you that he situation DID NOT turn out well at all. Fortunately, the sex toy industry has created tons of devices that can provide me with a better experience than that, so I tend to use them quite a bit when I can’t find a live partner for intercourse. Either way, I prefer to wear condoms when I ejaculate because it helps keep things cleaner. The problem for me has always been the properties of condoms in general. They’re typically good at only one thing and that’s making sex feel terrible.

I never got to the point where I started having unprotected sex with partners, but I did enjoy condom-free masturbation a time or two over the years. Regardless of my sexual habits and appetites, my search for the perfect condom has never stopped. A few weeks ago, I was getting ready to have sex with Miss New Booty and she whipped out some Lifestyle SKYNs before I could reach for something out of my own stash. I just went with it, and in the end I was rather surprised by how the night turned out. So, was the condom something that ruined the relationship between me and my partner or did it enhance things to a whole new level as advertised? Well, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about the subject matter, shall we?

What Are the Lifestyle SKYN Condoms?

The Lifestyle brand has created numerous different condom styles for the modern-day, sexually active man. Their SKYN condoms are specially designed to help both partners feel more during sex and/or masturbation. Each prophylactic is made to satisfy the average person’s safety requirements while also providing a unique sensation through its one-of-a-kind texture and craftsmanship. Created with the male genitalia in mind especially, these wiener shields are sold in almost every country worldwide and have been given numerous industry awards for their quality and efficacy.

The Main Features

These condoms are said to be shaped for the average man’s penis, but nobody really knows what that means. Either way, they look like a slightly bulbous, hollow shaft that features a convenient reservoir tip (I guess I was wrong about the manufacturer, eh?). The Lifestyle SKYN condoms are different than many others, mostly because of the materials with which they’re made. Carefully crafted out of non-latex, skin-safe polyisoprene, these bad boys retain the same great strength of latex without posing any of the potential health hazards associated with it. Furthermore, each condom is coated in a thin layer of hypoallergenic personal lubricant to make every stroke as smooth and pleasurable as possible.

What Comes in the Box?

Most condom manufacturers don’t offer much in terms of freebies in their product boxes, and the Lifestyle brand is no exception. Every penny of their production budget was obviously spent on creating a likeable condom. In other words, you’ll have to find and collect your own stash of personal lubricant, sex toy cleaner, hygienic wipes and so on because you don’t get any of that with your purchase. Here’s what you get for the money:

  • Either 3, 12, or 24 Lifestyle SKYN condoms (depending on which package you buy)
  • An instruction leaflet

You’ll notice that you don’t get anything to store your stash in, plus the carboard box the product is packaged in won’t exactly double as storage so don’t get your hopes up on that one. The maker is apparently unconcerned about convenience other than each prophylactic being individually wrapped so you don’t have to speed through the box just to make ends meet. And since they’re already covered in lots of delicious lube, you most likely won’t have to find some of your own just to play safely.

The Experience

I’ve always hated wearing condoms, but that’s just a part of life. We can’t always get around the fact that people have nasty crotches or that some sex toy materials aren’t compatible with our skin type. There’s not much we can do to prevent the need for protected sex, but that doesn’t mean we have to subject ourselves to torture for it. After becoming frustrated by the product I was using and hearing my girlfriend say that I sucked in bed about 482 times, I finally went online and started researching better options like an adult. Once I narrowed things down a bit, I ended up deciding on the Lifestyle SKYN condoms because they can so highly rated by the people who had already used them. This isn’t rocket science, and my penis isn’t as picky as it once was because my current girlfriend is hot enough to set the sun on fire anyway.

Regardless of my luck in love, it was time for me to start performing at my best. The ole ball-and-chain refuses to fuck me without protection too, which leaves me in quite a bind if I can’t find anything decent to put on. I crossed my fingers and clicked “buy” then waited for my package to arrive in the mail. I wasn’t too impressed by the packaging – some flimsy cardboard box I had to just throw away. Why don’t they just send it to me in a trash bag? It’s all the same to me. Either way, I only bought the three pack just in case things didn’t turn out the way I had planned. These condoms aren’t exactly expensive but I don’t like wasting my money on things I can’t use.

Fast-forward to about an hour after my honey got home from work. She’s so cute sitting there on the couch in her sweatpants, fresh out of the shower, watching her favorite shows on TV. I couldn’t leave her alone under those circumstances, obviously. Plus, I had a pocket full of new condoms I wanted to try out on her and now was the perfect time. I hunkered down beside her and started kissing on her neck; she knew what was up immediately. About thirty minutes later I had her spread out on the davenport like butter as I played with her pussy using our favorite finger vibrator while she got ready for business. I swiped a condom from my pocket, opened the wrapper with my teeth, and slid it on with my free hand like a boss. I especially enjoyed the smoothness of the lube and the softness of the condom itself. The open ended side clung perfectly to the shaft of my penis too, which meant there was absolutely no slippage even during our roughest waves.

Overall, I’d say that the Lifestyle SKYN condoms are good for folks like me who seriously hate having to wear these things in the first place. They’re super thin but they don’t break easily, and they already have their own lube so that saves you money in the long-run. I wouldn’t say they provide the absolute best sensation in the world (again, I’m comparing them to other condoms and not unprotected sex), but I will admit that my girlfriend and I ended up running out to the local adult entertainment shop to buy some more by the end of that weekend. Remind me next time to buy more than three condoms at once because even if they’re shitty it still takes more than three attempts to find that out usually. No matter how you slice it, at least my partner and I found another option to put in our bedside accessory stash.

The Ups and Downs

Everyone knows that there is no such thing as the perfect pleasure product. Condoms in general are pains in the ass, but only because natural, unprotected sex and masturbation feel so much better. Either way, we have to use them if we’re going to enjoy a healthy love life in the modern world. The best we can do is determine the ups and downs of each product we try. As for the Lifestyle SKYN condoms, here are the pros and cons I think you need to consider before spending any money on them:


  • Individually wrapped for user convenience
  • Reservoir tip for longer wear
  • Super-thin construction for maximum sensations
  • Covered in a toy-friendly lube
  • Made from skin-safe materials


  • Not large enough for all users
  • May be too thin for rough sex and/or masturbation

The Takeaway

In a perfect world, nobody would have to wear condoms unless they wanted to. In my world, we wear condoms all the time. And because we wear them all the time, we can appreciate a well-made prophylactic when we see one. As for the Lifestyle SKYN condoms, they’re exceptionally thin to provide a sensational experience, they’re lubricated with a substance that’s safe for most sex toys, and they’re shapes just right for the average guy’s penis. Overall, they’re a great choice for men who aren’t into extreme kink, rough sex or masturbation with automatic devices and they’re packaged conveniently too.

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