Best Condoms: The Trojan ‘Her Pleasure’ Ecstacy Condoms

My biggest concern when selecting a condom to wear with my partner is always what my partner will think about my performance because of its presence. Most condoms have a knack for decreasing the quality of one’s sexual experience, which is probably why so many people refuse to wear them or simply “forget” in the heat of the moment. And since my skills are somewhat lacking in the area of pleasuring an already turned-out woman, I had to reach for something that would not only keep my dick safe from danger but also increase my chances of getting lucky again in the future. The standard prophylactic just wouldn’t cut it for an occasion such as this. Pros don’t mess around with low-quality, gas station condoms (unless, of course, that gas station sells high-end stuff in their bathroom vending machines, which is highly unlikely).

Recently, when discussing my woes with the bros, I got introduced to the Trojan brand’s ‘Her Pleasure’ Ecstasy condoms and I gotta say I was immediately intrigued by the way my buddy described them. Apparently, they’re made especially for increasing the quality of the receiver’s sensations, meaning I was going to work less and get more out of it for the price of less than a cup of coffee. As an avid gambler and business man, those are the kinds of odds I like to play with. So, did my experience end up being as amazing as my homeboy said it would be or did I bogie on the first hole? Well, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about the subject matter first.

What Are the Trojan ‘Her Pleasure’ Ecstasy Condoms?

The Trojan brand is a name that has been trusted in the industry for many years at this point, but that doesn’t mean all of their products are appropriate for everybody. As for their ‘Her Pleasure’ Ecstasy condoms, they’re uniquely crafted to increase sexual satisfaction for the female receiver, making them not so ideal for gay couples and not necessarily needed for sex toy use. Either way, these one-of-a-kind prophylactics offer enhanced stimulation through their highly detailed design. However, they’re not just made for the ladies. These high-quality bad boys are shaped and sized for the average male, plus they have features that make them more enjoyable for everybody.

The Main Features

The Trojan ‘Her Pleasure’ Ecstasy condoms are hailed as the most comfortable and most couples-friendly prophylactic known to man. I don’t think I agree with that necessarily, but whatever. It is a cozy little condom, but it most certainly has its flaws and limitations. Either way, it’s made from relatively skin-safe materials (as long as you’re not allergic to latex) that not only protect against the most common STIs and STDs but also prevent pregnancy. The shape is visibly different than others too, with a form that’s obviously crafted for a more secure fit and less slippage. Each one is also textured along the base and head, offering the recipient more pleasure with every thrust. And while these bad boys are marketed directly at women/vaginal sex, they’re actually suitable for anal sex/homosexual activities as well.

I forgot to mention that each condom is also covered in a thick layer of silicone-based lube that’s made personally by the manufacturer. Silicone-based lubes are great for prolonged sessions and for use during intercourse where no bodily fluids are naturally produced, but they’re terrible for use with high-end sex toys that are made out of silicone materials and can be messy because they often stain fabrics and bedding. These specialized condoms are great for kinky couples and even solo masturbation though, plus the manufacturer has done a good job of making an ultra-thin condom with very few functionality flaws.

What Comes in the Box?

Usually when you buy condoms, that’s all you get in the box. These are accessories – tools of the trade, if you will. They’re items that are typically sent or sold with other, bigger, more expensive devices. They don’t often have freebies associated with them and the Trojan ‘Her Pleasure’ Ecstasy condoms are no exception. Buyers get the bare essentials with their purchase, which always includes the following:

  • Either 10 or 30 pre-lubricated, texturized condoms (depending on which package you buy)
  • An instruction/cautionary leaflet from the manufacturer

You’ll notice that even one of the world’s best-known condom brands doesn’t offer a storage container with your purchase. The box they come in won’t suffice either, so don’t even try it. You might as well just throw it in the trash, but don’t throw these individually-wrapped prophylactics away because you’re probably going to need their tapered base and texturized surface to keep your love life ablaze.

The Experience

While so many people end up ripping their condoms off mid-session (myself being one of them usually), I found myself wanting to keep this thing on for as long as possible. Honestly, it wasn’t because of the fit or feel of the condom itself, at least not on my behalf anyway. The entire appeal of the ‘Her Pleasure’ condoms is literally “her pleasure.” Watching my partner wiggle and giggle as I treated her to some serious dick service was some of the best shit I’ve seen in a long time. I do remember thinking about how the material could have been a bit thinner and how the tapered base wound up feeling more like a weak cock ring than anything else, but overall it wasn’t a bad ride for either one of us. By the way, mission accomplished with getting lucky again. Here’s how it all went down:

She came over to my apartment when she got off work. It was a Wednesday night and she immediate hopped in the shower when she arrived. As she was in there, I prepared the bedroom and did some minor grooming to myself so I didn’t look (or smell) like a circus animal. She entered the love shack wearing little more than a smile, obviously ready to find out what I meant by the text earlier in the day that read, “Tonight, it’s all about you.” Women love that shit, and I love women, so things were really working out in my favor. I laid her down on the bed, started going to town on her pussy with my tongue like I was in an eating competition, and when things finally “came” to fruition I stuck my dick deep inside her, using the pre-applied lube of the condom and her own juices to ensure a smooth landing.

It was either the combination of tip and base texturization or my Elvis-like hip thrusts (fingers crossed for the latter), but my partner gushed within minutes of my arrival. That, in turn, made it happen for me and the rest of the night consisted of taking one condom off and putting another one on. I felt like a race horse and she felt like a goddess. These are probably not good to use every single time we have sex because I can’t keep up with that energy, but they’re definitely getting stashed in my bedside table for special occasions.

The Ups and Downs

You do realize that there’s no such thing as a perfect condom, right? I mean, simply having to wear one is almost like a prison for the penis. And while some might find that sexy, I don’t like having to slap them onto my throbbing dick. Either way, you’ve got to take the good with the bad when protecting yourself against the nastiness of the modern-day world. As for the ‘Her Pleasure’ prophylactics by the Trojan brand, I wasn’t surprised to discover that there were a lot more good things than bad. Here are the things I think you need to know before spending any of your money on them though:


  • Strategically texturized for maximum sensation delivery
  • Pre-lubricated for easier application and more comfortable wear
  • Tapered base for a better fit and less slippage
  • Sized for the average man (with a slight flexibility for expansion)
  • Made by one of the most trusted condom brands in the industry
  • Available in a spermicidal version as well


  • No reservoir tip for excess ejaculate
  • Made from latex (a potential allergen)
  • Not always available in stores

The Takeaway

None of us really like wearing a condom. But if we have to, then we might as well make it fun. The Trojan ‘Her Pleasure’ Ecstasy condoms allow couples to explore the depths and limits of their sexuality without going too crazy. They’re perfect for kinky experimentation and can even be utilized in certain BDSM scenes as well. And while they may not be compatible with every sex toy in your stash or capable of handling loads of ejaculate, they are quite a whimsical choice for frisky folks who enjoy keeping things light in the bedroom and heavy in the pleasure zone. Overall, I think this condom puts the “fun” back into the “fundamentals of responsible sex” and I honestly didn’t mind wearing one as much as I thought I would (OMG that took a lot for me to say).

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