Best Couple’s Games: Monogamy – A Hot Affair

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the words “sex game” is an 8th grade slumber party with my favorite crush as we played Spin the Bottle. The second thing that comes to my mind when I hear those words is a fun and kinky adult scenario wherein my current partner is giving me some serious bedroom eyes in the middle of an otherwise private situation. And while we both have very vivid imaginations of our own, it’s sometimes tough to remember all the things we’ve thought about over the course of your long relationship. Monogamy can be extremely rewarding, but the only way to make it work is to keep things as spicy as possible by whatever means necessary. Also, that’s the third thing I think of when I hear those fateful words.

At this point, I’ve probably tried just about every adult entertainment product on the market, including sex games of every shape, size and variety. I’ve held specialized pieces in my hand and I’ve palmed curious items not knowing what to do with them. Over the years, I’ve been able to determine the quality of a sex game just by looking at its packaging and contents. So, when I finally got my little mittens on the Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game I knew I was bound to try it out and make sure my barometer was still intact. Was I able to retain my title as the world’s greatest sex game player or was I dethroned by a popular product with an amazing marketing team behind it? Let’s make sure we’re all clear what I’m talking about first.

What is the Monogamy: A Hot Affair Game?

Monogamy: A Hot Affair is a traditional style board game with untraditional rules and unconventional playing options. It’s designed for steamy couples who wish to enhance their monogamous relationships without having to hurt anyone in the process. The game itself offers numerous non-destructive fictional scenarios for each player to explore, allowing them to experience the emotional rush of an illicit affair without having to face the real-life consequences. Players are asked to adopt each card’s prompt as reality to provide an enticing scene for everyone involved. At the end, the winner gets an extra special treat for being such an enthusiastic participant.

The Main Features

The Hot Affair game features everything you and/or your partner need to feel comfortable in a tell-all scenario where you’re both cheating on each other with someone outside the relationship. It allows players to simply roll the dice and be lead around the board, with every space commanding a card to be drawn from the pile. Each command requires the player to act out a different scenario, allowing for tons of personalization and lots of erotic fun. In fact, this game has been called “addictive” by some reviewers simply because it has so many customizable factors to it: how intimate you get, how long you play, how well you act out the scenes, etc.

Game play features hundreds of ideas and the evening climaxes when the winner reaches the end of the board. Winners are given the choice of making one of over 50 life-changing fantasies come true, and then everything can be packed back into the box or the game can restart. The reusable card set is so vast and so suggestive that it can be enjoyed countless times without boredom ever setting in. And on top of it all, the Monogamy sex game can be combined with marital aids, pornographic imagery, high-tech masturbators and anything else you like to use to spice things up in the bedroom.

What Comes in the Box?

When you purchase certain adult entertainment products, you often get access to exclusive content and/or freebies. However, that’s not the case when it comes to the Monogamy sex game. It literally has everything inside that’s required, although you may want to whip out a few sex toys when things get hot. Either way, the manufacturer obviously spent every dime trying to make the product as amazing as possible, so stock up on your own personal lubricants and toy cleaners before you begin. You won’t get any of that stuff with your purchase.

Still, this creative couple’s game comes with a standard sized, foldable game board and a set of die which dictate where your gender-specific talisman goes. There are two included in the box. Each talisman resembles a spike onto which various rings are placed after they’re earned. The game also has a set of playing cards with over 400 uniquely kinky ideas to explore and experience with your partner. The box doubles as storage where the easy-to-follow instructions are kept and everything has its own compartment to sit in so you never lose pieces or become disorganized.

The Experience

I bought this game as a gift for my partner when there was a hurricane coming through my state. It was obvious we were going to be stuck inside for a while, and our little pile of sex toys wasn’t enough to suffice such a long stay-cation. I thought about renting some porn movies, but my partner isn’t exactly interested in watching two strangers get it on. And while I knew our love was strong, I also knew that my baby had fantasies about sleeping with other people: the strapping bag boy at the grocery store, the man who changed her tire last weekend, the delivery man for UPS. They’re all a part of her harmless imagination, but I have an imagination of my own. I figured this game would either help us get those fantasies out of our minds or inspire us to break up and start new lives with our crushes. Either way, it was going to be a lot of fun.

By “a lot of fun” I wasn’t meaning we’d play this game for several hours. As it turned out, we messed around until the wee hours of the night because 1) this game takes forever to play and 2) we didn’t even notice the time. It’s a bit like the Monopoly of lovemaking, only there’s no fake money and nobody gets ripped off in the end. I will say, however, that setting up a board game to play with your partner can be rather awkward compared to simply drawing a suggestive card from a pile. Still, the design of this product kept both of us engaged throughout the entirety of the game, including all three levels of intimacy depicted. The game suggests playing at least two rounds on each of the levels (which take about 30 to 45 minutes), but we went ahead and did three because it took a while to get ourselves out of our comfort zones. It wasn’t like we had anywhere to go anyway, plus the suggestions on the cards ranged from sexy to hilarious which helped break the ice on several occasions.

Fast-forward a few hours into the night and my partner has gotten oral sex from her secret crush down the street about three times. I, on the other hand, received the best hand job of my life from the cute girl the post office before playing with the titties of the chick in the downstairs apartment. I ended up projecting all of my fantasies onto my current partner, which ultimately made that cutie with the booty not so cute to me afterwards. We were both able to see each other in a new light when the game was all done, and I think that’s just what the doctor ordered. Not only had we been together for several years but we hadn’t had a kinky night in for quite some time. This game was the cure-all, at least for us on that fateful rainy night.

We’ve since moved on to bigger and better things, but we always get this game out when stuff starts to turn stale between us. It prevents a breakup every single time, while also boosting our intimacy with one another and making an otherwise boring night much more exciting at the same time. And unlike paying for an expensive dinner out, this well-made game didn’t make us break the bank just to have a good time.

The Ups and Downs

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about sex games, toys or accessories, there’s no such thing as a perfect pleasure product. The human body is just too unique and versatile for any manufacturer to create a device that pleases everyone. At some point, you’ve got to learn to take the good with the bad. When it comes to the Monogamy: A Hot Affair sex game, here are the things I think you need to know before spending any money on it:


  • Ideal for monogamous long-term and long-distance couples
  • Suitable for polyamorous couples
  • Easy play rules
  • Perfect for a cost-effective romantic evening in
  • Attractive packaging for a surprise gift
  • Varying degress of intimacy


  • Long play time as per the rules
  • Lots of small pieces to keep track of

The Takeaway



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