Best Couple’s Games: The Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games Collection

Being in a relationship is a lot of work. It takes thoughtfulness, creativity and time to make it work. However, our day-to-day lives can sometimes get in the way of a healthy bond with our partner(s), which is why having a few inspirational sex games is such a good idea. Today’s adult entertainment products are not what they once were either. Gone are the days of playing Spin the Bottle and Seven Minutes in Heaven (although those were pretty fun). Now, we have tons of amazing couple’s games ranging in kinkiness, intensity, difficulty, and fun. In other words, you can enhance your relationship with products that are designed by sexual health experts with the help of opinionated consumers.

One such product is the Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games Collection – an extremely versatile masterpiece that’s been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine and other mainstream media sources. After having heard about a million people sing its praises, I decided to try the sucker out for myself and see if it’s really worthy of all the hype. And though I didn’t know quite what to expect, it turned my otherwise boring night into something worth talking about. So, was the SSG Collection a top or a flop in my bedroom? Well, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page first.

What is the Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games Collection?

The Cosmo Steamy Sex Games Collection is a complied deck of 118 cards of varying themes and degrees of intensity. The collection is designed to not only enhance the players’ anticipation and orgasms but to also assist them with developing and/or improving the passionate connection between themselves and other partners. Created with tantalizing teamwork in mind, this unique and versatile sex game isn’t exactly ideal for solo missions. However, it’s jam packed with so many different playing options that there’s likely something for everyone to love.

The Main Features

This collection has just about everything a kinky couple would need to get down and dirty in the bedroom at a moment’s notice. The main premise of the game is contained with a massive deck of cards which are separated into 12 different themes. Each themed deck can be sorted into specific piles or used for a particular kind of adventure. Game play options include cards from decks such as:

  • Dirty Truth or Dare
  • Sexy Scavenger Hunt
  • The “A Night of Naughty” Adventure
  • Call of the Wild
  • Finish the Fantasy
  • Dicey Discovery
  • Titillating Trivia
  • The “Get Him Hot” Game
  • Daring Dice
  • Sex Tarot Cards
  • The Cosmo’s Carnal Challenge Game
  • The “Week of Passion Prop Play” Adventure

Card content ranges widely, with everything from prompts challenging your partner’s knowledge of personal trivia to ideas for sexy consequences the question are answered right (and wrong). There are even a few cards which allow you to pseudo ad-lib your naughty night’s activities when you fill in the blank provided with your own debauchery. Altogether, the games brightest light comes from it’s sheer novelty, posing as a great way to get a new take on some of the run of the mill experiences you have in the bedroom. Best of all, it comes with its own storage box so you never lose any pieces to the game.

What Comes in the Box?

Here’s what you get when you buy the Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games Collection:

  • A deck of 118 cards, separated into 12 different decks
  • A storage box
  • A set of basic game instructions/inspirational ideas

You’ll notice that the makers of this product do not believe in offering free samples of personal lubrication, toy cleaning supplies or even the first little freebie to help get the party started. Apparently, they feel as though their products is fine the way it is (or they assume you already have some of that stuff lying around). Either way, the manufacturer still did a decent job of including all the necessary parts. So, at least you’ll be ready to party sooner than later (even if you’re generally unprepared).

The Experience

It had been such a long time since I used a sex game with someone with whom I was in a relationship, so my expectations weren’t exactly on par with reality when I purchased the Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games Collection that fateful Saturday afternoon while my partner was away at work. And I don’t mean any of that in a bad way. It was just that I had one particular scenario in mind and didn’t get to do it. However, the reason I didn’t get a chance to create my pre-conceived fantasy was because the game did much of the work for me. In fact, I ended up with so many ideas that I hardly ever use the game anymore (but that’s another story).

Rewind things back to when the product showed up at my door. Unmarked box: Check. Timely arrival: Check. Unsuspecting partner: Not so much. The damn thing landed on my doorstep at the same time as my hunny, so the surprise was blown and I was forced to pop open the box as soon as I got in the house. It’s whatever, because my partner thought it was a great idea and, surprisingly, wasn’t intimidated by the imagery on the container or the contents of the game itself. No pictures of whips and chains for my baby (although I’m relatively certain she’d be alright with it if I brought up the idea), just a couple of lovers embraced in the heat of passion and a well-organized box of kinky inspiration for us to explore. So far, so good.

I wasn’t especially impressed by the presentation of the product, but we both still felt like it made a pretty excellent gift. And because of my “generosity,” I got to draw a card first. We started with the Dirty Truth or Dare because it seemed like the most vanilla game of them all. We were totally wrong. The next thing we knew, we were both on the floor in a 69 position after being dared to go where the sun doesn’t shine for a specified amount of time (no penetration allowed). One thing led to another and we wound up embraced in our own throws of passion during the Sexy Scavenger Hunt game – an activity that involves hiding various objects in secret locations for your partner to find. The night was filled with 50% laughter and 100% orgasms, and the most interesting part is that we didn’t even have intercourse until the very end when neither of us could take it anymore. I don’t know who said this game was vanilla, but apparently those folks didn’t find their mates attractive in the first place.

I will say this: The SSG Collection is probably not ideal for couples that have lost the passion because it’s made to play off of an already established connection (whether new or old, it doesn’t matter). So while it may not have the juice to rekindle the flame, it can certainly set things on the right path again. My partner and I like to mix all the cards together and shuffle them before simply drawing from a spread on the bed. It keeps things interesting and surprising, plus it makes cleanup much easier when we’re done. And since there’s no specific way to play with these cards, we don’t lose any of the product’s appeal due to our disorganization.

The Ups and Downs

We all know nothing is perfect. I haven’t been to a single adult entertainment store that carries only flawless products and chances are, you never will either. There are just too many people on the planet for one device to please everybody. At some point, you’ve got to learn to take the bad with the good (especially when it comes with such personalized products as these). As for the Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games Collection, here are the things I think you need to know before spending any money on it:


  • Tons of options to explore
  • Reusable decks
  • No special skills or supplies required
  • Ideal for new and established couples
  • Game play not difficult
  • Makes a neat gift


  • Can be too “vanilla” for some users
  • Not sex toys or experience enhancing equipment provided

The Takeaway

I think that the Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games Collection is almost perfect for a new couple, plus it’s not a bad choice for people who haven’t ever experimented with any kinky playtimes and suggestive foreplay scenarios. I can certainly see why it’s been described as vanilla in some circles, but apparently those descriptions come from people who don’t know how to use their imaginations enough to enjoy a slightly cheeky game that doesn’t give them all the answers. I personally found the selection of games, the imagery, and the versatility of play options well-rounded and suitable for nearly any experience level, not to mention the entire set-up is presented in a tasteful way that’s not tailored to any specific demographic. Overall, this pleasure product is definitely a staple item that could even be used as a springboard for other kinks and ideas.

Lovense Max