The Top 7 Best CyberSkin Dildos Reviewed In 2023

I know that there’s no substitute for real sex and that even virtual reality has a long way to go before it’s perfect. I understand that manual masturbation is all about personal preference, and I respect the fact that we’re all different.

However, I also know that CyberSkin dildos are the shit. And I’d like to help you find the best one if that’s what you’re looking for.

The Top 7 Best CyberSkin Dildos In 2023:

No two dildos are alike, even if they’re made from the same material and are designed to do the same things. So, instead of picking out your penises with disregard, be selective about your sex toys.

The best CyberSkin dildos aren’t far from home, but they may be difficult to find if you don’t know what to look for. As such, here are top 7 places to start:

#1. The 6-Inch Vibrating Cyber Cock – Best Cyberskin Dildo Overall


This unassuming bad boy doesn’t seem like anything special at first, but that’s because it’s designed to look and feel like a real penis. And if we wanted a real penis, we’d just go get the real thing.

Well, the 6-inch vibrating Cyber Cock is about as close as it gets – all without the annoying man attached. It offers the skin-like texture we know and love with a supple six-inch insertable length and 1.5 inches of delicious girth.

Oh yeah, and you get a free sample of Climax Personal Lubricant with your purchase.

Meanwhile, the beast uses 2 AA batteries to run a robust vibrating bullet that’s tucked inside the penis shaft. There are variable speed controls as well, with each one manipulated through a simple push-button remote.

All of that makes this thing the perfect device for kinky couples as well as solo players. That is, as long as they want to feel the real deal with a few additional bells and whistles. And although it’s not compatible with most strap-on harnesses or sex toy mounts, it does feature a pair of squishy balls for enhanced realism.

PRO: The vibrating bullet is removable for versatile play.

CON: There are no batteries included.

#2. The Doc Johnson Realistic Cock


If realistic experiences are what you’re looking for, your search may be over after this. The Doc Johnson brand is known for their superior craftsmanship, and the Realistic CyberCock is no exception.

Not only is it made from the telltale fleshy material but it also features anatomically correct details such as veins, curves, and balls. The shaft has a solid internal core to ensure rock-hard erections every time, and even the head of the device is shaped to look, feel, and perform like a real human penis.

Say goodbye to your boyfriend because his picky dick just became obsolete.

Best of all, this one comes with a secure suction cup base on the bottom. That means you can enjoy some lifelike pegging or hook it to your favorite strap-on harness for a little gender-bender action. It’s also completely submersible in water thanks to the simple, no frills design.

So, if you don’t use this toy in the bath, shower, or hot tub, the manufacturer will be disappointed. They make this thing in several different colors too, so you have no good excuse for not loving it.

PRO: It’s ideal for vaginal and/or anal fantasy fulfillment.

CON: It does not have any special pleasure settings.

#3. The Squirtz™ Squirting Dildo


It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s the dildo that cums on your command. Just a few steps down from fucking the real thing, the Squirtz™ Squirting Dildo does what it’s told better than any partner you’ve ever had.

Just fill its generous cum-partment full of your favorite personal lubricant and let the party begin. With one touch of a button, you’ll get a massive money shot right when you need it the most.

Plus, you can warm the lube before you insert it into the toy, further enhancing the realism of the session.

The device itself is made out of soft, supple, skin-like CyberSkin, with hand painted penile detailing from top to bottom.

You won’t find any vibrating cores or suction cup bases, but you will find a protruding head, a slightly curved shaft for better g-spot and p-spot stimulation, and a pair of powerful balls on the bottom. The SSD measures 5 inches in total insertable length and has a generous width of 2 inches in total.

AKA: Your ass is grass.

PRO: The integrated cum pump uses manual power for easier control.

CON: It may not be long or wide enough for all users or purposes.

#4. The Wildfire Tommy Gunn Celebrity Cock


Does it get any better than using a dildo that’s molded to look and feel exactly like a famous porn star? The answer is no. That’s especially true when the star is none other than Tommy Gunn – the hot XXX performer whose gorgeous cock has inspired countless libidos.

This toy makes your imagination run wild, with the same sexy details as the real thing. It also features Dual Density technology, which means it’s silky on the outside and super hard on the inside. After all, the real Tommy Gunn never goes soft.

This delicious dong offers more than 6 and a half inches of total insertable length, so it’s almost guaranteed to hit the g-spot or p-spot. It has a realistic girth of 2 full inches as well, and best of all it features a secure suction cup base.

Users are welcome to use it for vaginal and/or anal pegging, and since it’s strap-on harness compatible too, there’s virtually no limit to the things you can do tonight. The fact that it’s fully submersible in water is just the icing on the cake.

PRO: It’s extremely easy to clean and maintain.

CON: There are no special pleasure settings to explore.

#5. The Wildfire CyberGlo Cock


Sometimes, you just want your dicks to make you smile while they make you cum. And until toys like the Wildfire CyberGlo Cock were invented, nobody even knew that was possible.

But thanks to the glow in the dark exterior of this whimsical wonder shlong, you can enjoy amazing orgasms without even turning on the lights. This device shines brightly under the blankets to give you just enough illumination for participation.

It also features an exclusive Virtual Touch® texture to offer you more realism than the whimsy suggests.

This fun fucker can do almost anything because of its simplified and streamlined design. It’s harness compatible too, which means you can enjoy it with your favorite strap-on harness or use the convenient suction-cup base for some serious pegging.

There are 5 and a half inches of insertable length to explore, and it has a 1.7-inch girth for easier insertion. Fully submersible in water and lightweight as well, the CyberGlo Cock is perfect for traveling or showering and can make otherwise boring sex a little more exciting again.

PRO: It requires exposure to direct light for the glow feature to work properly.

CON: The device can gradually lose its glowing power over time.

#6. The Cyber Cock with Balls


You can’t go wrong when you swap high costs for lower ones and still get decent quality. So, while the Cyber Cock with Balls may be a somewhat generic version of fancier dongs, it’s still worthy of mention because of it’s impressive features.

First of all, it looks and feels like a real human penis. It uses the up-and-coming Virtual Touch® texture that’s designed for maximum practicality and has all the details you’d want in a lifelike dildo – veins, a rounded tip, squishy balls for extra pleasure, etc.

This is honestly a great bargain for beginners and pros.

It measures a generous 6 inches in total insertable length, which means it’s likely to hit the g-spot or p-spot of whoever is using it – whether that be for vaginal or anal stimulation. The diameter is a whopping 3 inches too, so you never have to worry about it slipping out mid-stroke.

This lightweight and compact sex toy is ideal for many different experiences, even though it’s missing the convenient suction cup base that’s fit for pegging.

Either way, it fits into most sex pillows and can be taken into the shower because it’s completely waterproof.

PRO: It’s uncommonly flexible for better handling and easier orgasms.

CON: It does not have any additional pleasure features.

#7. The Lock-On Pleasure Tools


Nothing says “I’m down for whatever” like a Lock-On Pleasure Tools Dildo. This 7-inch shlong with its 2-inch girth is designed like nothing else on the market. It has a hollowed-out core so you can stick it on a mount or use your hand for manual power.

Thus, it can be transformed into a convenient suction cup dong for non-stop pegging or be secured inside your favorite strap-on harness for experimental play.

Ever heard of a dildo sword? Well, now you have and it’s fantastic, especially since it has a bunch of realistic detailing too.

The LOP dong features raised veins for superior stimulation and optimal realism. It’s also made out of platinum-cured silicone, so it’s safe for all skin types and activities (anal penetration or vaginal masturbation, for example). And despite its unique hollow construction, this bad boy is one of the easiest pleasure devices to clean and maintain.

In fact, that’s why this is one of the most popular add-ons to a serious collector’s stash. It’s compatible with a bunch of different stuff and it’s discreet too.

PRO: This toy’s design makes it more secure than a traditional suction cup for pegging.

CON: The hole is too small, so it cannot be used as a penis stroker.

NOTE: Most designer sex toys come with a standard limited warranty from the manufacturer, which means you’re covered in case of an accident or unintentional damage. So, be sure to register it within 30 days of the purchase date to take advantage.

Your Cyberskin Dildo Buyer’s Guide

News flash: It’s virtually impossible to choose between the best 7 Cyberskin dildos if you have no clue what’s going on. Most people hear those words and assume they’re talking about typical dongs with some fancy materials. But that’s not entirely the truth.

These devices are made exclusively for lovers of realism, with some of the most tantalizing features the sex toy industry has ever seen.

So, to find what you’re looking for you must know 3 things first:

  1. What they are
  2. How they work
  3. Which features to look at

Keep in mind that price isn’t always the most important factor, and never forget about your partner’s wishes. But keep reading before introducing something like this into your bedroom.

What Is a CyberSkin Dildo?

These are expertly crafted sex toys for women and men that can be used both vaginally and anally. They’re unique because of their patented material, CyberSkin – a synthetic blend of skin-safe polymers made to look, feel, and perform like natural human flesh.

Dildos made from this material are generally penis shaped, with extremely specific details to further enhance the realism.

Meanwhile, these things are also fortified with advanced features like squishy ball sacks and rigid cores (you know, to make them feel like actual boners).

Some even ejaculate warm lube into your hole on command, thereby turning your once enthusiastic lovers into less obedient alternatives to great sex. In fact, that’s partly why these devices have become so popular over the last few decades.

They’re both saving and wrecking relationships all over the world.

The Main Features

Each version is completely unique, with features unlike anything else on the market. That’s mostly because this is an untapped and unregulated industry that allows for sensual innovations in pursuit of happiness. It’s one of the last true frontiers and we should all respect that by getting to know the manufacturer’s accomplishments.

After all, we used to need a prescription from our doctors to get a dildo and they weren’t even this cool.

Today’s CyberSkin dong often features more than just a life-like material and realistic detailing too. Many have variable vibration speeds with integrated push-button controls or removable bullets.

Some even glow in the dark so you can see what’s happening while the lights are off. But because of their fleshy hypoallergenic materials, all of them can be played with regardless of your skin type or sensitivity level.

FACT: I’m still not sure where the “cyber” comes from in the name since these devices are so down to Earth.

How to Choose The Best Cyber Cock Sex Toy

Understanding why these devices are called what they are isn’t important even though it’s difficult. What’s harder is trying to decide on the perfect one.

There are so many options on the market that casual consumers have no idea what to look for or expect. Add in the fact that Cyber cock sex toys are in a league of their own and you’ve got more confusion than climaxes.

To beat the system, you have to know what’s out there and then compare that to what you need. It’s also a good idea to understand the basics and learn which components are most important.

Some manufacturers will get you all excited about features that don’t matter just to distract you from the ones that do. Don’t fall for the hype. Look at these six things instead:


One of the most important aspects of buying and/or using an insertable sex toy is the size. And if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit. The average dimensions of a device like this can range from just a few inches to over a foot long.

Girth and circumference can vary as well, so take some preliminary measurements or take a deep breath when you’re using some massive.


It’s the little things that usually matter the most. That means grand gestures are generally a sign that something else is lacking. So, try to keep it simple, at least at first. Save the complex, feature-heavy devices for later and start out with something streamlined instead.

Meanwhile, understand that not every detail will affect the toy’s performance. Some are just put there for visual appeal.


No two CyberSkin cocks are made the same. Moreover, a few of the most sought-after features aren’t even necessary for a good time. Look for something that’s practical, not pretty. Although these toys are made to look and feel like real human skin, try not to get carried away with that little detail.

Rather, check for squirting mechanisms, vibrating motors, rechargeable batteries, and suction cup bases.


Certain features can make or break a device’s ability to meet the user’s demands. For example, if the toy lacks a suction cup base then it probably won’t work for pegging and might not fit into a strap-on harness.

At the same time, it might be able to sync with other sex toys in your collection or at least be used alongside them. Anything that plays well with others always gets an automatic pass in my book.


All of these features and details are great, but none of that matters when taking care of the device is a pain in the ass. Your collection should be filled with stuff that’s easy to clean and maintain, not crap that gives you more headaches than orgasms.

Check for ergonomic button placement and enhanced safety features too, especially on dongs with extra pleasure features or integrated electronic mechanisms.


This should be one of the last things on your checklist, but it should never be ignored. That’s because cost is sometimes an indicator of the toy’s quality. Due to the laws of supply and demand, devices that sell easily are often attached to bigger price tags.

Meanwhile, lower quality stuff that nobody wants is typically cheap and affordable. So, just keep in mind that you get what you pay for in this world.

Where To Find The Best Cyberskin Dildos On The Internet

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The Final Verdict

CyberSkin dildos and sex toys are virtually essential to any serious adult’s collection, but that doesn’t mean they’re all appropriate for your tastebuds.

Each one is made with unique features and specialized detailing to keep authenticity intact in the face of fantasy fulfillment and efficient self-pleasure.

Thus, it’s important to choose your weapons wisely by sorting through the riff-raff until you find the right one. Perhaps one of these top seven favorites will make its way into your bedroom.

Cyberskin Dildo FAQs

Q: How do I clean and maintain a dildo?

A: Cleaning your dongs is and should always be one of the simplest things you do with it.

Most of the time, the technique is the same.

You just rinse the exterior with warm, fresh water and then follow that with some non-abrasive, hypoallergenic sex toy cleaner or a similar soap.

When you get done, let the device dry on its own in the open air. Try not to dab it with towels or clothes because lint could be transferred in the process.

Meanwhile, pay close attention to the toy’s specific care and maintenance instructions. If there’s another way to clean it or if it isn’t compatible with water, that’s important to know.

Once you’re done cleaning the toy, place it back in storage to keep it protected from environmental debris until you use it again.

Q: Is there a specific way to store one of these things?

A: Storing your dildos and sex toys depends on several factors, including how you live, how often you use the device, and what’s advised in the owner’s manual.

So, before picking out a hiding spot, be sure to read the instructions.

There may be some specific steps you need to take, but most toys can be stored in the same exact way – in a temperature-controlled environment that’s away from peering eyes and protected from direct sunlight.

Also, never store anal dildos next to vaginal dildos because of cross-contamination.

Therefore, always try to buy separate storage containers for all of your pleasure products.

Q: Can I warm up my dildo before I use it?

A: Most of the time, you can warm up the surface of your toys right before you insert them. That’s generally done by quickly running the material under warm/cold water if its fully submersible.

This technique not only adds to the realism of the experience but also increases the user’s orgasm intensity.

However, you should never put your dildos in the microwave, oven, or dishwasher unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer. Doing so could disrupt the toy’s mechanisms, destroy its exterior, and even void the warranty.

Q: How can I tell whether mine is compatible with a strap-on harness?

A: All dongs are made different, which means yours may or may not be compatible with a strap-on harness.

The best way to tell is by looking at the base. If it has a suction cup, it most likely fits on certain harnesses and can be used for pegging at the very least.

If it doesn’t have a suction cup base, it still may fit into some mounts and sex pillows.

So, measure your mounts, holes, and harnesses to determine whether your dildo is suitable for them or not.

Q: What kind of lube should I use with insertable sex toys?

A: There are many different kinds of lube because there are many different types of sex. Even if you use the same toy for everything, you may need distinct lubes for each activity.

For example, anal lubricants are generally long-lasting due to the anus not being able to make its own juices.

However, many vaginal lubes are just as enduring despite the natural wetness. The point is to pick something that’s compatible with both your device and your skin type.

Usually, that’s a water-based lubrication.

So, read your owner’s manual for more information or to get tips about and discounts on specific lube types.


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