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Top 5 Best Delay Sprays For Men Reviewed In 2023

Premature ejaculation affects millions of men. Women aren’t safe from reaching orgasm too quickly, either. The human body naturally responds to sexual stimulation, and we can do little about it. So, unless you want to take drugs, endure surgery, or masturbate your life away, you’ll have to consider using a delay spray.

“I wish you could last as long in bed as you do an argument.” – Everybody

Unfortunately, self-control usually isn’t your best skill while having sex. It’s also more challenging when the sensations feel good. You can’t always “mind over matter” your way through a hot and steamy romance. Sometimes, you need a little help maintaining the mojo. Genital numbing products to the rescue.

Controlling orgasm with topical products isn’t a new concept. The personal pleasure industry has countless options, from lotions and oils to foams and sprays. However, this delay spray buyer’s guide will help you navigate the marketplace like a pro. I’ll even throw in a few product recommendations if you stick around to the end.

What Are Delay Sprays?

Orgasm delaying products come in all shapes and sizes. They also have different ingredients, side effects, and lifespans. Meanwhile, most sex toy manufacturers sell numbing agents alongside their primary inventories. Yet, no two formulas are the same.

The purpose of genital numbing is to control orgasm for longer-lasting sex. People often wear these creams, lubricants, and lotions during masturbation, foreplay, or intercourse. And they do it to enjoy increased sexual endurance plus smoother climaxes. This stuff helps split the difference between male and female climactic timing.

Delay sprays provide a temporary anesthetic for the most sensitive body parts. They gently desensitize your favorite erogenous zones with potent ingredients. This lets you maintain an erection or stop ejaculation before it’s too late. Couples often use cum-delaying products during marathon sessions, kink play, and long-distance relationships.

These products are perfect for dominating subs in BDSM. You can also use them to tease partners or practice various skills. People frequently combine numbing agents with enhanced lubrication to experience blended bliss. However, you can create a unique sensation using top-quality picks.

FACT: Some performance enhancers might not be compatible with your sex toy collection. Read the labels to be sure.

How Do They Work?

Manufacturers utilize a variety of ingredients to create a gentle yet long-lasting numbing effect. Their products generally contain natural or synthetic numbing agents. These are the most commonly used elements:

  • Lidocaine
  • Benzocaine
  • Procaine

You can use these products without serious side effects if you play in moderation. However, some people may still experience local skin irritation with potent formulas. Pay close attention to dose-dependent sprays because they give you more control but quickly build on the skin.

Delay sprays are perfect for targeted desensitization of delicate regions. Most of them don’t impact the surrounding skin but only numb the areas where you apply the product. Plus, the blunted sensations don’t last forever. Many sprays and lotions only dull the senses for about 30-45 minutes.

Each person’s experience will differ depending on the product’s contents and delivery system. For example, sprays are typically more convenient than lotions, oils, and lubes. They also last longer because the ingredients can absorb more quickly into the skin. However, your best bet is to test several products to find one that serves your needs. These are not steadfast rules.

Climax control has a lot to do with your physical state and mental faculties. So, an orgasm-delaying product can only help. It will not solve your premature ejaculation problem or your inability to control lustful urges. That’s what cock cages and bondage tools are for, and that’s not what we’re talking about today.

DID YOU KNOW: Many people with high stamina use genital numbing agents to enjoy longer sex without ejaculating.

Are Delay Sprays Safe?

Products that help you control your orgasm aren’t always safe. As a general rule, never ingest anything or agree to invasive procedures without consulting a doctor. However, rest assured that consumer-grade delay sprays are usually risk-free alternatives to aggressive treatments. You can use them every time you have sex without worrying about sustaining an injury.

People who enjoy these products in moderation have the most pleasurable experiences. The reason is that constant nerve dulling can have lasting consequences. So, try to use numbing agents for only the following reasons:

  • Endurance Training
  • Enhanced Foreplay
  • Sexual Experimentation
  • Position Practice
  • Prolonged Penetration
  • Anal Stimulation
  • Tantric Sex
  • Fetish Play

Talk to your doctor or dermatologist if you’re unsure how topical climax control products will affect you. Or test your reaction to the ingredients by applying a small amount to the skin under your arm.

Delay Spray Side Effects

You’re not the only one curious about what happens when you use a delay spray. However, each person is unique, with body chemistry that reacts differently to various ingredients. It’s challenging to determine how someone will respond to body numbing. So, start by finding a hypoallergenic option to enjoy a stress-free sex life.

Some people can only ejaculate once before they need a break. Other people can have multiple orgasms or cum more quickly than their partners. This is where the primary delay spray side effect becomes essential. It can help balance the bedroom equation if you use it as directed. The rapid-shooting lover slows down while the late bloomer plays catch-up.

What to Expect

Orgasm control requires a combination of safe sex practices and high-quality products. So, expect an off-the-charts experience if you choose cheap sprays from unknown sellers. Meanwhile, here is what you can expect from the best formulas:

  • Fast (sometimes instant) local numbing
  • 20-60 minutes of numbness
  • Cooling or tingling sensations
  • Rapid absorption

Contrary to popular belief, you can still ejaculate with numbing creams and sprays. Some people can even reach an orgasm despite the potent side effects. Expect some trial and error at the beginning. Remember, you might need more or less than the label suggests. Some products can absorb into the skin and last longer than you desire.

NOTE: Some delaying products can transfer during the application or oral sex.

When to Worry

You probably won’t have to involve medical personnel in your love life, but know about these dangers just in case. Numbing products can be hazardous if you misuse them. For example, never apply a delay spray to an open wound, and don’t insert any into your body. This stuff is for external use only.

Meanwhile, monitor your body’s reaction to the ingredients and note any concerns. You don’t have to stress unless you experience one of the following things:

  • Prolonged numbing
  • Burning or itching
  • Allergic reactions
  • Redness or swelling

Reclaim your bedroom bragging rights without incident by reading the label and following the instructions. Then seek immediate medical help if your symptoms don’t disappear after a few hours.

NOTE: Certain products might not be safe for pregnant or nursing women.

The Pros and Cons of Numbing Sprays

Dull the nerve endings around your most sensitive erogenous zones right before sex. That sounds like something someone with zero sexual experience would say. However, the pros understand how this works. They appreciate the delicate balance between bodies and want to augment sensations to achieve bliss. This is how you manage the pros and cons of delay sprays.

Not sure what to think with so much information being thrown at you? Consider these advantages and disadvantages before spending any money.


Climax control can be a steamy game you play with a partner. It can also help build intimacy and make intercourse fun again. Check out all these delay spray benefits before I tell you the bad news:

  • Promotes a better sex life
  • Enhances foreplay and masturbation
  • Provides tailored stamina training
  • Offers a drug-free alternative
  • Fast-acting ingredients
  • Encourages creativity
  • Safe enough for everyday use
  • Compatible with most sex toys and condoms
  • Perfect for discreet pleasure
  • Compact packaging for easy travel

You could find some bonus benefits with the best products. However, you should probably seek recommendations or read reviews first.


Do you think you’re ready to start dulling your senses to experience more intense orgasms? It might seem counterintuitive, but it actually works. However, you must consider these disadvantages first:

  • Often challenging to remove
  • Possibly unpleasant aromas
  • No performance-enhancing guarantee
  • May require frequent reapplication
  • Could interact with lubricants

Products are never perfect, and delay sprays are no exception. Still, there are more pros than cons. Plus, you can adjust your performance based on any criteria you choose.

How to Use a Delay Spray

Using products for orgasm control and endurance training can be tricky. First, you have to discover top-notch numbing agents and learn all about them. Then you must determine which ones are the best before testing each one. This can be a lengthy process without some basic guidelines.

Let’s assume you find a delay spray that you absolutely love. What comes next? Do you start slathering it on your genitals, or is there a method to the madness? With so much at stake, you should pay close attention. Then follow these six simple steps for the best results:

Step One – Wash Your Skin

Start with freshly cleansed body parts because your favorite delay spray can’t absorb through oil and dirt. Expect decreased effectiveness if you forget to shower before sex. However, you can skip this step if you’ve freshened up in the last few hours. Oral stimulation can also serve as a quick tongue bath.

TIP: Use unscented, hypoallergenic soap or oil-free body scrub to remove dead skin cells without irritation or residue.

Step Two – Apply the Product

Delaying an orgasm is a risky game that requires impeccable timing. So, try to find products in user-friendly containers to prevent a costly fumble. Then apply the spray where you need numbing before fooling around. This gives you time to work up a sweat without watching the clock.

TIP: Start with a small amount. Then work your way up to bigger dollops as needed.

Step Three – Wait for It

Many climax-controlling sprays don’t offer immediate effects. They gradually numb the skin to create a smooth, stress-free experience. Meanwhile, some products provide instant relief. Choose your weapons wisely, and don’t forget to practice patience. The amount you use impacts how the spray performs.

TIP: Apply more product if you don’t feel numb enough after 5-10 minutes.

Step Four – Get It On

Enjoy your favorite activities and positions like you usually would. This stuff should slow your roll, not cramp your style. Feel free to experiment and fulfill various fantasies, especially if you choose a low-transfer formula. Either way, you’ve got about half an hour to make magic before the next step.

TIP: Spend this time on penetration and giving/receiving intense sensations.

Step Five – Reapply and Reposition

Orgasm delaying sprays, lotions, and oils eventually wear off and require reapplying. It doesn’t matter the quality of ingredients or the amount used. Keep the bottle nearby for convenience because you’ll probably need more at some point. Plus, it always helps to know you can hold off for a little longer.

TIP: Use plenty of lubrication to prevent friction during marathon sessions.

Step Six – Lather, Rinse and Repeat

Wash the product off of your body when you get done. It won’t hurt to let it sit on your skin, but it could become uncomfortable. Some sprays also produce an unpleasant odor that could offend your partner. Step away to clean yourself or invite your lover to the shower for another round.

TIP: Wash your body with skin-soothing cleansers to relieve irritated skin.

Remember that you might have to adjust some of these steps depending on your products. Certain sexual habits and physical conditions could affect them as well. If you try nerve-numbing sprays without success, consult a doctor to discover the underlying issues. As for everyone else, let’s go shopping.

Climax Control Products: A Buyer’s Guide

Do you know how to buy delay sprays and topical numbing products? Most people assume it’s a simple process involving a few quick comparisons. Unfortunately, shopping is a bit more complicated than that. The best options aren’t always evident, and some of them are hard to find if you don’t know where to look.

It’s also crucial to buy more than you think you’ll need. The reason is that your body’s reaction to the ingredients isn’t guaranteed. You’ll always have to reapply for marathon sessions, but the sensations are different for everyone. Some options can irritate the skin, even if you don’t have an allergy. Other formulas smell terrible or come in awkward containers not fit for friskiness.

Self-control comes in a bottle now, so take advantage. Meanwhile, work on your sexual stamina in multiple ways, including frequent masturbation, edging, and targeted foreplay. Use climax-control sprays to enhance your willpower and finally live the sex life of your dreams.

“Sex is like money. Only too much is enough.” -John Updike

10 Things to Look For

Choose the best delay spray and have sex all day. But what does that even mean? How do you sift through so many options to discover top-quality products? When every manufacturer swears by their inventory, being a horny consumer can be tricky. Don’t let your dick drive you to where your wallet doesn’t belong.

Brands will do their best to attract your attention and convince you to spend money. However, you can create a list with these ten criteria to weed out the duds:

  1. Luxury-Grade Contents
  2. Skin-Safe Ingredients
  3. Convenient Containers
  4. Comprehensive Labeling
  5. Transfer-Free Formulas
  6. Pleasant Scents
  7. Non-Staining Elements
  8. Smooth Consistency
  9. Easy Wash-Off
  10. Material Compatibility

Premature ejaculation will have nothing on you if you pick the perfect product. Enjoy better sex and natural performance enhancement with high-quality ingredients, clever containers, convenient formulas, and arousing aromas. Also, buy from well-known brands and retailers to avoid scams.

TIP: Compare several different brands and formulas to find the one you like the most.

10 Things to Avoid

Prevent mishaps and skin irritation by carefully selecting what’s in your stash. This involves knowing what to look for and what to avoid. Some manufacturers try hard to create high-quality products, but their formulas still fall short. With so many options, the search can remain confusing even after eliminating the obvious duds.

Give credit where credit is due, and don’t be afraid to try new things. The next best product could be hidden just outside your comfort zone. But hold brands accountable and don’t use products with these ten terrible characteristics:

  1. Low-Quality Ingredients
  2. Potential Allergens
  3. Inconvenient Packaging
  4. Sparse Labels
  5. High Transfer Rates
  6. Offensive Odors
  7. Staining Elements
  8. Sticky Consistency
  9. Cleansing Troubles
  10. Material Incompatibility

If you cum too soon or have trouble controlling yourself during sex, delay sprays can be a love lifesaver. However, they can do more harm than good if you don’t match the formula with your skin type and performance strategy. Also, remember that cost is proportionate to the ingredients. Higher-quality stuff is usually more expensive, and it sometimes comes in a smaller bottle.

TIP: Avoid buyer’s remorse by comparing the quality with the quantity.

5 Things to Have

Climax-control products are not for the faint of heart. If you’re a newbie, you can still use them, but take it slow and let your body do the talking. Then don’t forget that you need some supplies if you want to play with topical numbing agents. Safety is as crucial as sexiness in the bedroom, so here’s what you should have:

  1. Wet wipes
  2. Clean towels
  3. Water
  4. Lubricant
  5. Sex Toys

Feeling extra frisky? Include penis pumps, clitoral pumps, cock rings, genital clamps, chastity cages, and performance-enhancing supplements. Most adult entertainment shops sell these items, but you can get the rest at your local supermarket. Don’t forget your aftercare kit to soothe irritated skin after hours of friction.

TIP: Expect to spend at least double the price of your favorite spray for a safe and fulfilling experience.

The Top 5 Delay Sprays

We’ve dwindled your options down to a shortlist of top-quality products. Each one features outstanding ingredients and is packaged for discreet convenience. Plus, all of them are safe for sensitive skin, and most are compatible with latex or sheepskin condoms.

Get out your wallets. Here are the five best delay sprays for men and women. Choose wisely:

#1. VigRx


This patented formula starts working in ten minutes or less. That means you have plenty of time to achieve an erection or pleasure your partner before penetration. VigRX Delay Spray helps holistically extend your sessions with potent ingredients and a skin-safe mixture. It’s also prescription strength without a doctor’s visit, and the sauce absorbs quickly to prevent unwanted body transfer. Use VigRX repeatedly without damaging the nerves or skin. Then work on your bedroom routine with this reliable sidekick.


  • Location-Dependent Potency
  • Absorbs Quickly
  • Consistent Numbing

PRO: You can apply it multiple times in a single session without increasing the side effects.

CON: The container is relatively tiny compared to competitors.

#2. Promescent


Promescent features patented Targetzone™ Technology that lets you customize the experience with every pump. It only desensitizes the zones you choose, leaving the rest of your body to writhe in perfect passion. That also means the formula doesn’t transfer from one partner to another. This delay spray numbs the specific nerve endings that trigger an orgasm, creating time for simultaneous sexual release and a 50% increase in lover satisfaction. Over half a million men use it as part of their everyday arsenal, so it’s also safe for marathon sessions and experimentation.


  • Dose-Dependent Potency
  • Absorbs Quickly
  • Buildable Numbing

PRO: It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 60 days from the manufacturer.

CON: You can miss critical spots without careful application.

#3. Hims Delay Spray


Find the perfect sidekick when you need something to help you stay focused during sex. Consider Hims Delay Spray, for example. It outlasts other products, so you can outlast your lover. This patented formula offers a measurable stamina increase, with 64% of users saying they enjoyed sex for longer with just a few squirts. When you use it as directed, there’s little to no transfer between bodies, and you can increase or decrease the numbness based on your rhythm. The lidocaine spray also comes in an ergonomic bottle for precision applications.


  • Dose-Dependent Potency
  • Absorbs Quickly
  • Buildable Numbing

PRO: A single dose can last 1-3 hours.

CON: Prolonged desensitization can make timely ejaculation challenging.

#4. Roman Swipes


Roman Swipes contain enough topical benzocaine to dull the most delicate dicks. They’re pre-moistened wipes designed to help you delay ejaculation or try new forms of penetration without pain. This product isn’t available in spray form, making quick action more convenient regardless of the position. Prevent an untimely orgasm despite problems with premature ejaculation. Then increase your average time in bed by up to five minutes with regular use. Roman Wipes are available without a prescription, but you can also get a subscription to help maintain your supply.


  • Dose-Dependent Potency
  • Absorbs Quickly
  • Consistent Numbing

PRO: Manufacturers developed this product after a medically reviewed study.

CON: The side effects don’t last as long as typical delay sprays.

#5. K-Y Duration


K-Y Duration is for male genital desensitization. It helps dull the nerve endings around the penis and other erogenous zones. This leads to long lovemaking sessions, more symbiotic orgasms, plus an extra boost of lubricant to reduce body friction. The easy spray-on formula increases stamina naturally, with lidocaine-based ingredients that enhance your willpower without decreasing your pleasure. Spray it on, rub it in, and wait for 5-15 minutes to take effect. Enjoy deliberate sensuality with your partner or work on your moves while maintaining control of the show.


  • Dose-Dependent Potency
  • Absorbs Quickly
  • Buildable Numbing

PRO: You can pair this spray with other K-Y brand numbing agents.

CON: This product is not compatible with condoms and some sex toys.

Delay Spray FAQs

These are the most commonly asked questions about performance-enhancing topical sprays:

Is There a Specific Way to Clean Off a Numbing Agent?

You can remove a climax-control spray from your skin with a few easy steps and simple supplies. Check the label for specific cleaning instructions. Usually, all you need is warm water and non-abrasive, hypoallergenic body soap. Rinse the affected area thoroughly to wash off excess product. Then repeat the process until you no longer feel numb.

How Do I Store My Pleasure Delaying Products?

Properly storing sprays that delay your orgasm is crucial. Some products contain ingredients that can react to direct sunlight, heat, or cold temperatures. So, check the label for specific storage instructions. Then keep your stash in a cool, dry area and away from extreme conditions. Most people store theirs in a bedside drawer, medicine cabinet, or sex toy box. However, tightly sealed containers are perfect for discreet travel.

Can I Use a Delay Spray Before Oral Sex?

Climax-control sprays can pair well with oral stimulation. Apply a generous amount to your skin, then wait 10-15 minutes before playing. Remember, some formulas can transfer from one body to another. So, test a small area to see how you react. Rinse with warm water and soap before trying again if someone’s lips go numb. You can also use less product or wear a condom to prevent transferring. As always, check the label for specific instructions and information about ingestion.

What Happens If the Product Transfers to My Partner?

If your product transfers from one person to another, either stop to wash it off or keep having sex. Leaving the spray on your skin won’t hurt anything, and the numbing sensation will eventually disappear. You can learn more about preventing transfers between bodies by reading the label.

Are Numbing Products Good for Anal Penetration?

Delay sprays do more than slow down ejaculation. The best products are also suitable for anal sex because they can help desensitize critical areas of the body. Use them in moderation initially, and try not to get any inside the anus or vagina. Most topical numbing agents are for external use only. So, check the label for specific usage instructions and safety warnings.

What Kind of Lube Should I Use with It?

Apply a compatible lubricant when using a delay spray. Then, the two different formulas won’t create an adverse chemical reaction on your crotch. Generally, water-based lubes are best for playing with sex toys, accessories, and performance-enhancing products. However, you can experiment with different kinds depending on the ingredients. For more information or lubrication suggestions, check the label.

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