Best Disposable Sex Toys: The Screaming O VibroMan Starter Kit

Some of the best things in life are wrapped around something even better. Take hot dogs for instance. They’re an amazingly delicious food with countless culinary applications, but the most popular version is the corndog. A wedding ring is a spectacular sight, but it’s best when fitted on the hand of a loyal lover. Disposable sex toys can significantly enhance sensations in the bedroom, but they’re usually situated somewhere in, on or around the user’s body because they’re worthless otherwise. It doesn’t take a genius to know this, but it does take a frugal shopper to figure out which throw-away pleasure products are worth their salt.

I try really hard not to be too judgmental about a sex toy that will just end up in the trash, but some of these bad boys are kinda expensive which means I’m paying a little more attention to the details these days. My girlfriend asked that we try a cock ring or a finger vibrator to spice things up a bit, but I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on an experimental activity that I wasn’t sure we’d like. So, I bought the Screaming O VibroMan Starter Kit so we could take a proper test drive of each other’s bodies because it comes with more than one toy and it came highly recommended by a buddy of mine. Want to know what my experience was like and whether my homey knew what he was talking about? Well, let’s make sure we’re all talking about the same thing first.

What is the Screaming O Vibro Man Starter Kit?

Voted “Best Overall” by disposable countless critics worldwide, the Screaming O by the increasingly popular VibroMan brand is a three-part couples-friendly sex toy kit that comes packed full of sensations features. Designed for both the male and female participant (or for gay play as well), these soft, stretchy pleasure devices can be enjoyed in more ways than one. They may be technically disposable, but they’re well-made enough to rock your world several times over before needing thrown away. Best of all, they’re safe for almost every user and can be used individually or simultaneously with other toys. Perfect for a quick pump-and-dump, ideal for long-winded lovemaking, and suitable for sensual massage, this trio is a tantalizing example of what creatively kinky minds can come up with.

The Main Features

The Screaming Os are a triple threat and I mean that in the corniest way possible. The VibroMan Starter Kit comes with three different vibrating rings that fit onto various parts of you and/or your partner’s body, meaning you can either use them separately or pair them all together for a seriously rumbly rendezvous. Each piece is delicately texturized to suit the sensational requirements of the receiver, while the super-stretchy materials allow the wearer to enjoy flexibility and comfort due the duration of the ride. And since they’re also extremely durable, you’ll most likely get more than one use out of them too (as long as you remember to turn it off when you’re done via the conveniently placed on/off switch on the side of each device).

All of the rings are available in either blue or matte black and they’re fitted with an integrated motor that shoots out a powerful stream of vibrations. As for the shape and size of the rings themselves, they’re all pretty much conducive with most body types and they can even be tailored to the wearer’s specific anatomy via the rubbery consistency. Furthermore, each one can be worn in various positions, meaning they all have more than one functionality to them. Best of all, they’re made from lab-tested, skin-safe materials that are 100% waterproof. Each vibe lasts for up to 30 minutes, but you probably won’t need that much time to reach the finish line.

What Comes in the Box?

Unboxing these sexy toys is a treat all on its own. As a starter kit, this little bundle packs an enormous punch. And while I’m used to getting a couple freebies for the money I spend, I wasn’t too upset about the lack of their inclusion with this product. It’s obvious that the manufacturer cared more about delivering a high-end set of devices instead of concentrating their efforts of appeasing the masses. Here’s what you get for the cash you fork over:

  • The ScreamingO PLUS vibrating cock ring
  • The LingO vibrating tongue ring
  • The FingO Tips vibrating finger ring
  • An instruction leaflet

You’ll notice that there aren’t any little lube samples or anything like that with this tiny trio of teasers. That’s okay though, because you’ll likely use these bad boys more than once. Plus, you probably already have some of that stuff in your stash anyway. Best of all, because these toys are completely disposable and don’t require cleaning, they don’t include or need extra maintenance supplies to enjoy them.

The Experience

I knew it was going to be a long night when I first ordered the Screaming O Kit. My assumptions had little to do with the fact that each of the rings was texturized and equipped with powerful vibrations. No, my main concern was the quantity of different lovemaking options I was suddenly given. Out of nowhere, I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to do with my partner. She thought I was turned off by her; I thought I had brain damage.

Opening the box was the most exciting part until my girlfriend took over the situation due to my ineptness. I’ve honestly never seen her so anxious to take control of a situation in our entire relationship. There’s just something about a kinky pleasure product for couples that gets a person all hot and bothered. So, we both fumbled around with the squishy rings for a while and looked for any extras in the box. And then, she decided to play the part of the naughty mistress with me as her ever-loyal sex slave, so we headed off to the bedroom to find out whether we had just wasted our money or not.

Her first reaction was to slide on the finger ring and give my asshole a quick wake-me-up. The smooth tendrils of the toy’s texture really made me squirm like a schoolgirl, something I found out was a huge turn-on for my lady friend. She inserted just the top and I was putty in her hands instantly. Our mutual excitement gave me a raging boner, the likes of which I hadn’t experienced since high school. She replied to my awakened anatomy by attaching the already vibrating cock ring to my dick and then sitting down on top of it as slowly as humanly possible. The build-up was amaze-balls, and I dumped my load into her cum dumpster like I was getting cut a check for it.

Next up was the tongue ring – AKA: My turn to show her how daddy got down. She was pre-moistened by our previous activities and her clit was already throbbing pretty intensely. So, applying just the texture of the ring was enough to set her on fire. I didn’t even have to turn the damn thing on. In fact, we were both so wore out after that that we took a nap and threw the LingO ring into our bedside table for later. And yes, later came…but so did we.

The Ups and Downs

No two pleasure products are alike, nor are any of them perfect whatsoever. Especially when we’re talking about disposable sex toys here, the options of flawlessness goes right out the window. Frugal shoppers with realistic expectations know that throw-away devices are inherently blemished in some way. However, we constantly look at both the good and the bad to determine the value of the things in our hands. With that said, here are the things you need to know before spending any money on the Screaming O VibroMan Starter Kit:


  • Powerful rumble from the integrated vibrating motors
  • Multi-use disposability
  • Terrific accessory for masturbation and/or intercourse
  • Wonderfully discreet design
  • Attractive coloring options
  • Travel-ready components
  • Made from skin-safe materials


  • Battery life could use an extension
  • May not fit all tongues, fingers or penises
  • Does not have varying vibration speeds or intensities to explore

The Takeaway

Getting your hands on a good disposable sex toy for couples is a difficult feat that’s usually plagued with confusion and frustration. The pleasure products industry has done a great job of giving the average consumer more options, but too many choices can be overwhelming. The Screaming O VibroMan Starter Kit is a terrific option for people who either don’t know what they want, who don’t want to spend a lot of money buying individual items, or who would rather experiment with their bodies in a less permanent and more discreet way. I can’t say that this trio is the best thing I’ve ever felt, but in my book,  it’s certainly deserving of that “Best Overall” vote by today’s top sex toy critics. I’m only disappointed that more non-disposable kits like this don’t exist.

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