Best Doubled-Ended Dildos: The nJoy Eleven XL

First of all, I’m sick and tired of all the corny double-ended dildo jokes that end with someone getting hurt or embarrassed. If you do it right, a good DD can rock your world. I learned that the easy way, but it looks like so many people still don’t understand the value of a simultaneous orgasm (and that’s pretty sad if you think about it). Why on Earth would anyone deprive themselves of something so downright magical? Well, my theory is because nobody has invented anything classy enough to make double-ended sex toys a mainstream pleasure product. But on second thought, I may be wrong in my assumption.

As it turns out, the nJoy brand has been churning out high-end sex toys for quite some time, with a whole fleet of stainless-steel devices and pleasure products made specifically for couples. Among their inventory are a couple of double-ended surprises that would make even a sexual prude take a second glance. I just so happened to stumble upon their Eleven XL one night while cruising the web for something new and exciting to bring home. The price was a bit of a shock to the system, but I went for it anyway because I had nothing like it in my stash and it looked like a pretty great gift to give my partner. So, was it everything we dreamed it would be or did I waste my money on yet another disappointing product? Well, let’s make sure you know what I’m talking about first.

What Is the nJoy Eleven XL?

The Eleven XL by the nJoy brand is yet another stainless-steel dildo in their huge and impressive sex toy inventory. The difference, however, is the fact that this one is double-ended and shaped for maximum pleasure among kinky couples, thereby making it perfect for same sex lovemaking and experimental stimulation sessions. It was deigned with user-friendliness and temperature play in mind, with features that beckon the human body to let go of its inhabitation and simply nJoy the sensations created. Crafted out of the industry’s best materials and fitted with numerous body-conscious features, the Eleven XL dildo has sold by the truckload since its inception and the popularity of its unique form hasn’t stopped generating massive income for the manufacturer yet.

The Main Features

Voted “Best Double-Ended Dildo” by several sex toy critics worldwide, the nJoy XL features high-end components and luxury-grade materials along every square inch of its remarkably shaped shaft. Made out of skin-safe 316 stainless-steel, the Eleven comes polished to a sparkling shine and is crafted for the use of males, females and everything in between. Perfect for dual stimulation, mutual masturbation and couple’s play, this bad boy also has a super smooth, temperature responsive exterior with curiously positioned ribbing near the end of one side, making it so much easier to experience multiple types of orgasms with a single device.

The total insertable length of the Eleven XL is only 9 inches, but that’s still big enough for simultaneous use between two thrusting partners. It features a perfect weight distribution on both of the bulbous ends and curves in an S-shape ever so slightly to pinpoint the p-spot or g-spot of whoever’s on top of it. The total girth of this thing is about 6.5 inches and although its sleek and slippery when wet, the ergonomic center of the shaft makes it relatively easy to hold onto. Furthermore, the device is completely waterproof, takes zero batteries or recharging equipment, and comes displayed in an extremely attractive presentation box for maximum appeal. Best of all, it’s compatible with all skin types and lube varieties (although not compatible with harnesses, unfortunately).

What Comes in the Box?

Today’s best sex toys for couples tend to come with a couple freebies to get you two off on the right feet. However, some of the better manufacturers have started funneling their production funds into making better products, not necessarily better customers. As a result, I’ve started to notice fewer and fewer sex toy boxes with extras tucked inside. The nJoy XL is no exception, although theirs is one of the swankiest pleasure products I’ve ever encountered simply because of the astute packaging. Here’s what you get for the money you’ll spend:

  • The nJoy Eleven XL Doubled-Ended Stainless-Steel Dildo
  • A satin-lined presentation box
  • A warranty registration card

That’s right, this bad boy is actually covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty, which means you can buy it with a little more confidence than you would have if you purchased, say, a cheaper sex toy without a quality promise from the maker. And while you don’t get any freebies like a small lube sample or some toy cleaning solution, you do get a device that looks amazing on the mantle and makes a terrific gift for yourself or your partner.

The Experience

I’m always down for a little experimentation in the bedroom. It’s my partner that needs the coaxing. He has to have everything just right, and unfamiliar territories tend to freak him out. So, introducing the idea of using a double-ended dildo was something that needed done with extreme delicacy. In fact, that’s partially what directed my steps during the shopping process. I couldn’t exactly bring home a big, fat dong that looked like a real human dick. That’s intimidating no matter who you are, let alone for someone who’s virtually a virgin to simultaneous sex. The nJoy Eleven XL caught my attention because it doesn’t look like your typical DD, plus it’s still big and rigid enough to provide the kinds of experiences I was hoping for and it’s not packaged too shabbily either.

Meanwhile, unboxing this mofo was quite the treat for both of us. He felt like I had presented an engagement ring; I felt like I was finally about to get the rim-job I’d always wanted. Together, we pranced our happy asses into the bedroom, shut the door, and proceeded to get each other ready for what was about to go down. Fast-forward through all the foreplay and we’re about to insert the SOB inside ourselves like we’ve done this 3,000 times before. I hadn’t seen my partner so eager to try something new since the first time we had sex. I lube up my end, shove the tip about 2 inches inside my anus, and start backing up towards his while he prepares the area with his own dollop. While on all fours, he startles when the cold metal touches his asshole, slips off the end of the bed, and damn near kills himself before we even get started. I take it out of my ass and help him to his feet.

After getting back in position and bracing himself for insertion, I take the smaller end of the dildo and lovingly give him a rim job with it until he’s ready to be penetrated. I sit there and play with him for about 10 minutes before pushing it in to about the halfway point. With his legs spread wide open, I sit down on top of him and insert my end into the glory hole. We rode each other until the sun came up, happily never concerning ourselves with batteries and exploring just about every position in the Kamasutra along the way. I can’t say that lover boy is suddenly more open-minded about trying new things, but I can say that he’s never complained about using the Eleven XL (and neither have I).

The Ups and Downs

Pros and cons are typical in today’s world, but they’re especially common among modern-day sex toys. Double-ended dildos are particularly difficult to create perfectly because they’re inherently designed to stimulate two people at the same time. It’s already hard enough to please one person, let alone multiples. DDs are, however, a terrific toy to have around for a rainy day. You just have to be prepared for a few ups and downs. As for the nJoy Eleven XL, here are all the things I think you should consider before buying one:


  • Ideal for temperature play
  • Tapered on both ends for easier insertion
  • Dual-ended for enhanced versatility
  • Displayed in a unique and attractive presentation box
  • Compatible with all lube types
  • Fully submersible in water
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Comes with a manufacturer’s warranty


  • Probably not suitable for DD newbies
  • No flesh-like sensations
  • Not harness compatible

The Takeaway

While it’s not the fleshy, dick-shaped dildo you’re probably used to, the nJoy brand is known for presenting the sex toy market with innovative designs that break the mold and help you bust a nut. Their Eleven XL is one of the world’s most popular double-ended dildos simply because of that fact, but the smooth surface, gently undulating tip, bulbous ends, ergonomic ribbing and temperature sensitivity certainly help. So what if you can’t fit it into a harness? How many DDs have you needed a harness for anyway? Overall, I’d say that this particular pleasure product is better suited for individuals who know exactly what they’re doing, as it may be too intimidating for newbies. Either way, it’s hypoallergenic composition means it can be used for experimentation by less experienced people regardless.

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