Best E-Stim Prostate Massagers: The Erectonus

Did you know that adequate prostate stimulation is actually considered a healthy thing and comes highly recommended by doctors worldwide? Did you also know that p-spot massages are good for both men and women? Depending on the frequency and manner in which it’s done, robust rump rubbing activities can revolutionize a person’s overall wellbeing while also improving their sexual functionality and pleasure. I’m never surprised to learn how many people don’t realize those things, but it never ceases to amaze me how difficult it is to convince someone to try anal play for the first time simply because of the undue social stigmas placed on it. Let’s set the record straight here: The backdoor to the bedroom is where the magic happens.

I’ve known about the benefits of anal sex and/or masturbation for quite some time now, having tried almost every prostate plaything under the sun at this point. I’m very picky about the things I shove where the sun won’t shine, but that doesn’t mean I’m not open to trying new things. My partner recently discovered the Erectonus and told me about it when he got home from work. After a long conversation about our expectations and desires, we ordered one and waited patiently for it to arrive. Once it did, our relationship took a turn that still has me shook. So, am I verklempt for a good reason or was I traumatized by the experience? Well, let me start by defining the product I’m talking about first.

What Is the Erectonus?

The Erectonus is a lesser known p-spot stimulation device that’s equipped with electrostimulation functionalities and is most commonly used for medical and/or therapeutic applications. After being hailed as one of the most effective prostate message machines on the market, the Big E made its way to the mainstream and is no a favored contender in the contemporary sex toy industry. It’s designed for use and enjoyment by both men and women, with a shape and size that’s conducive with discretion and comfort. According to its fans, this device has the ability to fight against rigidity, prostatitis, and menstrual cycle disruptions while also improving the user’s overall sexual health and increasing the quality of their orgasms through short, intermittent sessions that cost far less than a typical doctor’s office visit ($0.60 per use to be exact).

The Main Features

This tiny tool packs an enormous punch to the -spot despite its relative compactness when compared to other prostate massagers. It’s not only quiet but it’s also ideal for all body types and experience levels. Because it’s a self-contained device, users need not worry about all those annoying diodes, plugs and wires associated with conventional e-stim sex toys. The Erectonus features an ergonomic shape to pinpoint the pleasure zone, as well as body-friendly dimensions to make insertion and removal easier on everyone involved. The machine, albeit not rechargeable, boasts a 70-hour lifespan with its commanding battery and energy-efficient functionality. Best of all, it requires no outside source of power and can be quickly shut off to conserve energy until the next round.

The manufacturer describes this thing as having “a high-grade zinc coating to provide endogenous electrophoresis of the zinc ions,” whatever that means. Well, according to my research, it’s just a fancy way of saying that the device is exceptionally powerful and made from skin-safe materials that are happy to conduct electricity like a symphony orchestra. This bad mamma-jamma uses pulse stimulation too, meaning it can send a series of strong waves through the body wherever it touches (not just inside the anal canal), making it the ideal product for couples who like to experiment with sensual sex. By the way, the entire contraption only measures about 7 inches in length but it features a convenient gripper bar at the end for improved safety.

What Comes in the Box?

You don’t find many modern-day sex toys with extras in the box anymore, and it’s probably because the market started complaining. Most consumers would rather have a high-end product with no freebies instead of a low-quality one with tons of unnecessary perks. And while lube samples and toy cleaner are both very appreciated when they’re included with a purchase, neither of those things are vital to the experience. On top of that, many people already have those items somewhere in their bedroom anyway. The makers of the Erectonus seem to understand that, which is why they’re one of the manufacturers who don’t provide a bunch of bells and whistles. Here’s all you get for the money:

  • The Erectonus prostate stimulator
  • An instruction leaflet

On the bright side, the toy’s manufacturer provides a limited, no-hassle warranty on each of the devices it sells. You don’t even have to send in a registration card either because the protection plan is already applied to the product on the consumer’s behalf. It lasts for a year but those bastards don’t honor it if the device looks like it’s been used. Unfortunately, you don’t get a storage container of any kind and it’s hard to tell if a product works as intended if you never use it. So, do so gently the first round and if there are problems, be sure to contact the manufacturer immediately.

The Experience

Receiving this tiny little thing was quite the surprise because, quite frankly, it took a little longer than I expected to arrive at the house and I had forgotten about the purchase since my partner and I had decided on it. Either way, we ripped open the box almost immediately and started in on each other with it like we had nothing better to do. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, so we technically didn’t. But, we usually leave the house at least once per day to run errands, get food or just live our lives like productive adults. That particular weekend, however, we acted like filthy schoolkids who didn’t have to get up for work in the morning.

We both appreciated the fact that the Erectonus could be used on either one of our bodies. I’ve always been a fan of e-stim, but my partner needed a little more convincing. Fortunately, her favorite coworker suggested trying it and here we are. Fast-forward to about 30 minutes into the session when we were good and comfortable with the size, shape and functionality of the device. My partner starts experimenting with the pulses by giving me a rim job like she’s a professional at it. My excitement inspired more of hers, so back and forth we went until we changed positions. This thing doesn’t appear to be much of a sex toy, but boy does it produce some seriously pleasurable sensations. We came to learn that good anal stimulation doesn’t always require thick sex toys with massive girths.

Overall, I’d say the performance of this machine is impressive, although I wish the manufacturer would come up with a better design for the battery. Something rechargeable would be nice, especially considering the price tag on this thing. Regardless, it’s a smart buy for e-stim newbies and for people who are unsure about how they feel when it comes to trying anal stimulation.

The Ups and Downs

I have a really hard time convincing people of this, but there’s no such thing as the perfect sex toy. Manufacturers will try to tell you that their product is flawless, but that’s a lie. Truth me told, it’s impossible to product anything that generates pleasure for every person on the planet because pleasure is subjective to the person experiencing it. So, just because a product has a few design or functionality flaws doesn’t mean that it’s not still good for something special. In the case of the Erectonus, those who use it know exactly what I’m talking about. It has a unique list of ups and downs that everyone should consider before spending any money. Here’s what I think you should know:


  • Surprisingly powerful for the small size
  • Safety features for easier insertion and removal
  • Ideal for e-stim and/or prostate beginners
  • Long battery life from self-contained power source
  • Good for both vaginal and/or anal stimulation
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Made from skin-safe materials


  • May be too small for some users
  • Somewhat expensive initial investment
  • Does not come with storage

The Takeaway

The Erectonus proved once and for all that size doesn’t always matter when it comes to power. It’s a smooth and comfortable ride that provides pinpointed accuracy and deep stimulation regardless of where it’s placed (although it’s designed to get placed inside the user’s anus). The device, which has been used by doctors for years, is appropriate for men and women both, plus it works with all body sizes, skin types, and lube recipes. And while it may not provide the same “filled up” sensations as a full-sized prostate massager, it offers even better stimulation through its self-contained battery and powerful e-stim capabilities. Just be sure to find your own storage for it and don’t forget to turn it off when you’re done because it only has a 70-hour lifespan and it can’t be recharged once it’s dead.

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