Best E-Stim Sex Toys: The Arcana ElectroStim Wand

According to recent studies conducted by financially savvy individuals with nothing better to do, the global sex toy industry is currently worth over $29 billion, with projections of even more sales in the coming few years. What used to be a niche market is becoming mainstream more quickly than we ever imagined, with pleasure products of all shapes and sizes being discussed openly on popular media outlets such as news broadcasts, talk shows, movies and sitcoms. There’s almost nothing considered weird or taboo these days, including kinky and potentially dangerous stuff like electrostimulation (or e-stim).

I was first introduced to e-stim when I was fresh out of college and an ex-partner of mine brought out a curious looking sex toy once fateful afternoon. Having not ever experienced anything like it, I not only had no idea what to expect but I was also changed forever afterwards. To this day, I prefer electrifying my erogenous zones over anything else, which is usually what leads me to my latest and greatest discovery. Recently, I got my hands on the Arcana ElectroStim Wand by Zeus ElectroSex and it brought back those old familiar feelings. So, was my nostalgia a good thing or have I been suffering from flashbacks and nightmares ever since? Well, let’s make sure we all know what I’m talking about first.

What Is the Arcana ElectroStim Wand?

Put simply, this thing is an extremely powerful wand vibrator that’s been equipped with equally commanding electrostimulation features. Designed with the average person’s physique in mind (whether that person be a male or female), the Arcana ElectroStim Wand is capable of delivering intense sensations to the body wherever it touches. It offers a sleek, sexy, and sophisticated exterior that’s free from the telltale signs of e-stim kink, plus it’s made to be lightweight and ergonomic so anyone can use it in virtually any way they see fit. And while it may only come in one color (cobalt black), it still lends itself to an existing sex toy collection (especially one that involves BDSM).

The Main Features

The Zeus brand is well-known for its luxury-grade electrostimulation pleasure products, and the Arcana ElectroStim Wand is no exception. This powerful sex toy for couples (or individuals) is packed with user-friendly features that are best suited for someone who’s relatively unfamiliar with e-stim. First of all, it’s got an ergonomic shape that makes it easy to hold and manipulate. It also features a flexible, rounded neck that’s covered in silky-smooth, skin-safe silicone and it offers five distinct levels of electrostimulation, vibration and intensity too. In fact, it’s one of the rarest devices in the industry because of its inclusion of both vibes and electrifying currents. Best of all, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty from the manufacturer and can plug directly into any wall outlet for instant gratification (meaning you never have to buy batteries or take time recharging it).

Furthermore, the Arcana Wand allows users to control the settings via a built-in control interface on the tapered handle of the device. Each of the settings can be individually controlled or enjoyed in unison with the others via a single button. This machine even has a boost function that lets you create your own unique pulse pattern simply by tapping the right controls. The toy itself is not only powerful but also attractive, with a sleek black exterior and gleaming silver accents for added appeal. On top of that, the toy also utilizes bright LED lights on the handle, giving users a nice visual display in the darkness of their bedrooms.

What Comes in the Box?

Some high-quality sex toys come with equally amazing freebies in their box, almost as a sign from the manufacturer that they’ve got your back. Other times, you only get the bare essentials with your purchase and all other items must be bought separately. And while extra bells and whistles don’t necessarily dictate the quality of a product, I’ve got to admit that it’s kind of nice. This is especially true when it comes to electrostimulation toys because they require a special kind of conductive lubricant and are sometimes difficult to store.

As for the Arcana ElectroStim Wand by Zeus, it doesn’t require the brand’s popular power box to generate electricity but it doesn’t come with a bunch of surprises either. In fact, all you get for the money is the toy itself. But, since it doesn’t need any batteries and gets plugged directly into the wall instead of into a charging port, you really don’t need much else besides some lube to enjoy this thing. I’ll warn you, however, that the manufacturer does not include any toy cleaning supplies or a storage container for the device so you’re on your own there, folks.

The Experience

I bought my Arcana Wand from an online sex toy store and waited about 5 days before it landed on my doorstep. It arrived in an unmarked box as promised by the seller but I brought it inside immediately because my neighbors were standing on their porch looking at me with curious eyes. I didn’t have time to try it out right away, so it left it on my dresser and headed off to work, forgetting all about the new plaything waiting for me at home. Fast-forward nine and a half hours later and I’m off work. I walk into the house, head to my bedroom, and see the device laying there waiting for me like it was Xmas morning. Thankfully, I had the next day off.

My favorite part about using this toy was probably the part where I got to enjoy the pivoting head. It’s got a flexible neck mechanism that allows it to bend and twist with the contours of your body while you move around, which was a great design idea for a toy that comes with a relatively short power cord. That thing got in my way more often than not, making certain positions more difficult to achieve than they were before. Is it too much to ask for the manufacturer to give us some options here? It’s a good thing this toy is extremely lightweight because otherwise it would have felt more like an appliance than a sex toy.

The experience was swiftly redeemed when I discovered the Boost button on the handle’s built-in control interface. And although the button placement could use some work, that extra feature is what set off the night. I’m well-versed in e-stim playthings, so I was expecting a tad bit more power out of this toy though. However, it felt pretty natural in my hand and still got the job done so I guess there’s nothing to complain about. I probably should have sprung for some high-end conductive lube before I got started too, because that would have certainly helped me feel the sensations a bit more. Overall, the Arcana ElectroStim Wand by Zeus is exactly what I thought it would be – a great tool for beginners to get used to electrostimulation pulses and a powerful wand vibrator with a short list of settings to explore if the e-stim function isn’t your cup of tea. Nicely balanced, even if it does have a few minor flaws.

The Ups and Downs

Nothing on today’s market is perfect, and nothing ever will be. Once upon a time, we all thought that the world would eventually figure out how to create the first flawless pleasure device. Now that we’re all grown up, however, it’s clear that no such thing will ever exist. Mature and responsible sex toy owners know that they have to take the good with the bad, meaning they need to carefully examine the ups and downs of each device they’re considering. As for the Arcana ElectroStim Wand, these are the things I think you should know before spending any money:


  • Customizable buzz rhythms possible
  • Vibes and e-stim work together or independently
  • Large surface area for maximum pleasure
  • Pivoting head for better versatility
  • Customizable sensations via Boost function
  • No separate Zeus power box required
  • Built-in control interface for optimal user-friendliness
  • Made from skin-safe materials


  • May not be powerful enough for seasoned e-stim veterans
  • Built-in control interface positioning can be annoying
  • Power cord not long enough for some activities

The Takeaway

It may not be the perfect product, but the Arcana Wand is certainly ideal for countless users, not to mention a top choice for the world’s most enthusiastic lovers of electrostimulation play. It’s a great toy for introducing the idea of kink into a new relationship, and its features make the machine gentle enough for newbies while keeping it powerful enough for veterans. It’s one of the most versatile e-stim pleasure devices in the industry too, having sold thousands of units since its introduction to the market. And while the A-Wand by Zeus probably isn’t a good choice for someone who’s afraid of trying new things, this toy just so happens to offer tandem and/or independent stimulation settings to ease newcomers into the idea of enjoying electro-sex.

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