Best E-Stim Sex Toys: The Mingle Kit

I’ve been experimenting with e-stim for about three years now, and every time I find something new to try I end up being disappointed by at least one design flaw or missing feature. It’s just the name of the game, folks, and it doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my quest for the world’s most perfect electrostimulation sex toy. The sensations delivered by a well-made pleasure product in that category are remarkable, not to mention much safer and more satisfying than they’re given credit for (most of the time). In fact, I’ve been finding it difficult lately to use devices that don’t have e-stim capabilities, but convincing my partner to jump on the bandwagon has been even harder.

The only solution I could think of was to locate a high-quality sex toy that incorporated electrostimulation but wasn’t made for just a single purpose or gender. It had to be a couples-friendly device and it most certainly had to have the e-stim features I was looking for. Introducing kink into any bedroom is a delicate matter, but do so with a low-grade product and you’re both doomed. That kind of pressure can break a man, which is why it pays to have a few certain brands or toy type at the top of your list. For me, anything made by Zeus is considered a great electrosex device. So, when I came across the Mingle Kit I was delighted to say the least. Would you like to know whether my selection was fab or a flop? Well, let’s make sure everyone knows what it is I’m talking about first.

What Is the Mingle Kit?

The Mingle Kit is made by one of the best-known electrostimulation sex toy brands in the industry, Zeus ElectroSex. It’s basically just a combination of a male e-stim device and a female one, with several features that make each component compatible with one another in a fun and exciting way. The pair invites partners to explore their sexuality and the limits thereof by providing a wide range of sensations to fiddle with, include some that can’t be experienced with other sex toys. Made from long-lasting, high-grade, skin-safe materials, the MK is an ultra-sleek and super sexy pleasure product made especially for kinky couples who want to try something new (or improve upon something they already love).

The Main Features

Considered the Cadillac of e-stim sex toys, the Zeus brand is known for creating high-powered devices that are relatively easy to use and simple to maintain. Their Mingle Kit isn’t much of an exception aside from the fact that it requires the responsible attention of both partners involved to keep it shiny and new. Still, the MK is made out of non-porous, medical-grade conductive silicone, meaning the components probably won’t wear out anytime soon. The Kit features two different devices that are compatible with one another in a sweet, sexy and shocking way. One is a pair of bi-polar cock rings and the other is an insertable probe, making this purchase a wise one for couples no matter what the arrangement is.

Furthermore, those two toys are shaped and sized proportionate to the average user’s body. The BP probe measures 6 inches in length and 5 inches in circumference, while the cock ring set boasts a varied ratio for optimal comfort and versatility – a 1.5-inch diameter ring for the base of the shaft and a 1.9-inch diameter ring for the balls. Both pieces are reactive to the included power box that emits four distinct pleasure modes, a speed differential and an intensity control, each of which are manipulated manually via a quick-change settings wheel on side of the unit.

What Comes in the Box?

Zeus ES is famous for providing consumers with high-end sex toys, but what they’re not well-known for is handing out a bunch of freebies with each of their products. Apparently, the focus is on producing quality items, not loyal customers. I, too, agree that the product should speak for itself (and also that reasonable, responsible adults should already have the kinds of things they typically throw in the box anyway).  So, while you won’t find a pile of gold at the end of this rainbow, you’ll still get everything you need to begin deriving pleasure from the device as long as your kink stash is well-equipped with the right kinds of lubes and toy cleaning supplies. Here’s what you get for the money:

  • The silicone, bi-polar cock rings
  • The silicone vaginal/anal probe
  • The wireless Zeus power box controller
  • The BP diode wires
  • A set of instructions

Depending on where you buy it, your toy may even come with a warranty registration card. However, you won’t get any storage to keep the parts and pieces safe while the device isn’t in use, which means you’ll have to get carefully creative once the owner of this thing. Whatever you do, don’t take it anywhere near water or extreme temperatures.

The Experience

There’s nothing better than watching your partner’s face light up as they experience something amazing for the first time. I will always have a place in my heart for the Mingle Kit because of the memories it helped me make. You wouldn’t think that a kinky, e-stim sex toy would be seen as such a romantic device, but in my experience it certainly was. The contraption looked like little more than a pile of parts when I got it home, but in the end it wound up being the best thing my partner and I have done together in a really long time. We had some trouble packing everything up when we were done, but that’s more of a personal problem than anything else.

The sensations we experienced were wonderful and the remote was super easy to use for both of us once we got used to the layout of the buttons. I let her take a turn in control of my cock rings, and then I took the wheel and showed her how the pros get it done. And while the cock rings didn’t quite fit my penis the way I would have liked (I’m very large downstairs), it still did the trick in terms of cutting off the blood flow and allowing me to enjoy my partner’s squirms and moans without jazzing in my pants. By the way, I found out that the human female can make sounds not unlike that of a jungle monkey if their g-spot is targeted correctly and then zapped with a gentle current. Write that down.

The probe was the star of the show, mostly because it got used and abused by both of us that night. I totally forgot what it was like to enjoy some backdoor play in that manner (AKA: for hours without stopping). We bought the good batteries, so the lifespan on the toys was improved. I suggest doing the same, especially since the couplet sucks a lot of power from the remote even on the lowest setting. Overall, this delicious duet sparked a fire in my partner’s pants like I’ve never seen before, leaving me questioning how many other things I could talk her into trying. This thing is a bad influence.

The Ups and Downs

We talked about this up above, but too many people don’t get it so I have to say it twice: There is no such thing as a perfect pleasure product. Why? Because “pleasure” is a subjective word that varies greatly from person to person. Any sex toy manufacturer who tells you otherwise is lying, and any marketing campaign that claims to be affiliated with a flawless device is suspect. At a certain point, we all realize that it’s not about the product itself but about how much we like it. As for the Mingle Kit by Zeus ElectroSex, it has a few of its own unique ups and downs. Here are the things I think you need to know before spending any money:


  • Numerous settings combinations for optimal pleasure
  • Ergonomic size and shape for couples
  • Powerful e-stim sensations to experiment with
  • Probe ideal for vaginal and/or anal stimulation
  • Soft and flexible cock rings
  • Zeus brand power box included
  • Made from skin-safe materials


  • Power box/controller requires its own batteries (AAA)
  • May not be ideal for all body types
  • Does not come with storage

The Takeaway

Experimenting with electrostimulation is a brave move, but only because it’s such a misunderstood kink. There is no pain involved and the pleasure is virtually unmatched to anything on the sex toy market today. Those aren’t my words, by the way. Those are my partner’s words after finally agreeing to try e-stim because I brought home the Zeus Mingle Kit. Mind you, this is the same partner who was 138% against that type of play just a few weeks ago. The MK is a sophisticated version of a couples-friendly pleasure product, meaning it’s somewhat complicated to use but only until you get some practice. And believe me, this dynamic duo will have you practicing like you’re about to perform in the foreplay Olympics.

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