Best E-Stim Sex Toys: The Zeus Twilight ‘Electrify Me’ Wand Kit

If you haven’t heard about electrostimulation I think it’s fair to assume you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade and a half. Having been introduced to the sex toy market just a few years ago, e-stim playthings aren’t nearly as popular as I think they should be. Then again, there was a lot for us to learn once we integrated the technology into our pleasure products. Either way, these electrifying devices seem to be taking over the industry by finding their way into almost every traditional sex toy known to man – from cock rings and dildos to prostate massagers and wand vibrators. Meanwhile, people like you and me are left to figure out if it’s right for us or not. Well, I’m here to tell you that it most certainly is.

Playing with the nerve endings in the human body is what sex is all about. Using the facts that technology has taught us to achieve a decent orgasm is what our ancestors always dreamed of – self-driven sex toys, automatic pleasure settings, deep and intense sensations. And while not all e-stim playthings are self-driven or automatic, the tech side of their functionality makes them futuristically fun for everyone. As an electro fan already, I was thrilled to hear about the Zeus brand’s newest toy from their kinks collection – the Twilight “Electrify Me” Wand Kit. I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to try it out, meaning I had to take note of my experience and tell everyone within earshot about it. So, how did it go? Well, let’s start by making sure everybody knows what I’m talking about here.

What Is the Zeus Twilight ‘Electrify Me’ Wand Kit?

The Zeus brand is well-known for producing high-end electrostimulation sex toys that range widely in size, shape and functionality. The only thing the manufacturer doesn’t like compromising is quality, as evidenced by their Twilight Wand Kit. It’s a full collection of all the tools you and/or your partner would need to enjoy e-stim pleasures anywhere on the body. It comes with several stimulating accessories to explore, including some that are exclusive to the product itself. Each of the accessories feels different too, allowing for complete customization of the experience regardless of the user’s familiarity with its technology (or lack thereof).

The Main Features

The Twilight “Electrify Me” Wand Kit comes with all the accessories you need to get the party started right away, and by “party started” I mean that users can fully customize their experience with this toy in several ways. It has five distinct pieces to swap out, for one. Also, this kinky collection features tools you couldn’t get anywhere else for the same price. For example, the Violet Wand Bulb Adapter, which generates the electricity within the device, can fit any of those 5 accessories without compromising an ounce of its power. Each of the other four add-on pieces can be tailored based on the user’s desired sensation and intensity level too. In other words, users can quickly and safely create a special occasion in an otherwise boring bedroom by incorporating this uniquely functioning sex toy into it.

The accessories that this kit features include the following:

  • 1 Deluxe wand
  • 5 glass e-stim attachments
  • 1 bulb adapter
  • 1 electro-conduction pad (which also has a ball and chain, by the way)

NOTE: The electro-conduction pad is designed to turn the user’s entire body into a conductor, meaning the other parts of the device can then be used anywhere on the skin for an immediately pleasurable sensation that affects everyone involved.

What Comes in the Box?

Not everything on today’s sex toy market comes equipped with everything you need to start experiencing pleasure right away. Usually, buyers have to purchase a few extra items to use the product properly. As for e-stim sex toys, there are always a couple things that need collected – conductive lubes, cleaning supplies, etc. Unfortunately, very few manufacturers include those things with their products. The Zeus brand’s Twilight “Electrify Me” Wand Kit is no exception. It may have plenty of curious accessories to try out, but it still requires an extra investment to stay safe and satisfied. Here is what you get for the money:

  • The Twilight Wand
  • 5 glass accessories
  • The Twilight Violet Wand Bulb Adapter
  • The Powertouch Electro Conduction Pad
  • An instruction manual

Notice that you don’t get any lube samples, toy cleaning supplies or even a storage container for all the small parts. You also won’t receive a warranty of any kind, so use this bad boy only as directed to prolong its shelf life and prevent avoidable damages.

The Experience

I call the Zeus Twilight Wand Kit good for beginners for a reason, but let me back it up and describe the delivery and unboxing of the product itself first. I ordered mine online and it arrive as expected – on time, at my door, and in an unmarked box. However, that’s about where my expectations stopped being met and I started being surprised instead (both pleasantly and unpleasantly). Not only was the box extremely low quality but it also wasn’t suitable as storage for all the small parts. That’s the kind of thing that annoys me most about these modern-day sex toy makers, but I digress. The most important part of any pleasure product is its performance; I know that.

As for all that, this particular toy certainly did what it was supposed to do but not without plenty of coaxing on my end. I’d like to say this toy felt really good in my hand, but honestly the construction was sort of flimsy and the attachments don’t seem to go down into the hole very securely. I kept fearing the glass pieces would fall out and hit the ground, but luckily that never happened. What did happen, however, was an hour-long session of me trying to figure out how to make this thing feel as good as possible. Obviously, it’s not made for solo stimulation but is instead crafted for kinky couple’s play. Duly noted, Zeus.

For a beginner, the strength of the zaps is probably good enough to suffice a long and satisfying experience. However, that same strength is likely not going to be strong enough for a seasoned vet who needs extra stimulation. I found that direct skin contact added with tailored pressure helps that quite a bit. Either way, my biggest problem was figuring out which attachment to use next. Well, that and convincing my partner to jump on the e-stim bandwagon with me. Fortunately, this toy was gentle enough to turn my otherwise square lover into a fluid and frisky fuck. It’s just too bad that one of the attachments wasn’t a dildo, vibrator or p-spot toy. That would have taken the cake.

Clean up was pretty easy too. I didn’t have to do much besides wipe down the attachments one by one and then leave them out to dry in the air. I didn’t appreciate the lack of storage for such delicate items, but I suppose I can make due with the stuff in my bedside table like a grown up. Overall, this pleasure product heightened my sensations and made it so much easier for me to get off during regular sex and masturbation.

The Ups and Downs

There’s no such thing as a sex toy without flaws. In fact, that sort of thing is statistically impossible considering all the different tastes and sensitivity levels in the world. Because no two people are alike, no single pleasure product can perform perfectly for every single person. At some point, consumers must learn to differentiate between a design flaw and an ergonomic or functionality qualm. The Zeus Twilight “EM” Wand Kit isn’t going to break those rules anytime soon. It has its own unique assortment of ups and downs just like everything else. Here are the things I think you should know before spending any money on it:


  • Ideal for e-stim newbies and curious explorers
  • Experimental stimulation possibilities
  • Wide range of sensations available
  • Comes with 5 different pleasure accessories
  • Conduction pad for improved versatility
  • Made from skin-safe, lube-friendly materials
  • Separate Zeus power box not needed


  • May not be intense enough for some users
  • Attachments can come lose from the wand if not properly installed

The Takeaway

Perfect pleasure products don’t exist, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy a high-quality one every now and then. And when we’re in the mood for some stimulating experimentation, there are even fewer options yet. Fortunately, companies like Zeus have found ways to develop well-made sex toys without forfeiting much in the meantime. Their Twilight “Electrify Me” Wand Kit isn’t your average e-stim plaything. It not only features all the necessary accessories to make each session more interesting but it also allows users to turn their own bodies into a conductive platform on which to increase their erotic tendencies. Overall, it’s an ideal product for people who are just beginning to explore electrostimulation, although it’s probably not the best option for the pros.

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