Best Erotica Books: The Delta of Venus by Anaïs Nin

I seriously love a good erotic novel. It’s like watching a porn, only you get to imagine every nitty gritty detail in the exact way you would prefer it and not in the way that the movie producer created it. Reading in fundamental to a good education and a properly balanced vocabulary, but it has also become an essential part of my love life. In fact, millions of people all over the world have the same fascination with sexy literature as I do. So, while it’s hard to differentiate between fiction and reality in our everyday lives, fictional kink books allow us to explore every facet of our personalities to discover hidden fetishes and secret obsessions without breaking down the boundaries of relationships and socially accepted norms. In other words, these novels take you on one hell of a fantasy ride if you let them.

Speaking of fantasy rides, there are literally thousands of different erotic novels out there to choose from. However, that’s probably why so many readers find it difficult to locate the book of their wettest dreams. Unlike other pleasure products, it’s almost impossible to determine the quality of a book unless you read it from start to finish. Reviews are one thing, but direct experience with the content is another. I understand how little my opinion matters on something like this, but I still had to share my thoughts about a novel I recent poured through because it drastically changed the way my partner and I enjoy sex and masturbation (with each other and alone). It’s not the best piece of literature I’ve ever encountered, but it’s certainly worth mentioning.

The work in question is called “The Delta of Venus” and was written by a well-known author named Anais Nin. I first heard about it from my partner when we were standing in the erotica section of our local book store. Having not found a book to suit our needs after several hours of searching, she suggested we look online for something better. Her initial recommendation lead me to consider other novels, but I kept coming back to this one. We ended up reading it together (she got a copy and so did I), leading to a better sex drive for the both us without pills, potions or pumps. So, how did it all go down? Well, let me first make sure we’re all on the same page about the subject matter (pun intended).

Who’s the Author?

Born in Paris, France back in 1903, Anais Nin isn’t even alive today to defend herself against the critics. However, her timeless erotic literature lives on in her stead, creating millions of fans every year in its wake. When Ms. Nin died in 1977, her books were considered the products of her influential and artistic point of view. By the mid-2000s, her works were thought of as masterpieces and the rest is history. The author’s collection now includes a variety of uniquely written books, with the majority of them being fiction until the end of her life. She is responsible for such iconic novels as House of Incest (1936), The Winter of Artifice (1939), Under the Glass Bell (1944), and a five-volume series comprised of Ladders of Fire, Children of the Albatross, The Four-Chambered Heart, A Spy in the House of Love, and Seduction of the Minotaur. But her most erotic novel on record, “The Delta of Venus,” set the stage for all sexually-related literature to follow.

What’s the Book All About?

Originally commissioned as a work of art from a private collector (and an obvious freak), “The Delta of Venus” is a fictional story with a unique approach to mankind’s sexual sensibilities. By using a curious combination of literary fundamentals, the author was able to make this book as widely-received in its day as 50 Shades is today. This work’s pages culminate in a singular experience, yet it’s constructed as a series of 15 short stories that can be digested in small sections instead of taken in all at once. The characters are situated in a one of a kind world that’s full of lush and imaginative detailing, plus the antagonist and protagonist have a classic rapport that’s both entertaining and relatable. Moreover, those characters play and mingle their personalities in a way that leads to tons of plucking and fucking in the most unexpected ways.

In the book, Ms. Nin pushes her readers to the brinks of their imaginations. She does this by tapping into the universal desires we all have while simultaneously satisfying those desires through introducing and exploiting a character with exceptional talents in the bedroom. Among the assortment of provocative stories,  there’s one about a Hungarian adventurer who seduces ladies before stealing their money. In another, a veiled woman hand-picks strangers at a fancy restaurant for a kinky rendezvous. And yet another of the stories involves a Parisian hat maker who leaves her husband to explore the opium dens of Peru. If readers didn’t know any better, they’d think Anais was living a double life through her intense, ever-thickening plotlines.

The Experience

I purchased “The Delta of Venus” a few months ago and it took me almost three weeks to finally start it. I wasn’t slow to begin because I wasn’t interested in the book. My delay was caused by the fact that I had to wait for my copy to be shipped. Apparently, buying a classic novel take a lot of patience, especially when it’s still a best-seller despite being on the market for about 60 years at this point. I couldn’t wait to find out how such an outdated novel could have such a lasting impact on the world, which is why I got a little perturbed when the shipment didn’t come in on time. Either way, I finally got my hands on it and things started tingling in my groin almost immediately.

The author does a good job of introducing kink within the first few pages without giving too much of the story away. And since the book itself is cut into small sections with a few different stories contained in each, there were plenty of opportunities for me to stop what I was doing and experiment with the things I had just learned before returning to my regularly scheduled programming. All that and I didn’t even have to lose my place in the plot or become frustrated by my lack of ability to put it down. It’s digestible, entertaining, and sexy as all get out. I guess that just means women were a lot hotter back in the day; I don’t know.

My experience with this book was surprising, but what caught my attention the most was the fact that my love life was transformed after reading it. I no longer felt pent up about some of the things I wanted to try, plus I felt a little more comfortable talking about my kinks knowing that my partner was enjoying the same book. The D of V may be a book made specifically for couples, but I can totally see how an individual would like it too.

The Ups and Downs

I have yet to find a book that’s absolutely perfect. In fact, one of my favorite parts about reading a new novel is finding the flaws within it – either editing mistakes, storyline malfunctions, or something else. No author is without fault, and no book is without at least one oops. We’re not talking about overall quality here; we’re talking about all the details that go into making an erotic novel to outlast the test of time. So, while Anais Nin may not the world’s most amazing author, she still knew how to write a great work of art. With that said, there are a few things you should know and consider before spending any money on this book. Here they are:


  • Beloved storyline known by most erotic novel enthusiasts
  • Wide variety of kinky scenes to explore
  • Incredible use of language to convey atmosphere and mood
  • Larger print pages available through certain publishers
  • Cohesive plot with few tangents
  • Ideal for avid readers and collectors
  • Attractive vintage cover art


  • Complex language not ideal for all reading levels
  • Large number of pages
  • Copies can be somewhat expensive

The Takeaway

My experience with older erotic novels hasn’t ever been good, but Anais Nin’s work is a classic that will probably never go out of style. The author’s use of candor and explicitness is remarkable, not to mention imperative to the various storylines included. The fact that this novel is set up as a series of short stories had my panties in a wad almost immediately. The format makes it so much easier for readers to enjoy despite having busy lives, plus the content is impressive considering how outdated it is compared to current books. As an avid erotic novel reader and book collector, this is one of my proudest pieces. In fact, I leave it displayed on the top of my stash just so people will ask me about it.

Lovense Max