Best Flavored Lubes: Doc Johnson Good Head Tingle Drops

I can’t remember the last time I had sex or masturbated without lube. It’s not only dangerous but it’s also downright uncomfortable. Relying solely on the body’s own juices for adequate lubrication is a rookie mistake. All professional perverts know the importance of a nice and wet surface, which is why so many sex toy manufacturers have started making their own lube varieties. Some of the best options just so happen to have bonus features like heating, cooling, tingling and flavors. However, only the top dogs can combine those features into a single product and still please a large portion of the population.

One such “top dog” is the well-respected Doc Johnson brand and much of what’s in their inventory has already graced my bedside table over the years. Still, I just can’t seem to get over how powerful and effective their tingling lubes are, plus they have some of the best flavors known to mankind. When I got wind of their Good Head collection I immediately started experimenting with the flavor combinations within the Tingle Drops inventory. I had to stop and reassess my situation because I thought I knew everything there was to know about lube. As it turns out, I can still be surprised. So, was it a pleasant surprise or did I end up regretting every dollar I spent? Well, let’s make sure you know what I’m talking about first.

What Are the Doc Johnson Good Head Tingle Drops?

The Doc Johnson brand is known for its high-quality pleasure products ranging from sex toys to accessories and everything in between. Their Good Head lineup is filled with luxurious lubricants of every variety, including the Tingle Drops being discussed here. The Tingle Drops are a specialized type of personal lubrication that create a gentle tingling sensation when placed anywhere on the skin. Therefore, this product is made not only ideal for oral sex and intercourse but it’s also a great addition to foreplay and couple’s erotica as well. The manufacturer’s proprietary formula is so strong that you need just a few drops to feel a change. However, this lube is designed to leave no lasting side effects and can be washed off quickly and easily too.

The Main Features

Known in the industry as the “oral sex enhancing drops,” Doc’s Tingle Drops feature a unique blend of ingredients that go to work on contact to deliver a one of a kind sensation to the wearer. In fact, this lube is so powerful that it actually transfers from one partner to the other in the most subtle way possible. The material itself is silky smooth and long-lasting, but the tingle sensation sticks around just long enough to get the party started. And while some may hope for better longevity that department, it’s important to note that the TDs are not a numbing product and should therefore not be used like one.

Doc Johnson has packaged his little bottles for convenience too, with small travel-friendly sizes and secure, twist-off caps for added safety and versatility. Each of the containers is filled with the brand’s top-rated water-based lubricant, all of which have distinct flavors that can be used independently or together for an interesting taste experience. The one-ounce bottles get their kick from a hint of menthol in the manufacturer’s exclusive formula, plus the blend contains no parabens, sugars or sulfates either. The product also features a “Made in the USA” sign on the label with a list of the ingredients, so you know it’s some good stuff in there.

What Comes in the Box?

People usually don’t get a lot of extras when they purchase a new lube. Not only are personal lubricants at the bottom of the accessories barrel but they’re also not in need of much else to be satisfying and effective. As a base product for safe and healthy sexual exploration, lubes can stand alone in their boxes because they’re made to enhance something that’s already there. It’s simple math, so don’t get your panties in a wad when your purchase doesn’t include a ton of freebies. The Doc Johnson Good Head Tingle Drops, for example, only come with what’s needed. However, the manufacturer thought it necessary to sell this product as a kit that includes more than one item. Here’s what you get for the money:

  • A 1oz. bottle of the Strawberry flavor
  • A 1 oz. bottle of the Green Apple flavor
  • A 1oz. bottle of the Watermelon flavor
  • An instruction and safety leaflet

You really can’t use the box as secondary storage for these bottles, by the way. I suggest making some space in your luggage or bedside table just to be safe. Furthermore, be prepared to have this product laying around the bedroom for quite some time. Although the bottles are small and the lube inside them is relatively thick, a little bit of this stuff goes a really long way which means it turns out to be more economical than it initially looks.

The Experience

I purchased my supply of Doc Johnson’s Tingle Drops from an online marketplace peddling lubes, sex toys and accessories. It arrived at my house right on time and the party started almost immediately afterwards. I try to be as open-minded, fair, and objective as possible when trying a new product, which is why I always compare lubes based on the same basic criteria. Here are the five things I looked for and my responses to each:

  • The Taste

It was rather delicious (all three flavors and especially when combined), but I could tell they were concentrated quite a bit. It reminded me a tad of the juice at the bottom of a snow cone or the liquid after a popsicle melts – not exactly gourmet but tasty enough to counteract the off-putting aromas created during sex and/or masturbation and certainly distinct from one another.

  • The Texture¬†

This one was pretty smooth although a little thicker than I was expecting. When rubbing on the top of my hand, it only took about 2-3 drops for ample coverage from the back of palm all the way to my wrist. It didn’t dry out quickly either, nor did it become overly sticky once it did. However, it did notice some slight tackiness towards the need but the lube was super easy to clean off so it was no big deal.

  • The Sensation

My favorite part about using the Tingle Drops was when the air hit it while it was on my skin. It was kind of a chilly sensation, like when you’re walking by a crisp pool and the wind blows or something. Oddly enough, it’s a warming liquid so it gave me goosebumps as soon as it touched me. Mind you, my hand is in no way, shape or form as sensitive as my crotch.

  • The Container¬†

This definitely wasn’t the most convenient bottle of lube I’ve ever used but it got the job done anyway and it didn’t spill all over the place in between uses. I found the size and shape particularly handy during my commutes and long-distance flights. And since it’s a good lube to have on deck for sex toys too, I started bringing it with everywhere.

  • The Ingredients¬†

This stuff is nice and natural for the most part, or at least it doesn’t contain anything blatantly harmful like parabens or sugars. I had zero reaction to the formula and neither did my partner, which is sort of rare because he’s allergic to almost everything under the sun.

The Ups and Downs

My best advice to anyone who’s in the market for a new pleasure product, accessory or supply is this: Never expect anything to be absolutely perfect. If you do, you might not ever find what you’re really looking for. There’s no such thing as a flawless item and there probably never will be, so learn how to pick and choose based on your own personal criteria or else miss out on something truly fantastic. As for the Good Head Tingle Drops by Doc Johnson, they have a few of their own unique ups and downs despite the otherwise trusted reputation of the brand. Here’s what I think you need to know before forking over the cash:


  • Incredible warming sensation on contact
  • Compact, durable bottles for easier traveling
  • Deliciously integrated flavor variety
  • Ideal for long-lasting oral sex performances
  • Compatible with most sex toy materials
  • Made from skin-safe ingredients


  • Very small bottles
  • Non-ergonomic screw-off top
  • Can become sticky after going dry

The Takeaway

Good lubes can be hard to find, but great-tasting flavored lubes are even fewer. Fortunately, the famous Doc Johnson brand is sticking to their well-earned reputation by continually producing high-end lubricants like their Good Head Tingling Drops. Although they’re not perfect nor are they ideal for every person or application, this three-pack of sensationally delicious dollops packs an enormous punch while delivering a smooth, friction-free ride to almost anyone using it. Overall, the TDs by DJ (see what I did there?) is a great option for oral sex enthusiasts and/or people who like to travel with their sex equipment a lot.

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