Top 10 Best G-Spot Vibrators Reviewed In 2023

At A Glance:Quick Top 5 Picks For The Best G Spot Vibrators In 2022

Lelo Soraya 2
  • Luxury rechargeable g-spot vibrator for delectable dual stimulation
  • 12 individually adjustable vibration settings offer tailored arousal
  • Full charge offers up to 4 hours of play time
Lovense Dolce
  • Dual motors. Dual power. Dual orgasms.
  • Adjustable neck ensures handsfree pleasure and maximum stimulation for both clitoris and G-Spot
  • Smooth silicone coverage and super-strong vibrations for amazing orgasms
Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl
  • A top-of-the-line rabbit for anyone who loves powerful G-spot thrusting paired with clitoral pleasure
  • Incredible total of 36 possible vibration combinations gives you complete control
  • Powerful thrusting shaft targets your G-spot while flexible ears engulf your clitoris with thrilling vibrations
Happy Rabbit G-Spot Vibe
  • 2 x whisper-quiet, waterproof, super-powerful motors
  • 15 x vibration modes (12 settings in the ears, 3 in the shaft)
  • Thrusting head targets your internal hotspots, while extra thick, firm 'bunny' ears stimulate your clitoris
Womanizer Duo
  • Luxurious rechargeable clitoral and G-spot stimulator for explosive blended orgasms
  • Explore 12 levels of intensity from both parts of the stimulator
  • Patented air technology uses contactless stimulation to wow the sensitive clitoral nerve endings

The g-spot: a once mysterious little zone in the human body that’s responsible for producing intense levels of pleasure for women.

Back in the day, people assumed women couldn’t even have an orgasm, so the thought of a magic button inside her va-jay-jay was out of the question.

Sex was reserved as an activity primarily for procreation, so women went hundreds of years without getting off at all. But when the Grafenberg spot was finally discovered, the game immediately changed.

It turns out that the g-spot is located in different places for everybody, but most of the time, you can find it hiding somewhere about an inch inside the vaginal canal. It’s typically up on the top of the wall, somewhere close to the belly button.

Meanwhile, most penises can’t find it if finding it were a matter of life or death. And that’s why so many women prefer getting fingered or using a sex toy instead of having traditional intercourse.

At least then they can experience a g-spot orgasm like grown ass women.

But since getting fingered reminds most women of being in middle school, most of them want a few deviant devices in their bedside drawer when they can’t find good dick. And even when they can, there’s just something about having a decent g-spot vibrator on call that brings peace of mind as much as pleasure.

So, how do you find your go-to vibe and what are you supposed to do once it’s in your hands? Let’s spill some tea.

The Gspot Vibe Buyer’s Guide

Picking out the perfect dildo may seem like a simple task until you see how many there are. Even small sex shops have hundreds of options to choose from, so selecting one that actually rocks your socks can be hard.

On top of that, most devices are made with a variety of special features – some of which can flip your flap inside out. It’s all fun and games until someone gets their feelings hurt, so don’t just buy whatever you find on the shelf.

Instead, look for g-spot vibrators that are ideal for your body type, experience level, and lifestyle.

Ever since we discovered the female orgasm, we’ve been working hard to make up for lost time. That means there’s something available for virtually everybody, including women who dislike penetration or who get off only through clitoral stimulation.

To find exactly what you’re looking for, though, you have to know what you’re dealing with first.

The Top 10 Best Gspot Vibrators On The Market In 2023:

There are thousands of female pleasure products on the market today, so you’ll probably get overwhelmed quickly. It’s not a good idea to buy whatever device you pick up, nor is it wise to skip the shopping process altogether.

Instead, find a happy medium by checking out these top 10 toys first:

#1. Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl – Best G Spot Vibrator Overall


The Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator is one of the most economical options on today’s shelves.

Made with high-end materials and an ergonomic shape, it targets the most sensitive parts of your vagina while also massaging the clit – all without needing extra skills or equipment to do it.

The strong, USB rechargeable battery lasts for hours, sending a total of 36 different vibe functions to the shaft and flexible rabbit ears with the touch of a button.

Best of all, it’s completely submersible in water and equipped with a convenient travel lock so you can take it anywhere.

PRO: It has two independent motors – one in the shaft and another in the ears.

CON: The lack of remote control and/or app-compatible interface can restrict couple’s play.


#2. The Happy Rabbit Gspot Vibrator


Considered a luxury item because of its silky-soft materials and streamlined design, the Happy Rabbit G-Spot Vibe offers a kinky combination of clitoral and penetrative play.

With a curved shaft, extra thick bunny ears, and 15 distinct pleasure modes to explore, it’s hard not to get addicted to this powerful, 2-cycle toy.

There are three vibe speeds and 9 patterns to play with, plus an addition 3 vibe patterns in the ears. And since it has a whisper quiet motor and a travel lock setting, you can experiment with your body for up to 120 minutes per charge without anyone ever knowing.

PRO: The user interface is extremely simple without a lot of bells and whistles.

CON: You have to cycle all the way through the settings to find the one you like.


#3. The Womanizer Duo G-Spot Vibrator


The fact that the Womanizer Duo comes in four different colors isn’t even the best part. This toy is designed to pinpoint the clitoris with NASA-like accuracy while also targeting the g-spot for a blended orgasm that’s difficult to replicate in nature.

The levy is about to get break tonight, with 10 vibe patterns and 12 intensity levels to explore, plus two silicone heads to swap out at your whim.

It’s 100% waterproof, USB rechargeable, and one of the most compact sex toys for women ever made. And since it uses Pleasure Air™ technology, it’s also one of the cleanest.

PRO: You can experience internal and/or external orgasms with this toy.

CON: The penetrative shaft might not be large enough for some users.


#4. The Mantric Rechargeable Vibrator For Gspot


Take this sleek and sophisticated sex device into the bath or shower for crazy aquatic fun. The Mantric Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator is draped in silky-soft silicone that’s 100% waterproof, and it features a simple, non-intimidating design that’s easy to use no matter what your experience level is.

Like a firm grip, it’s gently curved shape and thick shaft targets the g-spot while the large clitoral pad tickles your bean with 7 variable speeds and patterns of pleasure.

And with a long-lasting USB rechargeable battery and an easy-reach travel-lock function, your dirty deeds will finally get done cheap.

PRO: It uses a color-changing panel to help you remember your favorite pleasure settings.

CON: The rabbit ear design might not stimulate all bodies the same way.


#5. The Hot Octopuss Kurve G-Spot Toy


It may not look like much, but the Hot Octopuss Kurve is a powerful beast that’s curved at a precision angle to pinpoint the g-spot.

The innovative features don’t stop there, either. It uses patented Treble and Bass Technology to deliver spine-tingling sensations from base to tip and straight into your vagina, plus it allows for practically limitless exploration through two independently functioning motors that drive 5 mix-and-match pleasure patterns at the touch of a button.

And while that may not sound simple at all, this device provides satisfying stimulation through a streamlined control interface to make major orgasms easier to catch.

PRO: It’s a great go-to device for women who don’t like playing with complex toys.

CON: It’s easy to accidentally press the buttons if you get carried away while masturbating.


#6. The Happy Rabbit Curve Gspot Vibe


With just over two hours of charge you get two hours of play when you use the Happy Rabbit Curve. Then there’s the 15 different vibration modes that get controlled by that robust battery.

Broken down, that’s 3 speed and 9 patterns in the shaft and another 3 speeds in the ears. Plus, this device is curved at the rounded tip for easier insertion and removal, with a shape that helps target the g-spot at any penetration level.

Meanwhile, it’s fully submersible in water, whisper quiet on any setting, and easy to use. Perhaps that’s why it’s been named Refinery29’s favorite toy on the market right now.

PRO: The lightweight design makes it easy to use with one hand.

CON: You have to cycle all the way through the settings to get back to the one you like.


#7. The LELO Mona 2 Gspot Toy


This one doesn’t even look like a traditional sex toy, which probably explains why it doesn’t function like one either. Covered in smooth, seamless silicone, the LELO Mona 2 glides into the vagina or anus for a g-spot/p-spot adventure that lasts for up to 4 hours.

The travel lock option disables your toy while it’s in motion, but there are 6 distinct vibe patterns ready to go when you’re ready.

Boasting 100% more power than the original model, this new and improved version also features a curvier shaft and a bigger handle for easier control even when your hands are covered in lube.

PRO: There are multiple ways to use this device if you’re creative enough.

CON: You want it to be, but it’s not compatible with a harness or mount.


#8. The LELO Gigi 2 G-Spot Vibrator


Forget rounded tips and traditional dildos. The LELO Gigi 2 puts a whole new spin on sex toy shapes and sizes. It’s designed to target the g-spot or p-spot depending on which hole you penetrate, but the uncommon thing is its form.

Flat on the tip yet still curved to pinpoint the right spots, this device stimulates parts of the body you didn’t even know existed. To top it off, you get 8 different vibe patterns to explore and each one has its own intensity setting.

The whole shebang is presented in a fancy box with an USB charging cable included, so give the gift of orgasms without looking like a creep.

PRO: It offers 100% more power than the original LELO Gigi model.

CON: The unique size and shape may not be ideal for certain body types.


#9. The Fun Factory G5 Tiger G-Spot Dildo


With an insanely ribbed exterior that’s draped in silky-smooth silicone and equipped with a large, integrated motor, the Fun Factory G5 Tiger sends stripes of pleasure to your sopping jungle.

It has 6 different vibration speeds built in, and another 6 intensity levels to further customize your experience.

Plus, the travel lock and USB rechargeable battery make this compact, lightweight machine ideal for erotic expeditions, and the extra nub at the base stimulates your clitoris with every textured thrust. There’s also a loop at the end for easier control, and you can change the settings with one hand through the built-in interface.

PRO: It offers the shape of a real penis with a few extra features for more intense orgasms.

CON: The unfamiliar design may be too extreme for some users.


#10. The We-Vibe Rave


As one of the most high-tech sex toys for women on the market thus far, the We-Vibe Rave is an We Connect™ app-controlled plaything with superior power and reliable connectivity.

It syncs via Bluetooth to your smart device, allowing you to control the 10 different vibe settings for tailorable stimulation.

Asymmetrically shaped with soft edges and a smooth surface, this device sends deep sensations to the target whether near or far away and easily recharges with a magnetic USB cable. Enjoy the gently curved design that pinpoints the g-spot or p-spot and don’t forget to use plenty of water-based lube.

PRO: It has both built-in and app-controlled pleasure settings to explore.

CON: You need a solid WiFi connection and your own smart device to use it remotely.

What Is a G-Spot Vibrator?

These vibrating sex toys for women are designed to pinpoint the g-spot during sexual intercourse and/or foreplay, either alone or with a partner.

They’re shaped in such a way that, when inserted, they target your most sensitive areas to produce mind-numbing sensations that can unlock even more arousing potential.

And unlike traditional vibes and/or dildos, these bad boys combine features to deliver a guaranteed orgasm as long as you use them as intended.

Your climax is guaranteed because the pleasure is tailored for a woman’s anatomy, with gender-specific ergonomics and skin-safe materials that are ideal for delicate vaginal skin.

These devices are also lightweight, simple to operate, easy to handle, and indicative of how far we’ve come as a species.

After all, it wasn’t until just a few decades ago that we began acknowledging the female orgasm as a fact of life. The fact that we now have specialty sex toys aimed at massaging the g-spot is a modern-day miracle.

DID YOU KNOW: Women once had to ask their family doctors for a dildo prescription, and they had to be diagnosed with things like insomnia and insanity to get one.

The 6 Most Common Features Of a GSpot Vibe

Not all pleasure products for women are made the same. Some are extremely simple and can only do a few tricks, while others are about as complex as a NASA mission before takeoff. T

hus, the type of toy you choose will depend on your desires and your experience level with sex-tech.

Either way, g-spot vibrators get their own category because they all share these six characteristics:

#1. Curved or Hooked Tip

Scientists figured out pretty early that sex toys needed a slight hook on the end to reach the sweet spot inside a woman’s body. Almost as soon as that discovery was made, we started seeing devices with curved tips and weird shapes popping up all over the place.

Today, anything on the market that has an undulating shape in one direction or another is usually considered a g-spot vibe.

#2. Built-In Vibe Functions

Turn your toy on or off at your whim without ever removing it from your body.

Most devices in this category feature integrated vibrations, which means you can control them with the touch of a button no matter what position you’re in. And since their potent motors and batteries are housed inside robust casings, you can experiment with your stances as much as you’d like without losing an ounce of power.

#3. Wireless Remote Controls

If you’re not into the whole manual control thing, many g-spot devices now come with unconnected remotes for you or your partner(s) to use.

They often require separate batteries and can’t do what the toy does, but wireless remote controls are paving a new path for people in long-distance relationships. That’s especially true when the toy is equipped with Bluetooth capabilities or virtual reality hardware.

#4. USB Rechargeable Batteries

It used to be that you had to buy large packs of commercial batteries to run your favorite vibrators.

Today, you get devices featuring fully rechargeable cores that last for several hours at a time.

As a result, it’s much cheaper to masturbate and far more pleasurable without as many interruptions. And since most toys use magnetic or plug-in USB, you can juice up your playthings for a party no matter where you go.

#5. Multi-Level Functionality

The best g-spot vibrators for women always offer a wide range of different pleasure settings to help the user control and customize her experience.

Whether those settings are accessible through a built-in interface or via a wireless remote control doesn’t really matter. The point is that you’re no longer bound to only a few pleasure levels for each session.

Instead, you can explore the furthest reaches of your libido using a singular source.

#6. Hypoallergenic Materials

Many sex toys used to be made with materials that were highly questionable. And after years of people having allergic reactions, getting irritated, and being injured, pleasure manufacturers finally got the memo.

Now, most of the stuff you’ll find is made out of skin-safe materials that are ideal for all body types. They’re also compatible with water-based personal lubricants and can withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures in some cases.

Keep in mind that some products may have all or none of these characteristics. Sex toy manufacturers are very imaginative and they work at a feverish pace to create new and exciting innovations.

So, by the time you finish reading this, there will probably be another feature invented to blow us all away.

For now, all you can do is learn about what to look for and what to avoid.

Things To Look For In a Vibrator For G-Spot

Every brand is going to tell you the same thing, that their product is far superior to others and that you’d be a fool to buy anything else.

Mathematically, that’s impossible. Some devices have to be shitty so that other devices can rule the roost. That’s just how it works in life, so look for these three things to tell the difference:

#1. Textured Shaft

Commonly considered a luxury feature, more pleasure products for women have textured shafts today than ever before. With a myriad of unique waves, ridges, and curves, the idea of “ribbed for her pleasure” has taken on a whole new meaning these days.

#2. Temperature-Responsive Materials

If possible, find a toy that allows you to heat it up or cool it down when you want to. Keep in mind that electrical components may make that difficult to do, but some devices let you run them under water for quick and convenient temperature play without damaging the components.

#3. Travel Lock

Planning on going somewhere with your naughty box? You’ll need a toy that stays silent while you’re on the go.

So, look for a device that features a whisper quiet motor and/or a travel lock setting to prevent unwanted initiations and noises louder than your moans.

BONUS: Try to get a toy that comes with its own storage container so you can travel safely and discreetly at airports.

Things To Avoid In a G-Spot Vibrator

Manufacturers are quick to tell you how much their products rock but they’re not as forthcoming about the flaws.

That means you’ll have to do some homework no matter which brands you prefer. Keep in mind that your body should do most of the talking. If something seems like it will feel amazing, it probably will. But do your best to avoid these three things either way:

#1. Low-Quality Materials

The cheaper the material, the cheaper the toy. And while that may seem great for your budget, your crotch probably doesn’t feel the same way.

So, stay away from potentially harmful ingredients such as paraben, phthalates, and latex to keep yourself and your partner(s) safe.

#2. Limited FUNctionality

They say less is more, and that’s true in a lot of circumstances. But when it comes to pleasure toys for women, the more, the merrier. Limited or restricted functionality can put a major damper on your delights, so step one foot outside your comfort zone to find something truly amazing.

#3. Poor Battery Life

Rechargeable batteries are all the rage, but that doesn’t mean they’re all made the same. In an effort to cut costs, some manufacturers use low-quality batteries instead of robust ones.

They don’t last very long, can leak juice inside your device, and may need replaced before the toy does.

BONUS: Try to avoid female sex toys that can do damage to your vagina. You’ll know them by their low consumer rating, poor construction, and questionable functionality.

Finally, don’t just settle on the first device that checks all the boxes. Believe it or not, you can actually get a warranty on some of these things if you purchase your stash from the right retailer or buy something that’s made from a high-end brand.

So, look for something that comes with some additional coverage, especially if you like it rough. These toys aren’t perfect nor are they indestructible, FYI.

The Pros & Cons Of Using a Gspot Vibe

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies when you play with a g-spot vibe. That’s because there are several variables to consider, and not every woman plays the same way.

So, here’s what to think about when you’re going this route:


You can customize the sensations through settings and positioning.

Most devices are made to fit the average woman’s body.

High-end materials are generally compatible with all water-based lubes.

You may be able to use your toy alongside another device for double the pleasure.

The intense sensations can help make up for boring or unsatisfying sex.

Most devices are designed for singlehanded use.

You may be able to masturbate in the shower or with a mount for pegging.


The device you prefer may not be suitable for your body type.

The materials it’s made from might not be compatible with your favorite lube.

You could get hurt if you don’t follow the usage instructions carefully enough.

There aren’t many secondary uses for something like this.

It may make reaching orgasm naturally even harder after a while.

Check the details of each toy to make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for, and don’t be afraid to contact the manufacturer or retailer for more detailed information.

They’re used to weird questions and silly requests, so you shouldn’t feel stupid about approaching them with specifics.

Plus, most manufacturers offer premium customer support because of the nature of their products. Use it to your advantage.

5 Ways To Find The Best Vibrator For Your G-Spot

This isn’t nearly as hard as it seems, but it’s still a good idea to get educated on what’s available. And now that you know the parameters, here’s how to get the most bang for your buck:

  1. Know your skin type. If yours is super sensitive, then don’t opt for a device that’s made from questionable materials. Choose something hypoallergenic instead (silicone, stainless steel, etc.).
  2. Understand your appetites. Get a toy that can keep up with your routine. If it’s not durable enough, you’ll just end up buying another one anyway. Be smarter with your money.
  3. Talk to your partner(s). Find out what your lovers want to feel and/or experience for themselves. Then, choose a device that can deliver those sensations on-demand without fail.
  4. Review your skillset. Try not to play with things that don’t belong in your hands. While it’s okay to experiment, you’ll become frustrated quickly if you buy a too that’s too complex.
  5. Compare a few options first. Don’t buy anything until you consider the top sellers. They can tell you a lot about the industry standard and even give you ideas for things you never imagined.

When you’re ready to start shopping, don’t forget to compare more than just the prices. Remember, the cost of something isn’t always indicative of its quality. However, you often get what you pay for. So, try to choose something that fits right in the sweet spot (literally).

Where To Find The Top G Spot Vibrators On The Internet?

LOVEHONEY – Our top recommended online sex toy store where you will get the best prices and fastest delivery on the market.

G-Spot Vibrator FAQs

Q: How am I supposed to clean and maintain one of these things?

A: It should be pretty easy to clean your devices when you get done with them. That’s because most manufacturers make their toys with sophisticated materials that are non-reactive to water.

Always check your owner’s manual for specific instructions but rest assured that your typical routine will look something like this: Rinse the exterior with warm, fresh water and then follow up with a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic sex toy cleaner until the entire surface is covered and all visible debris is gone.

Then allow it to dry fully before returning it to storage. That’s all, folks.

TIP: Try not wash your stuff before and after each use to eliminate any airborne debris or bacteria that may have accumulated on the surface while you weren’t playing with it.

Q: Is there are a special way to store my female playthings when I get done with them?

A: Most female playthings should be stored in the same way, but your owner’s manual should also have exact information on what the manufacturers intended. If yours comes with its own storage container, always use that instead of something else.

If not, choose a container that’s safe, secure, and easy to hide. In general, you’ll be expected to keep your stuff out of the reach of children and pets, plus you’ll want to store in somewhere that’s not in direct sunlight or around extreme hot and/or cold temperatures.

And for most people, a simple bedside table or closet is the perfect hiding spot.

Q: Which type of personal lubricant is best when masturbating with a sex toy for women?

A: The vagina is an extremely sensitive organ that requires delicate feminine products that are pH balanced and gentle on the skin. So, don’t buy or use cheap lubricants.

Instead, spring for high-end ingredients that nourish your complexion and protect your crotch from chaffing, irritation, and allergic reactions.

Keep in mind that while oil-based and silicone-based lubes last for a long time, so do water-based lubes and they’re compatible with all skin types and sex toy materials.

Choose wisely, ladies. And if you’re not sure which products to use, contact the manufacturer or read the owner’s manual for some recommendations.

Q: Can I get hurt if I use my device incorrectly?

A: Yes, you can hurt your body if you don’t play responsibly. For one, dirty devices can cause major infections and skin irritation. You have to clean them with OCD-like commitment.

For two, malfunctioning machines may do damage to your insides. Do a test run before shoving it inside your snatch. For three, you can’t get too rough because your devices don’t have any nerve endings.

They can communicate back when you take things too far, so either play with a trusted partner or keep your shit together. And if you want to experiment, look at the owner’s manual for some inspiration.

Q: What happens if my toy breaks or malfunctions while I’m using it?

A: It’s rare when a female pleasure device breaks while you’re using it. But if that happens, be sure to stop masturbating right away. It’s better to be sexually frustrated than injured beyond repair.

Remove the toy from your body immediately and then contact the manufacturer. Look for warranty information on the box or inside the owner’s manual. If yours comes with coverage, make a claim ASAP to get it repaired or replaced.

If it’s not covered by a quality guarantee, either buy something of better value or discard the device completely. Never try to tamper or tinker with your stuff.

Q: How do I know if my device comes with a manufacturer’s warranty?

A: You’ll know if your device comes with a manufacturer’s warranty just by looking on or in the box.

There should be a mention of it somewhere, and if not, check the owner’s manual for more information. Some brands send separate warranty registration cards with their products too.

Either way, be sure to register your warranties within 30 days of the purchase date to avoid nullification.

Q: How do I register my sex toy warranty?

A: It’s easy to register the warranties on your playthings. Most of the time, the manufacturer will provide easy-to-follow instructions for doing so within the owner’s manual literature.

If your device came with a registration card, simply fill it out and return it as soon as possible. If not, contact the maker for more information or go online to do it there.

If you need more help, talk to the retailer who sold you the device. They should know how to get your purchase fully covered, if not cover it themselves.


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