Top 5 Best Lesbian Sex Toys On The Market Reviewed In 2022

My first taste of pussy was during my freshman year in college. It wasn’t quite what I expected, but it wasn’t terrible either.

In fact, it didn’t take long for an obsession to develop and take over my life.

I totally understand the struggle men face every day as all these voluptuous women traipse around in their sexy sundresses, but I digress (for now).

Having been an avid dick rider for many years before that, the thought of being a blatant lesbian not only scared the shit out of me but it also sounded like something I’d never be interested in.

After all, what feels better than a rock-hard dick slamming repeatedly into your sopping wet pussy?

Specially made toys for lesbian sex, that’s what.

I came to find out in the most amazing way possible that ladies know a hell of a lot more about the female anatomy than most men do.

So while nature has given boys the tools they need to please us, it seems as though many of them skipped class at the most critical junctures and spend their time convincing themselves that they’re doing a good job.

As an out-of-the-closet bisexual woman these days, I can’t imagine being forced to fuck only men for the rest of my life.

I mean, they didn’t even acknowledge the female orgasm OR clitoris until just recently.

By the way, I was fed the same “sexual dynamo” speeches that all girls are – left afterwards with an intense feelings of regret and disappointment instead of pride and pleasure. I’m not saying that all men suck in bed; there’s a reason our greatest sex toys look and feel like their genitalia.

I’m just saying that lesbianism is the ultimate form of pussy power. It’s time for us flex, girls. We are no longer alone in the dark screaming “Our orgasms are real!” to whoever will listen.

The sex toy industry is finally on our side, and they’re not stopping at toys for heterosexual couples.

Lesbian sex toys are here and they’re queer, so get used to it.

Tired of being constantly disappointed and/or dumped by lacking lovers from both ends of the spectrum, I eventually turned my attention to the ones who truly cared: The sex toy manufacturers of the world.

Their commitment to pleasing me was more consistent and substantial than all my former partners combined. And even if I had to pay to play, the price was still less than the cost of my dignity and time.

At this point, whether I’m having sex with a man or a woman, I always incorporate a high-quality sex toy just to make sure nobody gets their feelings hurt. And by “nobody” I mean them, because I’m not afraid to kick someone out of my house and finish myself in the bathroom anymore.

I do understand that seeing things from my perspective requires some knowledge about the subject matter. It also requires some insight on yourself and/or your partner.

Ask yourself the following questions before proceeding with this buyer’s guide:

  • What kind of sex do I want to have?
    • Is there a special kind of toy I need to perform those sex acts?
    • Do I have a willing partner to play with or am I doing this on my own?
    • How often do I want to have sex or masturbate with this device?
    • Am I seeking a sex toy for experimentation/exploration, relationship maintenance or both?
  • Are there any special physical, mental or emotional considerations that need made before I buy a lesbian sex toy?
    • What mobility issues are there to work around, if any?
    • Do I and/or my partner(s) have any allergies or sensitivities to certain materials?
    • Is my sexuality something that’s well-known and accepted by the people in my life?
  • Where will I be using your new device most of the time?
    • Does it need to have travel-friendly features?
    • Are there any housemates that I need to hide this toy from?
    • How much space do I have available for storage?
  • What is my budget for a new toy for lesbian sex?
    • Have I factored in the cost of cleaning and maintaining my device?
    • Do I need any special supplies, accessories or furniture to safely enjoy sex and/or masturbation with a toy?
    • What kind of personal lubrication do I prefer to use?

It may seem like a lot of stuff to think about before even considering a lesbian sex toy, but as soon as you discover what one of these things is (and isn’t), you’ll be just as convinced as I am that this info is crucial.

The questions above are designed to help you determine whether a lesbian sex toy is even what you’re looking for. They’re supposed to help you get prepared for ownership too, because pussy power is a big responsibility and you’ve got a reputation to maintain.

What are Lesbian Sex Toys?

A sex toy in general is just a self-pleasure device that uses either manual or automatic power to generate an orgasm.

Lesbian toys focus their attention on the female body, with features that stimulate anatomically specific erogenous zones such as the vagina, vulva, clitoris, anus and/or nipples.

Many times, toys made for a little girl-on-girl action involve devices that penetrate the pussy, but that’s not always the case.

Some lesbians prefer toys that stimulate the vagina without delving deep inside of it, which is precisely why the industry has started creating so many devices that concentrate primarily on the clitoris.

That doesn’t mean lesbian sex toys are limited to clitoral stimulators. It’s just that the inclusion of such devices is indicative of our collective shift towards more satisfying sex and masturbation despite our LGBTQ affiliation (or otherwise).

Well-made sex toys for females are often crafted in such a way that they can force out a dual orgasm – internal and external simultaneously.

Personally, those are my favorite models, but I definitely understand the desire to keep everything intact down there by abstaining from penetration.

Either way, these particular pleasure devices are made to attract the bitches like bees to honey, plus they’ve been known to convert straight women into bisexual fiends or full-blown dikes from time to time.

Just sayin’.

Why Use a Lesbian Sex Toy?

Aside from being powerfully pleasurable enough to make heterosexual women think twice about their partner choices, sex toys made for lesbian sex and/or masturbation can revolutionize the user’s sex life if they’re used right.

This is especially true if you end up picking out the right one.

Choose the best lesbian sex toy on the market and instantly enjoy the following perks:

  • Increased Orgasmic Satisfaction 

Good toys make for good sex, that’s just a rule of nature. While people have been enjoying satisfaction in bed without sex toys since the dawn of time, there’s a good reason why folks started going crazy as soon as marital aids hit the mainstream market.

Well-made devices help us do the things our minds and bodies don’t agree on. They suffice for missing body parts at the very least, which ends up making orgasms more easy to obtain for everyone involved regardless of their anatomical limitations.

  • Better Sexual Creativity 

High-end toys are always a smart addition to a well-rounded, open-minded, and equally satisfying relationship, especially if you and your partner have already exhausted all the moves in your playbooks.

They say you don’t miss what you never had, but you never know what you’re missing until you try it either. I’m a big believer in expanding my sexual horizons in safe and healthy ways.

The right toy helps me fight boredom in the bedroom, and it can help you too if you choose your weapon wisely.

  • Tailored Pleasure Seeking 

Today’s sex toy manufacturer is keen on developing fashionably functional devices that mold and shape themselves to suit the needs of the user.

More customizable than ever are contemporary toys for lesbians, with features that can be tailored to fit your unique body type, sensation requirements, endurance levels and sexual appetites.

The wide-range of features available these days is astonishing, just as soon as it’s done being shocking. Just be sure to know yourself and/or your partner well to reap all the benefits of this one.

  • Enhanced Romantic Bonds 

When you know what good sex feels like, you’re more capable of delivering it to someone else. Moreover, when you deliver that good sex on a consistent basis, romantic bonds are not only created but also maintained in a healthy and natural way.

Luxury-grade lesbian sex toys are crafted in a peculiar way to make sure that happens, even if you and your partner are newly out of the closet or unfamiliar with sex toys in general.

User-friendly and ergonomic, the best options invite passion back into the bed and convince it to stay.

  • Improved Bedroom Performance 

We’re all human, and that means we’re all lacking in some way or another. Marital aids were invented to fill in the gaps that are left by our ever-increasing perversions and sexual desires.

Whether the performer, the receiver or both (with an interactive toy), using one of these things will allow you and/or your partner to explore the depths of your imagination while improving your sexual skillset in the process.

So many people thank sex toys for making them better lovers and I am one of those people. You probably are too, you just don’t know it yet.

In fact, there are several things you still don’t know, but I have no intention on leaving you hanging.

The best sex toys for lesbian love are right in front of your face, it’s just hard to tell them apart from the similar devices surrounding them.

Fortunately for ya’ll, I’ve been victimized by bad design enough to know the difference between a shoddy device and a toy that’s going to rock your world. I’m also nice enough to share those insights with you, because someone’s got to put these sex toy manufacturers in their place.

The Top 8 Ways to Tell If That Sex Toy For Lesbians Is Worth It or Not

With so many options out there, it can be tough to figure out which LST to use on yourself, let alone on a partner.

Being new to this makes things even more difficult, but newbies aren’t the only ones who have a hard time distinguishing between high-end products and dead-beat devices.

In my experience, checking out the following 8 things will tell you everything you need to know about any lesbian sex toy you’re considering:

  • The Size 

It doesn’t matter what we’re talking about, size is one of the most crucial things about it. The only time dimensions don’t matter is when we’re doing hallucinogenic drugs, and even then it’s kind of important to mention.

When it comes to your sex toys, size makes all the difference.

That’s especially true when the toys are designed for penetration of the body. Look at things like insertable length and girth to determine whether that toy is worth your attention or not.

Remember, some lesbian sex toys can change size mid-use. Think: Inflatable dildo if you’re unsure what I mean by that.

  • The Shape 

The shape of something can change its overall functionality completely.

Sex toys are no exception to that rule, and neither are the features and accessories attached to it.

Properly proportionate devices will always be made to support the female anatomy, whether through precision curvatures, well-researched material textures, or ergonomic pleasure settings that are easy for a woman to manipulate.

Try to find something that looks like it would fit snugly in you or your partner’s hand, and don’t be afraid to search for a device that can be customized because they do exist (and they’re friggin amazing too).

  • The Materials 

Modern-day sex toys for women and lesbians are not made from the same low-grade materials they once were. Back in the day, us ladies were forced to juice ourselves using carved out stones and household fruits.

The middle-ages were filled with latex, phthalates and parabens, but things are a lot better now.

Your sex toy collection should consist of primarily rubber, silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), stainless-steel, precious metals, glass or a patented polycarbonate blend.

Stay away from anything that’s a potential allergen or that can’t be used with your favorite lubricant.

  • The Functions 

They say fashion before function, but that’s not how it goes in the sex toy world. Your ideal device should do all the things you need it to do, with plenty of room for growth and experimentation. The functionality thereof has to suit your lifestyle and familiarity level too.

In other words, don’t buy an extremely high-tech device if you’re not prepared with the right equipment. And don’t opt for an overly simple toy just because you’re afraid of change.

The whole point is to let the toy do it’s job, but the poor thing can’t do that if you’re in its way.

I hope that metaphor makes more sense than I think it does.

  • The Appearance 

Appearances aren’t everything, but they sure as hell make for a big first impression and you can’t argue that.

Plus, the visuals offered by any product can play a role in the overall experience the user has with it.

After all, nobody wants to masturbate with a sex toy that looks like something from the Flintstone movie. On the other hand, few folks want to use a device that requires a degree in engineering to fully enjoy.

Seek something simple and user-friendly, especially if you’re new to this. Feel like being brave with a high-tech toy?

Pick through the options offered by manufacturers who truly understand what the average modern-day lesbian really wants.

  • Manufacturer 

Brand loyalty is a dangerous thing if the manufacturer is shitty. Furthermore, obtaining your sex toy stash from a wide variety of labels may have some pros and cons you’re not considering.

You might notice that certain brands create products that are compatible with one another, while other brands have nothing of the sort.

On top of that, some manufacturers have begun working together to develop integrated, interactive sex toys made specifically for couple’s play.

It’s no longer necessary to clumsily improvise when world peace is being achieved in the marital aid industry, so make sure your new toy plays well with others or accept the fact that you’re part of the problem (kidding).

BTW: The most user-friendly cross-over brands include but are not limited to such well-known names as Fleshlight, Kiiroo, LELO, Lovense, and We-Vibe. 

  • The Cost 

Price tags can sometimes be the catalyst for sticker shock. Today’s best sex toys are kind of expensive, which might explain why more of my gal pals don’t use them.

Understand this though: You’re paying for a reliable and consistently satisfying orgasm, with or without a partner’s assistance.

It’s well worth the money, just make sure you select something that’s made in the USA or by reputable manufacturers.

Look for products that come with freebies to save money, or buy your bedroom supplies in pre-made kits to make things easier.

Also, wait for your favorite brands to offer discounts or have sales on their products (especially their lubes, toy cleaning agents, and material renewal powders).

  • The Compatibility 

Remember our talk about brand loyalty and cross-over toy compatibility?

Well all that is great to know if you’re just starting out, but people who have an existing sex toy collection need to make a special consideration about how this new device will get along with the rest of their stuff.

Suction cup bases on dildos usually equal strap-on or harness compatibility, but that’s not a steadfast rule nor is it always a good thing. What position do you need your latest conquest to play? Is the cost worth it if you’re forced to reshuffle the entire team lineup?

It’s important to know what a lesbian sex toy is (and isn’t), and finding out all the ways that owning one can revolutionize your sex life isn’t a bad idea either.

All of that is only one small piece of the puzzle though.

If you don’t look at the eight things I laid out above, you’ll become another victim of clever advertising and misleading information.

You’ve got to know yourself better than the well-paid marketers do, and you need a head start in the right direction too.

Take my hand and we’ll both make it out of this stressful shopping trip unscathed.

My Top 10 Best Lesbian Sex Toys In 2022:

For you information, I’m usually not partial to anything.

For example, my last long-term relationship ended without so much as a single tear on my behalf.

I don’t play favorites most of the time, but at this point it’s only natural for a horny girl like me to have a few “chosen ones” in her sex toy collection. You can’t blame me for being a human being who knows good sex when I have it.

Not that it’s any of your business, but these are my personal fab five fem-fatale sex toys:

The Kiiroo Pearl 2 – Best Lesbian Toy Overall

Hailed as the world’s most luxurious and seductively designed g-spot vibrator, this budget-friendly sex toy is the ideal candidate for lusty lesbian couples. It has touch-sensitive controls and features an innovative, interactive setting that sends vibrations through the toy itself or to a synced Kiiroo Pearl 2, Kiiroo Onyx 2 or Fleshlight Launch device.

Feel your partner’s natural body movements or allow them to feel yours as you explore the sensations generated by the powerful yet sleek and sexy silicone shaft.

You and/or your partner can even link the device to the mother brand’s online porn content using Bluetooth and your favorite pair of virtual reality goggles, so it’s understandable why this unit has sold by the millions since its inception just a couple years ago.

PRO: It’s not only robust and durable, it’s also one of the easiest high-tech sex toys to use (and it comes with a USB rechargeable battery too).

CON: This toy isn’t the best with simultaneous internal/external stimulation because of its smooth, straight shape.

BEST FOR DUAL STIMULATION: The OhMiBod Fuse (Powered by Kiiroo)

If you’re into interactive, high-tech sex toys and want all the internal and external bells and whistles the sex toy industry has to offer, I’d suggest looking no further than the granddad of all rabbit vibrators – the OhMiBod Fuse.

It’s not only VR compatible for long-distance love and 2D/3D fantasy fulfillment, but it also features Touch Sensitive Technology (and you know what that means).

You and your partner can explore the many vibe functions by playing with the bi-directional controls in each other’s presence or while far apart.

This luxury-grade, silicone-covered sex toy is easy to use, simple to clean and can even be linked with other high-tech, interactive devices such as the Fleshlight Launch and Kiiroo Pearl 2 or Onyx 2.

PRO: It’s sized just right for almost any female form and it comes in two different colors (black or hot pink).

CON: The smooth, non-textured material may not offer the kind of stimulation some users prefer.

The Womanizer Premium SS


The “SS” in this favorite lesbian sex toy’s title stands for “smart silence,” but that’s just the tip of the sexy Womanizer Premium’s sexy little iceberg. It uses the maker’s patented Pleasure Air Technology to stimulate the clitoris using a dozen different intensity levels and does it’s magic without suction (which could breed bacteria, by the way).

The body-sensing feature turns the device on or off based on your position to it, and the Autopilot function lets you take control of how you lose control if you know what I mean.

As the new and improved version of the Womanizer W500, the rechargeable SS Premium version is smoother, more luxurious and just as powerful and waterproof as its predecessor.

PRO: This is the most intense clitoral stimulator on the market, and you can even get the upgraded Duo model that features an integrated dildo if you want to try dual stimulation at some point.

CON: The longevity of the battery life (or lack thereof) could use a little work in my opinion.

The Tantus Feeldoe More Strapless Strap-On Lesbian Sex Toy


The words “strapless strap-on” seem like an oxymoron, but that’s because you don’t yet understand what you’re dealing with. Forget all those irritating harnesses and get yourself a vibrating strap-on dildo like the Tantus Feeldoe More.

It offers a generous 7.5 inches of insertable length and has 5 inches of good-time girth to thrust into your partner, with a double-ended design for better penetration customization.

Shove the single-speed vibrating bullet into the base and explore the depths of your desires while keeping your hands free for more important things – like taking it into the bath or shower thanks to the waterproof silicone material it’s made from.

PRO: This strap for lesbians is suitable for both vaginal and anal stimulation and even features a “saddle” shape to pleasure the clitoris with every thrust.

CON: It must be secured inside the anus of the wearer, which may not be an acceptable alternative to a traditional strap-on harness.

BEST FOR BOTH PARTNERS: The Fun Factory Stronic Real Thrusting Vibrator

This hyper-realistic dildo does more than just vibrate at seven different speeds and in three distinct patterns. It also thrusts in and out of your ass or pussy without any manual effort on your part.

Whether servicing yourself or your partner, the Stronic Real Thruster by Fun Factory makes orgasm easy to achieve with its sleek, silicone body that’s 100% waterproof, a 2-hour USB rechargeable battery and authentic detailing up and down the shaft.

It measures 4.75 inches in circumference and brings 5.5 insertable inches to the table, with a built-in push-button control system and some seriously remarkable ergonomics.

PRO: It can be used vaginally or anally and by both partners in a lesbian or bi-sexual relationship, plus it comes with a discreet storage container and a warranty from the manufacturer.

CON: This otherwise all-inclusive dildo does not feature realistic balls or interactive features, which can be a deal breaker for some people.

Where To Find The Best Lesbian Toys On The Internet?

LOVEHONEY – Our top recommended online sex toy shop that offers you the best prices, fastest and most discreet shipping on the internet.

The End Game

So many pussies, so little time. Today’s female sex toy industry hasn’t made things any easier either. Their insane selection of options can be tough to sort through, especially when you don’t know what to look for and have no idea where to start.

High-quality components, expert craftsmanship, ergonomic designs and anatomically correct dimensions are the most sought-after features, but the only thing that really matters is that you and/or your partner have a safe and satisfying sexual experience with it (hopefully more than once).

If that takes a high-tech, interactive, hypoallergenic, multi-function, dual stimulating pleasure device, then so be it. You’ve got the power in your pants. It’s time for the world to hear that pussy roar.

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