Best Masturbation Sleeves: The Farrah’s Grip-On Stroker Pack

I like to stroke my strudel from time to time, but I don’t always want a full-fledged male masturbator to do it. Some of those things are downright huge, plus I travel a lot and don’t really have the luggage space for that kind of thing. You wouldn’t believe some of the gruff I’ve gotten at customs. My days of being embarrassed are over, and I don’t like spending a lot of money on high-end devices unless they can do the things my partner cannot. However, affordable sex toys are usually lower in quality and thus make no sense economically. Like you, I sometimes feel like I’m stuck in a rut.

The only answer for me came in the form of a mid-grade masturbator, but even that category had several toys to choose from. As I narrowed down my search, I noticed that there was a lot more variety than initially meets the eye. Things started getting confusing, but my partner pulled me back to shore my having me select my top three favorites from a short, curated list of options. One of them was the Grip-On Stroker by Farrah Abraham. It fit the bill in many ways so we went ahead and ordered one. About a week later, I was ready to go with my new plaything and my partner felt like a champion for talking me into it. So, how was my experience with this thing, you ask? Well, let me start by making sure you know what I’m talking about first.

What Is the Farrah’s Grip-On Stroker Pack?

Inspired and endorsed by one of the most popular porn stars in the adult entertainment industry, the Farrah’s Grip-On Stroker is part of a kit which includes DVDs of the starlet’s best performances. You saw her on MTV, and now Farrah Abraham herself has created a handheld male masturbation device that’s been molded to mimick the same curves and contours of her perfect ass and vag. Made for men who enjoy manual stimulation, this thing isn’t as high-tech or high-quality as a Fleshlight but it’s still an extremely well-known and beloved pocket pussy that can generate amazing orgasms whether used by an individual or a couple. Ideal for quick pump-and-dumps and traveler’s arousal, the FGS may very well be the next best thing in hands-on sexual satisfaction.

The Main Features

Farrah’s Grip-On Stroker Pack is more than just a fake vagina and a set of pornographic movies. It’s a stretchy, open-ended, realistic, texturized sex toy that’s made right here in the United States of America and developed by a team of pleasure product professionals who really know how to capture the essence of a woman’s body. First of all, it has two distinct openings – an ass and a pussy, plus each one is texturized differently so you can feel the varied sensations upon entry. The double-ended design ensures maximum thrills and chills, not to mention a super easy cleanup process when you’re all done. And since it’s technically a “pack,” it’s sold alongside two great porno DVDs starring the mold-master queen herself, Farrah Abraham.

The stroker has unique and ergonomic dimensions as well. It measures 7 inches in length and is 3.5 inches wide, ideal for the average man’s penis. It features the manufacturer’s patented Cyberskin material for an extra realistic sensation and the entire thing is 100% submersible in water. Each detail of this toy is expertly rendered too, all the way down to the painted vulva, wrinkled asshole, and bulbous clitoris. Best of all, it’s one of the most affordable male masturbators on the market and it’s travel-friendly as well.

What Comes in the Box?

Today’s sex toy manufacturers no longer have to reel customers in by adding a bunch of freebies and extras in the box with their products. These days, we all know better. Savvy shoppers understand the value of quality over quantity, so that’s why we look at the product as whole instead of concentrating our focus on the things we didn’t even pay for. When it comes to the Farrah’s Grip-On Stroker, it’s not exactly the best equipped male masturbator on the planet, but it’s a simple device anyway which means you don’t really need much to enjoy its full potential. In the box, you’ll only get the toy, the DVDs, and a small instructional leaflet. There is no carrying case or storage container of any kind, no lube samples and no sex toy cleaning supplies either. Come prepared with your own stash of accessories when using this bad boy, especially since the Cyberskin material is notorious for capturing dirt, dust and debris.

The Experience

Being objective is important when you’re judging the quality and efficacy of a sex toy. They’re not all made the same, but certain categories should have products with similar features and functionalities. That’s why I used the same basic criteria when sizing up any new pleasure product I’m using. When it comes to things like dildos, butt plugs, prostate massagers, and male masturbators, I tend to stick with four comprehensive points. Here is how the Farrah’s Grip-On Stroker Pack measured up to my lofty expectations:

  • The Dimensions 

For a male stroker, this thing had the space inside that I needed for a comfortable fit. However, I’m sure it wouldn’t feel as good to a man with a much smaller or much larger penis. The Grip-On is obviously made for men with average sized dicks, so don’t be handing it to anyone with a fat cock or they’ll feel insulted. Also, make sure to use plenty of high-quality water-based lube so you can slide right in and enjoy the full potential of the toy’s design.

  • The Materials 

As a big fan of Cyberskin, I truly appreciate any material that can combine realism with hypoallergenic properties to create a unique product. Granted, that particular material isn’t always properly executed on all toys. However, on this one in particular it only adds to the overall quality and contributes to the Farrah-like sensations inside and outside of the device.

  • The Sensations 

Speaking of sensations, those canals were almost too much for me to handle. I’m pretty sure my girlfriend got jealous at one point because I was jerking off so hard to one of the DVDs included in the pack. I came twice before breaking a sweat. Although the texture is intense in both canals, they’re so smooth that they glide right over the dick in a wet, slap-stick kind of way. The raised clitoris on the orifice gave a sweet surprise to the base of my dick, and when I turned it around the textures felt completely different plus the clit started rubbing on my perineum at just the right pace and intensity. That was totally unexpected.

  • The Functionality 

It’s a great toy to have around for casual encounters or for fantasy sex with Farrah Abraham in the comfort of your own home. Since it’s lightweight and flexible, it’s easy to travel with, can be hidden quickly and doesn’t take an awful lot of manpower to keep it going.

The Ups and Downs

I had a friend tell me that their sex toy was perfect once, and then I tried it out for myself. Their idea of “pleasurable” was my idea of a nightmare, but that experience taught me one thing: No two pleasure products are made the same and no two people like the same kinds of kinks. With that said, it also dawned on me that the only way anyone could ever determine whether a sex toy was right for them or not was to objectively consider the pros and cons of each one they were thinking about buying. I learned that the hard way, but you don’t have to. When considering the Farrah’s Grip-On Stroke Pack, there are a few ups and downs you might want to look at ahead of time. Here are the things I think you should be paying the most attention to:


  • Dual masturbation chambers for increase versatility
  • Lifelike orifices and detailing
  • Realistic Cyberskin material for enhanced sensations
  • Stretchy to accommodate a wide variety of penis sizes
  • Fully submersible in water
  • Made from skin-safe materials


  • May not fit all penis sizes
  • Does not come with a casing for improved control
  • No carrying case or storage provided

The Takeaway

Although no sex toy is perfect and this one is certainly not the exception, it’s still a well-made handheld male masturbation device with plenty of realistic love to give thanks to Ms. Abraham’s generosity and perfectly sculpted body. It’s ideal for all sorts of situations, from solo stimulation to couples play, travel, quick orgasms and so much more. It’s inexpensive, easy to take care of, and simple to hide. The toy itself is ergonomically designed for maximum stimulation and the whole thing can be taken into the bath, shower, hot tub or pool at your leisure. Overall, it’s a very unique and extremely pleasurable sex toy that has enough texture for a sensational ride and enough simplicity for a casual encounter.

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