Best Masturbation Sleeves: The Peek-a-Boo Lips Stroker

How many times have I told myself to just stay home and masturbate instead of trying to pick up a woman from the local bar? It never ends well. And how many online dates do I have to suffer through before I’ll admit that jerking my own chain is much better than anything they have to offer? I guess I have a hard head. The days so in-person sexual encounters are quickly coming to an end, replaced by self-pleasure sessions using high-tech devices and realistic components. And even if you don’t get into the whole tech-savvy thing, simple sex toys are virtually everywhere that other adult entertainment products are sold. In all fairness, it’s a wonderful time to be alive, although probably not good news for people who aren’t ready to adjust to the change.

Either way, having a modest stash of sex toys isn’t a bad idea no matter who you are. Even if you’re in a committed, monogamous relationship, certain pleasure products can drastically enhance your experience and boost your level of intimacy. In fact, that’s why I started using masturbation sleeves in the first place. Things were getting rather stale but I wasn’t willing to give up on my relationship. In a desperate attempt to spice things up, I reached for the first thing that caught my eye: The Peek-a-Boo Lips Stroker. It was innocuous enough to bring home and unaffiliated with any porn star or performer, meaning I could make the experience my own. So, was it everything I needed it to be or was I left with my cheese out in the wind? Well, let’s make sure you know what I’m talking about first.

What Is the Peek-a-Book Lips Stroker?

The Peek-a-Boo Lips Stroker is a one of a kind male masturbation device that operates via manual power for a handheld pleasure session that can continue on until the cows come home. It’s made for men with average sized penises, although it’s designed to stretch and bend just like a real vaginal canal. As a man-made representation of the best part about a woman’s body, this realistic sex toy offers tons of features to keep you cumming back for more. And while it may not look like much and could use a little bit more detailing, it’s one of the most lifelike devices on the market simply because of its internal composition. The Lips Stroker is not made for men who like automatic stimulation, however. It’s manpower only when it comes to operating this thing, but according to the manufacturer it won’t take much of that either (as long as you have plenty of lube on your penis and you don’t have the stamina of a race horse).

The Main Features

The Peek-a-Boo Lips Stroker has just about every feature that a horny man would want out of a mid-grade masturbator. First of all, it possesses a curiously detailed orifice that looks like a pussy spread apart. Secondly, it has a smooth opening which leads to an extremely intense canal that features a unique texturization unlike anything else on the current market. The tight sleeve is also open-ended for easier cleaning, plus the feature creates a special suction sensation that makes the session feel a little bit like oral sex if you do it right. In all honesty, it looks like the wide open vag of a sexy, shaven female and I just so happen to like that kind of thing.

Furthermore, the manufacturer designed this thing to have an ergonomically contoured exterior to provide a better grip and thus offer enhanced control over an otherwise slippery situation. Made from the famous FantaFlesh material (which is just a patented thermoplastic resin, or TPR), the toy features a lifelike feel and creates a realistic experience with every touch. It’s user-friendly and travel-ready too, with measurements that are ideal for a wide range of body types. With a 3.5-inch circumference and a 6.5-inch insertable length, few men will find as much comfort and pleasure in anything else (according to the manufacturer).

What Comes in the Box?

Very few of today’s sex toy manufacturers put freebies in their boxes anymore. It’s usually because every dollar was spent on production, and that’s typically the best deal for the consumer. Every now and then, however, a toy comes along that can pull double duty – be extremely well-made while still coming with a few incentives in the package. The Peek-a-Boo Lips Stroker is one of them. Here is what you’ll get for the money you spend:

  • The Lips Stroker
  • A small sample packet of water-based lube
  • A small sample packet of sex toy cleaner
  • An instruction and care leaflet

Unfortunately, you don’t get a storage container or a carrying case with this one, which is one of the other freebies that usually comes with a sex toy. However, those accessories tend to be sent with items that need extra protection. So while the PBLs might break down over time or sustain damage when not properly cared for, the toy is rather durable for being made entirely out of TPR and therefore doesn’t require too much special attention in terms of care and/or maintenance.

The Experience

Every sex toy I try out has to be put up against the same basic criteria. The Peek-a-Boo Lips were no exception. Here’s how the device measured up:

  • The Dimensions 

Everything felt pretty proportionate to a real human vagina, although I can see how men with smaller-than-average or larger-than-average penises might not feel the same way. Even so, this toy would make a terrific corona stimulator because it’s so perfectly texturized throughout the entire canal.

  • The Materials 

I haven’t had a lot of experience with TPR because it’s still a relatively rare material on the sex toy market. However, I didn’t have any qualms with it and it felt extremely realistic just like the Fanta Flesh I was expecting. Lots of lube is recommended though, especially if you have a lot of endurance and need to masturbate for long periods of time before you can get off.

  • The Sensations 

The texture inside the canal was nice but it’s certainly not the most intense thing I’ve ever felt. As an expert at this kind of thing, I need a little bit more stimulation when it comes to my masturbators. I think this one is probably more suited for manual beginners and/or sex toy newbies because it’s lacking some of the main components of a high-end device. In other words, I wouldn’t suggest it for stamina training.

  • The Functionality 

Overall, it’s a decent sex toy for men who like to quickly crank one out in the comfort of their own home and then roll over and go to sleep. It was pretty easy to clean and didn’t sustain much damage despite the fact that I accidentally left it out in the direct sunlight for 8 hours while I was at work (twice).  The device probably won’t function as a replacement for your higher-end belongings, but it’s still a great item to have laying around for a rainy day.

The Ups and Downs

I don’t get out much anymore, but as far as I know there hasn’t been a sex toy manufacturer to make a perfect pleasure product in all the years I’ve been waxing my crescent. As a smart shopper, I assume you already know this. It’s virtually impossible for anyone to create a product that’s pleasing to every single person. We’re all too different and the idea of “pleasure” is far too diverse. With that said, the only way to determine a toy’s value is to look at it objectively through the lens of a professional. As for the Peek-a-Boo Lips Stroker, it has a few pros and cons of its own that need to be considered ahead of time. Here are all the things I think you should know before spending any money on it:


  • Realistic opening and orifice
  • Extreme canal texturization for optimal pleasure
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Fully submersible in water
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Ideal for beginners


  • May not fit all penis sizes
  • Does not come with storage
  • Can break or tear easily without proper maintenance

The Takeaway

A smooth and sexy slit opens wide to reveal a tight-fitting orifice that leads to a supremely texturized canal which just so happens to be designed for regular, continual encounters. Behold, you’re about to have sex with the delectable and durable Peek-a-Boo Lips Stroker – a fine piece of perverted craftsmanship with plenty of space for you and your throbbing cock to explore. Made from the famous temperature-responsive TPR-based Fanta Flesh material, this highly contoured masturbation sleeve features an open-ended design for easy clean-up and enhanced blowjob-like suction. It’s ideal for men who want a well-made sex toy but don’t want to get involved in all that brand affiliation stuff. See? Even no-name products have their merits. You even get some free lube and toy cleaner with your purchase of this one.

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