Best Oil-Based Lubes: Yes OB

Honestly, you don’t really have to use lubrication when you have and/or masturbate, even if you’re using a pleasure product like a dildo, vibrator or butt plug. Truth be told, you only have to be okay with extreme chaffing, pain and irritation. The aftermath of lube-free lovemaking is harsh, especially when you enter through the back door. For many people, myself included, oil-based lubes are the go-to option for the kinkiest types of play and there’s a good reason for that. Usually, they’re well-made products with high-quality ingredients contained in an ergonomic bottle. However, the market is so huge that it can be tough to track down the right one. That’s where suggestions and recommendations become useful.

As for me, those “recommendations” came in the form of my partner more or less ordering me to buy the YES OB oil-based lube lest I never have an orgasm again. Not wanting to go without sex for the next several weeks or months, I kindly obliged and purchased a bottle of it online. It took a few days to arrive, but that gave me a chance to finish up the bottle I already had and it gave me a very timely basis of comparison. So, how was my experience with YOB lube? Did the drill sergeant make the right call or should I have stood up for myself? Well, let’s begin by making sure everyone is on the same page about the subject matter.

What is Yes OB?

YES OB is one of the best-selling personal lubricants on the market and I hadn’t even heard of it until my partner pressured me into buying it. Apparently, it’s used in doctor’s offices, hospitals and examination rooms around the country. The formula is oil-based but all the ingredients are derived from natural plant sources. It’s safe to use on all skin types because of its completely hypoallergenic formulation, plus the manufacturer says it can be used as a massage oil too. According to the maker, it also moisturizes the skin on contact while being compatible with most sex toys and condoms (as long as they’re not made out of latex, that is).

Furthermore, this stuff is recommended by more than just my friends and neighbors; gynecologists typically suggest using it as well, especially if you enjoy playing with penetrative sex toys and/or multiple partners. Made to be extremely long-lasting while maintaining a respectable relationship with the skin, YOB lube doesn’t need to be washed off with soap and water because it absorbs right into your body. It’s contained inside a flip-top, stand-up tube and looks like your run-of-the-mill cosmetic bottle. This stuff is highly versatile though, so it’s a good thing that it’s also designed to go a long way because you get significantly less product with this lube than some others. Luckily, YES OB is available in different sized containers if you buy it from the right retailer.

The Main Features

With more features than you’d expect from a simple oil-based personal lubricant that’s stuffed inside very un-ornate bottle, YES OB is rather luxurious and I think that’s because it was developed with the help of medical professionals. Either way, it’s certified as organic so you can use it without feeling guilty about anything. It’s also full of skin-safe ingredients that do nothing but rejuvenate your complexion. The product is compatible with silicone sex toys but, unfortunately, can’t be used with a condom simply because of how downright slippery and long-lasting it is. This stuff literally creates a slick barrier between your exposed epidermis and whatever it is you’re playing with, moisturizing and revitalizing your skin in the process and making it possible to enjoy a sexy slip-n-slide in the bath tub, pool, or shower.

What Comes in the Box?

You usually don’t get a lot in terms of extras when you buy a bottle of lubrication. These products are on the bottom rung, typically purchased as an after-thought or accessory with a sex toy. Because of that, they’re not equipped with a bunch of freebies like you might expect. Most don’t even come with coupons from the manufacturer or ads for similar products from affiliated brands. Either way, you get more than what you need when you buy YES OB because a little goes a long way. The 4.7-ounce container is the only thing in the box, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. All directions and warning are printed on the label so there’s no extra trash, so for a completely organic product it’s certainly eco-friendly in more ways than one. It’s too bad the tube isn’t recyclable.

The Experience

I always try to remain as objective as possible when trying out a new pleasure product. I know that this is a very subjective topic, but if a product is well-made then it will stand out from the crowd in a unique way despite being put up against differing opinions. High-quality lubricants are recognizable, in other words. For me, using a cheat sheet of basic criteria is the best method for determining something’s value. The YES OB oil-based lube didn’t escape the clutches of my pickiness. Here is how it performed based on my somewhat lofty standards:

  • The Container 

The container was probably the most disappointing part of the whole purchase, yet it’s completely understandable considering how often this product gets used in doctor’s offices and exam rooms. It’s not appropriate for traveling because it can leak pretty easily, but it’s super simple to get out and closes securely enough to be kept in your bedside drawer. As long as I stored it upright and kept it out of extreme hot or cold temperatures, everything was fine.

  • The Ingredients 

Proprietary and/or patented ingredients are always the best because they have to undergo an exhaustive series of tests before being granted the prestige. YOB’s formula is plant-based and organic, which means it’s pretty much edible. So, unlike most oil-based lubes that need to be washed off and can’t be ingested, this stuff is a long-lasting alternative to water-based products and can also be used during oral sex without causing a reaction or an upset stomach.

  • The Sensations 

For an oil-based lubricant, I was expecting this stuff to be extremely slick to the touch and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s very long-lasting too, plus it feels like a cool drink of water once it absorbs into the skin. When used with sex toys, it may require a few more applications to keep things lubed up though. I found that it slid right off the toy material because it couldn’t absorb into it, thus causing most of the product to end up splattered on the surroundings and not on the body at all.

  • The Scent 

It really didn’t have a smell, which was something I found particularly nice. Unless I specifically buy a scented or flavored lube, I’d rather it be odorless because the chemical scent can be extremely off-putting in the heat of the moment. YES OB was literally what the doctor ordered in that regard, which only made it even more skin-safe than a similar, fragranced product would probably be.

The Ups and Downs

When judging a new product, especially one that comes in direct contact with my body, I always hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I also always try to keep things as objective as possible, knowing that these lube manufacturers have to please as many people as possible while still being unique. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. And some has to keep track of the progress through a careful consideration of the ups and downs of each product in question. As for the YES OB oil-based lube, here are all the things I think you should know before spending any money on it:


  • Contained in an easy-to-use, stand-up tube
  • Absorbs directly into the skin while drying
  • Leaves no sticky or tacky residue
  • Compatible with silicone-based pleasure devices
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • Made from hypoallergenic ingredients


  • Has the potential to stain clothing and bedding
  • Bottle can leak if not stored properly

The Takeaway

Oil-based lubes aren’t for everybody and they’re definitely not for every occasion or for use with every sex toy on the planet. With that said, the right one can make a world of difference in the bedroom (and beyond), which is obviously what the makers of YES OB were going for when they developed the rich and absorbent product we’re talking about today. It might not be ideal for all purposes, but it’s certainly the safest and most skin-friendly oil-based lube money can buy. Even gynecologists agree on its purity and gentleness, plus it saves you money in the long-run because it doubles as a massage oil and triples as a skin moisturizer. Overall, I think it’s the perfect lube for anyone who enjoys experimenting with sensations without dealing with a lot of risk. Just be sure to throw down a towel of your sheets will get ruined.

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