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Top 5 Best Penis Extenders (Stretchers) In 2021 – Reviews & Best Prices Online (See The List Below)

Like my dad always used to say: A decent-sized penis is the only thing that gets some boys to third base. Ok, so he never said that, but still. It’s true, because an ugly, broke, small-dicked dude is going to need miracles to get laid.

It’s always been that way, and it continue to be that way as long as men want to do something other than masturbate.

Penis size is tied directly to several things in the average man’s life, many of which seldom even get considered with any seriousness – things like:

  • Sexual Ability

A man’s ability to perform adequately in the bedroom depends heavily on his likelihood of having ample sexual experiences. A small or curved penis may make it difficult to attract lovers and get the subsequent experience required to obtain a decent romantic resume.

Furthermore, curved and/or short penises make it nearly impossible to stamina train with sex toys, leading to even more of a decrease in sexual performance.

  • Confidence

The decline in a man’s sexual performance does little more than increase his inability to get laid, thus creating a vicious cycle that can ruin the guy’s self-esteem. Being made fun of for having a small dick doesn’t exactly help either.

Regardless of the situation, the size of a man’s penis has a direct affect on how he views himself (and apparently how others view him as well).

  • Relationships

Without enough confidence and experience, it’s hard for anyone in the modern world to keep the spark alive in their relationship. And an embarrassingly tiny dick isn’t going to make things any better.

A man’s penis size often determines the fidelity of his partner, meaning some lovers will go elsewhere if there’s not enough junk in your trunk.

  • Health

Because a small penis can make it difficult for a man to enjoy a normal sex life, it may do damage to his health over time. Today’s scientists have discovered the magic ejaculation number for men’s wellness and it just so happens to be 21.

So, if a guy isn’t getting his rocks off enough because of the size of his penis, chances are he’s not as healthy as he could be.

Fortunately, most of the well-made and scientifically-backed penis extension devices can help to reverse the damage that’s been done by years of lackluster love-making and missed connections.

On top of that, many of the higher-end models provide benefits that could attract men who aren’t even interested in penis growth (disclaimer: there’s no such thing).

Knowing the value of a decent penis extender is important, simply since it’s an innovation that’s both safe and effective (not to mention sometimes recommended by doctors).

By the way, men are no longer stigmatized because of their interest in self-improvement. In fact, guys who refuse to look into the matter are typically viewed as closed-minded and cocky (in the wrong way).

Why Use A Penis Extender?

The right penis extender (and a willingness to use it as directed, of course) can positively affect many aspects of a man’s life.

According to recent studies, more than half of the world’s surveyed male population is displeased with the size and/or shape of his penis. Nearly all of those men were also unsatisfied with the quality of their sex life as a result.

Hearing the cries of desperate men everywhere, modern-day manufacturers began making bigger and better penis extender models, but that’s not where it all began.

In fact, penis extension devices have been in use for several decades, with the first ones prescribed by doctors to men with Peyronie’s disease and erectile dysfunction.

Thanks to improvements on existing designs, guys can now enhance their penis in the comfort of their own home without ever going to the doctor’s office or pharmacy.

I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet. For example, did you know that contemporary penis extenders can do a lot more than the penis extenders of old? The following are just a few things I could think of:

  • Be Worn Under Clothes

Back in the day, men would have never worn their penis extenders out of the house. Instead, they’d be forced to wear theirs in shame while sitting alone in a bedroom somewhere.

These days, however, guys can freely walk the streets without anyone ever knowing they’re wearing one.

  • Be Worn for Hours

There was another flaw to the old-timey penis extenders: They couldn’t be worn for very long without causing pain or discomfort. Today’s devices, on the other hand, are ergonomically correct and feature state-of-the-art materials designed to provide extreme comfort for long-term wear.

  • Work Painlessly

A lot of men are apprehensive about using a penis extender because they think it will be painful or uncomfortable. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially when considering today’s top devices.

Designed to be painless and virtually unnoticeable, modern-day penis extenders are nothing like the models that most people think of when they hear those words.

  • Be Used in Water

It used to be that penis extenders could only be worn in coo, dry places (which just so happens to be the opposite of the crotch). Over time, designers realized that water-proofing their products would do a lot of good.

Now, we have penis extenders that can not only hold up against natural body heat and perspiration but can also be worn/used in the bath and shower.

  • Be Adjusted Manually (as the Penis Grows or Straightens)

Savvy penis extender designers have caught on to one small yet important factor: Men who use effective penis extension products need something that grows with them, or else things become a bit too expensive for the average guy.

Today’s best penis extenders feature components that grow alongside the user, making most of them a solid long-term investment that provides several long-term benefits.

  • Affect the Penis within Days or Weeks

Old-school penis extender models used to require several months, if not years, to render any significant results. Times have finally changed, and now it’s possible to enjoy a larger, fatter penis within just a few weeks/months, depending on the device you choose.

Just remember that quick results aren’t always permanent, and permanent results aren’t always quick.

If you’re still unsure about the validity and efficacy of high-quality penis extenders, then you, sir, are a hardcore skeptic. Or, perhaps it’s because you haven’t been introduced to the right model yet.

Either way, we’re about to get to the bottom of it. After all, settling on the dick you were born with is for losers.

Loser or not, sifting through all the options out there without a roadmap is a rookie move. Shoppers need to at least have a few suggestions to start with, or else they might fall into a marketing trap that leads to empty promises and even emptier bank accounts.

For your sake, I’ve figured out a solution.


The Top 5 Ways to Tell If  This Is The Best Penis Extender On The Market?

We’ve all fallen for good advertising. Don’t act like I’m the only one. Marketing experts are paid good money to use your subconscious thoughts against you.

Can you imagine how many of your hard-earned dollars have been wasted on clever marketing schemes and basic-bitch advertising tactics? Are you as done with that shit as I am? Good.

Let us now concentrate on the things that matter: Quality, efficacy, reputation and design. Those things must come together seamlessly to create the ideal product, whether it has flaws or not.

A well-rounded penis extender is worth more than penis extender that does one thing very well and everything else poorly.

Considering the inescapable fact that all products on the modern-day market are imperfect (at least a little bit), let’s explore the qualities that make a worthwhile penis extender:


There’s really no point in buying a penis extender if it’s not going to work. Regardless of its endorsements or how attractive it looks, the only thing that matters is a penis extender’s efficacy.

Some of the best models are not good-looking at all. Instead, their faithful designers spent all their time and money coming up with a device that did its job. Can we all stop being so vain?

The general consensus on the efficacy of a penis extender can be determined by a variety of things, including but not limited to:

  • Customer Reviews – People are always willing to talk about their experience with a product, especially if that product disappointed them in some way.
  • Expert Evaluations – Professionals know that to look for in a way that’s unknown to the common person. Their evaluations of a product can speak volumes about its quality.
  • Scientific Studies – Finding out whether that penis extender will work sometimes comes down to what the scientists say. Trust technology if you refuse to trust your instincts.
  • Testimonials – Real-life accounts of users with their product can tell you things that generalized customer reviews and scientific studies cannot.

The overall efficacy of a penis extender is not subjective like it may be with sex toys and other pleasure devices. It needs to be guaranteed to work in some way, or else you’re paying for an expensive risk.

If you feel like doing that, why not go to Vegas and have some fun with it?


No matter what a stripper tells you, size always matters. I’m not just talking about the dimensions of your dick either. The size of that penis extender is important as well.

Think about it. If a penis extension device it too bulky to fit under your clothes or if it can’t accommodate your dick, then it’s basically an expensive and complicated piece of trash.

Pay close attention to the dimensions of that penis extender you’re considering. Can it accommodate your penis size?

Since men with otherwise perfectly acceptable penis girths are seeking extenders these days, it’s no wonder that so many devices now offer “grow-with-me” technology that allows users to adjust the settings as the improvements are made.

Both comforting and convenient, this feature is definitely one you should look for.


One of the most important things to think about when searching for a good penis extender is the safety of the components with which it’s made.

Are the combined elements medically proven to work? Do you have to follow any special instructions to avoid injury? How many people become injured by using this product?

You’d be surprised to know the answers.

Not all penis extenders are made the same, thankfully. So, while many have components that are questionable (or complimentary programs that seem fruitless at best), some are actually effective AND safe for the average user.

Look for things like safety/security belts, release valves and adjustable straps.


Keep in mind that some of the best penis extenders are complex machines that take lots of patience and knowledge to operate.

With a ton of extra parts and precision required, some devices may work to increase the size of your penis but may be too complicated at the same time. Be sure to pay attention to that factor when shopping for your first (or next) penis extender.

Features like cushioned openings, automatic pressure release buttons, soft straps, and skin-safe material are a good start.

Also look for a water-resistant or waterproof body, removeable and/or separate parts for easier cleaning and a series of circumference rings to accommodate growth.

If the device doesn’t have those things, then chances are it’s not worth your time.


Keep in mind that not all penis extenders are made from the same stuff. While many are comprised of hypoallergenic materials, some contain things that may cause skin irritation or allergic reactions.

Don’t forget to pay attention to that when shopping for your next device.

Materials can make a big difference in the experience you have with any given product, not excluding penis extenders. A device made from skin-safe materials such as silicone, stainless steel, aluminum or polycarbonate are your best bets.

Unless you know you or your partner won’t suffer from an adverse side effect, always stick with the materials that are proven to be harmless for all skin types.

My Top 5 Best Penis Extenders In 2021:

Do you realize how hard it was for me to narrow down my list of penis extenders to the top three? With so many awesome options out there, my job has become extremely difficult these days.

Against the odds, however, I’ve come up with my favorite three devices. Now, I’m too exhausted to have sex or masturbate even if I wanted to. I hope you’re happy.

#1. The Quick Extender Pro – Best Penis Extender Overall

This is one of the only doctor-approved penis extenders on the market. It comes in every accessory a man can think of, plus it promises at least an inch of growth in less than a month and can fix penile curvature problems as well.

The Quick Extender Pro also features an exclusive Double Strap System (DSS) to ensure maximum comfort and promote better gains. In fact, the QEP coaxes penile cells so effectively that it’s backed by a 100% money-back guarantee.

Founded primarily on safety, this penis extension system uses proven traction to create proportional growth in as little time as possible. The user’s genitals are then expanded both in length and in girth, with minimal upsets to everyday life. The device therefore delivers non-stop tension through adjustable components that fit perfectly under loose-fitting clothes, making it a top choice for men everywhere.


  • Painless mechanisms for maximum wearability

  • Science-based techniques for optimal security

  • Accommodating to all penis sizes


  • May be too complex for beginners

#2. The Male Edge Pro

The Male Edge Pro gained popularity among men because of its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s not as accessory-heavy as other penis extenders, but its streamlined design keeps it just as powerful and comfortable as the more complex models. This device works wonders over time and can be worn overnight for discreet stretching.

Also, it comes with a money-back guarantee just in case it doesn’t work for you and is backed by medical research and documentation too.

This handsomely packaged penis extension system has everything you need to begin subjecting your junk to gentle traction. You can even adjust the device to fit better or stretch harder.

It accommodates all penis sizes from small to large and, if it’s worn correctly, can help treat Peyronie’s disease (penile curvature) as well. The maker even has a tutorial video on the website for those who are new to penis extending at home.


  • Ideal for beginners and pros

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Perfect for discretion and travel


  • May not offer the amount of growth some require

#3. Andropenis Gold

The Andropenis system is the world’s number one selling penis extension kit and there are many good reasons for that. First of all, the device is doctor recommended because of its safe and suitable design.

It’s also ideal for men with erectile dysfunction problems, Peyronie’s disease, and micro-penis issues. Plus, its one of the simplest contraptions to use while still being completely customizable for the wearer. Meanwhile, the average man witnesses a 3cm expansion to his penis length and girth within just a few weeks.

This system works wonders for men with an active sex life as well. It can be worn for several hours during the day and then taken off for bathroom visits, showers, and intimacy. Using adjustable traction and fitted components, the Andropenis extender delivers robust traction to promote growth on a cellular level.

Thus, it’s commonly used in hospitals and pharmacies around the globe, with some insurance companies actually covering its purchase for medical reasons.


  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Scientifically proven results

  • Live support for guided use


  • May not be comfortable for some men

 #4. The Phallosan Forte Penis Stretcher


Effective and comfortable, this medical-grade masterpiece comes in three different sizes to accommodate as many men as possible.

Made with a hypoallergenic material and featuring things like a convenient elastic belt, a measuring temple to track your progress, a trio of suction belts to customize your fit, a detachable tension clip, and a 3-way suction valve, this thing has it all.

Relatively easy to use, the Phallosan Forte comes with simple instructions and I got mine with a travel bag which helped me hide if from my nosey roommates.

PRO: It’s a terrific device for a penis extension newbie, plus it grows with you with easy adjustments.

CON: It’s not as high-tech as some of the other penis extenders on this list.

#5. X4 Labs Patriot Unlimited


This futuristic package comes in patriotic colors that represent two different functions. The kit also comes with separate carrying cases to keep things organized.

On top of that, it includes the brand’s patented InfiniteFit Quad System and a Wide Girth Base for maximum results.

Unmatched in the penis extender industry, the X4 Labs Patriot Unlimited bolsters results and even comes with a 6-months tracker for enthusiastic users.

PRO: Results are guaranteed, and they typically happen within a few weeks of using the X4 system.

CON: It may be difficult to use and/or assemble for some people, even with the help of the instructions.

#6. SizeGenetics Penis Extender


Hailed as “the most comfortable penis extender in the world,” the SizeGenetics device comes with free enlargement exercises to use with the device, plus a it includes a pamphlet on techniques to help control when you ejaculate.

Complete with an official medical device certificate, this product promised to deliver at least an inch in growth within three months and it did.

Furthermore, it’s the only traction device on the market that’s endorsed by physicians.

Easy to use and even easier to maintain, the SizeGenetics penis extender is a user-friendly options ideal for newbies and experts alike.

PRO: It’s extremely easy to put on and take off, plus it provides noticeable results within just a few weeks.

CON: It’s not as customizable as some men would like.

Tips for Using Your Penis Extender Properly

Did you know that you could buy the best penis extender on the market and still end up disappointed by the results you get? That’s because it all depends on how you use it and whether you follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter.

If you don’t, and suffer from lackluster side effects as a result, there will be nobody to blame but yourself.

In other words, the quality of a penis extender is only half the equation. Nobody tells you that, but I will. Even some of the penis extenders not mentioned on this list will render significant results if they’re used as directed, but don’t tell anyone I said that.

The next thing you know, people will think I endorse cheap, worthless pieces of garbage just because I uttered those words.

Anyway, here are a few tips on how to get the most out of whichever penis extender you buy:

  1. Warm Up – Try to always prepare your penis for what it’s about to go through. Failure to do so can result in damage to penile tissue, not to mention extreme pain and an inability to perform sexually.
  2. Take It Easy – Despite what the directions say, if anything causes you intense pain you should stop right away. Consult a doctor if the pain causes you to suffer from other side effects such as a rash, inability to urinate, or chronic throbbing.
  3. Switch It Up – Use a combination of the penis extending device and hand techniques for best results. Combine your penis extension regimen with a stamina training sex toy to blast your sexual performance into the next level.

While there is no magic number used to determine how long it will take for a penis extension device to produce growth, the best models typically prove themselves within six weeks to six months.

Of course, everything depends on the man using it, the device he’s using and how many times per day/week he straps it on. Either way, six weeks and six months are both a lot shorter than a lifetime of a tiny dick.

Remember, no matter how eager you are to enhance the size of your family jewels, it’s best not to wear a penis extender for more than 10-12 hours at a time.

However, that span depends on the strength of the tension used on the device. If unsure about how to proceed, I suggest consulting with a doctor. If, like me, you wish to keep this shit on the DL, start slow and gradually work you way up.

Stop when you feel uncomfortable and never exceed the 12-hour limit.

Penis extenders really work, or else they’d already be obsolete. It’s just that so many money-hungry manufacturers have taken advantage of the modern man’s desire for a bigger and better penis.

No problem; the information contained here, and your own common sense, are enough to put those idiots in their place.

The End Game

The selection may be insanely large but your penis never will be unless you take a chance on a penis extender. No product is going to be perfect, so don’t get discouraged if you’re still skeptical.

What matters most is that all the features of your chosen device come together to provide you with a satisfying (and painless) experience (hopefully more than once).

If that calls for a 12-piece penis extender with medical-grade components and a 5-step exercise program, then so be it.

This is between you and your disappointing dick. Tell the haters to stay in their own lane.

Penis Extender FAQ

Q: Are penis extension devices the same as penis pumps?

A: Contrary to popular belief, penis extenders and penis pumps are two different things. Although they both get attached to the user’s genitals and can increase the size of his junk, they operate in two different ways. In fact, pumps only offer temporary changes to the landscape using vacuum pressure while extenders provide long-term results that can be easily maintained with regular traction.

Q: How do these devices make my penis larger?

A: Extensions devices for the penis use a scientific method called traction to promote penile growth over time. Traction is another word for controlled tension. That tension creates a stir at the cellular level, causing an expansion in length and/or girth. In many cases, prolonged traction (tension) can help treat Peyronie’s disease (curvature of the penis). Penises without a curve in the middle are generally longer and much more pleasing to sexual partners. Thus, penis extenders make male genitalia larger in two distinct ways: through direct pressure on the penile tissues and through correcting anatomical abnormalities without surgery.

Q: Can I wear a penis extender overnight?

A: Most devices cannot be worn overnight because of how powerful they are, or because of the number of accessories and moving parts that are involved. Simpler contraptions are generally approved for overnight use, but it’s still important to check the owner’s manual for more information. Just remember that wearing your device while you sleep may put you at risk for device damage or injury. So, even if you’re allowed to do it that way, try to be cautious and set an alarm for the morning.

Q: How do I clean a penis extender?

A: The proper way to clean one of these things depends on the maker. Each device will require a unique process for cleaning and maintenance. So, be sure to read your owner’s manual for more information. In general, however, most devices can be cleaned with warm water and a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic soap or sex toy cleaner. There may be some disassembly and assembly required to reach all the nooks and crannies, though. Also, it’s important to let your device dry completely before returning it to storage. Contact the manufacturer for more details or to get compatible storage containers for your device.

Q: How do I store mine when I get done?

A: The proper way to store your extender depends on what the manufacturer says. Each device will require a unique process for storage and safe-keeping. So, be sure to read your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer for more details. In general, however, these devices need to be kept in a clean, dry area of your home or office. They shouldn’t be left in contact with environmental debris or extreme hot or cold temperatures either. If possible, buy a special storage container to keep your device safe and secure. In some cases, these things come with containers of their own because of how many accessories are included. Thus, never throw away your boxes until you have a safe place to store your items.

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