Top 5 Best Pheromones For Men Reviewed In 2022

The best pheromones are said to help people attract potential partners. Ancient cultures used to wear them when courting or trying to reproduce.

Meanwhile, today’s culture sports pheromones at the club in pursuit of some strange. Isn’t evolution sexy?

You have multiple options when using pheromones for dating and better sex.

Tailor the formula to your desires and wear it under your favorite fragrance. Or combine an alluring formula with various hygiene products to keep fanning the fumes all day.

The choice is yours, but try to learn everything possible about pheromones and how they work.

Here is what you need to know, plus the top five products I’d recommend and FAQs to help you decide.

What Are Pheromones For Men?

Pheromones are chemicals, and they don’t usually occur in nature.

That means scientists must create them in a lab, but that’s also good news for you. Lab-created hormones are extra intense and less expensive than natural chemicals.

Plus, technicians can tailor them to specific people, blood types, and social groups.

These products can trigger a social, emotional, or physical response that essentially manipulates people’s reactions to your presence.

Often, the pheromones are unscented, meaning others can’t tell you’re wearing a fragrance.

So, you can get folks to talk to you, ask you out, or sleep with you if you play your cards right.

The most exciting part is how pheromones work. Many speculate that they have no effect on human behavior at all.

However, scientists have proven that animals use undetectable hormone secretions when mating. It’s plausible that people also experience a subconscious change when exposed to synthetic replicas.

Yet, studies still suggest that the quality and ingredients can influence the potency.

How Do Male Pheromones Work?

Unlike other human hormones, pheromones exist outside the body.

They don’t function the same as estrogen, testosterone, or progesterone. Experts also classify them as something different.

In most circles, they’re called ectohormones because they interact with body chemistry through external forces. Endohormones pump through the brain and body without affecting other people.

Ectohormones trigger neuroreceptors, which can change behaviors, cravings, and tendencies.

People typically use them to attract the opposite sex, although some formulas can also help same-sex couples meet. These chemicals enter the bloodstream through the olfactory system and change how our brains process information.

The result is an increased interest in socializing, flirting, and having sex for some people.

For others, there is no impact at all. You still hear about skeptics who say pheromones don’t work.

However, each person can have a unique experience while wearing them. So, it’s wise to try a few different brands for yourself.

The Pros & Cons of Using Pheromones For Men

Using the best pheromones means shopping for various products until you find one that works. It could also mean weighing the pros and cons before spending your money.

Many formulas are expensive, and most people don’t want to waste their cash. Some bottles are super tiny, requiring several layers for optimal results.

There are other considerations you can’t ignore.

Here is what you have to think about first:


  • You can’t wear too many pheromones.
  • These products are perfect for under other fragrances and deodorants.
  • They are legal to purchase, use, and distribute in all 50 states.
  • The ingredients are generally hypoallergenic and safe on fabrics.
  • Most people can’t even tell you’re wearing it.
  • You can choose products to attract targeted groups.
  • Sexual arousal and attraction are the two most common side effects.


  • The impact you want is not guaranteed.
  • You have to continually reapply it throughout the day.
  • Different products can have different potencies.
  • Some formulas are for specific sexual orientations.
  • Certain perfumes and colognes can negate effectiveness.

No two pheromones are the same, so always read the label before applying anything to your skin or clothes. Also, pick your products carefully by shopping through trusted retailers. Potent chemicals from disreputable sources can be hazardous.

How to Pick the Best Pheromones On The Market

Your sex life could depend on the next few decisions you make. The reason is that pheromones can help you catch the attention of someone you desire.

The right product can also make you seem irresistible, increasing your chances of getting lucky. Whether you’re attractive or not, performance enhancers are always welcome.

The number of different pheromone types is almost impossible to count. There are hundreds of companies peddling dozens of products promising a passionate night.

However, many pheromones are too diluted to inspire arousal or lack the active ingredients required for such behavior.

Selecting the best pheromones helps you avoid becoming a statistic.

Excellent sprays, oils, and lotions often cause meaningful change in the atmosphere.

Remember, even tiny insects can sense powerful ectohormones. Imagine how your crush might feel. Then look for the following things:


Product quality is essential when choosing pheromones. You can’t always test it first, but you can consider some reviews.

The brand’s reputation is also crucial, as is its packaging process. Never buy synthetic hormones in broken or damaged containers, and stay away from stuff with generic labels.


The quality of the packaging is critical, but so is the container’s design. Each product should come ready for convenient use, not hidden inside a complex contraption.

Since you must reapply pheromones often, easy accessibility is vital. It also helps you look smooth when you’re around the honeys.


You want to know what’s inside the bottle for several reasons. The ingredients can tell you many things about a product’s quality and effectiveness.

For example, did you know that many formulas contain fillers, fragrances, and fragments of other materials? If you have sensitive skin, this could be a concern.


It’s not always easy to tell how strong a pheromone is. Even the ingredients can be relatively vague when describing the expectations.

However, you can determine pheromone potency by its purity. If the bottle contains nothing but ectohormones and a carrier material, you’re good to go.


Many pheromones are scent-free, allowing you to layer them under your favorite grooming products.

Meanwhile, some double as toiletries, cosmetics, and hygiene items to provide a refreshing aroma. You can go either way and still enjoy the same results.

This one is a matter of personal taste.

You’re looking for high-quality pheromones in excellent containers with potent ingredients and a pleasant scent.

Don’t become too concerned about the price unless it seems outrageous. The average product can last several weeks, even with continual use.

Plus, running out gives you the opportunity to try something new.

TIP: Choose your top three favorite products. Then use them intermittently to determine which one works best with your body chemistry.

What to Look For

You’ll likely find about a thousand different options if you type “best male pheromones” into your search bar.

Each manufacturer also promises that their product is the most potent. However, they can’t all be top-tier. You have to know what to look for, or else you’ll waste time and money on substances that don’t work.

Here is where to start:

Convenient Delivery Systems

The container means more than you think, as does the nozzle or lid. The reason is that you usually have to reapply these products every few hours. You also want to be as discreet as possible. So, awkward bottles can make it impossible to hide your secrets. And if people know you’re using pheromones, they might behave contrary to their intuition (and your intention).

Look for ergonomic containers with user-friendly lids, sprayers, pumps, and rollers.

Lightweight Formulas

Heavy liquids can stain fabrics, ruin your clothes, and make other hygiene products perform differently.

They could also make it more challenging to reapply additional pheromone layers later. Thick formulas feel tacky on the skin, and they don’t wash off easily either.

You could end up wearing too much, which might have the opposite effect on potential partners.

Look for long-lasting, lightweight products that don’t require too many layers.

Skin-Safe Ingredients

Although allergic reactions are rare, they’re still possible. You can also experience skin irritation without an allergy if you use a low-quality product.

Scratching and breaking out in a rash isn’t cute. So, check the label to determine the ingredients, then pay close attention to the fillers and carrier materials.

You don’t want to use anything with parabens or phthalates.

Look for hypoallergenic formulas to enjoy powerful attractions without an uncomfortable incident.

Excellent Smells

Most synthetic ectohormones are scent-free, meaning you can’t smell them on your skin or clothes.

They work by affecting a person’s hormonal response via neuroreceptors. So, they don’t really rely on olfactory senses.

However, some pheromones double as perfume or cologne. The aroma can be subtle or intense, depending on the brand.

Look for something that coordinates with your other hygiene products.

What to Avoid

Terrific products aren’t always easy to find, even if you know what to look for. Many formulas feature all the good stuff and still have qualities people don’t like.

That’s how you get frustrated and become an anti-pheromone statistic. You must learn to tell the difference then avoid these three things at all costs:

  1. Stickiness – Stay away from glucose formulas because they’re generally tackier on the skin.
  2. Cheap Containers – Pay for products in durable bottles with simple tops instead.
  3. Foul Odors – Don’t wear scents that clash with your body chemistry.

Low-quality products will always cost less, but the price isn’t always indicative of their value.

Some expensive pheromones can feel sticky, smell offensive, or not even work. You can’t judge a book by its cover, nor can you judge a synthetic hormone by its price tag.

Consider the manufacturer, retailer, and labeling instead.

DID YOU KNOW: The best pheromones come from U.S.-based manufacturers and feature modern branding.

How to Wear Pheromones

Wearing something without a smell to attract hotties with no guarantees can be tricky. If this seems like voodoo, that’s because it harnesses natural forces to create mysterious atmospheric changes.

This is more scientific than magical. It’s also terrific news if you need something more reliable than excellent marketing.

Knowing how to wear pheromones is essential. Do you apply a ton or use it sparingly? How often should you reapply?

Is this stuff safe to wear while drinking, and is it considered a drug? Now you’re panicking. Settle down, sexy pants.

This is easier than you think.

Check the ingredients first. Then choose your favorite products, and follow these three simple steps to attract more people:

Step One: Start with Clean Skin and Clothes

Pheromones are potent aphrodisiacs.

However, they might not be able to perform through your body odors and foul-smelling clothes.

So, bathe or shower with your favorite soap first. Then do your laundry and use an odor-eliminating detergent.

TIP: Integrate as many different pheromone-enriched products into your routine as possible.

Step Two: Apply to Your Pulse Points

Put your product where your body pumps out the most energy.

Place it behind your ears and down the sides of your neck. Then apply a little to your wrists, beneath your arms, and around your erogenous zones.

You can also spray some directly on your clothes without staining them.

TIP: For a more intense experience, put pheromones on each of your chakras.

Step Three: Refresh Every 2-3 Hours

Each formula is different, so always check the instructions to determine how often you should reapply.

However, expect to refresh your secret aroma every few hours regardless of what brand you use.

You can apply it as often as needed without negative consequences. But you can’t make pheromones more powerful by wearing multiple layers. These products are limited by their ingredients and potency.

TIP: Carry your container in a pocket or purse to enhance your appeal on the go.

Choose high-quality pheromones, and you won’t have to worry as much about the dosage. You can also wear it on different parts of your body or put it on various pieces of clothing and accessories.

Always test your products first to avoid staining and allergic reactions. Or talk to your doctor if you’re unsure how ectohormones will affect you.

The Top 5 Best Pheromones For Men In 2022:

Ready to start shopping for ectohormones that help you get lucky? Remember the basics, avoid the critical pitfalls, then check out these top five pheromones first.

#1. Nexus Pheromones – Best Pheromones For Men Overall


Experience a unique blend of intoxicating compounds and amplify your attraction. Give the opposite sex something to talk about with Nexus Pheromones.

This proprietary product features seven distinct ingredients to sex up your social game by a thousand times.

It also has a faint aroma to help minimize your musk when the temperatures rise. You can wear it under or over clothes, and it’s perfect for routine layering.

Plus, its potency doesn’t decrease just because you sweat. It stays on for hours but is still easy to wash off.


  • 30-60 Day Supply
  • Subtly Scented
  • Skin-Safe Ingredients

PRO: The company will return your money if their product doesn’t work.

CON: This product is designed primarily for heterosexual men.

#2. Pherazone Spray


Send your sex appeal into overdrive and take advantage of the extra attention. With Pherazone Spray, you can draw potential partners like magnets while enjoying a refreshing burst of a designer fragrance.

Multitask your magnificence and skyrocket your sexiness using an elegant airless bottle and potent ingredients.

This formula is also praised for enhancing casual social interactions such as business meetings and gatherings with friends.

This unique blend was voted #1 Pheromone Cologne in three separate surveys. Will it work wonders for you too?


  • 30 Day Supply
  • Highly Fragranced
  • Skin-Safe Ingredients

PRO: The company will return your money if their product doesn’t work.

CON: Some people might not enjoy the robust smell of this formula.

#3. True Instinct


Why wait for results when you can have them immediately? True Instinct pheromones kick in instantly to help you attract partners before the window of opportunity closes.

This formula releases its potency into the air within seconds. It also features specific ingredients that mimic human sex hormones, meaning you can inspire an organic connection that lasts for hours.

Its unique formula has long-lasting compounds to help you preserve your supply.

Plus, it comes in modern packaging, so you never have to worry about fumbling for more.


  • 30-60 Day Supply
  • Unscented
  • Skin-Safe Ingredients

PRO: The company will return your money if their product doesn’t work.

CON: This stuff is so powerful that you can actually overdose on it.

#4. Xist Pheromone Oil


Become more than friends tonight, and boost your chances by wearing Xist Pheromone Oil. If she doesn’t know you like her, she will after this.

With a patented formula, you get a product that adds a little spark to your social interactions. It’s not too subtle and not too potent, offering the perfect amount of intrigue to help you slip through the back door.

Each bottle comes with an easy-drip dropper for discreet applications. You can also carefully measure your dosage using a convenient measuring system.

Meanwhile, each layer lasts for about 10 hours, saving time, saving money, and saving face while wearing it.


  • 30 Day Supply
  • Subtly Scented
  • Skin-Safe Ingredients

PRO: The company will return your money if their product doesn’t work.

CON: This is an oil-based product, so it can stain your clothes.

#5. RawChemistry


This planet-loving product is perfect for boosting both sides of the equation. RawChemistry pheromone colognes and perfumes use locally sourced ingredients to pamper the planet and perk your playtime.

Their handmade formulas also feature skin-soothing compounds to nourish your complexion and prep your body for close contact.

You can wear it with or without your favorite hygiene products and enjoy long-lasting effects with each new layer. It also comes in travel-friendly packaging to help you stay fresh on the go.


  • 30-60 Day Supply
  • Subtly Scented
  • Skin-Safe Ingredients

PRO: The company will return your money if their product doesn’t work.

CON: This is an oil-based product, so it can stain your clothes.

Where To Buy The Top Pheromones For Men Online:


Conclusion: Pheromones Work Wonders

Pheromones use the body’s natural functions to improve relations between potential partners. That’s just a fancy way of saying they make you seem more attractive to people.

So, use them wisely and choose high-quality products to avoid common mistakes and enjoy more meaningful connections.

Male Pheromone FAQs

Is There a Specific Way to Apply Pheromones?

There is no specific way to wear ectohormones unless you’re afraid of staining your clothes.

Most products work best if you use them on your pulse points. So, spray or rub pheromones on your wrists, behind your ears, and on your neck.

You can also apply some directly to your clothing with stain-free formulas. Check the label for more information about the ingredients and application methods.

How Do I Wash It Off?

It’s relatively easy to remove pheromones after applying them.

First, try to remember where you sprayed or rubbed the substance. Then remove any affected clothing and wash your skin with soap and water.

You may not be able to get it all off if you use oil-based products because they can soak into the skin. Always read the label for more information about the ingredients and cleaning methods.

How Do I Store My Products?

Store your favorite products according to the label or instructions.

Most manufacturers will want you to keep your stuff in a cool, dry area. You can use a bedside table, medicine cabinet, or dresser drawer for a modest collection.

However, avoid storing all pheromones in places exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Remove bottles from direct sunlight also.

Are There Any Negative Side Effects?

Most people can use pheromones without any harm. Many skeptics say that the substances don’t do anything, let alone hurt you.

However, some folks experience a minor allergic reaction to specific ingredients such as carrier oils and fillers. And certain synthetic hormones could also interfere with prescription medications.

Read the label for content and safety information, then talk to your doctor if you’re unsure how these products will affect you.

How Do I Know If My Pheromones Are Working?

It can be challenging to determine whether or not your pheromones are working.

The best way to tell is by comparing your social interactions before and after each application. You know synthetic hormones work if you get more positive attention when wearing them.

If things don’t seem to change, it might be time to try a different formula.

Read the label for more information about effectiveness, dosage, and reapplication times.

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