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Top 5 Best Sex Chairs On The Market In 2023 – Reviews & Best Prices Online (See The List Below)

Bondage Boutique Sex Position Chair
  • Easily dismantles and tucks under your bed until next time
  • 4 x layers of wide, reinforced elastic offer satisfying support and bounce
  • Holds maximum weight of 150kg
Liberator Black Label Esse
  • Stylishly elevated fetish-inspired sex furniture designed for playful restraint
  • Designed for a variety of Kama Sutra-inspired sexual positions and angles
  • Optional cuffs kit and nylon extension tethers
Liberator Sex Position Wedge Ramp Combo
  • Set of 2 angled sex position pillows for better positions
  • Cushions can be used separately or together for a variety of play options
  • Cushions feature a 'responsive core' for reliable support of 2 bodies in any position
Liberator Zeppelin Lounger
  • Giant-sized ship of shredded, high-density foam
  • Angled positioning pillows for limitless positions
  • Better access for missionary & anal sex
DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Position Chair
  • Sturdy faux leather sex chair with two seat surfaces for use during all kinds of play
  • Large 9 inch hole lets you explore queening and other forms of oral sex
  • Comes entirely pre-assembled for your convenience

Because You Can Do It, But You Don’t Have to Put Your Back Into It.

Did you know that there are more than 2 million reported cases of sex-related injuries just in the United States, according to a recent study done by the National Institutes of Health (NIH)? And while those numbers seem high, it’s possible that they’re even more alarming than that.

I mean think about it: How willing would you be to tell a hot emergency room nurse that your injuries are due to your inability to have sex without pulling a muscle? That’s some pretty lame shit right there, and luckily there’s a way to avoid it altogether.

Sex chairs, cushions and other types of position supporting furniture have been used by erotic enthusiasts since the dawn of time. Their practical purposes are second only to their rather attractive appearance. After all, what’s better looking: a rolled up blanket or a specially designed sex pillow?

That’s a rhetorical question, folks. We all know that the answer is anything that’s not rigged into something else. That includes your bed clothes and bathroom supplies, you backwards weirdos. Who in their right mind feels safe when holding a position with help from only a makeshift support system. Nobody, that’s who.

I started using sex chairs, pillows, wedges, ramps and cushions when I was very young, and I consider myself lucky for having the foresight to protect my anatomy from the rigors of a robust sex life. I’ve never been to the ER for a sex-related injury and I’ve never been a statistic for the NIH.

That’s because I know what I’m doing and what I’m looking for, and you will too if you follow this buyer’s guide to the end. I don’t take the time to write all this out for nothing, by the way. And I don’t get paid, so you know it’s all about honest philanthropy. Scout’s honor.

You can get a good piece of sex furniture without knowing some stuff about yourself and/or your partner first. Answer these five simple questions before proceeding:

  • Do my partner and I even want to try new sex positions or do we just need help with body and weight support to prevent injury?
  • How much does everyone weigh and will that weight fluctuate significantly at any point (post-partum, after dieting, etc.)?
  • Can my sex furniture be displayed in a main living area or will I need a special space for storage?
  • Is there a specific type of personal lubrication that needs to be used because of skin sensitivities, allergies or special sex acts?
  • What kind of time do I have for cleaning and maintaining a piece of luxury-grade sex furniture?

Now that you know more about what you came here for, let’s get down to business. It’s also crucial to understand what I’m talking about when I say “sex chair” or “furniture.”

These things are not your run-of-the-mill parlor chair. Some of them may be made to look like that, but they’re all secretly designed to do so much more. School is now in session, boys and girls. Get your pen and paper ready for some serious note taking.

What Is a Sex Chair?

Commonly referred to as “position enhancing furniture,” sex chairs are a type of sturdy, weight-supporting item that’s used during various sex acts to inspire and/or promote deeper penetration, safer stance security, and more intense orgasms for all participants.

The best sex chairs features durable components that remain strong even under tremendous pressure. This is an important factor because properly proportionate position enhancing furniture like this can often hold more than one person’s weight at a time.

Contemporary sex furniture is made to last, but sex chairs are especially long-lasting. Their general make-up is usually a material that’s both skin-safe and strong.

You’ll see mostly wood, metal, leather or nylon when it comes to these items. However, innovative manufacturers are always playing with different materials and blends, so don’t be surprised if you come across something new between now and the time you read this. The point is to make sure the chair or cushion is composed of hard-wearing stuff because otherwise it will defeat the purpose.

Sex chairs are made to make sex easy (or hard, depending on what you’re into). It’s impossible to enjoy a good product if you don’t know some basics to begin with though.

And while you may think that selecting the right product is easy, sex chair ownership requires knowledge about the following personal matters at least. Ask yourself these important questions before proceeding:

  • Have I ever used any kind of sex chair or position enhancing furniture before?
    • If so, what did I like and/or dislike about it?
    • Would I be willing to try something similar if it was made by a different company?
    • How could I improve my experience this time around?
  • What sorts of sex acts am I planning to perform or engage in with this new sex chair of mine?
    • Is there a certain type, shape or size sex chair I need?
    • How many people will be involved in the sex act and how much do they weigh?
    • Will the primary user of the chair be me or my partner?
  • Do I have any special mobility limitations to consider?
    • Is there are specific chair design that’s required for me to have a healthy and satisfying sex life?
    • Will my chair be used for anything besides blatant sex acts with my partner?
    • Does the chair need to have any special safety equipment or restraints?
  • How much money am I willing to spend on a high-quality sex chair?
    • Am I prepared to cover any additional costs associated with maintenance and/or accessories?
    • Do I need something that comes with a money-back guarantee or manufacturer’s warranty?
    • Does the total cost reflect the price of shipping?

They say knowing yourself is the first step towards knowing pure joy. Okay, so “they” don’t say that, but I sure as hell do. How else are you supposed to enjoy a full-fledged sex life if you’re not willing to ask yourself the tough questions?

This part of the process may seem pointless, but it’s most certainly not. In fact, it’s the only way you’ll ever understand why today’s best sex chairs sell by millions. And don’t get this twisted with the types of chairs you find in the average person’s kitchen. Contemporary sex chairs are not what you’d expect, and some of them don’t even look like chairs at all. Stay tuned to find out why they’re all awesome.

My Top 5 Best Sex Chairs In 2023:

I’ve been trying to get everyone I know to buy a piece of luxury sex furniture and it’s not winning me any friends. I guess my overzealous attitude is because of the advantages I mentioned above, or maybe it’s because I’ve been lucky enough to test each of the following sex chairs for myself.

You can’t knock it ’til you try it, so why not start your shopping trip by considering these five products below? And don’t worry about hurting my feelings if you don’t like any of them; there’s nothing in this for me anyway.

I’m just trying to help my people have amazing sex.

The Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer Chair – Best Sex Chair Overall


Put your submissive in their place by strapping them to the Sex Position Enhancer Chair by Bondage Boutique.

Durable, practical and pretty, this 21-inch metal sex chair offers a maximum weight stability of 330+ pounds (or 150 kilograms), surprising since it’s super lightweight and can even be dismantled quickly for easy storage.

Made to support you and your lover no matter what position you desire, it features a sturdy frame that’s covered tightly by four layers of reinforced elastic for a satisfying bounce.

The entire frame is covered in a soft, squishy foam for added safety and the flatpack design makes it ideal for traveling and impromptu lovemaking sessions.

Did I mention that this sex chair can be used with almost any toy, accessory, or BDSM tool? Yeah, it does that too.

PRO: The overall design significantly reduces muscle strains, sprains and injuries during sexual experimentation and exploration of the Kamasutra.

CON: Some major assembly is required and the elastic cover is very difficult to stretch, so it make take the help of a friend to get the party started. So much for surprises.


The Liberator Esse


This chaise-style lounge chair for sex is the ideal product for everything from love-making and stretching to exercise and napping.

It features a double arc design that promotes position creativity by emulating the curves of the average person’s body while enhancing freedom of movement in every pose and posture.

Follow the Kamasutra or create your own angles and movements on the Liberator Kamasutra – an expertly crafted piece of furniture that measures almost 5 1/2 feet in length and 1 1/2 feet in width.

This surprisingly affordable, luxury-grade sex chair stands about 2 feet off the ground and is covered in a soft, skin-safe, machine washable micro-velvet polyester material with a high-density, moisture-wicking foam layered beneath.

PRO: The sex chair itself only weighs 24 pounds but it can support all body types and weights because of its heavy-duty design.

CON: The zip-up cover is somewhat difficult to replace after cleaning because the foam interior gets bunched up easily in the process.


The Tantra Lovemaking Chair


As a tough contender for the Best Overall spot, the high-end, heavy-duty Tantra Chair is an officially fantastic piece of sex furniture.

Made out of 100% eco-friendly materials that are both good for the environment and good for your skin, this sturdy stabilizer maintains its elegant appearance and essential functionality with effortless maintenance features – patent leather materials with moisture and stain resistance, anti-microbial properties, and the beloved double arced design that’s known for its ability to safely support any sex position.

As the first of its kind, this studded chaise is sleek, sexy and discreet enough to remain in the room even when you’re not using it. In fact, I used mine as a decorative piece for the living room until someone called me out on it.

They’re not allowed at my house anymore, by the way.

PRO: It looks like a regular piece of furniture and can be quickly cleaned with a wet wash cloth instead of needing its cover removed and/or replaced.

CON: It’s too large and heavy to be put away in storage, so you better have the space and décor to justify its presence in the room.

BEST FOR TOY LOVERS: The Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow

Hump your way to heaven with the Humphrey Toy Mount Sex Pillow by the well-known Liberator brand.

It features a universal toy mount (AKA “Inception Pocket”) to hold your favorite suction cup dildo, vibrator or wand steady during hands-free fun, plus it ‘s designed to support all body types and most weights that lay on it.

Take full advantage of its versatility too – tuck the liner into the specially designed slots to make it compatible with any position or marital aiding device.

The plush, washable, skin-safe microfiber material also has an inside pocket for a bullet vibrator, and the water-resistant lining makes maintenance a breeze.

Measuring 34 inches in length, 20 inches in width and 3 inches in depth, it suffices for a substantial presence but also fits discreetly under the bed when you’re done.

PRO: It promotes better body control and easier hands-free play, even if a sex toy isn’t attached to it.

CON: The dildo/vibrator is not included with this chair, but products with an included sex toy aren’t as high-quality as this one.

BEST FOR A TIGHT BUDGET: The Liberator Talea Spreader Bar

This essential piece of sex furniture is good for all sorts of sexual appetites, from BDSM enthusiasts to soothing, sensual lovers. Explore your skills, practice your approach and keep your partner in the perfect position with the Liberator Talea Spreader Bar with Cuffs.

This multitasking marvel features a cushioned bar to keep legs spread wide open and a set of secure cuffs for the wrists or ankles. It’s a fully adjustable, wipe-clean sex chair that folds up for easy storage and supports almost any body type.

In fact, its unique design supports two bodies at the same time, for sexy wrestling and simple accessory incorporation. The LTS measures 30 inches in length and 5 inches in diameter, with a Velcro fastened cuff design and a water-resistant cover as well.

PRO: It’s made out of a faux leather material that’s ideal for all lube types, plus the cover can be removed for cleaning if necessary.

CON: The foam core could be a little thicker to decrease pelvic pressure and make long-term use more comfortable.

Why Use a Chair For Sex Though?

Sex furniture, in one form or another, has been around and in use for quite some time. Way back in the day, people would invent their own versions of these chairs by combining different items from around their house to support the weights of the willing.

Things weren’t nearly as safe or satisfying in those days, but the main idea was rooted in sensibility and logic.

After all, well-made furniture for sex positioning is not only better for your sex life, it’s better for your back as well.

Today, top-brand sex chairs are sold to people from all over world by manufacturers whose names have become the topics of casual conversation.

No longer seen as taboo tools or torture, position enhancing furniture like the Tantra Chair and the Kamasutra Chair are household staples, even for people who wouldn’t otherwise consider themselves kinky. Below are what I believe to be the top five reasons why:

  • People Are Having Safer Sex 

Because a sturdy, high-quality piece sex furniture can support even the heaviest and most limited of body types, people are able to enjoy the difficult positions they crave without suffering from terrible back pain in the morning.

This increase in safety has inspired greater confidence in once timid lovers, thereby instigating a rolling fire of passion between cautious couples around the world.

  • Lovers Are Enjoying Deeper Penetration 

Really get in there deep when you have the support of a well-made sex chair or cushion. Things like mobility issues, anatomy limitations, weight gaps and back problems can make it impossible to achieve the positions you truly desire.

Bring a piece of heavy-duty sex furniture into the bedroom and things start to take a turn for the better almost instantly.

  • Toy Fans Are Using Their Playthings and BDSM Restraints in New Ways 

Sex toy enthusiasts find it much easier to explore their devices and experiment with new ways to use them thanks to the inclusion of well-made position enhancing chairs.

In fact, some of the best pieces of sex furniture even feature integrated toys and/or universal slots to hold your favorite sex toy in place.

Try it hands-free or strap on your BDSM restraints for even more fun and excitement.

  • Kamasutra Connoisseurs Are Overwhelmed with Options 

Explorers of the Kamasutra can appreciate the benefits of a sex chair for obvious reasons. The better the furniture, the more positions you can achieve.

High-end sex chairs are appropriate for almost any size body too, plus they’re sturdy enough to support sex acts that require little to no manual balance.

Even if you and your partner are nearly the same size, good sex furniture can make it easier to cross off those Kamasutra positions on your To-Do list without breaking your back in the process.

  • Discreet People Are Keeping Their Privacy Intact

The right sex chair does all those things, but it can also serve as an attractive and functional piece of art or décor for your home. Today’s best manufacturers create stunning products that look good in the room when they’re not in use.

And for those of us who prefer even more discretion, most sex furniture makers offer travel-friendly, compact and/or storable options just in case.

As one of the most useful yet inconspicuous products in the industry, positioning cushions are an unobtrusive alternative to having a swing hanging from the ceiling.

Is it obvious now why so many people opt for sex chairs instead of any other type of position enhancing furniture? Simply knowing what one is and discovering all the different ways it can benefit your sex life isn’t enough though.

This search takes all the necessary due diligence of a home or auto purchase, even if you thought homework was finished in high school and sex furniture acquisition was quick and painless.

There will be some difficult truths up ahead, but remain steadfast and you’ll cum out on the other side unscathed.

The Top 5 Ways to Tell If That Sex Chair Is Worth It or Not

Buying a new sex chair or cushion may require special attention to details, but it gets a whole lot easier when you remember to look at or consider the following five things on every piece in your shopping cart:

  • The Size

Size is important when it comes to everything, and bigger isn’t always better. The size of the sex chair you choose needs to match the things you plan to do with it as well as the body types of people you plan to do those things with.

In other words, find furniture that’s conducive with your sex life and the people involved in it.

For some sex acts, large or heavy chairs are more cumbersome than helpful. For other acts, small or lightweight chairs make certain positions impossible. What kind of sex chair or cushion do you think would work best in your unique situation, that’s the million-dollar question.

  • The Shape

Stay in top physical shape by considering the overall dimensions and form of your favorite sex chairs. You’ll come across chairs and cushions of all different varieties – circular, bar-like, triangular, wedged, four-legged, chaise style, etc.

The shape of the chair will determine what you can do with it and how hard or easy it is to hide when you’re not using it.

In short, form meets function in the most eloquent way when it comes to this kind of thing. If the shape of the chair is wrong, it won’t do it’s job no matter how strong or stubborn you are.

  • The Versatility

Check to see if the product you like can bend, fold or change its shape in any way. Versatile position enhancing devices make experimentation and exploration safer and more satisfying.

Get that deep penetration you desire by picking furniture that functions in multiple ways, even if that means the product doesn’t change its shape at all.

Today’s most innovative designs are such that they inspire passion and pleasure without ever having to do a thing but exist in the room. How hard working do you need this sex chair to be?

  • The Materials

The materials that your sex chair is made out of matter as well, even if you think it’s a secondary concern. Be sure the materials are skin-safe, breathable, washable and compatible with your chosen lubrication type.

Stick with things like polyester, leather, patent leather, microfiber and PVC plastic to keep things as simple and easy as possible. Materials like silk, satin, and suede may look nice but they’ll probably be difficult to take care of, especially if you use the chair a lot.

  • The Features

All sex chairs and cushions have different features, each unique the device’s fashion and functionality. Some chairs feature modern design components to make them blend in with their surroundings.

Others have features like attached dildos, pockets for vibrators and/or BDSM-style restraints for position holding and enhanced submissive control. So do you need something that’s decorative, kinky or both because there’s a perfect chair out there waiting for you to discover it.

Again, all this knowledge is for nothing if you don’t have a complete understanding of the market you’re shopping in.

Today’s best sex furniture makers try to create all-inclusive products and, in the process, give us too many options to consider.

Give yourself a head start here, because a clever marketer’s main mission is to discombobulate the consumer out of their money. Hold on to some of yours by disregarding the advertisements and paying attention to what the pros suggest.

Where To Find The Best Chairs For Sex On The Internet?

LIBERATOR – The most famous sex furniture brand in the world which has a very large product collection.

LOVEHONEY – Our top recommended online sex toy shop that offers you the best prices, fastest and most discreet shipping on the internet.

The End Game

Picking out a new sex chair is a big responsibility, especially if you’re not the one who has to sit on it.

Thinking of your partner, however, is only a small piece of the puzzle.

Shopping for this type of furniture requires knowledge, insights and recommendations that aren’t always easy to find.

One mistake can lead to an embarrassing situation that gives you a bad impression of this product. What matters most is that you and/or your partners have a safe and satisfying sexual experience (hopefully more than once).

If that takes a full-sized sex chair that looks like a luxury, Victorian-style leather chaise, then so be it. Like the prophet Ice Cube once said, “You can do it, put your sex furniture into it” or something like that.

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