Best Sex Doll Torsos: The Love Doll E-Body

The industry responsible for making sex toys, pleasure products, and accessories has become massive over the last few decades thanks to exciting innovations and advancements in technology. In the spirit of “No Man Left Behind,” modern manufacturers have started making a little something for everybody, from handheld toys and couples-friendly devices to automatic pumping machines and full-sized sex dolls. Somewhere in between all that you’ll find an array of realistic torsos that vary in size, shape, functionality, and appearance. However, these particular toys are almost always preferred over the larger varieties, plus they’re good for a quick, painless, and virtually secret masturbation session if you use them right.

I’m continually on the hunt for a better sex torso because of their practicality (I swear). I’m also generally picky about the devices I spend my money on, not just because I’m a cheapskate but because I work hard for my dough and don’t like wasting it on bullshit. I seldom take chances and I’m a huge skeptic. Still, there’s something to be said about a sex torso with superb detailing and loads of high-tech features, some of which aren’t even present on most full-sized dolls. The Love Doll E-Body captured my attention because it had all of that, although I had no idea whether the device would function as intended or not. It was quite the investment, but I gave it a shot. So, am I completely devastated by the nonsense debt I just got myself into or was the product worth every penny? Well, let’s make sure you know what I’m talking about first.

What Is the Love Doll E-Body?

The Love Doll E-Body is a realistically detailed sex torso that’s designed for a variety of sexual activities including vaginal and/or oral stimulation (depending on which options you pick). Ideal for men with limited storage space and/or unlimited imaginations, the LDE device uses a unique combination of pleasure functions and human-like texturization to deliver a one of a kind sensation while remaining relatively lightweight and easy to position. According to the manufacturer, this thing is also perfect for dressing up to display various wigs, tops, and hairstyles. So, even if you don’t use it for generating orgasm you can still use it to generate attention at your newly created silicone doll showroom. As for me, I used it strictly for sex and I have zero regrets.

The Main Features

The E-Body Love Doll features all the same great humanistic characteristics you’d find on a full-sized model minus the pesky arms and legs. More maneuverable and thus more versatile, this masturbation device also comes pre-mounted on a polished wooden platform for quick and easy hiding. The torso includes a pair of bouncing tits covered in super-soft, skin-safe silicone but that’s just where the fun begins. Buyers can choose between over a dozen different faces for the machine, plus wigs are interchangeable and customized costumes are available as well. Each one features optional aesthetic charms from the manufacturer too, such as silky pubic hair, moving eyes, open mouths and skin tans. On top of that, you can also add a voice function to make the experience even more realistic and arousing. Simply shake the doll to activate its integrated sensor and she’ll begin crying out like a pretty little Japanese girl.

Furthermore, the Love Doll E-Body has ideal measurements for nearly all sex torso enthusiasts, with a height of 22.8 inches (or 58 cm) and a well-balanced weight of about 23 pounds total (or 10.5 kg) including the storage/positioning platform. She wears an E cup with her massive 29.5-inch bust and she has a petite 20.7-inch waist with 31.5-inch hips – perfectly proportioned for all types of kinky activities. Her box features a few extra freebies to get you started and the manufacturer promises quality via a standard warranty, so make sure you buy one from the right source or you’ll miss out on the comprehensive coverage provided. And considering it’s one of the most expensive sex torsos on the market, you’re probably going to need it.

What Comes in the Box?

Full-sized sex dolls are notorious for including tons of complimentary accessories, but not all torsos are packaged with such vigorous generosity. Fortunately, the Love Doll E-Body came with everything I needed to start using it as soon as it came out of the box. Here’s what I got for the investment (which was rather huge, by the way):

  • The Love Doll Sex Torso
  • A wooden storage platform
  • A hole cover
  • A set of cleaning tools
  • A small container of hypoallergenic lotion
  • Head joints

Keep in mind that this particular pleasure product doesn’t include the three hole design that some sex torsos do. You only get a gaping vaginal opening and most of the optional features prolong the sipping process by at least a few weeks. Meanwhile, the manufacturer doesn’t throw in any water-based lube, toy cleaning solutions or spare parts for the doll, nor do you get any extra outfits for when you spooge all over the one she’s wearing. No storage cases are sent or even available either, so you better warm up to the idea of having her pull double duty as a display mannequin when you’re not pounding her singular orifice after the showroom closes.

The Experience

I use the same basic criteria when judging all pleasure products, even and especially full-sized sex dolls and high-end torsos like the Love Doll E-Body. Here’s how it measured up:

  • The Dimensions¬†

An extra 10 or 15 pounds wouldn’t have hurt, but then the contraption would have been almost impossible to use as a display model so it is what it is. Either way, the enormous breasts were almost like nubby arms which helped quite a bit during positioning, plus her waist was the perfect circumference for a secure grip.

  • The Materials¬†

I always go for silicone because it’s skin-safe and soft, and the LDE did not disappoint. It feels a tad plastic-y, but that comes in handy when using it as a mindless mannequin instead of a sultry sex toy. You gotta take the good with the bad, I suppose.

  • The Sensations

Her orifice is kind of pathetic, both in appearance and in texturization (or lack thereof, I should say). It’s basically just a hole you can stick your dick in, given you can get it up in the first place. This is NOT a good toy for all penis types or experience levels, I’ll tell you that.

  • The Functionality¬†

She works best when she’s laid down on her front, back or side – typical of your average sex torso. I didn’t try to bend her at the waist too much because the manufacturer warns of material tears when you do that. That all meant I had to create a sturdy surface upon which to lay her before each and every session, and that’s when I realized why full-sized dolls have arms. Also, her hole isn’t very tight nor is it incredibly deep, so start slow if you know what’s good for you.

The Ups and Downs

Did you know that searching for a pleasure product based solely on its perfection is the quickest way to leave empty-handed? There’s actually no such thing as the perfect sex toy, and those things don’t have faces and vaginas. Sex torsos and dolls are a unique breed, with countless customizable features and a whole host of different uses. Because of that, it’s impossible to find one that’s flawless by everyone’s opinion. So, do what I do instead: Carefully consider the ups and downs of owning the product in question, and then base your final opinion on the facts presented. With that said, here’s what I think you need to know about the Love Doll E-Body before spending any money on it:


  • Supreme detailing for enhanced realism
  • Well-balanced size and weight
  • No need for creative positioning
  • Can double as a wig display
  • Motion-activated voice option available
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Covered by a manufacturer’s warranty


  • Only features a vaginal opening
  • May not accommodate all penis sizes
  • Optional features greatly prolong the shipping process

The Takeaway

It may not be the kinkiest, most realistic sex torso on the market, but what it lacks in those departments it more than makes up for in ease of use and discretion. Perhaps the most innocuous pleasure product of this variety, the Love Doll E-Body is one of the only models that can double as a mannequin without causing too much of a stir (aside from the massive size of her tits). She only has one hole to explore (unless you go for the open mouth feature) and she takes quite a while getting to your house, but her fun and futuristic functionality makes up for that in more ways than one. With every optional feature included, she’s perfect for fun-loving yet secretive boys who love toys. Without the optional features, she’s a low-end love doll at best. Overall, I’d say this one is best suited for men who know exactly what they prefer in a synthetic partner or for guys who plan to expand their kink collection with a versatile pleasure product.

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