Best Sex Doll Torsos: The Piper Doll Sarah

You don’t have to be a perverted genius to understand the value of a high-quality sex torso. There was never any doubt in my mind. From a young age, I was obsessed with dolls of sizes and shapes, although I couldn’t have sex with any of them until much later in life. Fast-forward a few decades and here I am, searching for the perfect sex torso so I can get my rocks off without having to explain all my filthy kinks to a partner. This, my friends, is precisely why these products were invented in the first place. Let’s all rejoice in the collective progress of mankind, lest we be forced to fuck our bare hands all over again.

Life is sad when you can’t have good sex, which is why I pay such close attention to what certain brands and manufacturers bring to the table. Only a few of them can hold my attention for longer than a second, and only a handful of those have ever gotten my money. There are too many options out there for me to simply settle on the first product I come across, so I’ve gotten pretty picky over the years. An ex partner was making fun of me one day and she suggested I go back to fucking dolls. I listened, much to her chagrin, and started searching once more for the ideal torso. One fateful afternoon, I stumbled across the Piper Doll brand and had a look at their inventory. The only torso available was one named Sarah so I figured it was probably something special. So, was I correct in my assessment or did my senses fool me? Well, let’s make sure you all know what I’m talking about first.

What Is the Piper Doll Sarah?

Sarah is one of the Piper Doll brand’s most luxurious options, although she’s one of the only torsos they make in their mostly full-sized doll collection. She’s made for a single purpose only: To provide the user with a realistic sex and/or masturbation experience through her human-like features and well-balanced ergonomics. Sans arms and legs to get in the way of your ideal position, this torso is designed to stimulate the penis in numerous ways – vaginally, anally, or even orally, which is unique for an incomplete sex doll. Each penetration option offers a whole new experience too, and her body dimensions are suitable for almost all fantasies, fetishes and kinks. Best of all, the manufacturer promises quality with every purchase, so you never have to worry about wasting money on a product that doesn’t do it for you. That was sort of the clincher for me because I’m a huge cheapskate.

The Main Features

This doll, or should I say sex torso, has a real-life presence about it thanks to the unique quality of its construction. For one thing, Piper Doll is a brand that’s known for its attention to detail, so it was no surprise to see such remarkable craftsmanship on this product. It features peering blue eyes with flowing lashes, lusciously pouting lips for kissing and blowjobs, plus perfectly circular areolas and furry public hair (if that’s the sort of thing you’re into). Head to toe, the doll is seamlessly held together with platinum thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and it’s movements are all supported by a patented metal skeleton designed to mimic the motions of a real human body. And speaking of real human bodies, Sarah might not have arms and legs to move around but she certainly knows how to wiggle on your dick.

Her measurements only enhance the buoyancy of her materials and construction. She has a 31.5-inch height, with hips that measure just over 35 inches and a waist that comes in at around 18 inches. Her beautiful bust is nearly 34 inches in circumference and she weighs a sturdy yet maneuverable 46.2 pounds (or 21 kg). Each of Sarah’s orifices are not only superbly detailed but also varying in depth and texture. The mouth offers 5.5 inches, the anus gives up 6.3 inches and the vaginal canal is most generous with nearly 7.1 inches of pleasure to explore.

What Comes in the Box?

Fortunately, Sarah comes fully assembled in an unmarked box so nobody has to explain their new silicone wife to the neighbors. However, outside of the already assembled torso you pretty much get nothing else. The manufacturer throws in a small instruction manual with care and maintenance tips, and you also get a small sample of water-based lube if you buy the product direct from the maker at full price. Don’t expect much else in terms of freebies and/or incentives because you won’t get any. For such a high-end sex toy made by such a reputable brand, I was surprised by the relative lack of complimentary products. It wasn’t a deal breaker though.

The Experience

It isn’t fair to pit one product against another without having some clear-cut criteria with which to judge them all. That’s how I determine whether the sex torso in my bed is worthy of my affections or not. It usually takes a few test runs to figure everything out, but I eventually make an educated decision because of my ability to remain objective throughout the entire experience. As such, here’s how the Piper Doll Sarah measured up:

  • The Dimensions¬†

Sarah is, in my opinion, the ideal size for sex torso enthusiasts. She has pretty much the same dimensions that she’d have with her arms and legs intact, only her appendages are no longer in the way of my agenda. The tightness of her various orifices was relatively on-point, although she’s probably not idea for men with extra large dicks or long shlongs that require deep penetration.

  • The Materials

I prefer high-grade TPE over PVC any day, plus Sarah’s skin felt great under the weight of my body (even when I started to sweat). I used an expensive water-based lubricant every time and I made sure to clean her up when I was done, so she hasn’t sustained any damage so far and it doesn’t look like she will anytime soon. Overall, her covering felt a lot like real human skin and it even had a bit of a bounce to it as well.

  • The Sensations¬†

Speaking of how this bad boy felt, it was insanely realistic the way she juked and jived with each one of my thrusts. None of the canals are textured in any impressive or distinctive way, but each one feels good when penetrated, is soft to the touch, and stands up against rough sex without sustaining rips or tears. I liked having one hand on her tit and the other on her tiny waist, and the sensations beat sex with my hand 10-to-1 (get it?).

  • The Functionality¬†

For a mid-sized sex torso made out of industry-standard materials, Sarah ended up being quite the performer. The addition of that integrated skeleton was the kicker, I believe. She bends and stands just like a full-sized sex doll, she wears the same kinds of costumes, and she has the same three holes I need for a truly versatile experience. What more could a guy like me ask for? Oh yeah, a heating element and voice features, that’s what.

The Ups and Downs

I try not to get carried away when it comes to seeking perfection from my sex toys, dolls and torsos. What’s amazing to me might not be so remarkable to someone else, and I understand how a manufacturer can’t possibly please every taste. That’s why I pretty much ignore what a marketing team tells me and do my own research instead. The first step I always take is the same. I perform a close examination of the details – the pros and cons – and then I make my move. So, here’s what I think you should know about the Sarah Torso from Piper Doll before you spend any money on it:


  • Three-hole design for increased pleasure options
  • Superb detailing on face and tits
  • Soft, realistic skin-like covering
  • Moveable integrated skeleton for enhanced versatility
  • Made from high-grade skin-safe materials
  • Manufacturer’s warranty included


  • Does not accommodate all penis sizes
  • Few appearance options available
  • Minimal detailing on vagina and anus

The Takeaway

Although obviously fake because of its lack of arms and legs, the Sarah Torso from Piper Doll is still one of the most realistic and well-balanced pleasure products on the market. It has all the features a man would want out of a sex doll torso too – supple, pouting lips, alluring green eyes, a thin waist and a pair of enormous, perky tits. Her three holed design makes her ideal for all sorts of activities, and her weighted body is conveniently supported by a built-in metal skeleton with the same range of motion as a real human being. Overall, I’d say Sarah is best for men who want to explore the furthest reaches of their imagination without having to involve a live partner. Hell, the manufacturer has an entire wardrobe already designed just for her. It’s like she’s a real girl after all.

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