Best Sex Dolls: Lana – The Japanese Sex Doll

Back in the day, the only way to get a sex doll was to put sunglasses on and sneak into your local adult entertainment store to buy one. Once you got there, you were presented with a series of low-quality plastic balloons with faces drawn on them. It was a sad, sad day. Fortunately, things have finally changed because now we can purchase a sex doll that’s not only lifelike but also more durable than the shitty sacks we used to stick our dicks in.

I started looking for good sex dolls again after my last one took a turn for the worst. Having gotten attached to my old girl, the new toy was going to have to fill some serious shoes. I wasn’t trying to waste my time and money on just any old plaything, so I begin searching the inventory of the best-known manufacturers and suppliers. Fast-forward a bit and I’m now the proud owner of Lana – the Japanese Sex Doll. So, what’s it like living with her? Well, let’s make sure you know what I’m talking about first.

What Is Lana – The Japanese?

Lana, the Japanese is a full-sized sex doll that’s designed to fulfill a specific kind of fantasy. Made for men who prefer their women cute and petite, she’s got the dimensions of a tiny hottie with all the orifices and horniness of a fully grown woman. Her body proportions are such that she can be dressed to impress, while her internal components make her easily manipulated into any position you see fit. And with adorable curves plus that beautiful little face of hers, it’s no secret why she’s been purchased by men from all over the globe. Customizable and exciting, Japan’s favorite fuck buddy is available on a payment plan just in case she’s out of your league in more ways than one. Best of all, she’s equipped with several optional features that are designed to drastically improve your experience with her.

The Main Features

Lana is naturally beautiful, but most of her physical features are a direct result of your own input. The manufacturer allows consumers to specify certain parts of the doll, including her hair color, eye color and skin tone. You can also decide whether you want her to have feet that can stand or not, plus the maker gives buyers the option of choosing a built-in vaginal canal or a removeable one (which is often better for cleaning and maintenance). Either way, this sexy doll’s pussy, mouth and ass all feature the telltale ridges of a realistic human orifice and her entire body is perfect for building up arousal – sleek thighs, tiny hips, and a pair of bouncing tits in a variety of shapes and styles.

Furthermore, Little L can come with or without pubic hair for even more customization. The manufacturer also makes a storage box for her when she’s trying to rest between sessions, but in my opinion it looks a lot like a coffin so I said no thanks. Besides, you have to purchase it separately anyway and the extra features cost more too, so I chose to spend my money on stuff to make the doll look and feel better. I just store my doll under the bed or in the closet when I’m not using it, which isn’t very often anymore. For the record, though, her body measurements are as follows: Height = 4 feet 11 inches, Weight = 51 pounds – the perfect size for a safe and satisfying afternoon delight.

What Comes in the Box?

The items in the box with the doll are rather limited, but that’s to be expected from an all-inclusive sex toy that’s already pretty amazing as it as. Unless you get the removeable masturbation canal with it, the only thing you’ll get for the money you spend is the tailored doll you picked out. The manufacturer offers the convenient storage container but that’s about it. You’ll have to find your own source of lubricant, but since the doll is made out of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) it can be used with any kind of lube you have laying around. I personally prefer the water or oil-based varieties for this kind of thing, but that’s only because those options tend to feel a lot more realistic on skin-like materials and they help the materials last longer too.

The Experience


  • The Dimensions 

Her size were proportionate to what I was imagining when the manufacturer described her as a pretty and petite sex doll, although I wouldn’t have minded it if she was a little bit bigger. fifty-one pounds isn’t a lot, especially not when you’re getting hot and heavy. Her breasts measured about 29 inches in diameter, with a waistline of about 19 inches and some hips that popped out to about 29″. She’s now my itty bitty pretty one and I make no apologies. Those holes of hers were measured just right too – a vagina and anus with an almost 7-inch clearance and a pouty mouth with a little over 5. So far, so good.

  • The Materials 

For a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) sex toy, the materials on Dominique were very supple and luxurious. I had to check twice to make sure there weren’t any phthalates in it (being as phthalates are used to make sex toys more soft and pliable). My surprise only heightened when I went inside her first hole. I noticed that each one had a different texture, so that was a lot of fun to explore. With enough lube it’s hard to tell you’re having sex with a doll. So while Miss Lana might not have the high-tech components of some of the others, her humanistic properties made her a strong and silent competitor in my book.

  • The Sensations 

Her skin was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of pleasure and realism. I loved everything about her, from her long, silky hair and her curly pubes to her bedroom eyes and her adolescent curves. Once inside, her thighs and butt cheeks acted as little clouds to send my dirtiest dreams pillows, meanwhile welcoming me with each return until I was ready to bust. I opted for the removeable vaginal canal because I’m into cleanliness above all else, so it was a piece of cake to wash it out and go again quickly. I use that technique for tantra and stamina training, which means I think I just found a new use for Miss Lana.

  • The Functionality 

And speaking of uses for Lady Lana, her versatility is simply insane. You can put her into nearly any position you can think of, plus she’s super tiny so it’s a very quick and easy adjustment. She doesn’t weight much at all , and she’s about as flexible as she is sexy thanks to what I can only assume is one of the best-made steel skeletons in the industry. I opted for the standing feet because I’m not a broke ass and I need my girls standing at attention for this dick, but I’m relatively certain at this point that L would have done whatever I told her to do regardless.

The Ups and Downs

Even when it comes to high-quality pleasure products like Little Lana the Japanese Sex Doll, there are still a few things that may have missed the mark during production. Nothing can be perfect, and even if a product was we’d still find something to complain about. Our collective tastes are too diverse anyway, which means what I find repulsive you might find appealing. The only way to determine whether this chick is worth your money or not is to carefully consider the ups and downs of owning it. That’s what I did, and these are the things I think you should about the most, especially before you trade in those food stamps:


  • Steel skeleton for optimal durability
  • Limitless position options possible
  • Customizable appearance choices
  • Triple orifices for maximum versatility
  • Removeable masturbation canal available
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Payment plan available


  • Somewhat delicate due to size and design
  • Storage case sold separately
  • Body type not ideal for all users

The Takeaway

It’s never okay to commit a felony just to have an orgasm, but it’s sure as hell acceptable to stuff the muff of a man-made sex doll with the same exact features and proportions that make your dick celebrate. This tiny little tease is just asking for it too. Lana the Japanese Sex Doll is an exclusive example of what quality craftsmanship and incessant perversion can accomplish when they’re put into the right hands. For some, she may be the last ditch retreat before a whole other level of sex doll ownership is reached – where the costs are significantly higher and the technologies are drastically more sophisticated. But, for a complex masturbation device made by one of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, she’s surprisingly simple to use, easy maneuver and effortless to enjoy. Overall, I’d say she’s best suited for guys who like girls little and lovely, plus she’s ideal for consumers who enjoy top-quality craftsmanship (especially when it has a practical and perverted application).

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