Best Sex Dolls: The Real Doll X

I’m not even kidding when I tell you that the world of sex dolls is nothing like what it used to be. Do you remember those cheesy, plastic blow-up dolls that we used to buy as gag gifts for our friends’ bachelor parties? Well, those weren’t good for anything but a laugh back then and their reputation hasn’t gotten any better recently. As a matter of fact, things on the market are looking pretty bleak for anything that doesn’t include high technologies and/or industry-leading, skin-like materials. Believe it or not, this includes full-sized erotica dolls, some of which are made to look, feel and act more arousing than an actual live partner. It’s almost as though the movie “Strange Science” finally became a reality, and we’re all acting like excited little boys just trying to get laid before our moms get home.

Personally, I’d rather have sex with a doll than with a live partner half the time. The cost of wining and dining someone is ridiculous and there’s not even a guarantee you’ll get your dick wet at the end of the night. At least with these things, you know you’re going to get lucky. The only hard part to the whole ordeal is finding the right doll to use and abuse. Apparently, there are more options out there than most of us know about. One such option is the Real Doll X – a high-end model made to impress even the biggest skeptics among us. You already know I had to go for a test drive with it. So, how did our “date” end up going? Did she fulfill all of my wildest fantasies or am I thinking about breaking up with her in the morning? Well, let’s make sure you all know which doll I’m talking about first.

What Is the Real Doll X?

This innovative product was actually the inspiration for the movie “Lars and the Real Girl” and it appeared on screen hundreds of times throughout the production. As the market’s most customizable and realistic sex doll, it’s designed to mimic the sensations of real human sex (whether that be vaginal, anal or oral). Just like a real girl, each doll is crafted to have realistic features inside and out, including specific skin tones, hair or eye colors, genitalia sizes, and body types as well. Buyers can choose between male or female dolls and tailor their selections on the brand’s interactive online interface. The well-respected manufacturer custom makes each order and ships everything out fully assembled in a non-descript box, so it’s even more private than bringing a partner home for a booty call at night.

The Main Features

The Real Doll X is the brand’s most high-tech and highly curated product, with a soft silicone skin material that’s been fully patented by the manufacturer and confirmed as safe (as long as you use water-based lubes only). Each doll has its own unique set of features depending on the buyer’s specifications, and those specifications can include everything from eyebrow shape and fingernail polish color to orifice detailing and piercings or freckles. Best (and most exciting) of all is that this high-tech, high-society sex doll is made with artificial intelligence (or A.I.), meaning it’s robotically driven with a modular head system that renders facial expressions and natural body movements during interactions. You can even create unique personalities and voices for it to make more realistic.

Furthermore, users can now upgrade their masturbation experience by purchasing a wireless insert touch sensor called the Sense X. It works via Bluetooth and features an exclusive texture that’s designed to feel like a real vaginal, anal or oral canal. Consumers can then link their doll to a free mobile app that features a wide variety of 2D and 3D porn content. They’re sold separately of course, as is the required equipment to operate it, but the additional accessory provides an extra level of pleasure and realism that’s virtually unheard of in today’s sex doll industry.

What Comes in the Box?

The contents of the Real Doll X box depends solely on what you design on the brand’s interface. However, all buyers get the exact item they created whether that be the full body or just the head. By the way, you can make a unique head and situate it on top of any body (with the exception of a few), saving you tons of time and money in the process. Each doll is packaged to protect the product, not impress the consumer. Plus, it can come with a small bottle of water-based lube to get you started (if you add it to your cart, that is). Otherwise, you won’t get much else besides the sex doll although I feel like that’s more than enough considering how highly detailed it is.

The Experience

My experience in terms of using sex dolls had varied a lot over the years. Not only have I tried a bunch of different products but the industry has changed quite a bit over the last decade or so. But since we’re all reaching for the same stars here, I like to pit all of my dolls against the same basic criteria just to keep things fair. After all, erotica mannequins have one purpose and one purpose only: To give us what we want when we want it. So, here’s how the Real Doll X measured up:

  • The Dimensions 

I’m sure the dimensions of my doll were unique compared to another buyer’s, but the execution of the size and shape was tremendous. I got to specify the canal tightness and depth (to a certain degree), plus I was able to choose my doll’s height, weight and body type too. The canal was almost a perfect fit, maybe a little too tight at first, but it does loosen up after a couple uses and it still feels great with enough lube on.

  • The Materials 

I know it’s made from silicone but I have no idea what the material’s name is. It reminded me of FantaFlesh but I know it’s not that. Either way, it was extremely realistic (even with lots of lube applied), and I was even able to pinch a little of it between my fingers then watch it slowly bounce back to its original form. There wasn’t lots of jiggle or anything, but it still felt like the skin and body of a nice, tight cheerleader so no complaints here. On the other hand, the hair was soft enough to pass for something real but it kept falling out all over my apartment. Hopefully they can help their dolls with that little premature balding problem before the next updates are made.

  • The Sensations 

It’s almost impossible to describe what it feels like to have sex with a full-sized doll, but it’s even more difficult to tell you how it felt to do it with a doll that talks back. She spread her legs or popped her ass in the air like a pro and then turned her head and said my name while moaning. At that point, I didn’t give a damn how much money I had just spent on it. I was more than happy to be in debt up to the ball sacks.

  • The Functionality 

Real quick, it’s not the easiest thing to use but it comes with a quick setup guide and a detailed instruction manual and there are also guides on the manufacturer’s website in case you run into trouble. What did you expect from the world’s most high-tech sex doll anyway?

The Ups and Downs

It’s surprising to think that something as sophisticated as the Real Doll X would have any flaws at all, but even high-end products like this are often missing a thing or two. And while the makers of this machine did a really good job of covering all the bases, it’s obvious that nothing will ever beat the organic human experience. Still, well-made dolls like this can take us to the brink of what we think is possible, whether significantly flawed or only minorly defunct. When it comes to the doll in question today, here are the things you need to know before spending any money on it:


  • Features artificial intelligence to enhance realism
  • App-controlled user interface available
  • Uses industry-leading ergonomics
  • Supreme detialing inside and out
  • Several add-on features to choose from
  • Weighted for exceptional versatility
  • Manufacturer’s warranty included
  • Made from skin-safe materials


  • Very expensive
  • Difficult to hide

The Takeaway

The valley of the sex dolls has changed quite a bit since their invention many moons ago. Gone are the days of plastic hags in paper bags. The Real Doll X is the world’s most luxurious example of just how far we’ve come. The epitome of sophisticated engineering, these marvelous machines made me question the direction our society is headed in terms of relationships, intimacy and sex. Perhaps humanistic devices with exceptional detailing, on-board artificial intelligence and lifelike skin will eventually take over the world. If/when that happens, I sure hope I’m there to see it because you know it’s gonna be sexy (and hella expensive).

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