Top 3 Best Sex Dolls For Men Reviewed In 2021

Some of Us Still Play with Dolls. Mind Your Business. 

Back in the day, sex dolls were laughable novelties that desperate men used when they couldn’t get laid and were tired of masturbating. These days, however, sex dolls are seen in a whole new light – suddenly socially acceptable, if not recommended by some people.

In fact, more sex dolls are now sold in the U.S. and abroad than ever before, inspiring toy manufacturers everywhere to step up their game quite a bit.

The point is that there are countless options for the consumer to choose from, making the average person’s sex doll selection one of the most difficult things to do.

That’s especially true for the buyer who’s looking for a high-quality doll, not just a novelty item to bring out at the next bachelor party. Finding something that tows the line between being luxurious and affordable is most likely your best bet.

But how do you find something like that when the market is admittedly flooded with seemingly similar choices? Luxurious or not, how do you know that the doll in your shopping cart is the right ne for you?

Well, I’ll tell you that half of the battle is determining a few things about yourself. For starters:

  • How much money do you want to spend on a sex doll?

Did you know that the price of a sex doll depends on a wide variety of factors? Those factors typically include but are not always limited to: Its features, the materials with which it was made, how big it is and where you buy it from.

Sometimes, you can catch a discount if you buy your sex doll directly from the manufacturer, but third-party retails often offer savings as well. Keep your eyes peeled, folks.

  • How often do you think you’ll use it?

Although higher-quality sex dolls may cost a bit more, they’ll likely last longer. This is a crucial consideration for people who plan to use their doll quite often.

Cheaper sex dolls may have more attractive price tags, but that’s a price you’ll have to pay several times if you use the product a lot. It’s always better to make a solid investment upfront, so look for guarantees and warranties instead of discount pricing.

  • Do you need the doll to be super realistic or can it just feel good?

Usually, the more realistic a sex doll is the pricier it ends up. Of course, that’s only a general rule because some sex doll manufacturers offer highly realistic dolls and torsos at extremely competitive prices.

The question is whether you prefer your sex doll with lifelike features or not. Sometimes, you an find a product that feels amazing although it looks a little disheveled.

That might seem like a bad trade, but it didn’t matter in your last relationship so why should it matter now?

  • Is there enough space in your home to store a sex doll when it’s not in use?

Most life-sized sex dolls neither deflate nor fold up for easy storage. Many of them are also extremely realistic too. So, before you run off to spend a couple hundred bucks on that hot little number you’ve got your eyes on, think about that.

You’ll need ample space to store your whore when she’s off the clock. Otherwise, you’ll be in a whole heap of trouble when someone mistakenly assumes you’ve murdered a prostitute and are having sex with her corpse.

Either way that one ends, you’re still the bad guy. Clean out your closet or make space under the bed. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

  • How familiar are you with sex doll care and maintenance?

That sexy doll might look very appealing, but just like all women, if you don’t take care of her properly, she will disappear. And while inanimate objects can’t get up and walk away, they can become laden with bacteria or begin disintegrating right before your eyes.

Keep in mind that investing in a sex doll means learning how to clean and maintain your toy, and that may also require an additional investment that’s not included in the initial price.

The considerations above will help you determine which end of the spectrum you’re on – high-tech, luxury sex dolls or high-quality, cheaper models made by trusted manufacturers?

By understanding these things ahead of time, you can more easily narrow down your search to the top dozen or so before ever going shopping for a sex doll.

Finding a decent doll doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass. It may be difficult at first, but sometimes, enduring the pain is the only way you’ll ever get to experience the pleasure. This is going to hurt so good.

Why Use A Sex Doll?

A well-made doll can transform a person’s sex life in ways he may not even realize. For one, the person using the doll will be engaged in one of the best hands-free masturbation sessions known to mankind.

For two, high-end sex dolls are designed to have features that make them feel very similar to the human body.

This means that while you’re masturbating without hands, you’re actually enjoying the same sensations of real sex.

Second only to automatic male masturbators, sex dolls allow the user to create a realistic yet completely private setting that supports a mind-blowing sexual experience.

Dolls are made to act as a safe and customizable alternative for very particular kind of men, such as:

  • Those who have no willing partner – Sex dolls make it possible to have exceptional sexual experiences in the comfort of your own home without spending money on porn, prostitutes or exes.
  • Those who want to increase their sexual stamina – Sex dolls are ripe and ready whenever you are, meaning there’s no foreplay needed to get pumping like a pro (besides maybe applying some lube).
  • Those who wish to enhance their skills – Sex dolls won’t ever complain when you miss a beat or need a break, allowing you to perfect your moves before the big show.
  • Those who have an insane sex drive – Sex dolls provide a clean and safe depository for all that built-up ejaculate, making them ideal for men who feel pain or pressure after a lack of release.
  • Those who best reach orgasm with some visual assistance – Sex dolls are the perfect toy for voyeurs, with physical features that invite all the senses to engage in the session simultaneously.

Put simply, sex dolls are an amazing alternative to real sex. The best models have realistic human-like features that make each session interesting and satisfying. If you get the right one and take care of it properly, it can outlast many of your favorite masturbation toys. So, how do you find the right one? I thought you’d never ask.

The Top 5 Ways to Tell If That Sex Doll Is Worth It or Not

Warning: Proceed with Caution. You are about to encounter a world filled with hundreds of seemingly perfect sex dolls and not know what to do with yourself (or your wallet).

It happens to the best of us. We fall for clever advertising and end up with an expensive piece of garbage collecting dust in our closet. Let’s have a little less of that and a little more actually getting what we came for, shall we?

Picking out the ideal sex doll for your needs and lifestyle requires the considerations above, but it also requires a close examination of certain features on each product.

Keep in mind that while many sex dolls have similar elements, none of them are made the same. If you don’t listen to another thing I say, listen to me now. This is where so many good men get lost.

And it’s not because this stuff is confusing. In fact, looking over these features I’m about to describe is the easiest (and most exciting) part of this whole thing.

It becomes hard when you have no idea which features to look at, or worse, when you’re clueless about how the differences affect you. So, I’ve come up with the top five ways for you to tell if that sex doll is worth your money or not. Enjoy:


You may be having sex with a doll to avoid dealing with material girls, but the material of your artificial girl still matters. Today’s sex dolls are made from a variety of different materials, ranging from cheap plastic to medical-grade silicone.

Fortunately, silicone and TPE – two relatively innocuous materials – comprise a vast majority of those used on the modern-day market. For the sake of time, we’ll only discuss those.

When choosing the material for your new sex doll, it’s crucial that you consider the many differences in each material:

  • TPE

TPE, or thermoplastic elastomer, is an extremely soft and pliable material that’s used in a lot of today’s best sex toys. It’s especially popular in less expensive sex dolls, but not because it’s lacking durability or quality.

Lifelike yet somewhat difficult to easy to, TPE holds on to moisture and is sensitive to heat. It’s suitable for any type of lube but it starts to melt at surprisingly low temperatures.

  • Silicone

Silicone, either medical grade or otherwise, is slightly more expensive than TPE and other materials, although there’s a good reason for that. Seen in the more advanced sex dolls, silicone is both soft and stretchy, plus it’s the most durable option currently available.

Because it doesn’t retain moisture, it’s super easy to clean. On the other hand, it doesn’t have the jiggle and flexibility that some of the other materials offer.

Regardless of which material you choose, both will have to be cleaned regularly. If you choose a TPE doll, prepare for a lengthy maintenance process after each use.

If you spend a little more and get a silicone doll, your cleaning routine will be cut in half. Either way, both options have benefits and drawbacks. It’s all about what you’re looking for and how many bones you’re willing to give away for a decent doll.


Explore the aesthetic features of each sex doll you’re considering. Not only are they all different but each feature will be executed in a way that’s specific to the brand.

For example, two dolls can be made from the same materials and have real human hair, highly detailed orifices, and textured canals, but they won’t be identical. One will always be better than the other.

Determining the realism of a sex doll requires little more than paying attention. So, zoom in on pictures, read reviews, see if you can find a sample of the material in the real world.

None of those things make you look stupid but buying a sex doll without doing your homework certainly will.


The dimensions of your sex doll include things like weight and height, but there’s a lot more to consider. Does the doll have a shape that you find attractive?

Are his or her curves in all the right places? Do the proportions match up with your idea of the perfect artificial lover? Considering a sex doll’s measurements is an important step for several good reasons.

For one, she will be virtually impossible to have sex with if the dimensions don’t line up with your own. If she’s too heavy to lift or maneuver, it doesn’t matter that her tits are enormous.

You won’t be able to do the things you want with her, and that’s the whole point of all this. So, just like in real life, make sure your doll’s height, weight and measurements are up to par with your standards.  

Range of Motion

Depending on the type of doll you choose and the material with which it was made, the range of motion will differ slightly. As a general rule, silicone dolls don’t move around as easily as, say, TPE models.

However, TPE models break down more quickly and can’t be maintained as carelessly. If you’re looking for the complete package, go with a silicone sex doll and give yourself time to break it in.

Although a doll with a full range of motion is neat, you don’t really need the arms to do much moving.

So, as long as the legs spread open nice and wide and the doll can support itself on its knees for a little doggy-style, then you have a good product in your hands. In other words, you’re about to have a stupid good time, even if she’s a littler than you are at first.

Orifices and Canals

The appearance of that sex doll’s pussy, mouth or ass is important, but it’s not nearly as important as the textures inside.

High-quality sex dolls always feature vaginal and anal canals that are ridged like the real thing, giving them far more appeal than the wide-gapped wastes of space that used to line the isles at our sex shops.

Today’s sex dolls have anatomically correct orifices and human-like holes that are so realistic that they rival the real-life versions and have some gals on the edge of their seats.   

Go through this checklist as many times as you need to, using it as a guideline for each sex doll you’re considering. For starters, consider the following options.

My Top 3 Best Sex Dolls For Men In 2021:

Like you, I had some trouble narrowing the list of sex dolls down to only three. So, as you’ll soon see, I actually have four. Two are of the same category: Fetish.

However, they’re both rather different and likely won’t attract the same kinds of guys. With that said, I’m hoping that the following recommendations help you decide on your first (or next) sex doll.

I know how confusing it is out there, especially when your balls feel like two ticking time-bombs.


Inspiration for the movie “Lars and the Real Girl,” this sex doll is the most customizable one on the market today.

Buyers get to choose between making a male or female doll as you specify each detail of your creation through a super simple online interface. Select things like skin tone, hair color, nipple and/or genitalia size, eye color and body type too.

Truly a one-of-a-kind product, each silicone-based sex doll churned out by this well-respected company is as unique as the person buying it, complete with hyper-realistic skin and orifice detailing that looks exactly like the real thing.  

PRO: You can make your sex doll look, feel and act exactly the way you want it to. And unlike your last relationship, it comes with a quality guarantee.

CON: It’s one of the most expensive sex dolls on the planet.

FIT FOR FETISH 1: Dominique – The Thic Sex Doll

Ideal for users who like their lovers a little on the thick side, the BBW Dominique doll features robust thighs and extravagant curves for your viewing and groping pleasure.

This heavy-duty doll comes with anal, vaginal and oral openings to explore, each of which features telltale ridges and texturing for a realistic experience. She’s surprisingly realistic looking in the face too, with soft hair, kissable lips and ears ready for nibbling.

PRO: Dominique is perfect for guys who want their sex doll to jiggle and fight back.

CON: She’s a tad on the heavy side, meaning some dudes might have a hard time maneuvering her into different positions.

FIT FOR FETISH 2: Lana – The Japanese Sex Doll

Into tiny chicks but don’t want a felony? The Japanese sensation, Lana, might be the perfect sex doll for you.

She stands at a very petite 4’6” (140cm) but has the same three orifices you’d expect from a full-size model – a generous mouth, a tight pussy and a super squeeze of an anus.

Realistic looking and feeling, Lana is both attractive and supple because of the high-quality silicone/polycarbonate materials she’s made from. With an innocent yet experienced expression on her face, Lana is ready to cum to life with every thrust of your penis.

PRO: Not only is Lana fit for fetish sessions but she’s also easy to store and relatively inexpensive by comparison.

CON: She may not be capable of withstanding lots of hardcore poundings without a few small repairs.

FIT FOR FANTASY: The Shalana Z-One Elf

While it may not be the hyper-realistic sex doll that some people are looking for, the Shalana Elf is definitely ideal for those seeking a fantasy-based experience where their imaginations can run wild.

True to form, this doll is rather tiny, measuring a quaint 4’2” (130cm) and featuring elf-like elements such as blue hair, pointed ears and a whimsical gold chain crown.

With vaginal and anal openings, she’s easy to love and even easier to store when you’re done. An excellent value for the money, Shalana may seem like a novelty but she’s a serious contender with the real girls.  

PRO: Her silicone-based skin feels like a dream, especially with a little water-based lube on it.

CON: Unfortunately, Shalana may not be the “realistic” sex doll that some men are looking for.

The End Game

By now, you should have a least a faint idea as to how you should shop for a sex doll.

On top of that, you now have a few suggestions that you could use as comparison at the very least. It doesn’t matter if you’ve become discouraged or if you think you’ll waste your money.

Rest assured that all people feel the same apprehension, so most manufacturers have done a good job of making us feel better with money-back guarantees and what-not.

What matters most is that all the features come together to provide you (and maybe your lover) with a pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience, hopefully more than once.

If that calls for a fully customizable sex doll with brown eyes, red hair, a DD bra size and a three separate orifices, then so be it.

Nobody gave a damn when you couldn’t get laid properly. Tell them to mind their business (or join the party).

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