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The Best Sex Furniture for Couples Reviewed In 2023

Most couples, if they’ve been together long enough, have tried just about everything in the bedroom. For some, that can equal major boredom. For others, though, it only means there’s not enough sex furniture to go around.

Like many people, my partner and I enjoy spicing things up from time to time, even if our sex life is already amazing otherwise. However, that hasn’t always been easy for either one of us, especially considering how freaky we try to be. So, achieving creative sex positions would be impossible were it not for our favorite high-quality props.

So far, we’ve got quite the collection. In fact, we have pillows, chairs, wedges, swings, slings, and chaise lounges tucked in almost every corner of our home. What can we say? We like making O faces at each other. Some call it love but we call it an obsession.

But whatever you name it, just know one thing: every piece of sex furniture for couples is different. It took us years to find high-quality pieces that fit our budget, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you. Thanks to our bootylicious bravery, you can get what you need in record time just by continuing to read.

Sex Furniture: What It Is and Isn’t

The term “sex furniture” can mean a lot of things. In college, it meant a rolled up sleeping bag for me. Now, my ideals are a little more refined, although not much.

Along the way, I discovered that the most important things were stability, comfort, and practicality. So, in some instances, a rolled up sleeping bag worked better than a fancy fabric chaise. The point is that your choices need to accommodate your sexual appetites AND the laws of physics. Thus, old camping gear won’t always cut it.

Legit furniture for sex is designed to help you and/or your partner achieve difficult positions without getting hurt or looking stupid. That’s why some of it is expensive. On the bright side, most pieces are more user-friendly than common household props and they look sexier against the backdrop too. After all, “Bend over my milk crates, baby” doesn’t sound so hot now that I think about it.

What’s Your Type?

Just like there are many distinct sexual fantasies in mankind’s collective consciousness, there are also many different types of sex furniture to choose from. You can pick one, use them all, or let fate decide. So, pretend you’re on a dating app and swipe left or right depending on which characteristics you like best. Here’s a profile on each:

#1. Sex Pillows

These bad boys are in millions of homes around the world, including mine. They’re not only the least expensive option but they’re usually the most versatile and discreet. That’s because they can be used as normal bed pillows or taken along on trips without causing a stir. Sex pillows are ideal for supporting the lumbar, slightly raising the hips, and making oral sex more enjoyable for everybody.

#2. Sex Wedges

Sex wedges are a lot like pillows except they’re more rigid and have more defined shapes. They’re usually cut at an angle to accommodate many different positions, plus they can sometimes flip and fold to help you get creative. I like to use mine combined with something else, but I’m a freak in the sheets, so there’s that.

#3. Sex Stools

This option is ideal for people who prize simplicity in the bedroom. Also, sex stools are great for BDSM and role playing because they offer several access points and minimum surface area for genital coverage. They’re also lightweight, portable, cute with the right décor, and somewhat discreet if you don’t need handcuffs attached to the legs like we do.

#4. Sex Chairs

These comfy, luxurious pieces of furniture are perfect for people who enjoy kink and fantasy. They come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of different features, add-ons, and accessories to make things even better. In fact, sex chairs are the most common artifact found in modern-day bondage dungeons besides whips, chains, and anal lube.

#5. Sex Chaises

Sex chaises are like long couches for making out and making love. They allow the sitter to elevate their feet in several different ways while giving partners sturdy options for “bend over” commands. Much more attractive and comfortable than sleeping bags and milk crates, these pieces easily assimilate into most home décor and often have washable covers just in case there’s a spill.

#6. Sex Swings

It might sound cliché, but sex swings can help you take your game to new heights. By that I mean you can hang it from the ceiling or inside a doorway to approach “the situation” from any angle. It takes the pressure off of joints, provides 360-degree access, and helps the sitter spread their legs as well. In some cases, these bad boys even come with wrist and ankle restraints.

#7. Sex Tables

Sex tables are long, flat surfaces used to spread open the arms and legs for bondage play and medical fetish work. They’re generally hard to disguise, so they’re not quite as popular as some of the other options. However, the possibilities are virtually endless with these things and they can blend into the surroundings easily with the right decorations.

Remember, learning about yourself and your partner is the best part about this journey. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with a few different types. Most of the time, you can even mix and match to create your own sexy scene at home. Now, let’s look at some of my top picks from each category.

My Favorite Sex Pillows and Wedges

Lights, camera, action. It’s time to pick your favorite pieces and start the show. Your loins may be patient, but these products are not. In fact, they’re usually flying off the shelves faster than they’re being stocked. You’ll find out why in a minute. Just know that sex pillows and wedges make g-spot stimulation even better. So, it’s hard not to be partial just a little bit.

TOP PICK: The Liberator™ Wedge/Ramp Combo

I like this masterful mound because it offers a wide range of different angles over a soft, smooth, machine washable surface. The velvety microfiber duo features two separate angled pillows for maximum comfort and versatility. Plus, they’re both stuffed with high-density foam and can accommodate more than one body in motion without changing shape.


  • Non-slip surface ideal for rough sex


  • Somewhat expensive by comparison

Runner Up: The DOMINIX Inflatable Wedge

This wonderful wedge gets blown up on the spot and then deflated when you’re ready to stop, making it one of the most discreet options on the books. It also features a smooth exterior that’s easy to clean, but that’s not even the best part. This sex wedge comes with a set of wrist restraints and a blindfold so you can get extra dirty if you want to.

NOTE: Find the best sex pillows and wedges by looking for something with moisture-wicking features and/or included storage containers to keep the exterior looking and feeling great.

My Favorite Sex Stools

Sex stools are fun because they allow one partner to sit down while the other partner takes advantage of their position. The best options always have large holes for easy access and/or bonus features for enhanced pleasure. In fact, my top pick has it all. Check this out.

TOP PICK: The Cloud Nine F-Slider

Before you freak out about the price, understand that this thing is more than just a stool for sex. It features an automatic stroking motor and a universal Vac-U-Lock adaptor for your favorite dongs and vibrators. It can also hold up to 400 pounds at a time, and it includes a realistic 7-inch dildo to get you started. You can use it or lose it, but you can’t play on Cloud Nine without having a heavenly orgasm.


  • Comes with a storage cover for discreet placement


  • May still be difficult for some people to hide

Runner Up: The DOMINIX Deluxe Faux Leather Sex Position Enhancer

It’s simple, lightweight, portable, and features everything you’d ever want in a sex stool. With four sturdy legs and a convenient 9-inch O-shaped opening, this piece puts the whole pie on display. Plus, it has four looped straps on each corner for attaching wrist and/or ankle restraints, and it’s covered in slick, black patent leather for quick and easy cleanup. Did I mention it comes preassembled by the manufacturer? We really appreciated that since neither of us can work a wrench.

NOTE: Find the best sex stools by looking for something made with durable, high-quality materials and/or built-in accessories that allow for more versatility.

My Favorite Sex Chairs

Sex chairs make experimenting with different positions much safer and more enjoyable for both partners. They’re cozy, convenient, and kind of kinky too. Imagine being strapped to a chair and taken advantage of by your lover. Now, turn your imagination into reality with something sturdy and interesting. Here’s my favorite op:

TOP PICK: The Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer

This sophisticated sex chair features an ergonomic slit for genital access and stretchy, breathable material for better experimentation. The strong metal frame holds up to 330 pounds and is covered in a cushiony foam that’s comfortable to sit on. It’s my go-to piece of furniture for blowjobs and pegging, plus the elastic material provides a slight bounce for enhanced humping and fabulous foreplay.


  • Dismantles for easy storage under the bed


  • May not be suitable for all body types

Runner Up: The Hands-Free Toy Mount Folding Chair

I like this piece because it provides quick and easy access to automatic pleasures – almost like having a third person in the room who doesn’t require gas money or cuddling when you’re done. It’s compatible with a wide variety of different sex toys, including some of my favorite dongs and vibrators. Plus, it’s incredibly discreet, very affordable, and super easy to maintain.

NOTE: Find the best sex chairs by looking for something discreet yet durable, possibly with attachments for sex toys and/or bondage restraints.

My Favorite Sex Chaises and Mounts

Sex chaises are on my list of favorites because, to be honest, they make me feel fancy. I always want to whip out a glass of wine and a new vibrator when I sit or lie down on one. They’re like curvy, sophisticated sofas with sex on the brain – sort of like me, expect I think the correct term there is “couch potato.” Either way, this is what I recommend:

TOP PICK: The Liberator™ Black Label ESSE

This is by far the swankiest sex chaise on the market right now, and I’m happy to say I’ve tried one. It has a smooth, black finish and a bunch of incredible features, including a detachable 5-inch headrest that my partner and I like to use for extra height. There are also 24 sturdy connector points for various BDSM gear like handcuffs and ankle straps. Plus, it also comes with a mini-scoop pillow for whatever your imagination requires. If you lost count, that’s 3+ pieces in one.


  • Highly curved structure for superior comfort and versatility


  • Heavy-weight and somewhat difficult to disguise

Runner Up: The Wanda Low Profile Mount

This unassuming little number has been a life saver more times than I can count. When my partner is away (and even when they’re at home), I use it to prop up my biggest vibrating wands and go to town hands-free. It allows me to hump, pump, jump, or dump whatever I see fit. Plus, it’s covered in a soft, washable material and turned out to be more ideal for couple’s play than I initially thought.

NOTE: Find the best sex chaises by looking for something with moisture-wicking features such as nylon linings or machine washable materials to prevent damage and unsightly stains.

My Favorite Sex Swings and Slings

Sex swings make me smile because they’re rather whimsical when you think about it. After all, you hang them from your ceiling like Christmas lights or suspend them in the doorway like mistletoe. And don’t expect to get away with simple foreplay while you’re using one of these. Swings made for sex are also made to entice the senses. So, the very position you and/or your partner end up in is what seals the deal. Think: spread eagle, then consider my top pick:

TOP PICK: The Fetish Fantasy Series 360

This sex swing has sold millions of units worldwide because of its uniquely complex yet user-friendly structure. Thus, it offers numerous positioning possibilities and even spins in a circle if you give it a push. The solid metal hook can be easily hung from any sturdy frame, and with padded straps there’s no limit to the things you can do to each other. So, thankfully, the materials are extremely heavy duty or else the whole world would be in big trouble.


  • Provides a fun zero-gravity experience


  • Only holds up to 350 pounds at once

Runner Up: Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit

You know how sexy it is to be thrust up against the wall and fucked until your brains fall out? Yeah, well we couldn’t do that around here without something getting hurt until we started using this sling. It quickly attaches to the doorway (or wall) and then adjusts to fit. The straps also spread apart, allowing your partner to penetrate deeper and deeper without pulling a muscle.

NOTE: Find the best sex swings and slings by looking for something that had adjustable, padded straps and high-quality materials to prevent damage and/or accidents.

My Favorite Sex Tables and Benches

Sex tables and benches are especially naughty because they require one or more partners to complete prostrate themselves for the purposes of giving and/or receiving pleasure. That means they’re extra sturdy and sometimes just downright intimidating. You can go big, go small, or find something in between. But whatever your taste may be, I suggest starting with one of these:

TOP PICK: The Liberator™ Obeir Spanking Bench

Even the name turns me on, so it’s no surprise that this sex bench is one of my favorites. It’s the perfect accessory for roleplaying games and bondage, with a two-tiers design that offers positioning versatility along with BDSM security. Attached for four padded, spiked cuffs for a double dose of visual stimulation and movement restriction. We like to punish each other on this bad boy as often as possible, especially since it’s covered in a washable material that feels like candy for the skin.


  • Lightweight and portable for discreet fun


  • Not ideal for certain positions (missionary)

Runner Up: The Strict Folding Restraint Board

This flat, foldable furniture is ideal for impromptu sessions and tiny living. It offers the same great features as a well-equipped BDSM table, but it still fits under the bed and even has a convenient strap for easy toting. There are also 18 different tie-down points and the entire thing is stuffed with high-density foam to protect your pressure points.

NOTE: Find the best sex tables and benches by looking for something that fits inside your home while having plenty of room left for sex toys, accessories, and attachments.

Bonus Favorite: My Lubes of Choice

I’ve come to realize the importance of using the proper lube, especially since I started getting hot and heavy with the sex furniture. Different positions call for different pieces, but they also call for specific lubrication to make it feel the best. After all, does it really matter what kind of chair or swing you use when you’re chaffing with every stroke? I didn’t think so.

That’s why I advocate for high-quality lubes like I’m a doctor of debauchery. As someone who has seen the dark side of dry sex, let me tell you something. Skipping the sauce makes for a massive mess, and not in the good way. So, check out my favorite personal lubricants too:

#1. WATER-BASED: Divine 9

This stuff is made from all-natural ingredients and plant extracts to protect the skin from friction while also penetrating deep into the tissues for lasting moisture. It also smells divine, hence the name.

#2. OIL-BASED: AH! Yes Organic

With a certified organic formula and a super-slick consistency, this lube provides long-lasting protection and doubles as a massage oil. Take your sex tricks to the next level and your partner will never say no.

#3. SILICONE-BASED: Wet Elite Femme

This is five ounces of the most potent, high-density silicone lubricant you’ll ever buy (most likely). It comes in a cute bottle with an easy-dispense cap, and it’s guaranteed to last longer than both of you.

Remember, you shouldn’t use certain lubes with certain toys or materials. For example, silicone and oil-based lubricants are notoriously messy. They can also stain fabrics if you’re not careful and they’re hard to wash off. So, choose water-based products for optimal versatility and cleanliness. As always, wash up afterwards using non-abrasive, hypoallergenic cleaning supplies.

The Final Verdict

Thousands of people hurt themselves or their partner every year in this country, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Those embarrassing trips to the emergency room are for nothing, especially since there’s plenty of sex furniture to help people position themselves more safely. In fact, nothing has been the same since the invention of furniture for sex, and nobody could be happier about that than my partner and me. After all, our doctor started getting suspicious of domestic violence because of all my bruises.

Regardless of how long it took me to realize it, these products have revolutionized the way we make love and enjoy foreplay. That likely explains why so many pieces get sold every day. Through a little experimentation and some open-mindedness, we finally discovered a few favorites and began branching out again. So, use our experiences to your advantage and find something that’s truly useful in your bedroom.

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