Top 5 Best Handcuffs For Sex Reviewed In 2023

Handcuffs aren’t just for police officers anymore. Were they ever? About the time authority figures started locking people up, folks began using the apparatus for sex. Humans will pervert anything if you give them a chance. Fortunately, we seized the day with this one.

Bondage play, BDSM, and other forms of kink are gaining popularity. What was once considered taboo is now mainstream, with many people playing with sex toys in bed. The average couple has used a pleasure-enhancing product at least once, so you don’t have to feel weird about wanting to be tied up.

According to relationship experts, experimenting with your partner is a good thing. It helps build bonds, create more satisfying experiences, and fulfill naughty fantasies. Use handcuffs for roleplaying, control or dominance, and good old-fashioned spontaneity. Here is what you need to know, plus my top five recommendations.

What Are Handcuffs for Sex?

Sex handcuffs are harmless, non-lethal accessories for restraining the wrists or ankles. They come in all shapes and sizes, with varying colors, materials, and security. You can use them casually on kinky occasions or as part of your everyday routine. Beware, though, because they can become addictive.

People use handcuffs for sex when they want to exhibit or relinquish control. Couples can attach them to pleasure products, sex furniture, and objects around the house. Some restraints are waterproof, machine washable, rust-resistant, or virtually impossible to escape. The design depends on your demands.

These devices can help you customize sessions with or without a partner. Limit your range of motion during masturbation for a thrilling sensation. Or tie up your lover’s limbs to take advantage of their naked body. The only rule is that you continue until you cum.

How Do They Work?

Handcuffs for foreplay can work in various ways depending on the design, materials, and purpose. Authentic cuffs and restraints are generally more secure and made from robust textiles. Safe sex toys should be durable without causing panic. Hence, most handcuff models feature a quick-release button and an extra set of keys.

You should read the owner’s manual for specific instructions since each pair is unique. Also, reserve a spot for storage to avoid losing the keys, locks, or other necessary accessories. And if your set comes with a warranty from the manufacturer, don’t forget to register it.

DID YOU KNOW: Getting stuck in a pair of handcuff sex toys is challenging because they’re breakable.

The Main Features

No two sets of wrist or ankle restraints are identical. And you could shop nonstop for days but never reach the end of the list. It’s best to categorize your top picks based on solid criteria. High-quality sex toys can be few and far between otherwise.

Don’t think buying handcuffs for sex should be this complicated? Simplify your shopping trip by ignoring everything without these five features:

  • Skin-Safe Materials – Contrary to popular belief, not all wrist and ankle restraints are made from metal. Some feature softer materials such as cotton, nylon, leather, and silk.
  • Durable Locks – You won’t be able to escape a good set of cuffs because the lock stays put. Keep track of your keys and only break your toys in an emergency.
  • Unique Keys – Most devices have one or two keys specifically designed for the lock. You won’t get them confused with your housekeys unless you’re easily distracted.
  • Flexible Connectors – The best handcuffs for sex feature a rope or chain to connect each piece. This crucial element allows the wearer to move around freely…to an extent.
  • Adjustable Sizes – High-quality products for bondage typically feature elastic elements to help you share with care. This can also help prevent marks from rough sex.

Some cuffs might feature O-rings or hooks for your favorite accessories. Many body-restraining devices also function as erotic jewelry or costume enhancements. Choose a suitable pair based on your unique desires, and leave nothing to chance.

You don’t need special skills or equipment to enjoy tying up a partner or yourself. These things don’t even require lubricant or sex toy cleaner unless you get them dirty. However, always clean your pleasure products before and after each use since some handcuffs are prone to surface damage.

The Pros and Cons

You take multiple risks each time you have sex. Using cuffs to restrict movement adds an extra layer of excitement, but not without potential disadvantages. Never expect a perfect product when tailoring your love life. Manufacturers can’t keep up with you. It is what it is.

Playing with bondage toys can be challenging and dangerous. Here are the pros and cons to consider first:


  • Enhances foreplay, intercourse, and masturbation
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Suitable for individuals, couples, or groups
  • Pairs well with sex toys and lingerie
  • Easy to clean, maintain, and hide
  • Practical for all genders and sexual orientations
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Perfect for gifting

Meanwhile, some cuff sets are submersible in water for aquatic adventures and effortless traveling. Read the product description for more details.


  • Weak locks can slip during rough sex
  • Poor materials could distort with applied pressure
  • It might be difficult to escape quickly
  • Can cause redness, swelling, or bruising
  • Keys are easy to lose or misplace

Do it right, and you don’t have to worry about awkward pauses while picking the lock. Check with the retailer or manufacturer for safety instructions.

What to Look For

Many cuffs for your wrists and ankles look similar to the untrained eye. Inexperienced shoppers could get sucked into wasting cash on crap, not knowing there are specifics to find. Don’t regret your purchase before reaching an orgasm or quenching your desires. Look for these six things instead:

  • Solid Construction – Find devices with robust aluminum or stainless steel alloys. You can also get away with buying nylon, silicone, plastic, or polymer products instead.
  • Heavy-Duty Locks – Check for durable locking mechanisms that help keep the device in place. Most devices use integrated systems for convenience and safety.
  • Keys on a Ring – Look for handcuffs with a detachable key ring. This gives you more control over each session and makes losing your keys more challenging.
  • Sturdy Buckles and Latches – Search for products with unbreakable clasps to prevent slippage. You can usually loosen or tighten them as needed.
  • Comfort Features – Purchase padded handcuffs and ankle restraints if you’re worried about bruising and redness. Otherwise, stick to the rough stuff.
  • Versatile Designs – Spend your money on devices compatible with other toys in your collection. Create a diverse experience by mixing and matching at your whim.

Remember that each set is unique, and so are your requirements. Choose restraints that satisfy based on personal preference alone.

DID YOU KNOW: Unlike sex toys, these manufacturers might let you return broken or malfunctioning handcuffs for repair or replacement. See your warranty for more coverage information.

What to Avoid

You’ve only got one chance to make a decent first impression. So, don’t let these sex toy manufacturers waste your time. They need to deliver the goods or get out of dodge. Save your money if these five features become apparent:

  • Poor Construction – You don’t want restraints that can’t handle your strength. Unfortunately, adrenaline can make you stronger, so reach for durable products.
  • Low-Quality Materials – Metals and fabrics aren’t your only concern. Shoddy materials can cause an allergic reaction, irritate the skin, or break quickly.
  • Tiny Keys – Handcuff key replacements can be expensive and inconvenient. Avoid restraints with minuscule accessories that are easy to lose.
  • Rough Edges – Smooth edges can help reduce bruises and marks during sex. However, jagged edges are dangerous and uncomfortable and usually indicate poor construction.
  • Rigid Designs – Avoid devices that don’t allow you to customize the experience. Prevent frustration with versatility and vibrance.

The best handcuff sets shouldn’t hurt you beyond practical means. They also shouldn’t break or bend as soon as you use them. If your lover can escape without even trying, what’s the point?

DID YOU KNOW: Some models use buckles or clamps instead of locks to prevent unwanted mishaps.

The 5 Best Handcuffs for Sex In 2023:

Ready to go shopping for the best handcuffs? Here are five savvy places to look:

#1. The DOMINIX Deluxe Heavy Leather Cuffs – Best Sex Handcuffs Overall


The DOMINIX Deluxe Heavy Leather Cuffs leave nothing to chance. They’re professional-grade with attached D-rings to help you enhance the experience. These restraints also feature metal stud detailing for an attractive display, plus padding along the interior for maximum comfort. The unique design molds to your unique body shape, ensuring silent obedience during long sessions. Enjoy this double-ended delight and worry no more. It has a 3.5-inch quick-release clip in case things get too intense.


  • Buckle Fasten
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Skin-Safe Leather


The buckle features eight spaced holes for a customized fit.


The material contains nickel, which could be risky for some people.

#2. The Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Anticipation Bondage Handcuffs


Celebrate kink with the master of BDSM and couple’s play. The Fifty Shades of Grey Sweet Anticipation Bondage Cuffs are primed for your picking. These sexy red and black restraints feature a convenient reversible design and coordinated collar for visual appeal. Maximize your control but stay cozy with soft padding for long-term wear. This versatile sex accessory also has D-rings for attaching jewelry and body clamps, plus an adjustable size to ensure confidence despite your dimensions. You even get a branded storage bag for elegant gifting.


  • Clamp Fasten
  • Lightweight
  • Skin-Safe Faux Leather


This device is a part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection.


You could break the restraints or come detached during rough sex.

#3. The DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Wrist Cuffs


The DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Wrist Cuffs are restrictive and liberating simultaneously. They feature padded materials to help protect your skin and bones, plus an adjustable form to help customize the size. This device also has attached D-rings for added pleasure, encouraging experimental play without increasing the risk. Enjoy effortless and worry-free bliss with a quick-release lobster clip and double-ended design. Don’t forget the metal stud detailing that makes this accessory unique and attractive for all skin types and fashion tastes.


  • Buckle Fasten
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Skin-Safe Leather


You can control your partner’s range of motion by adding more hardware to the D-rings.


The layers don’t overlap when connected, so some users might not feel as secure.

#4. The Kink by Doc Johnson Silicone Hand Cuffs


These lightweight handcuffs are a treat for people who like to have sex underwater. They’re 100% submersible and ready for action without tedious prep. Use the easy buckle closures to determine an appropriate fit, or attach these restraints to other bondage equipment using the integrated D-rings. The Kink by Doc Johnson Silicone Cuffs Set is comfortable, durable, long-lasting, and lightweight. It also includes padlocks and three keys for intense sessions.


  • Buckle Fasten + Lock and Key
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Skin-Safe Silicone


This pleasure product is fully hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and contains no animal byproducts.


The silicone materials can stretch and release the hands or feet unexpectedly.

#5. The Fifty Shades of Grey Totally His Soft Handcuffs


These light-duty wrist restraints are soft because your dominant won’t be. The Fifty Shades of Grey ‘Totally His’ Soft Handcuffs are for fashionable fetishists, with glistening metallic details and branded storage. They’re also fully adjustable for learning the ropes and can connect to other accessories in your FSOG stash. The Velcro clasps allow for quick size adjustments during sex, and you get a quick-release clip, also. Explore the wonderful world of bondage or complete your collection without committing to anything extreme.


  • Velcro Fasten
  • Lightweight
  • Skin-Safe Polyester


This device is a part of the Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection.


Rough sex and unusual positions can detach the Velcro fastening and release your partner.


Sex cuffs for wrists and ankles can transform your love life and enhance satisfaction. They’re also suitable for safe experimentation while providing reliable restraints where you need them most. Many manufacturers offer customizable designs, but that’s not always the case. Look for the best products by learning to recognize quality.

Enjoy bondage, play responsibly, and read your owner’s manual for specific instructions. Most cuff sets for sex feature straightforward designs. However, you must determine the product’s legitimacy because some retailers won’t offer your money back. These items can also cause superficial injuries, so be careful and stop when needed.

Sex Handcuffs FAQ

These are the most commonly asked questions about handcuffs for sex:

Is There a Specific Way to Clean a Pair of Handcuffs?

Maintaining your bondage accessories is relatively straightforward. However, always double-check your user’s manual for specific instructions and safety warnings. Most models require a quick rinse with water and time to dry. Wait for all the moisture to absorb before returning your toys to storage.

How Should I Store My Bondage Toys?

Storing your hand and foot restraints is easy. Purchase designer containers to hide your kinks from prying eyes. Then keep the stash away from direct sunlight and excessive moisture. Water and extreme temperatures could damage the materials or compromise the mechanical components. Read the user’s manual if you have other questions or need extra storage.

Can I Get Hurt Using Wrist or Ankle Restraints?

You can get hurt during sex regardless of whether toys are involved or not. Foreplay, intercourse, and masturbation are risky business, so be careful. Read the safety instructions with your device to avoid accidents and damage. Remove the restraints if you feel uncomfortable or experience pain. Then seek medical attention if needed.

What Happens If I Get Stuck?

Most intimacy cuffs have built-in safety features to help prevent “sticky” situations. However, you can become trapped using the wrong set during rough sex. Ask your partner to stop if you get stuck. Work as a team to remove the restraints from your wrist or ankles, and try to relax your muscles. Call for help if you can’t break free independently. It might be embarrassing, but it’s better than being jammed forever.

How Can I Heal Handcuff Bruising Faster?

Some ankle and wrist restraints can cause minor bruising. This usually happens during rough sex or because of improper installation. Heal your marks faster by applying ice after each session. Develop an aftercare station for addressing sex wounds. You can also use an anti-inflammatory medicine or topical ointment to hasten your recovery. Look for more at-home remedies for bruising and abrasions online.

Do I Need Two Different Cuffs for My Hands and Feet?

You might have to buy more than one set of cuffs if you plan to restain the hands and feet. Purchase another accessory to restrict the range of motion in the legs, torso, or neck. Expect a tailored collection to prevent unwanted bruising and pain. Or make the marks a part of their punishment.

Is Size Important When Buying Sex Handcuffs?

Size matters when measuring sex accessories. Those with large hands or feet might not fit into the average dimensions. Their unique form could cause issues when using standard handcuffs or ankle restraints. Determine your body type and compare the numbers to your favorite products. Ensure there’s enough space for a comfortable but restrictive experience.

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