Best Sex Torsos: The L-Cup Sex Doll Torso

They say it’s not bragging if you can back it up, so I guess I shouldn’t tell you about all the different sex dolls I’ve had sex with over the last few decades. My first experience involved a very low-quality hole-having hag that broke down after only a few sessions. My next few experiences got better gradually, but the good part didn’t start until I began to have better standards about the sex toys I used. It also helped quite a bit that certain manufacturers had begun creating higher quality products in the meantime. Thanks to all that, my sex life is an extremely active one these days and my taste for the flesh is ever greater than before.

Having candidly mentioned my obsession, it’s probably appropriate to also bring up my incessant search for bigger and better things. Over the years I’ve recognized my kinks and defined my fetishes to the point that I know exactly what turns me on (or off). It definitely helps when it comes time to buy an upgraded sex torso or full-sized doll, but it also makes my selection difficult because nothing seems to be enough. I have to look for the extreme, which is why I started checking out the stuff from WM Dolls. Their L-Cup model looked interesting so I gave it a whirl. Was my experience worth the hefty price I paid for this thing or did I end up feeling ripped off? Well, let’s make sure you know what I’m talking about before I answer those questions.

What Is the L-Cup SDT?

The L-Cup SDT is a sex torso made by WM Dolls and it’s designed to satisfy the wants of a fetishist who enjoys having sex with big breasted women. Her composition is unique as is, but several of her components can be customized to suit the needs of the buyer. Furthermore, this doll’s dimensions are such that it’s ideal for almost any user, with multiple orifices to explore and human-like features which, by the way, only enhance the experience and also pave the way towards amazing orgasms. There are no high-tech components involved and customization options are somewhat limited, but it’s one of the most popular torsos because of its unique construction and outstanding appearance.

The Main Features

The WM Doll brand isn’t as well-known as some, but they’re still popular for making high-quality torsos like the L-Cup SDT. It features an alluring BBW body yet it’s relatively lightweight so users can move it around with ease. Made out of luxury-grade thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), this thing features a silky-soft human-like skin covering that flexes and stretches just like the real thing. She has three distinct holes to explore as well – a vagina, an anus, and a mouth – each one with a different texture and measurement. In total, this device features ergonomic dimensions, with a 2 foot 9 inch height and a 37.8-inch bust. Heads of the torso are customizable and interchangeable with most others in the manufacturer’s inventory, although none of the heads come styled with makeup or hairdos.

Furthermore, this bad girl has a cute waist for a tight grip despite being suitable for BBW lovers. Her dimensions are just 21.3 inches around and her hips are a sexy 33.9 inches. She weighs just over 50 pounds too, which means she’s hefty enough to be slammed yet light enough to be moved around on a whim. And unlike most other sex torsos of her quality, the L-Cup comes with 24-inch arms so she can hold herself up against the pressures of her massive bust. The device comes packaged inside a non-descript container that’s rather huge, so be sure to reserve a spot for storage because you don’t get anything like that in the box.

What Comes in the Box?

Speaking of what comes in the box with the L-Cup Sex Doll Torso, the manufacturer doesn’t waste a lot of time wooing consumers with freebies. You don’t get a lot, but I was still able to enjoy my device as soon as it came out of the container with no major assembly required. I found a single sex doll torso outfit inside but no water-based lube samples, no toy cleaning products and very little information from the maker. You do get a warranty but you’re required to register the product within 30 days to keep it valid. Either way, the instruction manual is about all you need to get started with this thing and that’s only if you’ve never used a silicone sex doll before.  think the maker did just fine including the things you truly need while excluding the things average men might want, but that’s just my opinion.

The Experience

My experience with sex doll torsos is extensive at this point, with many of the ones I’ve tried so far becoming permanent fixtures in my ever-increasing collection. They don’t all make the cut, though. Certain models have landed themselves in the trash, others have been sent back to their maker like the spawns from hell they were. Each one was subjected to the same basic criteria because I believe in keeping things objective and fair. With that said, here’s how to the L-Cup SDT measured up:

  • The Dimensions

She’s tough to move around, so I got used to hitting it from behind most of the time. When she lays on her back, her tits spread slightly to each side just like the real thing and I absolutely loved that. Mind you, she’s relatively heavy and her holes are good and tight, although it would have been nice to get a removable canal or two for easier cleaning and better customization. Either way, the dimensions were just right for several rounds of good sex, especially when that sex involved anal.

  • The Materials

Most high-end sex dolls are made out of skin-safe materials like silicone, TPE or PVC and the L-Cup SDT is no exception to the quality curve. That being said, its materials are extremely soft and pliable, although not the most luxurious I’ve touched. The synthetics feel wonderful with some high-quality water-based lube on them, but I was hoping for a bit more clap-back from those gigantic titties. I suppose you can’t have everything, but that doesn’t mean I won’t stop looking for it.

  • The Sensations

Between the soft skin-like materials, the distinctly tight and texturized canals, and the realistic breast formation, it wasn’t easy keeping my composure while fucking this torso. In fact, I might even suggest it for men who have problems with stamina or premature ejaculation because of its relative intensity, given the user has a thing for the body type presented. The jiggles and wiggles could have been a little more extreme considering the overall design of the toy, but I was generally happy with the size and realism regardless of that fact.

  • The Functionality

Overall, the L-Cup functions perfectly for a fetish lover like myself, especially when that fetish is thick women who have massive jugs. It’s kind of difficult to hide this toy, however, and you don’t get much in the way of storage from the manufacturer. The material gathers lint pretty easily too, and the holes are hard to clean out when you’re done. Still, the functionality of this device is impressive considering how big and heavy it is compared to other torsos, so I was generally pleased enough not to cuss the manufacturer out.

The Ups and Downs

By now, you should know that there’s no such thing as the perfect pleasure product. What I think is amazing might be something repulsive to you and vice versa. The only way to truly determine the value of a sex torso is to carefully consider its various pros and cons. How will those things change the way you use the product, if at all? Do any of them count as a deal breaker or can you work around it? The L-Cup Sex Doll Torso is no exception to the rule, so here are the things I think you need to know about it before spending any money:


  • Extra large breasts for supreme fetish satisfaction
  • Free outfit included
  • Three hole design for improved versatility
  • Interchangeable heads available
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Covered by manufacturer’s warranty


  • May not accomodate all penis sizes
  • Does not come styled
  • Made primarily for doggy style penetration

The Takeaway

She may not be for everybody and her favorite position may be doggy style, but the L-Cup Sex Doll Torso is capable of so much more than meets the eye. She’s not as flexible and position-friendly as some models, I concur. However, you can’t deny that her frisky fetish-lovers body makes for a tremendously arousing experience. She’s crafted out of the industry’s best materials and a few of her features can be customized as well. I don’t know if she’s appropriate for men who enjoy petite women but she’s certainly ideal for guys like me. Overall, I’d say she’s the perfect match for any man who likes big tits, round asses, and is down for a triple dip inside something sexy, sophisticated, and sturdy.

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