Best Sex Toy Cleaning Supplies: Fleshlight FleshWash

Don’t get me wrong. I like to get dirty just as much as the next person, but what I like even more is staying exceptionally clean when it comes to the sex toys and accessories I use. Filthy devices are only cute in the movies, and even then they’re rather repulsive. I’ve never got a date by flashing a bunch of dusty dildos in their face but I’ve lost a few partners because of my ignorance about cleanliness. It wasn’t until I spent major money on a pleasure product that I decided to put my big boy pants on. The results have been amazing, and now I’m left wondering what I did with the phone numbers to all those former lovers who knew more about this than me.

Either way, my love life is extremely primal these days – lots of different partners, tons of dual penetration, experimentation with every sex toy known to man no apologies given without begging, that kind of thing. I don’t have time to be OCD but I can’t afford to be funky either, so I keep my eyes peeled for high-quality sex toy cleaning products. And since I own about a dozen Fleshlight devices, I figured spending a few bucks on a bottle of their patented cleaning solution was probably a good idea. So, was I roped in by clever marketing schemes again or was this stuff really legit? Well, let me start out by making sure you know what I’m talking about before answering that question.

What Is Fleshlight FleshWash?

The Fleshlight brand is known for its large selection of premium sex toys and accessories, with millions of units sold and nearly twice as many satisfied customers. Many of those people are able to enjoy their device for much longer than the average consumer because they use the manufacturer’s specially formulated FleshWash to keep it clean. Made with a proprietary blend of ingredients, this solution quickly washes the inside and outside of a male masturbator without the need for water. It also kills bacteria and prevents mold from forming where moisture collects. Best of all, its gentle formula was developed specifically for SuperSkin sex toys, meaning it works wonders on most Kiiroo brand toys as well (or anything made out of high-grade silicone for that matter).

The Main Features

FleshWash features one of the most effective cleaning agents known to man – a powerful yet skin-safe chemical known as Triclosan. And while the big T can’t cut through bodily fluids (meaning you’ll want to give your toys a quick rinse before applying it), the compound kills germs on contact without damaging the integrity of the device’s delicate materials. The blend also creates an anti-static effect on the toy’s surface, preventing the accumulation of dust and debris when it’s not in use. As a truly user-friendly product, this stuff is made to dry quickly in the air and it doesn’t need to be wiped off before the device is ready for use again.

Furthermore, the liquid is packaged inside a convenient 100ml pump-style spray bottle with a wide-angle nozzle, designed to give you the best spread and coverage possible while also reducing the amount of product required for a thorough clean. And since the manufacturer recommends using the patented Renewal Powder on certain silicone materials in their collection, and since that powder increases the chances of mold forming, the FleshWash spray was created to inhibit that formation while leaving a pleasant apple-like smell in the atmosphere. Non-irritating and non-greasy, the supreme ingredients in this much-needed product are likely what make it so popular among diligent sex toy enthusiasts.

What Comes in the Bottle?

Cleaning supplies are important, but they can also be dangerous if they’re not used correctly. Please don’t be one of those people who has to find that out the hard way. Fortunately, Fleshlight understood the struggle enough to provide easy to read instructions right on the side of the bottle (in four different languages too). The label clearly states that the solution is made primarily for latex, silicone and SuperSkin sex toy materials, although I found it gentle enough to use on my TPE and PVC devices as well. Regardless of my rebellion, the formula is what convinced me it was safe. Here’s what you’ll find sloshing around the in the bottle:

  • Water – hypoallergenic base
  • Methylpropanediol – disinfectant
  • Sodium C14-16 (olefin sulfonates) – grease solvent
  • Disodium lauroamphodiacetates – anti-static agent
  • Sodium triceth sulfates – cleaner
  • Hexylene glycol – solvent and fragrance
  • Citric acid – pH balancing
  • Sodium benzoates – preservative
  • Sodium chlorides – skin protectant
  • CI 191-40, CI 28440, CI 42051, CI 42090, CI 47005 – colors
  • Perfume

It also contains weird stuff like: Cocamidorphyl, Betaines, Ethyhexylglecerine, Disodium EDTA, and Caprylyl glycol. On top of that, I found the manufacturer’s claim that the spray is alcohol free to be slightly dishonest and misleading. Both methylpropanediol and  hexylene glycol are compounds made out of alcohol. I suggest doing a spot test before trying on delicate toys or devices that could be used on someone with super sensitive skin.

The Experience

Using any kind of sex toy or accessory, especially a chemical-based cleaning agent, can be a very delicate thing. You don’t want to rush it and you don’t want to expect too much. At the same time, you don’t want to be stupid and automatically trust what the manufacturer says (as we learned with the alcohol incident). And that’s exactly why I use the same basic criteria when trying out a bottle of sex toy cleaning solution for the first time. So, without further ado, here’s how the Fleshlight FleshWash measured up:

  • The Container 

It’s conveniently packaged enough to fit snugly in my bedside drawer alongside all the sex toys it was responsible for cleaning. My only complaint was about the pump nozzle. It’s kind of cheaply made, which means it can break easily if you’re not careful when you push down on it.

  • The Formula 

FleshWash turned out to be a lot more gentle than the pungent aroma led on. I don’t know what half of those ingredients are, but they truly helped my toys stay squeaky clean and I didn’t develop a rash because of it so there’s that. If I were a chemist I could probably say more…

  • The Practicality 

This is by far one of the most practical products I’ve ever reviewed. I mean, who doesn’t need a good cleaning agent for their sex toys (especially the anal ones, am I right)? And since it’s specially formulates for a specific brand’s materials while also working perfectly on several other toy types, it’s an intelligent purchase as long as you enjoy the fake apple smell at the end.

  • The Effectiveness 

I was expecting little water droplets all over my toys once they dried but I didn’t see a thing. On top of that, the materials were shiny and new without even the first spot of lint from the atmosphere. It was able to seep into the nooks and crannies that my tools and fingers couldn’t, capturing and destroying the mood-killing germs hidden inside. Overall, that’s pretty much what made it a go-to liquid in my love shack. To put it lightly, things can get pretty filthy in there.

  • The Aftermath 

Honestly, I was afraid that the liquid would somehow harm my toys or cause irritation on my skin but it did neither. So far, so good. I’ll let you know how it handles the aftermath of this next load.

The Ups and Downs

Flawless products are only figments of our imagination. There are too many different opinions flying around at any given moment and far too many options to determine only one as a winner, so that means it’s all about perspective instead of perfection. The best way to figure out whether a product is right for you is to do what I do and that’s carefully examine it for pros and cons before forking over any cash. With that said, here are the things I think you should consider before buying any Fleshlight FleshWash:


  • Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-static formula
  • Dries quickly in the open air, no need for water
  • Increases safety and confidence
  • Contained in a convenient spray bottle
  • Specially formulated for Fleshlight brand pleasure products
  • Ideal for most silicone and/or latex sex toys
  • Made from high-potency ingredients


  • Too abrasive for metal sex toys
  • Contains glycol

The Takeaway

You have to be clean if you want to get dirty, so you’ll have to buy some of this stuff no matter what you decide anyway. If you own Fleshlight brand sex toys, my suggestion is to go ahead and spring for some of this stuff because it doesn’t get any better for those particular materials (SuperSkin, that is). I found it gentle enough to use on all my devices (even a few from other brands) and the smell wasn’t as chemical-like as I had initially anticipated so that was nice. It dries quicker than I expected and it leaves no nasty residue on the toy’s material, so I think it’s a wide purchase for any pleasure product owner who’s serious about keeping things in top working order for as long as possible (which should be everybody).

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