Best Sex Toy Kits for Couples: The WE-Vibe Discover Gift Box

There’s nothing quite like having sex with a kinky partner. The only thing better is being able to surprise your lover with high-quality sex toys and accessories, especially the ones that are designed for couples play. The world of pleasure products has exploded over the last few decades, meaning horny individuals and their equally aroused counterparts can finally enjoy simultaneous orgasms without the threat of performance anxiety. Sex toy kits for couples are revolutionizing the way people have sex and/or masturbate, so choosing the right one can make a huge difference. On the same token, picking the wrong product can leave you both with much to be desired and nobody wants that.

By the way, you just heard the exact reason why I’ve been on the hunt for a good sex toy kit for couples lately. You see, my most recent relationship failed because of a lack of intimacy and sex, so I didn’t want the same thing happening to this new one. I knew that the only way I could save face was to come packing amazing products in my stash, but there were so many options out there that choosing one seemed impossible. I like kits because they give me more than one item to explore and experiment with, so naturally I chose the WE-Vibe Discover Gift Box because it came with so many different devices and accessories. So, do I feel like I got my money’s worth or am I single all over again? Well, let me make sure you know what I’m talking about before I answer that question.

What Is the WE-Vibe Discover Gift Box?

The We-Vibe brand is well-known for producing extremely high-end, interactive devices aimed specifically at couples stimulation and intimacy enhancement. Some of their toys can be used for long-distance lovemaking, while a majority are crafted for in-person experiences that involve intuitive functionality. Either way, the Discover Gift Box is a sampling of some of their best stuff. It’s attractively packaged to present as the perfect pleasure gift and it contains ten of the most exquisite sex toys in the brand’s collection, complete with a handful of accessories to make the night (or day) go off with a bang (literally). Ideal for curious couples who want to add the element of surprise to their routine, this kinky kit is has sold millions of units since its introduction to the market and it continues to be a beloved box to this day.

The Main Features

The WVD Kit is a rather impressive collection of the brand’s most popular products, including 10 of their top-selling sex toys and/or accessories. Set up similar to an Advent calendar, the kit contains a set of individually wrapped mini devices that are all made with industry-leading craftsmanship and high-quality, skin-safe materials. Each box hides a new adventure that can either be explored once per night or all at the same time. Its contents are designed to work in unison or on their own, and the kit also features a cute and kinky set of activity suggestion cards made exclusively by the manufacturer. It provides you and/or your partner with fun ideas for your new playthings and the kit’s integrative properties make it perfect for a well-organized session overall.

What Comes in the Box?

As mentioned, the WVD Kit comes with ten different items, each one packaged in its own numbered box and presented much like a holiday Advent calendar. Here’s what you’ll find inside them (because I’m all about ruining surprises if it saves someone money):

  1. The Special Edition WE-Vibe Couples U-Shaped Vibrator
  2. The Womanizer Starlet Clitoral Stimulator
  3. The Tango Mini Bullet Vibe
  4. The Dusk Anal Stimulator
  5. The WE-Vibe Kegel Ball
  6. A set of Sex Dice
  7. A feather tickler
  8. A bottle of WE-Vibe water-based lube
  9. A massage candle
  10. A silk sash (for bondage)

I got quite a bit for the cash, but I was surprised to see that there was no storage offered for any of the toys inside the kit. What am I supposed to do with all this stuff? Fortunately, I was able to use the boxes for a couple days until I found adequate hiding spots for everything. What a pain in the ass.

The Experience

My experience with any sex toy is always based off all the experiences that came before it. The first ever sex toy session in my life seems so lame looking back, but at the time I was blown away because of my virgin perspective. Now that I’m a little older, it’s much easier for me to differentiate between the good, the bad and the ugly. And even if I have a hard time telling things apart, I just whip out my handy-dandy list of basic criteria and I compare each device to it. With that said, here’s how the WE-Vibe Discover Kit measured up:

  • The Dimensions¬†

I didn’t know that all the toys in this kit were miniature versions of full-size products. It was a slight let-down but I got used to it as my partner and I explored the contents. There’s not a lot in the way of pleasure for men unless they’re into anal or watching their partners climax. I hope the next version they come out with has more to offer in that regard.

  • The Materials¬†

Everything was made from obviously high-grade materials – stuff that’s gentle on the skin and compatible with most lube types. From looking at the properties of the full-sized versions, all the toys in this kit were made from silicone or TPE (if not feathers and/or proprietary liquid ingredients). Stuff was high-quality and easy on my body so that’s really all I cared about. I suggest using the provided water-based lube until you can get some of your own, and be sure to stock up on plenty of sex toy cleaner because you don’t get any in the kit and I didn’t notice that until it was too late.

  • The Sensations¬†

Each one of the toys offers a completely different sensation, but our favorite was obviously the Starlet Clitoral Stimulator. It was the cleanest device in the kit and probably the easiest to enjoy because it was more powerful than it looked. The lube was extremely silky and it helped tremendously with sensation enhancement. I could have done without the lame feather tickler, especially since the kit came with a silk bondage sash for blindfolding and limb restriction. Maybe a paddle or flogger with the next kit, WE-Vibe?

  • The Functionality

As a kit made exclusively for couples, this thing functioned perfectly. The contents could have been more friendly to the fellas, but it’s a great gift for getting things started rather than finished. I probably wouldn’t suggest it for couples who are afraid of trying new things because that’s pretty much the entire premise of this package. Either way, it gets the job done no matter what kind of kink you’re into, so it’s a very well-rounded product in my book.

The Ups and Downs

Even when we’re talking about a product that comes with nearly a dozen small sex toys in one box, we still have to think about the pros and cons. Nothing is perfect, especially nothing within the pleasure product realm. People are just too different as a species, and what feels good to me might feel like torture to you. The only way to determine whether anything is worth your time and attention is to carefully consider and ups and downs of owning it “as is.” Then, and only then, can you accurately figure out if it will work for your intended purposes or not. Take the WE-Vibe Discover Kit, for instance. Here are the things I think you need to know before spending any of your money on it:


  • Contains both male and female sex toys
  • Comes with performance accessories
  • Attractively packaged for gift giving
  • Everything needed for a kinky experience
  • Ideal for couples and individuals
  • Made from skin-safe materials


  • May not contain the specific toy you/your partner desire
  • Dimensions may not be compatible with all body types
  • No storage offered for kit contents

The Takeaway

You don’t have to be a genius to know a good product when you see it. Sex toys may be a dime a dozen these days, but that seems to be because they’re all trying to mimic the properties of the products like the WE-Vibe Discover Kit with its surprising variety and high quality presented at such an impressive price point. I’d honestly suggest this thing to anybody – an individual, someone in a relationship, a man, a woman, etc. It has so many different options in it that it’s almost impossible for the consumer not to find something he or she loves. And since each of the items are designed to work in unison with one another, the entire shebang can create a very interesting and arousing experience (even for someone who’s relatively new to sex toy use). Overall, I’d say this product is most ideal for people who want to spice things up or enhance their sex/masturbation session regardless of whether they already own pleasure products or not.

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