Female Sex Toys

The Top 30 Best Sex Toys For Women In 2023 – Reviews & Best Prices Online (See The Full List Below)

At A Glance: Our Quick Top 5 Picks For Female Sex Toys In 2023

Lelo Soraya 2
  • Luxury rechargeable rabbit vibrator for delectable dual stimulation
  • Rounded shaft for easy insertion, and flexible clitoral stimulator for pinpoint stimulation
  • 12 individually adjustable vibration settings offer tailored arousal
Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl
  • A top-of-the-line rabbit for anyone who loves dual clitoral and G-spot pleasure
  • Incredible total of 36 possible vibration combinations
  • Curved shaft stimulates your G-spot while thick, flexible ears engulf your clitoris with thrilling vibrations
Lovense Lush 3
  • Strong, rumbly and near-silent vibrations target the G-spot for delicious stimulation
  • Up to 5 hours of continuous use per charge – perfect for marathon pleasure-fests
  • Explore 3 speeds and 4 patterns, or connect to the app for unlimited erotic options
Lovense Dolce
  • Dual motors. Dual power. Dual orgasms.
  • Adjustable neck ensures handsfree pleasure and maximum stimulation for both clitoris and G-Spot
  • Smooth silicone coverage and super-strong vibrations for amazing orgasms
Lelo Enigma
  • Featuring SenSonic™ technology that resonates deep within your body while simultaneously stimulating the clitoris
  • Ultra-smooth premium silicone that’s extra soft to the touch
  • 100% waterproof

I don’t know how many times I’ve talked about this to someone because they didn’t quite understand why the world was so hush-hush about female sex toys.

Apparently, the taboo is still going strong, although things aren’t quite as bad as they used to be.

Back in the day, women weren’t even afforded the luxury of having an officially recognized orgasm. Believed to be made for procreation only, the female genitalia was virtually ignored by the mainstream until just recently.

And since the experts didn’t acknowledge it, neither did many partners in the bedroom. What resulted was an inevitable shift in the way us girls enjoy sex and masturbation.

Some of the most influential women in my family had front row seats during the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 70s.

Having been forced to obtain their “marital aids” through a doctor for things like hysteria and anxiety, ladies of the latter part of the century got tired of playing by the made up rules of society.

Sexually frustrated women finally rose up against the orgasmic oppression, inspiring the launch of what has become one of the biggest industries in the world.

No longer viewed as imaginary, the female orgasm is not only recognized but also supported and explored through innovative sex toys geared specifically for the weaker sex’s anatomy.

The problem is no longer the suppression of female sexuality. On the contrary, the modern-day market is so full of options that nobody would ever guess there was ever a shortage in the first place.

Inundated with choice and slapped in the face with attention-getting advertisements that can be somewhat misleading, the average lady has no idea what to look for, let alone what to spend her money on.

There once was a belief that all sex toys for women were the same – a dildo was a dildo was a dildo, so-to-speak. However, after several decades of trial and error, the most discerning women among us have discovered that the subtle differences make the biggest impact.

As such, the sex toy market only ballooned into something bigger as manufacturers tried to satisfy the increasing demand.

The horny honeys of the world then started becoming restless for a map to the treasure chest, while bloggers like me scrambled to create a concise yet comprehensive guide to help them sift through the rubble.

And considering the fact that nobody teaches you these things, it can be very easy to turn your back on the whole idea of self-pleasure with a sex toy altogether.

I’ve seen bad toys and/or poor toy selection ruin a person’s entire demeanor. Things are certainly complicated, but there’s still a glimmer of hope for the ladies looking to buy a high-quality product.

My Top 30 Best Sex Toys For Women In 2023:

I’ve searched high and low to find the top ten best female sex toys. It wasn’t easy. There are tons of amazing products out there, and I’m sure this list won’t be suitable for 100% of the people who read it.

However, I did my best to make the following top 30 list of female sex toys as inclusive as I could.

Here are a handful of options to consider when you start your search:

#1 – Lelo Soraya 2 – Best Female Sex Toy Overall


Luxurious and lovely, the Lelo Insignia Soraya is a classy girls’ best friend. Encased in a sleek and seductive silicone body, this fabulous rabbit vibe features a 5-inch insertable shaft and a tiny nub to stimulate your clitoris simultaneously.

With two motors that work individually to create a fully customizable experience, users can freely explore the 8 vibration settings or set the convenient travel lock for easy and discreet access to orgasms abroad.

The device is USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof so no need to stop for cleanliness when you’re getting dirty.

The shaft is perfectly rounded for all body types and you get 4 hours of play time with every 2-hour charge, not to mention a little sample of personal lubricant with every purchase.

PRO: Each device comes with an unheard of 10-year warranty registration card.

CON: The included satin storage bag is good for discretion but won’t keep the toy secured, protected or intact. Invest in something else.


#2. Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl


The Fifty Shades of Grey sex toy collection is huge, and so is its reputation.

Inspired by the author of the groundbreaking series, the Greedy Girl Power Motion Thrusting Rabbit is a vibrator made for fiction.

It features 15 different satisfying settings, with 12 designated just for the vibrations alone. The other three control the motion speeds of the thruster, and together, they provide internal/external delights.

Plus, the device comes with a warranty and a travel lock so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

PRO: It has a generous length and girth plus a surprisingly long battery life of 60+ minutes.

CON: You have to keep it plugged in for quite a while to recharge, and you can’t use it while you do.


#3. Lovense Lush 3


It’s no coincidence that “Lush” rhymes with “gush,” because that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. The Lovense Lush is one of those U-shaped women’s vibrators that pinpoints the g-spot.

Meanwhile, the smooth silicone covering also targets your clit for dual stimulation controlled via wireless remote. There’s even an app for long-distance partner play and customizable settings to explore on the database.

So, if you can’t find a reason to gush for the Lush then you need to hush. The rest of us are getting off.

PRO: The shaft is flexible so you can stick it in any way you like.

CON: The wireless remote control is your phone, so you better have one.

#4. Lovense Dolce


There aren’t many things you can’t do with the Lovense Dolce Quake Vibrator. It’s not only dual-ended for double pleasure but it’s also fully submersible in water and you can control it through a smart phone app.

That means it’s ideal for long-distance love and vaginal-anal adventures. And since it runs through a kinky interface, you can enjoy interactive intensity with a partner or hands-free pleasure for yourself.

With three inches of insertable length on either side, you never have to pick between perversions.

PRO: You get as much as two hours of play time before having to stop for a recharge.

CON: The name recently changed, so some people may have trouble finding it on the app.

#5. The LELO Enigma


Tease your way into your lover’s heart using the LELO Enigma Clitoral Stimulator with Vibrating G-Spot Massager.

It’s a dual pleasure device that offers multiple play options for singles and couples. This simple sex toy for women makes masturbation and foreplay fun again.

The possibilities are virtually endless, with eight distinct stimulation modes and an insertable shaft. You can use the clit tickler by itself or alongside the vibrating arm for customized delight by yourself or with a partner.

This device is also appropriate for anal penetration because the flexible components adjust to suit your unique body type.

PRO: It feels even better when you use it underwater.

CON: You can’t sync the Enigma with interactive or virtual reality playsets.

#6. Womanizer Starlet 2


You want to pleasure yourself but you don’t want the whole world to know. And you also don’t have a lot of time for experimentation. What you need is a toy that gets right to the point, with a clitoral stimulation game that’s off the hook.

So, perhaps the petite Womanizer Starlet 2 is the answer. It offers four different intensity levels for a wider spectrum of fun.

Plus, the device uses patented suction instead of vibration, which means you’re guaranteed an orgasm that’s only as loud as your moans.

PRO: Despite the unusual design, you can still dunk this toy underwater.

CON: It only has a 30-minute runtime with each charge, so hurry up.

#7. Happy Rabbit Triple Curve


Once, twice, three times a lady. The Happy Rabbit Triple Curve gives it to you multiple ways to maximize pleasure and ensure a tailored experience.

This device combined internal stimulation with two different types of external massage. And the curved shaft targets the g-spot while extra thick rabbit ears tickle the clit.

Meanwhile, there’s a separate pole for anal pegging that features undulating beads.

So, that means you can enjoy blended orgasms in countless combinations. Who said math wasn’t fun?

PRO: You can pinpoint your g-spot and p-spot simultaneously.

CON: It’s hard to use this device if you don’t want to try butt stuff tonight.


#8. The Fun Factory Stronic Real Thrusting Vibrator


This high-quality, high-tech sex toy is made by one of the best-known manufacturers in the industry – Fun Factory.

Their female-friendly, g-spot attacking Stronic Real Thrusting Vibrator features a thrusting motor that uses patented technology to deliver authentic massages to the vaginal canal (or, I guess, the anal cavity as well).

The USB rechargeable battery runs for almost two full hours and operates 7 different thrusting speeds and 3 distinct movement patterns.

With a superbly detailed and tapered shaft that features a very slightly curved yet realistically bulbous head, the FF thruster takes self-induced orgasms to a whole new level by offering a waterproof, skin-safe design that’s suitable for almost any body type or comfort level.

PRO: It’s made from hypoallergenic silicone and offers 4.75 inches in girth with an ample 5.5 inches of insertable length.

CON: The built-in controls may not be ergonomically placed for some people, especially those with mobility limitations.

#9. Happy Rabbit


You’ve got to start somewhere.

So, why not start with a female sex toy that’s as close to the real thing as possible without coming with a complaining partner? The Happy Rabbit Thrusting Vibe gyrates back and forth to provide a realistic sensation that’s fortified with 15 vibration modes.

You get a dozen in the ears and another three in the shaft for a fully customized experience.

With extra thick materials, clever detailing, and supremely soft silicone, you might mess around and assume there’s a man in your bed.

PRO: It covers all the bases for a solid foundation of pleasurable sensations.

CON: You can’t sync it with other devices and it doesn’t come with a remote.


#10. The We-Vibe Womanizer Duo


Siphon pleasure from parts of your body you didn’t even know you had with this sexy self-stimulation device designed to “womanize” the clitoris and g-spot simultaneously.

Explore the 12 distinct levels of intensity and/or play with the 10 vibe modes to find the setting that suits you most.

The firm yet flexible insertable portion is covered in skin-safe silicone, and the powerful clit cup is as well.

Using the brand’s patented Pleasure Air Technology, the rechargeable We-Vibe Womanizer Duo generates thick, sticky orgasms and offers a completely waterproof design for safe and satisfying waterboarding of your vagina while experimenting with the 4.25-inch circumference and 5-inch insertable length.

PRO: This whisper-quiet bad boy uses a Smart Silence function which only turns on the toy when it gets close to your body.

CON: The built-in controls make it difficult to use with a partner and the untextured shaft may not be stimulating enough for some users.

#11. Fun Factory G5 Big Boss


The Fun Factory G5 Big Boss may sound intimidating but it’s loving and gentle to your body. The soft silicone exterior feels like real skin, and that’s not the only realistic feature.

The 7-inch shaft also curves slightly to pinpoint your g-spot or p-spot and it features delicate penile detailing as well. The device uses intuitive button placement for easier control of the five vibe speeds and four intensity levels.

Plus, it’s exceptionally easy to clean and fully submersible in water for aquatic kink.

PRO: You get up to 120 minutes of lifelike play after every charge.

CON: This one might feel better with someone else at the controls.


#12. LELO Insignia Lyla 2


You don’t have to go inside for a wild ride, says the LELO Insignia Lyla 2. It’s a vibrating love egg with a wireless remote control, for one.

Plus, it sends up to eight different sensations to your favorite erogenous zone with the touch of a button.

The remote has a generous 12-meter range and the battery lasts for up to two hours. But that’s not even the best part.

With this toy, you can control the settings with a flick of your wrist while enjoying nearly silent pleasures. Score!

PRO: This device doubles as a body massager and clitoral stimulator.

CON: You can’t use it for internal stimulation so you’ll have to incorporate other toys.


#13. Vixen Mustang VixSkin Bright Realistic Suction Cup Dildo 6.5 Inch


This tie-dyed dildo is what’s up. It features a flared suction cup base for secure pegging and it’s fitted with a dual density core for everlasting erections.

Meanwhile, the tip is raised and bulbous for a better entry. Plus, the shaft curves to target your sweet spot regardless of the position you pick.

Best of all, nobody will have the same dong as you because each one is handmade.

So, I guess that makes the Vixen Mustang VixSkin Bright the gift that keeps on giving.

PRO: It’s also compatible with a harness for even more customizable fun.

CON: Some users may have a hard time controlling the slippery shaft.

#14. We-Vibe Nova 2


You’ve probably heard of the We-Vibe brand by now. They’re the ones with the vast XXX platform called “We-Connect.”

That platform helps users control their toys and experience fantastic pleasures. And that’s exactly what it does for the Nova 2. This reinvented sex stick features a flexible arched arm and adjustable settings to help you customize from the front end.

Meanwhile, the intuitive app lets you or your partner play with the possibilities on-demand. It’s like the future if now, and you’re about to cum all over it.

PRO: You can charge it up relatively quickly because of its super powerful battery.

CON: The length and width might not be suitable for all body types.


#15. Vixen Johnny VixSkin Realistic Dildo 7 Inch



Who says you have to be in a relationship to feel some good D? The Vixen Johnny VixSkin Dildo is single and he’s looking for a partner like you.

This 7-inch dong is made from 100% platinum silicone with zero pores, which means it stays way cleaner than your last man’s wiener.

It’s great for all types of penetration, even the kind that your ex wouldn’t do. And with a solid inner core, you never have to hear the old “This never happens to me” excuse again.

PRO: The flat non-slip base makes it perfect for pegging and fantasy fulfillment.

CON: You have to purchase a separate O-ring with a 1.75-inch diameter to use this one with a harness.


#16. Magic Wand


This is one of the first wireless vibrating wands on the market, which makes it a popular option for gals on the go.

However, that’s not why so many women love playing with it. The Magic Wand lives up to its name, with a robust rounded tip and a flexible head to help target the sweet spot.

Plus, you get four different speeds and four distinct vibrating patterns to explore. So, take the MW anywhere for on-demand fun.

After all, it’s USB rechargeable and even features a travel lock.

PRO: The harder you push down on the top, the more powerful the motors become.

CON: You can’t enjoy penetration with this toy because it’s for external use only.


#17. LELO Lily 2


You won’t find many toys for women that serve up aromatherapy with every orgasm. But the LELO Lily 2 is different. Not only does it stimulate the clitoris with powerful vibrations but it also smells like sex.

The soft silicone exterior is infused with Bordeaux and Chocolate – two popular aphrodisiacs that help get the juices flowing. You also get eight dynamic vibe settings and twice as much power as the original model.

Plus, the contoured shape means you’ll never miss the target.

PRO: It’s lightweight and petite, which makes it perfect for discrete play and traveling.

CON: The size isn’t ideal for internal stimulation of any kind.


#18. We-Vibe Melt


It’s a good thing this device is USB rechargeable because you won’t want to put it down. The slim structure is only a fraction of the appeal.

In fact, the We-Vibe Melt turns up the heat with 12 groundbreaking pleasure levels to stimulate stubborn nerve endings.

Then, there’s the whisper-quiet motor you wouldn’t expect.

This clean, mean, orgasm machine is also waterproof for aquatic adventures and compatible with the popular We-Connect app.

Plus, the manufacturer throws in two lube samples for free. Yas, queen!

PRO: It’s dual-sided, which means you can use it for shallow internal massage.

CON: The extra large clit stimulation hole can get clogged easily, so clean it often.


#19. We-Vibe Tango Lipstick


You can’t beat a pleasure product that looks like something else. That’s how the Fleshlight brand became so famous. But We-Vibe might outdo the flashlight fuck sticks with its Lipstick lineup.

The collection comes in two stylish colors and features seven distinct vibration modes inside a sleek and slender casing.

This glossy getup is also waterproof and extra quiet to help keep your secret. It has a contoured tip, eight variable intensity levels, and a USB rechargeable battery too. Talk about hot!

PRO: You can take this toy anywhere without anyone knowing what’s really in your pocket.

CON: The hard plastic casing may not be suitable for certain tastes.


#20. Le Wand Female Sex Toy


Nobody said you can’t have it all – power, prettiness, and perversion. The Le Wand vibrator for women is the epitome of glam.

It features an extra powerful motor that operates 20 robust vibration patterns with 10 intensity levels each. The device also has a flexible head for improved comfort and a seamless crown to help you ride like a Cadillac.

Meanwhile, you get over 300 minutes of runtime with every charge and it’s splashproof to help make maintenance a breeze.

PRO: The large bulbous head ensures maximum contact with your body.

CON: Don’t go look at the Le Wand Clitoral Vibrator or you might not want this one.


#21. Doxy Extra Powerful Massage Wand


“Caress tired muscles” is just a vanilla way of saying “rub one out” with the Doxy Extra Powerful Massage Wand.

The manufacturer markets it as a muscle massager because of its robust motor that; s nearly 30% stronger than the Hitachi wand. But everyone knows it’s a sex toy for women because of its clever push-button interface, cushioned head, and flexible neck.

Nobody has a muscle that mysterious, so it’s apparent this device is for something much more accessible.

Think: pussy before practicality and you’ll find the answer.

PRO: You can adjust the vibe speeds with the push of a button.

CON: It’s rather large, which make this toy somewhat hard to hide.


#22. Lovense Ferri Vibrating Panties


You didn’t think Lovense was going to get excluded from the app-controlled arena, did you?

Hopefully not, because the Lovense Ferri is this brand’s answer to the sextech revolution. With a convenient clip to help it stay in place, this panty-snatching sex toy offers a completely customizable experience.

You can control the three speeds and four vibe patterns with the push of a button.

Or you can create up to 10 of your own through the app that doubles as a wireless remote. Can someone say “delicious?”

PRO: You can even take this thing in the water for submersible fun.

CON: It’s missing the insertable element, which means it’s for external use only.


#23. Svakom Ella Sex Toy For Women


When you want a vibrating bullet but don’t want to fuss with the controls, try the Svakom Ella. It’s a wireless, USB rechargeable vibrator for women and it features ten distinctive settings.

You can customize the experience with the touch of a button or control the show through a free downloadable smart phone app.

There’s also a Climax Mode to help you reach your full potential, and each charge gives you over two hours of targeted stimulation.

This bullet proves once and for all that you don’t have to be hands-on to have a good time.

PRO: The gently textured exterior makes insertion more enjoyable.

CON: This device doesn’t offer much for the clitoris or other external erogenous zones.


#24. Mantric Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator


It doesn’t get any sleeker than a single-piece sex toy that fits in the palm of your hand. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to sacrifice power for this discretion.

The Mantric Clit Vibe features a robust motor inside a small silicone pebble case with a tapered tip.

Then it cycles through seven different pleasure settings you finish. With a 100% waterproof design, USB rechargeable battery, and travel lock, you can take it anywhere.

The RCV even has a color-changing panel on the base to help you keep track of your favorite settings.

PRO: It’s lightweight and compact enough for impromptu pleasure sessions.

CON: You can’t use it for internal stimulation and it may not be powerful enough for some users.



#25. LELO Mia 2 Female Sex Toy


The LELO Mia 2 remains one of the sleekest sex toys for women. And although it looks super simple, the device features sophisticated technologies to provide 100% more power than the original design.

Made primarily for external stimulation, you can use it for shallow penetration too.

Meanwhile, the motor boasts six sizzling speeds and five frisky vibe patterns to help you customize the ride. 4ut since this one is streamlined and silent, you can stuff it in your bag and whip it out on-demand as you conquer the world.

PRO: It has a generous 120-minute run time after each charge for greater traveling convenience.

CON: The shaft is rigid and unforgiving, so no natural sensations here.


#26. Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Panty Vibrator


The Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Panty Vibe elevates knicker knockers everywhere. It’s a saddle-shaped sex toy for women who wear sexy panties in and out of the house.

The curves complement all body types and the remote controls all the fun.

Control 10 distinct pleasure patterns across six diverse intensity levels to tailor the experience. And enjoy the ultra-luxe materials as you create an erotic encounter almost anywhere.

Plus, “Fifty Shades” author, E.L. James, endorses this toy for BDSM and exhibitionism.

PRO: You get 45 minutes of extra quiet play time to make magic happen.

CON: The remote takes a separate battery and cannot get wet like the toy.


#27. LELO Tiani 2


The LELO Tiani 2 is an ultra-premium couple’s massager that can make any evening more fun. You get to share the experience with a partner or warm up on your own with a U-shaped shaft for blended orgasms.

This remote-controlled sex toy offers plenty of integrated play options.

Plus, the wireless remote features a 12-meter range and the motors operate eight robust vibe modes for your pursuit of pleasure.

It’s also 100% waterproof and USB rechargeable so you never have to say “no” to your libido.

PRO: It uses SenseMotion technology for more intuitive control.

CON: The ends are different sizes, so one might not be big or small enough for some users.

#28. Lovense Nora Sex Toy For Women


The Lovense Nora will forever be a fan favorite, and that’s probably because of its shape. But that bulbous head and slightly curved shaft are only a piece of this perverted puzzle.

You’re looking at a Bluetooth-compatible rabbit vibe with a rotating head and a clit stim package fit for a queen.

To top it off, Nora is app-controlled via Lovense Body Chat and it’s USB rechargeable to boot.

So, you use it in a variety of ways, including in the bath or shower for a deeper dive.

PRO: This device is ideal for both vaginal and anal stimulation.

CON: It only offers five insertable inches, which may not be enough for some users.


#29. The nJoy Pure Wand


Designed for external and internal stimulation, the nJoy Pure Wand sends direct pleasure with mind-blowing precision.

Waterproof and body-safe, the PW features a medical-grade stainless-steel body, a uniquely ergonomic shape and a double-ended design for maximum pleasure.

Both ends measure differently for increase versatility, plus the entire thing is ideal for kinky temperature play as well as vaginal stimulation and whole-body muscle relaxation.

This well-rounded and perfectly balanced sex toy is perfect for couples and solo artists alike, making it a smart investment for anyone who enjoys sexual experimentation and all-inclusive fun.

PRO: It can be used with any kind of lube and it makes a great gift because of its attractive packaging.

CON: It won’t give you the flesh-like sensations you might like and it’s not compatible with harnesses or high-tech sex toys.

#30. The LELO Smart Wand 2 Female Sex Toy


The word “smart” in this toy’s name refers to it’s unique shape and energy-conserving battery. Just as high-end and luxurious as its predecessors, this wand just so happens to be waterproof.

Its 8 strong vibe settings are powered by a fully rechargeable cell, and its uniquely shaped handle is perfect for getting a firm grip during insertion. The LELO Smart Wand 2 is made out of 100% skin-safe materials and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty as well.

Fit for home or travel, this compact device is one of my favorite toys to play with on bath night.

PRO: It’s the only wand vibrator on this list that’s both rechargeable and moisture-friendly.

CON: It lacks the high-tech features like Sync-to-Music and wireless remote controlling.

BONUS: The UPRIZE RC Erecting Dildo Vibrator


A nice alternative to a full-sized or even partial male sex doll, the industry-leading bionic UPRIZE remote controlled dildo vibrator features all the life-life characteristics you want in a fleshy fuck stick – 6 insertable inches of thick dick at the touch of a button, 6 inches of girth to cram inside you, proportionately angled ergonomics all over, an extremely flexible shaft to wiggle on, and a set of soft balls for bouncing – all powered by a USB rechargeable motor and covered in a hypoallergenic, waterproof silicone-based material that’s been patented by the manufacturer.

The entire thing is couples-friendly too, with a wireless remote control to manipulate the 10 vibration functions with a partner.

PRO: It has a suction cup base for improved and enhanced sex/masturbation sessions.

CON: The battery life only lasts for about an hour with a full charge, which may not be enough time for some women to reach more than one orgasm.

BONUS: The Tantus Feeldoe More Strapless Strap-On Dildo


Wanting more out of your sex toys is never a bad thing. At least that’s what the makers of the Tantus Feeldoe More believe.

This strapless strap-on dildo gets inserted snugly in your/your partner’s bum to secure the attached dildo in an erect position.

The dildo, by the way, offers 7.5 inches of insertable length and 5 inches of total circumference at its widest point.

Featuring a uniquely shaped shaft, bulbous head and a hole for a detachable vibrating bullet, this sexy and sophisticated silicone sex toy has become a top selling item in the industry since its inception, now seen as ideal for lesbian love affairs, male-on-male action or kinky experimentation,

PRO: The manufacturer includes a removeable vibrating bullet for the toy’s base and, with or without the bullet, the entire thing is 100% waterproof.

CON: The bullet is a single speed, low-power contraption that’s best suited for people who don’t need intense vibrations to reach orgasm.

BONUS: The Clone-a-Willy and Balls Kit


Not finding what you want on the modern-day market or searching for something that hits a little closer to home? The Clone-a-Willy and Balls Kit may be just the thing for you.

It features everything you need to mold the penis and balls of your dreams into a fuckable female sex toy that can be integrated with the included vibrating bullet.

Use the specially developed forming material that’s made from a platinum-cured silicone to replicate your favorite mate and then masturbate like you’re on a hot date.

Okay, so I’m not a poet, but my point is still clear: This amazing self-pleasure produce inspires mind-tingling orgasms through its hyper-realistic shape and size and it’s multi-speed vibrator that’s controlled by the wired remote attached.

PRO: It’s perfect for all body types, harness compatible, and uses simple instructions to do something incredible with your partner’s genitalia.

CON: The molding process can be somewhat messy, it’s not waterproof, and it requires 2 x AA batteries that are not included.

What Is a Female Sex Toy ?

Discovering the perfect product requires some knowledge and insight, not just a few recommendations and a customer review or two.

If I had a penny for every time I caught someone searching for the wrong toy because they didn’t know any better, I’d be a full-fledged millionaire with a matching attitude.

It’s important to know what you’re dealing with because, like I said, the market has expanded in every direction to accommodate the tastes of the individual.

The fact that you’re forced to do your homework should be overshadowed by the fact that your sex and masturbation game is now more customizable than ever.

With that said, let’s begin by defining what a female sex toy is (and isn’t). In general, genital penetration devices and/or clitoral stimulation apparatuses are considered sex toys for the female form.

However, anal playthings and products made specifically for certain erogenous zones can be classified as a female sex toy if they’re used on a woman’s body.

On the other hand, sex toys for women are usually designed and used to produce orgasmic pleasure through vaginal, clitoral and/or nipple stimulation only.

Some of the more innovative manufacturers have started making toys with multi-function features, but those complex devices will probably never take the place of the classics like the dildo, the vibrator, the pussy pump or the clit sucker.


Speaking of which, it’s also important to know the 7 basic types of female sex toys so you can distinguish between the items you’re finding and the items you need.

Keep in mind that some of the following “marital aids” can be classified as unisex or appropriate for the gay community.

However, these toys or the OGs of forced female orgasm – the timeless pieces, the mainstays, the little black dresses of the bedroom. Know them, love them, stock up on them because there once was a time when none of this even existed:

  • Dildos

Dildos make up a large portion of the modern-day female sex toy market, especially since they’re one of the oldest self-pleasure tools to be invented. In fact, archaeologists have uncovered thousands of ancient stone and chalk relics carved into the shape of a penis.

Obviously, people have been able to appreciate the properties of this well-formed phallus for centuries.

Today’s dildos may not be made out of organic materials anymore, but they’re still designed to produce the same great pleasures that our gender and culture have come to know and love.

Some dildos are less realistic than others, yet the main purpose is always apparent: To stimulate the g-spot through penetration and/or sensual thrusting. Some things never get old.

  • Vibrators

Second only to dildos, vibrators add an extra punch of pleasure to an already terrific sex toy. There are many types of vibrators for women, but the two most common options are vibrating dildos and insertable bullets.

Both have their place in the contemporary girl’s bedroom, but they do very different things.

Vibrators attached to dildos require thrusting and penetration, while bullets can be inserted into the vagina and operated externally through a remote control.

There are specialized vibrators for clitoral stimulation as well. Known as a “rabbit” vibe, these female sex toys jiggle and joust your clit while often being integrated into a full-sized dildo for dual pleasure potential.

Certain things are just fundamentally awesome; so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • Clitoral Stimulators

Classified separately from general vibrators because vibe-based toys can be used either internally or externally, clitoral stimulators are for external use only and for a good reason.

Made to force a clitoral orgasm and/or gushing ejaculation (AKA: squirting), these finely tuned female sex toys “float your boat” in a more literal way than most women realize.

Today’s manufacturers utilize a variety of techniques to get that job done too, from integrating simple vibrations or suction to using more high-tech methods like sonic waves and motion-sensing controls.

And while most clit stimulators can’t be linked or synced with another sex toy, contemporary designers have started incorporating the clit-stim idea into the concepts when making other things like dildos, vibrators and anal pleasure devices.

  • Pussy Pumps

Similar to suction-based clitoral stimulators but not nearly the same thing, pussy pumps are more about enhancing pleasure potential than they are about producing it.

Yes, a pussy pump can get you off if you enjoy the sensations, but the main idea is for the device to increase blood flow to the vagina so that it swells and becomes more sensitive to the touch.

Not only is a swollen vagina more attractive to some partners but it also makes orgasm far more intense without the user needing medicinal or topical intervention of any other kind.

Best of all, these sexy self-improvement machines are shaped exclusively for the female form and can usually be closely customized to the size of your body as well.

  • Chastity Devices

Popular in the bondage and dominance communities, female chastity devices are a one-of-a-kind type of sex toy that often requires a specific sexual appetite to enjoy.

Designed to prevent the wearer from being sexually pleasured in any way, BDSM CDs cause zero pain outside of the torture of longing and frustration.

There’s been a bit of a crossover from the bondage scene to the mainstream in the last few years though, as chastity devices for women are now viewed as a sensual and empowering device that can either establish and support the confines of a trusted relationship or provide the wearer with additional security and control during perilous or tempting times.

It’s all about the pussy power, girls; and sometimes it’s about what you don’t have to offer.

  • BDSM Torture Tools

There’s a relatively small yet equally enticing category of female sex toys that every lady should be aware of. BDSM torture tools can be extremely stimulating if you use them right, so don’t let the word “torture” throw you off.

Think instead of devices such as pussy clamps, feather ticklers, whips and floggers.

Those things have the power to torture your body in a million different ways, so open your mind and entertain the idea of being teased and/or punished into submission. An obedient and involuntarily humbled girl can make the right partner jizz in their pants.

  • Anal Stimulators

The female ass is good for more than just looking at and the modern sex toy industry is well aware of that (finally). Ladies now have access to things like anal beads and butt plugs, giving a much-deserved rise and respect to back door stimulation in the hen house.

Anal beads feature a series of undulating balls that should be inserted and removed in a rapid motion.

Butt plugs, on the other hand, are made to stay put during singular and/or dual penetration. As it turns out, the ladies not only have an orgasm and a clitoris (that’s right guys, we have a clit…find it), we also have a pleasure zone in our anal cavity just like the men.

By the way, many of them are just now discovering their own p-spot, so let’s give them some time to catch up.

Trust me when I say that knowing all of this has a very worthy purpose. Realizing your options and understanding what each one does can help you determine which product to add to your collection no matter what stage of life you’re on.

What I mean is that your experience level doesn’t affect the fact that certain truths never fail. Appreciate the market influx but always keep one eye open for new developments.

I’d hate for you to become a know-it-all and miss out on something great. I’ll keep you posted if I find anything, and you do the same. Deal?

Why Use Sex Toys For Women?

Being a cheerleader for self-induced orgasms isn’t something I thought I’d ever have to do. After all, doesn’t the extreme pleasure of a good sexual climax speak for itself?

Apparently not, because too many women are still relying solely on their innately flawed and somewhat selfish human partner to satisfy all their intimacy needs. At a certain point, incorporating marital aids is just a natural part of the process.

At least that’s what I thought until I found out that the opposite was actually true. I have never been more disappointed with my own gender in all my life.

Girls, let’s step our sex game up, shall we? I mean, we already suffered through so much sensual oppression, isn’t it time we started getting what we deserve? Feminist or not, there are at least 10 scientifically-proven benefits to having a decent orgasm.

If that requires the help of a manmade machine, then so be it.

And if you happen to be one of the lucky ladies who’s already on board with the whole self-pleasure device thing, do me a favor and help spread the word about these 5 advantages to using a female sex toy:

  • Improved Orgasm Quality

Specially designed sex toys for women can drastically improve the potency and duration of your climax, whether used with or without a partner. It’s sometimes impossible to get in the mood for sex at the same time, and maintaining passion is difficult too.

Female sex toys not only boost your orgasmic power but they also serve as a pleasurable substitute when a willing partner isn’t around or willing/able to participate.

With a customized product that has the right features, your orgasmic quality will never be the same. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself sometimes.

  • Substantial Technique Practice

Using a female sex toy isn’t just about improving your own pleasure potential. Good toys are made to do a whole lot more than that.

Properly picked out products do things like inspire naughty ideas, increase sexual stamina and boost the knowledge you have about your own body.

Armed with that knowledge you can then practice various techniques that can later be shared with your partner(s). If you don’t see how that can increase your pleasure vicariously then I don’t know what else to say to you.

Team work makes the dream work and practice makes perfect. We learned all this in kindergarten.

  • Double (or Triple) the Pleasure

The right sex toy for women (or a combination thereof) can provide you with multiple pleasure points and potential.

Some of them feature multi-function designs that offer double or even triple sensations – dildos with vibrations, vibrators with clitoral stimulators, anal beads with pussy pads, you get the picture.

Often, we forget about how gloriously complex the female body is but today’s sex toy manufacturer has not. Let yourself get carried away in what ergonomics specialists have discovered in the last few decades.

You’d be surprised by what feels good, especially if your only female sex toy experience is with a standard, single-function dong.

  • Erotic Experimentation

Having the things you need in the kitchen is of primary importance when completing a recipe. It’s essential when building an engine and it’s crucial to achieving a satisfying climax too.

Properly acquired, high-quality female sex toys allow you and/or your partner to safely experiment in the sack without breaking monogamy boundaries or putting yourselves in danger.

They let you fiddle with new technologies and troubleshoot intuition and intimacy problems in the privacy of your own home, plus they keep things as real as possible if you buy the right one.

Remember, we don’t have to masturbate with chalk statues anymore and masturbation isn’t even considered taboo these days. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

  • Enhanced Romance

I like to think that all of the benefits mentioned before this one play a part in this one’s existence.

Healthy experimentation, enhanced pleasure potential, adequate practice and the subsequently improved orgasms all work together to boost the passion in your romantic relationship (including Friends with Benefits unions, by the way).

In essence, when you know that a truly satisfying orgasm is waiting you tend to get a little more excited about having sex and/or masturbating.

And with so many modern-day sex toys for women being compatible with another toy, couples-only copulation has become more normalized and user-friendly than ever.

Meanwhile, ask yourself the following questions to determine your personal perimeters in terms of selecting and/or using the perfect female sex toy:

  • What kinds of sexual experiences am I wanting to have?
  • Will I be using this device by myself, with a partner, or both?
  • Do I (or my partner) have any skin sensitivities or allergies?
  • What’s my budget and does it include the cost of maintenance, supplies and accessories?
  • How often do I plan to use this new sex toy I’m about to buy?

Once you have those things clearly defined it will be easier and more logical to justify a preferential purchase of a female sex toy, no matter what it ends up being.

The search isn’t over yet though. Knowing the options and knowing yourself is not enough to get by in this saturated market, unfortunately.

The Top 5 Ways to Tell If That Female Sex Toy Is Worth It or Not

You won’t be able to find a decent sex toy for yourself and/or your female companion unless you consider the following 5 things about each item that’s currently on your mind or in your shopping cart:

  • The Size

Size is an incredibly important consideration, especially when it comes to sex toys that get inserted into your body. Whether we’re talking about length or width, the dimensions of the sex toys you choose need to be suitable to your unique body type.

Look at insertable length and girth measurements then compare those numbers to your other sex toys or to your anatomy and comfort level if you have no base of comparison.

Good sex toys for women will be proportionate to the female form in several ways, even and especially when that toy features extreme dimensions.

  • The Shape

Shape is everything, and female sex toys don’t get a hall pass either. It all depends on whether you want something realistic looking or not.

Some toys, like anal beads and clit suckers, couldn’t be life-like if they tried.

Their hyper-realistic design is precisely what gives them the power that they have. To transform them into a shape that’s human-like would be a disservice to the entire category.

However, the shape of the toy you choose needs to fit your anatomy regardless of its innate design. Real women have curves, and real sex toys for women have the ergonomics to match.

  • The Materials

Contemporary female sex toys aren’t all made from skin-safe materials, even if they look like it or are advertised as such. Your unique skin type plays a significant role in how this all plays out in the bedroom.

Those questions above are not frivolous wastes of time; skin sensitivities and/or allergies can make or break your plans.

Furthermore, certain sex toy materials aren’t appropriate for certain kinds of lube.

To prevent allergic reactions, choose sex toys that are made from hypoallergenic materials such as silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), stainless-steel, glass or a patented polycarbonate and use them with water-based lubes only.

  • The Features

Most people go straight for the features when shopping for a new sex toy, so I don’t have to tell you how important they are.

Still, the features on your latest conquest need to be conducive with many things, including your sex life, your experience level, your partner’s comfort level (where applicable) and your living situation.

Loud devices, products that require special equipment, and large machines may not be a good idea in certain settings. Look for features that not only produce extreme pleasure but also support a discrete sex life.

Many of today’s best toys are designed to blend in with the surroundings, or at least most of them come with a durable storage container.

If not, you’ll either have to get creative or move on to a toy whose manufacturer understands the need for privacy.

  • The Manufacturer

Speaking of manufacturers, did you know that some sex toy makers deliberately produce devices that can only be used with other toys in their inventory?

There’s only one collaboration that I can think of (Fleshlight and Kiiroo), although their compatible/interactive sex toy selection is rather limited for the ladies.

Either way, pay close attention to the manufacturer of the toys you like.

Not only will that help you discover money-saving discounts and sales but it will also determine the kind of experience you’ll have if something goes wrong.

Does the maker have good customer service and/or a money back policy? You do realize that your discernment makes a big difference, don’t you?

Where To Find The Best Female Sex Toys On The Internet?

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The End Game

Picking out a female sex toy is no longer a matter of going to the doctor’s office with an inflated list of excuses you jotted down out of desperation.

Ladies of all sexual persuasions can finally enjoy the cornucopia of kink that’s offered by the contemporary sex toy industry.

Choosing which product is best from the options is the hardest part.

As long as you find something that’s safe and satisfying sexual experience for you and/or your partner (hopefully more than once), that’s all that matters.

And if that takes a multi-function, luxury-grade sex toy made specifically for women, then so be it.

The female orgasm is a real thing, even if some guys still don’t want to acknowledge it as they give us two pumps and a mash-down.

Women’s Sex Toy FAQ

How Do You Clean a Dildo or Vibrator?

It’s easy to clean a dildo, especially if it features non-porous materials.

However, each device is different.

So, always check the owner’s manual for specific instructions regarding safety and maintenance.

In general, you’ll only have to wash the exterior with warm water and a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic soap.

Then, let your toy dry in the open air before returning it to storage. And if you use your dildo for anal play, always clean it thoroughly with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner.

NOTE: Remember to clean your stuff before and after each use to remove airborne debris and bacteria.

What Kind of Lube Should I Be Using?

You can choose any type of lube that suits your tastes. But it’s crucial to keep everything compatible.

So, if your toy is made of silicone, don’t use silicone lubricants. Silicone-on-silicone can compromise the integrity of your toy.

However, oil-based varieties aren’t always good either. Oil-based lubes can stain fabrics and are hard to rinse.

So, stick with water-based formulas if you can. Water-based lubricants are safe for all skin types and they won’t mess up your device’s materials either.

As always, check the owner’s manual for more specific suggestions.

Is There a Specific Way to Store a Device Like This?

There is no special way to store a female pleasure product other than to keep it out of harm’s way.

Read your owner’s manual to find out how the manufacturer intended you to store it. And in the meantime, keep your stuff out of direct sunlight and away from extremely hot/cold temperatures.

Also, don’t let it get exposed to moisture even if it’s 100% waterproof.

That’s because water is a breeding ground for bacteria. So, your device could function perfectly and still be dangerous to use if you store it incorrectly.

Can I Get Hurt While Masturbating?

Yes, you can hurt yourself while masturbating with a battery-powered plaything.

For example, if you use the wrong lube you could develop a rash.

Furthermore, dirty devices may lead to more serious concerns. And if you get your stuff wet when it’s not supposed to be, there’s also a risk of electrocution.

So, always read the owner’s manual for safety precautions. And look for a warranty from the manufacturer just in case something outside your control goes wrong.

How Do I Register the Warranty on My Sex Toy?

Not all sex toys come with manufacturer’s warranties. The ones that do usually list registration information on the box, inside the owner’s manual, or on their website.

So, look in those places first. Then, find out what your warranty covers.

Also, determine if there’s a cost for registration. When all that is done, fill out the information and submit it to the maker.

In most cases, you’ll have to do that within 30 days of the purchase date to avoid cancellation of coverage.


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