Top 15 Best Spanking Paddles Reviewed In 2023

The best spanking paddles aren’t always easy to find. You’d think they’re all the same, with a handle and a flat piece to bruise your boo with a targeted blow. However, I’ve learned that every product offers a different experience.

So, I choose my weapons wisely.

Sex paddles for spanking come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. You can coordinate them with your current kink collection or create something eclectic. Booty bats are perfect for people who enjoy BDSM.

Still, they’re also suitable for casual couples who like to play with boundaries.

FACT: Studies show that spanking is one of the most popular activities in modern bedrooms.

Paddling your partner can inspire primal urges and deliver intense pleasure. It satisfies aching desires and helps build intimacy with striking longevity.

However, you can turn friends into foes with the wrong devices or techniques. Stay in the swing of things by shopping like a pro. Here is everything you need to know.

What Are Spanking Paddles?

Paddles for sex spanking are novelty items with a practical purpose. Lovers use them for sexual activities such as pain infliction, teasing, and bondage. Depending on the size, shape, and features of the paddle, partners can fulfill their fantasies or manipulate participants’ behaviors.

The discomfort level delivered is proportionate to the swing strength and paddle features.

For example, spanking paddles usually have exceptional fabrics for enhanced sensations. Many use leather coverings with metal hardware studding.

Others feature solid materials such as wood or plastic, often with holes for optimal aerodynamics.

Unlike whips and floggers, sex paddles have a protruding handle. It is attached to the surface that strikes your partner’s skin.

Thus, you must hone those spanking skills to avoid unwanted injuries. Yes, BDSM requires technique and is not a flogging free-for-all.

How Do Spanking Paddles Work?

Love taps with an open palm are sexy. But you can hurt your fingers by slapping too aggressively.

Paddles for an erotic spanking should be more durable than your bare hand. They help deliver a shocking blow despite your dexterity limitations.

The best spanking paddles also cover a wide surface area for maximum impact.

However, narrow paddles are perfect for precision whacks in customized bondage punishments. You can use BDSM tools for multiple purposes, including vanilla sex and solo masturbation.

The trick is to find the deeply rooted link between pain and pleasure. Then safely exploit it.

Physical pain causes a reaction in the central nervous system. It makes the body release endorphins to block the discomfort.

So, prolonged erotic spanking can produce intense euphoria. Paddles provide controlled stimulation based on the participants’ sexual or therapeutic needs.

Are Spanking Paddles Safe?

Paddles for erotic spanking are safe when used correctly. They can produce intense sensations without breaking the skin or causing significant injuries.

You also tailor the speed and strength of each blow depending on variable factors. No two sessions are the same, and neither are the reactions.

For many years, health experts assumed that erotic spanking was a sign of mental illness.

However, we now know more about BDSM therapy. Participants often lose their sense of self while being spanked.

They also experiment with levels of personal control to experience robust emotions.

I use “erotic spanking” and “BDSM therapy” synonymously. The reason is that BDSM spanking can help people heal from severe trauma.

Contrary to popular belief, bondage isn’t always about reaching orgasm. Spanking paddles should come standard with every relationship.

I’ve got a mind to turn you over my knee and spank the spoiled hell out of you.” – Larissa Lone

Channeling pain into pleasure is safe and beneficial for most people.

Still, you should probably talk to your doctor if you’re concerned. Always use high-quality spanking paddles for the best results.

Then enjoy an alternative to traditional therapeutics with mental, emotional, and physical advantages.

DID YOU KNOW: The benefits of spanking are well-documented and available to everyone with the right paddle.

Spanking Paddle Side Effects

Spanking paddles are safe. It’s the way you use them that can cause concern. Nobody is born a BDSM expert. But misuse your tools and suffer the consequences.

Here are the facts to help you watch your back:

What to Expect

Expect multiple sensations when using a spanking paddle. You might feel overwhelmed by pain or overcome by pleasure.

It all depends on how your brain processes the stimulation. Your partner’s technique will also play a role. Do it right, and both people can enjoy reduced stress.

Being battered by your bae might seem counterintuitive, but it’s not in this case. Safe spanking lets a lover relinquish their power to the other, transferring woes with every blow.

Paddle whacks also help people escape reality, eliminate self-awareness, and stop compulsive thinking. The break means more efficient processing of thoughts and emotions.

Prepare for a rush of feelings. You might experience instant excitement or slight hesitation.

Most people who use spanking paddles report emotions contradictory to their natural instincts. That’s how you know the therapy is working. Expect some occasional redness, swelling, welting, and bruising. Extreme BDSM could cause broken blood vessels or slight bleeding.

NOTE: Communicate to prevent accidents, and know when enough is enough.

When to Worry

Use your favorite spanking paddle correctly, and everybody goes home in one piece.

Mishandle your honey, and you could end up in the emergency room. Thousands of people visit the ER for sex-related injuries each year, and many of the wounds come from amateur BDSM.

Become an expert before battering the booty.

You should be able to spank your partner for a while without causing too much damage.

However, watch out for signs of trouble. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of the following:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Prolonged bruising
  • Severe discomfort
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Emotional distress

Adverse reactions to paddle spanking are relatively rare with safe techniques and top-notch products.

However, you should still consider the pros and cons of spanking paddles as an alternative to whips, floggers, and palms.

The Pros & Cons of Using Paddles for Spanking

Whether they like to admit it or not, everyone has at least one kinky bone in their body.

Many partners practice BDSM without even realizing it. Most couples lovingly spank each other to show affection or initiate sex. And some use blindfolds, handcuffs, or sex toys to keep it spicy.

The desire to try something new can be overwhelming, but don’t let it lead you astray.

Look at these advantages and disadvantages first:


  • Protects the hands from injury
  • Aids with mobility limitations
  • Produces an exciting sound
  • Promotes creative sex
  • Builds anticipation
  • Provides better control
  • Demonstrates hierarchy
  • Offers targeted stimulation
  • Completes your bondage collection

Remember, spanking paddles for couples are tailorable by body type and lifestyle. You can buy small paddles for tiny hands or use massive oars for heavy-duty jobs.

For the best results, match the dimensions to your palm.


  • May cause severe pain
  • Tolerance may vary
  • Can break under pressure
  • Dependent on manual mobility
  • Could leave marks on the body

Don’t forget to create an aftercare station when practicing BDSM with spanking paddles.

Your setup should include soft cloths, clean water, antibiotic skin ointment, and refreshments. Talk to your partner for more tips on planning the after-party.

How to Use Spanking Paddles

We all want to experience extreme sensations, and intercourse isn’t the only way. Experts no longer consider bondage play a sign of mental illness.

BDSM has become less taboo, so now is your time to shine. Your partner deserves a good spanking. Just admit it.

Spanking is a one-handed round of applause in appreciation of a magnificent ass.”

Knowing how to use a paddle will make you look and feel more like the boss. It also helps you flirt and stay in control to keep everyone safe.

So, follow these five simple steps to swing and never miss.

STEP ONE: Select Your Size

Decide whether you want a wide or narrow paddle. The thinner the surface, the greater the sting. Choose fat paddles with broad features to reduce the pain without sacrificing the impact.

STEP TWO: Mind Your Materials

Paddle materials can affect sensations and sounds. Non-porous devices usually produce a louder slap, while porous paddles muffle the noise. Pick something with a textile that makes you tingle.

STEP THREE: Dote on the Details

Select the products that give you options. Straightforward devices are easy to use, but double-sided paddles are more versatile. Wrist straps, metal studs, and other features might also make sense.

STEP FOUR: Aim for the Target

Talk to your partner about acceptable areas for spanking. Then practice hitting the target with your hand at various speeds. Switch to your paddle once you’ve perfected your swing.

STEP FIVE: Track the Reaction

Swat a few times in the same spot, then look for signs of trouble. Use your safe word to prevent unwanted pain. Now, listen for moans of pleasure while you spank and spank again.

Remember to use your resources wisely. Make spanking sessions more satisfying with excellent communication skills and erotic accessories. Or try numbing creams, enhanced lubricants, and sex toys to deliver a sensory overload.

Spanking Paddles: A Buyer’s Guide

Pad your BDSM collection with high-quality spanking tools. But don’t fall for clever marketing schemes in the meantime.

There are thousands of bondage paddles to consider, yet many leave much to be desired. So, how do you tell the good from the bad and the ugly?

I used to ask the same question.

10 Things to Look For

Search the internet for a fantastic product and come up empty-handed. You’ll be shocked by the sheer number of options available.

Plus, every manufacturer swears their product is the best. But look for these ten features to put their claims to the test:

  • Skin-Safe Materials
  • Durable Construction
  • Wrist Straps
  • Robust Layering
  • Smooth Surfacing
  • Targeting Aids
  • Stiff Core Strength
  • Attractive Embossing
  • Ergonomic Handles
  • Dual-Sided Designs

Also, look for erotic paddles with coordinating accessories such as blindfolds, wrist or ankle restraints, and ball gags.

10 Things to Avoid

Find everything you’re looking for but still feel unsatisfied. Some spanking paddles lack essential features to create a fulfilling experience.

You can’t have everything, but you can have fun if you avoid the following ten things:

  • Low-Quality Textiles
  • Flimsy Construction
  • Thin Layering
  • Awkward Handles
  • One-Sided Designs
  • Weak Safety Amenities
  • Rough Surfaces
  • Plain Appearance
  • Poor Core Strength
  • Loose Hardware

Also, stay away from sex paddles with curious shapes until you feel like an expert. An uncomfortable grip can cause your hand to slip, making accidents and injuries more likely.

5 Things to Have

Prepare to deliver your love taps like a pro. You don’t need lubricant to spank your partner, nor do you need special skills to make it exciting.

All it takes is a terrific paddle and plenty of practice. Plus, you might want to stock up on these items too:

  • Sex Toy Cleaner – Always wash your paddles before and after each use.
  • Storage Containers – Keep your stuff protected and hidden from prying eyes.
  • Cold Compresses – Cool your partner’s bottom with icy water or a frozen cloth.
  • Antibiotic Ointment – Heal broken skin before it causes a nasty reaction.
  • Safeword – Agree when to stop or continue with a single utterance.

Spank your favorite ass, and don’t apologize for the pain. But be sure to use one of the top 10 spanking paddles to show your partner who’s boss.

The Top 10 Best Paddles for Spanking In 2023:

When you’re ready to start a wonderful whacking session, begin with one of these ten best paddles:

#1. The Bondage Boutique XOXO – Best Spanking Paddle Overall


The XOXO Faux Leather Spanking Paddle is a bondage collector’s best friend. It provides an excellent sensation and an attractive insignia with every slap.

This paddle also features a slightly flexible form for maximum controllability, plus a firm core for optimal impacts. The ergonomic spanker is perfect for all experience levels, body types, and BDSM activities.

You can even use it for varying levels of pain delivery, from the gentle smacks to the more intense hits.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Wrist Strap Included
  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: You can brand your subs with the logo if you practice extreme spanking.

CON: This device will not produce the loudness that some players prefer.


#2. The ElectraStim Bi-Polar ElectraPaddle


Whip out the ElectaStim Bi-Polar ElectraPaddle and watch as the wimps go running. This electrified spanking paddle provides an enhanced sensation that stimulates deep nerve endings.

The triple conductor design transmits electricity to deliver shocking pain and pleasure with every whack. It’s also wide and features metal components for superior encouragement.

Meanwhile, the ergonomic handle and adjustable power settings help you tailor each session to the sub’s punishment.


  • Requires Special Cleaning
  • Wrist Strap Included
  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: This device may require additional equipment to use as intended.

CON: You cannot play with this paddle around water or near the chest.


#3. The Fifty Shades of Grey Round BDSM Spanking Paddle


Although generic, the Fifty Shades of Grey Round BDSM Paddle for Spanking could become a staple in your bondage collection.

This whacking whiz features a unique shape for quirky partners, with a rounded form and ergonomic handle to reduce manual dexterity limits. It’s also made of faux leather and then covered in a satin finish.

You get wide surface for deluxe play and a colorful device with no stains or dyes. Seal the deal and show how you really feel when you integrate impact play using the Fifty Shades of Grey RBP.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Wrist Strap Included
  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: Perfect for people who appreciate the look of organic products.

CON: It might not be durable enough for intense spanking sessions.

Motivate your sub with one of these top bondage paddles for teasing and dominance:

#4. The DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Heart Slapper Sex Paddle


This heart-shaped love paddle could leave a mark, but it will be a sign of love.

The DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Slapper is perfect for light-duty spanking sessions and moderate bondage.

It features a split design to produce extra loud slaps, with a cut-out in the middle for marking your territory. You get a wide paddle and a tapered handle for a secure grip, plus excellent stitching for durability.

Take back control and imprint your sub with stimulating stings all over their body. Don’t forget to bring the aftercare kit!


  • Requires Careful Cleaning
  • Removable Wrist Strap
  • High-Quality Leather

PRO: The monochrome design coordinates perfectly with most BDSM gear.

CON: You can’t slap your partner too hard with this relatively flimsy paddle.


#5. The Sportsheets Leather Slut Slapper


The Sportsheets Leather Slut Slapper is just what Dr Feel Good ordered. It features a split design to produce loud noises with every flop.

The dual-layered construction makes it extra durable for more brutal slaps. It also has a cut-out “SLUT” logo running down the slim paddle to leave a distinguishable mark on your sub’s booty.

You get a rigid handle for a secure grip, durable hand stitching, and excellent construction for full-throttle safety and confidence. It’s perfect for beginners but heavy-duty enough for pros, so play like you mean it today.


  • Requires Careful Cleaning
  • Removable Wrist Strap
  • High-Quality Leather

PRO: It has enhanced stitching to ensure long-lasting pleasure.

CON: The small size might make some activities a challenge.


#6. The Bondage Boutique Furry Bdsm Paddle


The Bondage Boutique Furry Spanking Paddle is perfect for partner play, experimentation, novelty, and gifting. It’s a double-sided whacker with a faux fur covering to muffle sounds and soften the blow.

The other side features a hard matte leather finish to help you keep things exciting. This playful paddle measures just over 14 inches from handle to tip, making it the perfect size for traveling.

Enjoy multiple levels of sensory stimulation with a bondage accessory fit for hours of fun.


  • Requires Careful Cleaning
  • Attached Wrist Strap
  • High-Quality Leather

PRO: You can be discreet or produce loud slapping noises with the two different textures.

CON: This device is not ideal for people wanting intense slaps.

#7. The Sportsheets Saffron Acrylic Spanking Paddle


This BDSM spanker is nothing to fuss with. It features multiple strategic holes to maximize impact and produce audible confirmation of contact.

The Sportsheets Saffron Spanking Paddle provides provocative motivation for both partners, with a sleek and lightweight design for easy handling.

This versatile accessory gives you a durable design, seamless materials, and countless performance options. Be the first to take a whack at it or hand it to your partner in submission. It will do the whistling while you do the work.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Removable Wrist Strap
  • Durable Acrylic

PRO: The holes help reduce aerodynamic drag to produce more profound slaps.

CON: The semi-transparent design doesn’t coordinate with most bondage accessories.

#8. The Bondage Boutique Leopard Print Small Paddle


Put some pep in your step with the Bondage Boutique Leopard Print Paddle. It’s a small BDSM accessory with a big personality.

Choose sides with this double whammy, with one end a furry fabric and the other a soft leather. Pick between sensual strokes or full whacks, then slip this 10-inch spanker into your travel bag discreetly.

It’s effortlessly stylish and perfect as a gift to your lover. Deliver velvety thuds or customize the sensations as you hold frisky fashion in the palm of your hand.


  • Requires Careful Cleaning
  • Removable Wrist Strap
  • High-Quality Polyester

PRO: You can display this device as a sexy decoration when it’s not in use.

CON: This paddle isn’t durable enough for rough play.

#9. The Fifty Shades of Grey Bound to You Leather Paddle


This dual-sided spanking paddle is perfect for customizing your bondage sessions. You can choose between a faux leather side or a soft, furry fabric to tailor the stimulation.

Switch between each stroke or choose intermittently for a striking surprise. This pretty paddle also comes with a branded Fifty Shades of Grey container for attractive gifting.

Plus, it has delicate gold lettering to help coordinate with the rest of your collection.

This dependable tool helps produce pleasure, pain, and punishment based on your unique curriculum. School is in session.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Removable Wrist Strap
  • High-Quality Faux Leather

PRO: It features a durable design to ensure solid contact with each whack.

CON: The price is relatively higher than similar paddles.

#10. The Utimi SM Paddle Toy


The Utimi SM gives off a sexy and mysterious vibe, perfect for any BDSM collection. It features a smooth patent leather cover over a multi-layer core for superior support.

You also get a firm grip and an excellent slapping sound with every swing. The sturdy construction means no sloppy deliveries.

Plus, it’s the perfect size for all body types, whether you’re the giver or receiver. The ergonomic design helps steady your hold for impactful contact, and the soft materials help prevent injury to the skin.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Wrist Strap Included
  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: You can bring this dependable paddle along when you become a pro.

CON: You can’t produce much pain with this relatively gentle design.


#11. The Battife Sex Paddle For BSDM


This 14-inch bamboo spanking paddle commands a presence and forces compliance.

First, it comes in three different sizes to help you customize the experience. You’ll also see some engineered holes in the surface to maximize air resistance and produce more pain.

The durable yet lightweight design this a weapon of ass destruction, with a smooth handle and ergonomic form fit for any hand. Achieve the highest velocity using the Battife paddle for BDSM and enjoy targeted stimulation for years to cum.


  • Requires Special Cleaning
  • No Wrist Strap Included
  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: This device uses eco-friendly materials to help you get it on in good conscience.

CON: It doesn’t offer the flexibility some activities require.

#12. The Strict Scottish Tawse Paddle Toy


The Strict Scottish Tawse harkens back to when subs were more obedient. It commands compliance by delivering targeted pain without flinching.

The sturdy construction equals a stinging sensation on contact, plus less work for the dominant in control. Tailor your sessions with every hit, and leave welts to demonstrate your power.

This ultimate spanking paddle features a genuine leather cover and a durable core for maximum potential regardless of your strength or experience.


  • Requires Special Cleaning
  • Wrist Strap Included
  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: Maintain your control with the split design crafted to increase the pain.

CON: You can’t cover a large body area because this paddle is too narrow.

#13. The Pipedream Rubber Paddle For Spanking


Most people can’t even look at the Pipedream Rubber Paddle without getting intimidated.

It’s a black, studded booty beater with your favorite masochist’s name written all over it. The textured slapper ensures extreme pain every time you swing.

Yet, the ergonomic handle means you’ll never lose your grip because of disobedient subs. This dual-sided spanking paddle also features a uniquely textured handle, just in case you want to spice things up with some sensory overloading.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Wrist Strap Included
  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: It’s virtually impossible to break this paddle because of rough play.

CON: This device does not produce the loud slapping sound that some people love.

#14. The VENESUN Hearts Paddle


Perhaps you don’t want to go overboard but wish to spank your lover and fulfill a fantasy. Maybe your partner doesn’t desire pain for pleasure yet still wants to experience gentle bondage play.

If so, the VENESUN Hearts Paddle could be the key. It features elegant studs for optimal appearances and offers enhanced sensations.

This paddle also produces two heart-shaped bruises if you swing like a champ. Leave your mark in the most loving way possible and satisfy cravings without permanent damage.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Wrist Strap Included
  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: You can give this decorated bondage toy as a token of affection to your partner.

CON: This delicate device will not produce intense sounds or sensations.

#15. The Sexbaby Spanker


Have sensitive skin but still want to know how spanking feels? Try the Sexbaby Spanker if you’ve got nothing better to do.

It’s a double-sided paddle with two unique experiences waiting on the other end of an ergonomic handle.

Explore all that this leather whipper offers, including the metal studs for enhanced pain play.

You can hold it, hang it, or hand it to someone else because of the lightweight and travel-friendly design. This device is perfect for beginners and pros, whether you like it rough or not.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Wrist Strap Included
  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: You can wear this compact device on your wrist or waist for quick access.

CON: It may be too narrow for some bondage activities.

BONUS: The Faux Leather Strap-Paddle For Spanking


The Faux Leather Strap-Paddle pulls double duty as a whip and a spanking paddle. It features a durable three-layer core to ensure maximum impact and pain.

However, it also has a flexible form for better, louder contact. This unique device provides a different sensation with every strike, providing a sense of surprise in otherwise dull bedrooms.

Produce pleasure or pain in an instant with this eco-friendly sex toy for BDSM enthusiasts. You even get a storage bag to help keep it a secret.


  • Easy to Clean
  • Wrist Strap Included
  • Skin-Safe Materials

PRO: This lightweight paddle is perfect for hanging from a belt loop.

CON: With this device, you can only deliver pain, not pressure.

Where To Find The Best Sex Paddles On The Internet:

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Spanking Paddle FAQs

Is There a Specific Way to Clean My Stuff?

You should always take care of your sex toys and accessories. Clean habits help prevent skin irritation and damage to the device.

However, check the owner’s manual for specific cleaning instructions. Every product is different, and you might need to buy some maintenance supplies.

Where Do I Store This Thing?

Store your bondage gear anywhere you like, but keep it hidden from prying eyes. Many people won’t understand your preference for pain, and existing taboos could make it challenging to explain.

Also, hide your hide in a cool, dry place like a bedside table or dresser drawer. Don’t store leather, nylon, or colored fabrics in direct sunlight because they could fade. If yours comes with a storage container, use it.

Can I Get Hurt By Being Spanked?

Spanking injuries are common, so be careful.

Know your limits and respect each other’s boundaries. Then communicate during every session to ensure everyone stays safe.

Remember that a soft spank can also hurt, but an aggressive slap might not be enough. People have specific preferences and tolerances for pain.

Let each person speak for themselves, and stop before anyone goes too far. Or establish a safe word at the beginning to experiment without concern.

Being spanked can cause acute numbness, preventing you from feeling the pain signals from your brain.

These instances may lead to excessive force, bruising, swelling, and broken blood vessels. If you want to leave a mark, this is perfect.

If not, it can be alarming. Stop immediately and seek medical attention if you need it.

Is It Illegal to Hurt Someone by Spanking Them?

It is unlawful to spank someone who doesn’t want it. Unconsentual contact with another person is a technical assault, and it could result in serious jail time.

It’s also frowned upon to use bondage beyond a person’s stated limits. Both people must consent, so communicate boundaries and expectations upfront. Some states consider spanking abusive, meaning you can’t even think about it without a BDSM contract.

Determine the laws where you live, talk to your partner, and take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

What Do I Do If Someone Gets Injured While Spanking?

Erotic spanking usually doesn’t cause an injury. Monitor your partner’s reactions to intuitive know when to stop.

Also, use your safe words and other precautions to prevent injuries or unwanted bruising. Stop immediately if your partner says the magic word.

Meanwhile, don’t be afraid to visit the emergency room if things get out of hand. Watch for signs of trouble, and then be honest with your doctor to receive the best treatment.

How Can I Prevent Injury During BDSM?

Prevent injuries during bondage play by learning and using BDSM etiquette. You can tailor each session to the participants or create a protocol for partners.

However, always respect people’s boundaries and pain tolerances.

Incorporate safe words and only spank when you have consent. Then use an aftercare kit to help heal scratches, reduce bruising, and treat skin irritation.

Also, keep your equipment clean to avoid infection.

Do I Need Any Special Skills or Equipment to Spank Someone?

You don’t have to be a professional to spank your partner for pleasure. You also don’t need specific tools to make an impression.

A straightforward whack with your palm should do the trick in most instances.

However, spanking paddles can help protect your hand and provide a more substantial sensation. Some people might jerk or twitch while being spanked, so have some restraints ready just in case.

Can I Keep Spanking My Partner After Their Ass Turns Red?

Redness is a sign that you’re hitting the target. So, continue spanking your partner or sub for as long as they can handle it.

Meanwhile, listen for their moans of approval and stay vigilant about the safe word. You can keep whacking that ass until they say stop.

However, don’t continue spanking if you cause tremendous bruising, welts, or bleeding unless your partner likes it rough.

What Happens If My Paddle Breaks?

Some paddles aren’t as durable as others, so you can break a device if you hit too hard.

When that happens, stop playing immediately and switch to another toy. Try using the palm of your hand to keep the mood alive, or bring out something else to produce pain for your partner.

If all else fails, change how you’re having sex.

Also, check the box for a manufacturer’s warranty to see if damages are covered.

How Do I Register a Warranty on a Paddle?

Most paddles for spanking don’t come with a warranty from the manufacturer. However, some retailers may offer short-term policies or purchase quality guarantees.

Look inside the box for more information, or contact your local adult entertainment store to discuss your options.

Also, hold onto your receipt to avoid problems at the register.

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