Top 5 Best Metal Dildos Reviewed In 2023

Metal – it’s the stuff that wet dreams seem to be made of these days. No seriously, there are now dildos made out of steel and that’s not a play on words.

They’re sleek, sturdy, smooth, and satisfying with or without lubrication.

Plus, you can use them either vaginally or anally depending on how you like it.

These dongs haven’t been around for very long but that doesn’t mean they’re not amazing.

In fact, delectably metallic dildos and vibrators are getting rave reviews online, including here. In a world where we’ve thought of just about everything, it’s nice to get a pleasurable surprise every now and then.

So, what are these things, how are they made, and which ones are the best? Those are three of the most common questions asked by interested consumers. We’ll try to answer each of them below and also throw in a few suggestions as well.

Then, if you have specific inquires, we’ll address those too.

This guide is meant to show you the way to better sex with metallic sex toys for men, women, and couples. So, first things first, let’s take care of some definitions.

What Is a Metal Dildo?

A metal dildo, or dong, is a sexual pleasure device that’s almost always shaped like a penis or cylindrical shaft to mimic the sensations of intercourse.

It’s crafted differently than other playthings, though. That’s because it’s made out of skin-safe metals instead of flesh-like materials.

And while some people may scoff at that idea of using industrial materials for sex toys, it’s one of those “don’t knock it ‘til you try it” situations because it’s actually beneficial to many people’s sex lives.

The Top 5 Best Metal Dildos of 2022:

These are this year’s most outstanding metal dildos for men, women, and couples:

#1. The nJoy Pure Wand – Best Stainless Steel Dildo Overall

Does this thing even look like a sex toy? No. Can you use it for pegging, hands-free play, or virtual reality sessions? Also no. That’s because the appeal of the nJoy Pure Wand is tucked beneath its shiny, stainless-steel exterior.

It’s actually one of the hottest-selling metal dildos on the today’s market, and most people who use it say it delivers one of the most intense orgasms they’ve ever experienced. Here’s why:

The nJoy Pure Wand is crescent-shaped with two bulbous ends for more sensational insertions.

However, both ends feature a different sized ball for optimal versatility.

That makes this device a double-ended dong like none other, with enough length for dual penetration without missing a beat. In fact, the curiously curved shaft pinpoints the g-spot or p-spot like a pro, even if you’re only using one side at a time.

Meanwhile, it comes in a fancy presentation box that makes it look like jewelry for your junk.

PRO: Temperature responsive for hot and cold play

CON: Not compatible with a harness

#2. The nJoy Fun Wand Metal Dildo

There’s virtually no limit to the things you can do with the nJoy Fun Wand, which is probably why the makers named it that. This bad boy features several different stimulation points for maximum pleasure, with three heart-shaped balls undulating down one side and a thick, fat bulb propped up on the other.

At the same time, this wonder wand is S-shaped to deliver targeted pleasure whether it’s used vaginally, anally, or otherwise.

Made from industrial-strength stainless-steel and polished to a glistening shine, the nJoy Fun Wand offers temperature play of epic proportions. It’s also easy to clean and maintain despite all the complex geometries and bulbous features.

This ally dong provides eight generous inches for insertion too, and it has a 3.5-inch circumference that’s ideal for almost any body type.

Oh yeah, and like most other metallic dildos, this one is fully submersible in water.

PRO: Graduated bulbs for customizable play

CON: May be too intense for some users

#3. The Desire Luxury Beaded Steel Dildo

The Desire Luxury Beaded Dildo – made out of medical-grade stainless-steel and ready for action as soon as you take it out of the box. It’s shaped and sized to offer maximum stimulation regardless of body size.

That’s because it has a tapered geometry that helps user customize their level of insertion. Meanwhile, it also has undulating bulbs up the entire shaft, a set of steel balls at the end, and a slight curve to help you target the sweet spots.

It’s not compatible with a dildo harness, it doesn’t come with fancy technology, and it’s not going to vibrate no matter what you do. But it can be placed in the refrigerator for quick temperature play and it’s weighted so you know it will make a dent.

The Desire Luxury Beaded Dildo is one of those devices that can be used as a muscle massager too, so don’t be afraid to experiment when you get it home.

PRO: Shaped similarly to a penis for recognizable pleasure

CON: May not be long enough for all users

#4. The nJoy Eleven Steel Dildo

This bad boy is for people who like it big, bad, and bulky. It’s a sleek device with a silky-smooth texture but it’s sized to get and keep your attention. That means it has more length and girth than the average toy, with more than 9 inches of insertable shaft and 2 inches for a firm grip.

This is technically a doubled-ended dildo, which is just another way of saying it gets around.

One side features a bulbous, penis-like tip on top of a bent shaft that targets the g-spot or p-spot. The other side has a slightly smaller penis-like bulbous tip with a few small bumps on the shaft above that. Each side offers a different sensation and can pinpoint different parts of the body.

At the same time, the entire contraption is temperature sensitive, which means you can throw it in cold or hot water for some seriously sensational stuff.

PRO: Extra-large for stretching and experimenting

CON: May not be suitable for all body types

#5. The Desire Luxury G-Spot Dildo

It may look simple and unexciting, but that’s just until you use it. The Desire Luxury G-Spot Dildo is a prime example of how less is sometimes so much more. That’s because this unassuming little shaft makes a big noise – or at least it will have you making big noises when it’s deep inside.

The cleverly curved shaft helps you and/or your partner produce intense orgasms with a single touch. Plus, it’s delicately sized which makes it ideal for beginners.

This device is made from medical-grade stainless-steel and features a dual-ended design for maximum stimulation, even for two bodies in simultaneous motion. There are no bonus features, so you won’t find added vibrations or anything like that.

However, what you will find is a weighty shaft that measures seven generous inches in total length and a girth of 3.5 inches. Overall, it’s one of the most user-friendly metal dongs on the market and it’s great for beginners too.

PRO: Ideal for deep penetration

CON: Could be a little thicker

Benefits of Using Dildos Made Out of Metal

Using these things is as easy as pie, with no substantial learning curve required. Only a small consideration about skin types and lube choices is necessary.

Usually, you can get away with clever kink just by utilizing a condom if things don’t match up.

Meanwhile, dongs that are made out of high-quality metal are generally hypoallergenic, or at least allergen-free for the most part.

There are several other advantages too, and none of them have to do with cost or comfort. So, here’s what you need to consider before laughing your way out of terrific sex:

  • These devices offer more options for temperature play. And if you get the right one, you can either heat it up or cool it down to satisfy your cravings.
  • You get to use them in several different ways. Enjoy anal or vaginal penetration or surface-level pleasure depending on what gets you the hottest.
  • The curves and textures are more rigid. This accounts for much better g-spot or p-spot targeting, not to mention easier handling for you and/or your lover.
  • They’re a lot easier to clean and maintain. Without flesh-like features or porous materials, steel dildos are some of the most effortless sex toys to own.
  • Most people don’t even know what they are. Because of their typically unique shapes, metallic dongs are sometimes shaped in an unfamiliar way.

When you use dildos crafted out of shiny metal, you feel fancier too. They look amazing while being thrust into an opening, plus they can sometimes be strapped to a harness just like traditional dongs.

Most of the time, though, their versatility depends strictly on how they’re made.

Common Dildo Material Comparison

Your average insertable plaything can be made from a wide variety of materials, each with its own unique list of pros and cons.

However, as you’ll soon see, metal dildos have properties that the other options do not.

Perhaps that’s why they’re selling nonstop around the globe. Or maybe it’s because people always get excited about something new.

Either way, let’s take a closer look at how metal compares to other materials and see if we can understand the hype:


This material is one of the most commonly used today, especially since it replaced allergy-sensitive latex and removed the need for harmful phthalates. It’s gentle on all skin types too, and it can be used to create just about any device known to humankind.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

PVC gets used a lot for the production of lightweight sex toys and accessories. It’s hypoallergenic, easy to maintain, and compatible with most lube formulas. Plus, it’s hard and durable most of the time, which means it’s ideal for bondage toys like cock cages and restraints.

Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)

TPE is a popular material for high-tech devices because it’s a poor conductor of heat yet durable and versatile at the same time. It’s also lightweight and compatible with most skin types. Many times, this stuff is also used to create optional toy accessories.


Rubber is an old-school sex toy material that’s still used today, surprisingly enough. It can be molded into any shape and made to feel like real human skin. Not only that, but it’s usually crafted to look realistic (although special additives must be used to pull that off).


Stainless-steel, which is the most common material used in metal dildos today, possesses all of those properties in one spectacular substance (minus the skin-like texture and realistic appearance, of course). It can be molded, it’s relatively lightweight, and you can use it to create anything your crotch desires (including hot/cold sensations and targeted stimulation).

FUN FACT: There are aluminum, titanium, and even precious metal dildos in our wild and wonderful world. Believe it or not, Gwyneth Paltrow1 once purchased a $15,000 gold vibrator from LELO.

In most people’s opinion, stainless-steel or metal dildos are all the rage. And that’s even if they don’t cost a quarter of your salary or come with a celebrity endorsement. Us fans like to think it’s because they offer so many advantages over traditional dongs. But you’ll never know until you use one for yourself and that’s what’s so sad about this whole situation.

How Are Stainless-Steel Dildos Used?

Did you know that the first dildo ever made had to be prescribed to the user by their family doctor? If that’s not an awkward conversation, nobody knows what is.

Fast-forward a few decades and now dongs of every shape, size, and color are available to the public.

We no longer have to get permission to have orgasm, but that still doesn’t mean we all know what we’re doing.

Metal penetration toys are suddenly all the rage, yet so many people have no idea what all the hype is about.

Instead, they just stick to the basics because they’re afraid to branch out. But not only isn’t that complete bullshit but it’s also a bad idea.

After all, men and women fought for years to give you the right to pleasure yourself however you wanted.

So, it’s your duty to take advantage.

For your convenience, here are the 4 most common ways to use a stainless-steel dildo:

  1. Vaginally

These products are made from skin-safe materials, making them gentle enough for delicate parts of the body. They’re also curved to reach the g-spot or shaped to mimic human organs. Some even come with built-in vibrating motors to make things more intense.

  1. Anally

Metallic sex toys are great for anal sex because they have zero pores, meaning they won’t spread bacteria as easily as flesh-like materials. They’re also cool to the touch, which can be quite soothing to an asshole that has been taking a pounding.

  1. Hands-Free

Some partners like to give their lovers a sweet surprise by operating the device themselves. That sort of action usually involves blindfolds, wrist and ankle restraints, enhanced lubes, sex toy mounts, and/or sex furniture to make it happen safely.

  1. Externally

Did you know that you can use one of these bad boys to give your partner a sensual massage? That’s especially true if the device features vibrations or has a textured exterior. Simply push or roll the toy along crucial muscle lines to deliver sexy relief before foreplay.

Keep in mind that you can’t experience everything that these toys have to offer unless you buy the right one.

Unfortunately, that’s the most unpleasant thing about all of this. It can be tough to find something worthwhile, especially if you have no idea what to look for.

So, let’s fix that right here and right meow by going over what to look for (and what to avoid).

How to Choose The Best Steel Dildo

Because metal dildos are relatively new inventions, there aren’t that many to choose from, at least in comparison to all the traditionally designed dongs on the market.

Of course, you’ll still find hundreds of different options. But many of those options are extremely similar or, worse yet, far too simple to do much of anything to the human body.

Obviously, there’s a long road ahead of us here, but we can still find pleasure if we pick our poisons based on sweeping criteria. At least then we’ll raise the bar on the sex toy industry a little more.

In the meantime, here’s what you need to look at to find the best metallic playthings:


Most metal dongs are made from hypoallergenic materials such as stainless-steel or another skin-safe alloy. That’s important because they often come in contact with delicate body parts.

Thus, it’s crucial to choose something that’s gentle on the skin and allergen-free.

Or, if all else fails, use a condom to protect yourself and your partner.

TIP: Use a water-based lubricant to ensure compatibility with the device and the user’s skin type.


No matter what anybody says, size matters. So, try to pick something that looks compatible with your body type and experience level. The dimensions also involve the device’s unique shape. That means selecting something with the curves and edges that could make your toes tingle.

TIP: Do some quick body measurements to determine which sizes work best for your anatomy.


Believe it or not, every metal dong is not made the same. Some are just steel shafts used for vaginal or anal penetration.

However, a few can be used for hands-free pegging, couple’s play, or with app-controlled interfaces for real-time pleasures.

TIP: Make sure you have all the necessary equipment to enjoy high-tech sex toys as intended.


Metallic playthings aren’t always plain and simple. Many of the newer models feature ergonomic shapes and sizes, or bonus features like vibrating motors, heated cores, and undulating tips. Choose something with a few play options included to keep your nights from getting boring.

TIP: Bulbous tips can make insertion and/or removal more difficult but more interesting as well.


Your chosen metal shaft should be compatible with both your skin type and your body size.

So, look for a device that works in tandem with other toys if you plan to use yours with a partner.

Also, make certain you have lots of lube and toy cleaner to keep things tidy.

TIP: Choose something that requires very little maintenance and cleanup for more effortless orgasms.

Don’t worry if these criteria are too broad for your shopping trip. Most sex toy manufacturers know exactly what people are looking for, so they combine these 5 points into each device to deliver maximum amounts of pleasure.

With that said, some toys always seem to stand out from the rest.

All five of these metallic dildos are top-sellers in the market right now. They’re also competitively priced, especially considering how versatile and pleasurable they all are. Long story short, these are the best in the biz, with features that fit just about every taste under the sun.

The Synopsis

Dildos made out of metal may sound a bit too intense, but that’s probably because you’re so used to flesh-like products and penis-shaped dongs.

However, metallic dongs offer the same level of targeted penetration while also being temperature responsive, waterproof, easy to clean, and ideal for all types of sex. Thus, these are some of the most adaptable pleasure products available today despite the fact that few of them have bonus features like high-tech connectivity or integrated vibrating motors.

Choosing the best metal dildo can feel like a lot of work, but it only takes knowing yourself and/or your partner well.

Dongs made from metal alloys are some of the most user-friendly items available, with variable designs and an appearance that makes them look like jewelry.

Overall, they’re sleek, sexy, simple, and sophisticated without being too harsh or intimidating. Just be sure to use the right lube.

Where To Buy The Best Metal Dildos Online:

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Metal Dildo FAQs

Q: How do you clean a dildo that’s made out of metal?

A: Cleaning metallic sex toys is usually easy, but it’s still important to check the owner’s manual because each device is different.

In general, however, you can wash your wands in warm, soapy water using a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic cleanser. You can also use a spray-on or foam sex toy cleaning solution if you have one. Just don’t forget to let your product dry completely before returning it to storage.

Q: Is there a specific way to store a metal dildo when I’m done using it?

A: Storing metallic sex toys is usually easy, but it’s still important to check the owner’s manual because each device is different. In general, however, you want to keep your dongs away from direct sunlight to prevent overheating or sun damage.

Furthermore, it’s best to avoid storing your items in areas with extreme hot or cold temperatures and keep them away from water unless you’re using them. For even more protection and discretion, store your metal toys in a secure area away from small children and animals or use the box that it came in.

Q: Are metallic dongs good or bad for my skin?

A: Metal dongs are actually good for your skin. That’s because they’re hypoallergenic, which means they won’t cause a skin rash or an allergenic reaction.

Moreover, stainless-steel products don’t rust and can’t absorb bacteria like some fleshy materials can. Thus, they’re best for people with sensitive skin and a propensity for redness after friction.

Q: What’s the best type of lube for a dong made of metal?

A: Water-based lubes are generally the best for sex toy use unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer. Not only are water-based lubricants gentler on your toy’s materials but they also last for a long time and help protect your skin action friction, irritation, and allergic reactions.

Still, some metal dongs can be used with silicone-based and/or oil-based lubes depending on the composition. Consult your owner’s manual or the manufacturer for more information.


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