Best Wand Vibrators: The LELO Smart Wand

I don’t remember the first time I used a handheld vibrating wand to achieve an orgasm. It had to be sometime in my twenties, but then again those years are a blur of alcohol abuse and free-range sex with strangers. If I was introduced to the wonderful world of wands back then I wouldn’t have noticed it anyway. These days, however, I pay much closer attention to the things that come in contact with my body. That’s why I seek out only the best sex toys whether I’m playing by myself or with yet another partner. At this stage in the game, cheap or hastily slapped together devices just won’t cut it.

My obsession with orgasms started at a very young age, and I learned pretty quick that my body had its own ideas of what felt good. All the TV shows and secret pornos couldn’t have prepared me for the kinds of experiences I would have to endure to reach climax. Still, the most pleasurable sensations I ever felt were provided by nothing more than a simple sex toy that was used in the right way and at the right time. For people like me who enjoy external stimulation more than internal penetration, a vibrating wand is the ideal accompaniment to any romantic rendezvous.

As luck would have it, the LELO company started creating high-end wand vibrators for both men and women, meaning I had no choice but to try them all out as soon as I could. The brand’s most popular model, the Smart Wand, literally brought me to tears (I’ll get to that later) and had me questioning the status of my relationship. There’s nothing better than having a reliable nut within arm’s reach at all times. And it wasn’t that I was surprised by the power and beauty of this device – after all, LELO is known for making amazing pleasure products. The shocking part was just how willing my body was to give up the ghost. So, is this machine really magic or did I just get lucky? First of all, let’s find out what it is (and isn’t).

What Is the LELO Smart Wand?

This thing is a powerful, proprietary pleasure product that’s made for external use only. It’s primary design was created for unisex use, although most of its customers are females due to its overall size, shape and functionality. Either way, this device is made for direct contact with the genitals and has patented components that allow for increased pressure throughout the duration of masturbation. Derived from a massive inventory known for its couples-friendly selection, the LELO Smart Wand is unique in that it provides a more ergonomic, customizable and interactive platform than many of its relatives.

The high-tech features of this machine are only the tip of the iceberg though. Hailed as one of the best wand vibrators on the market, the LSW seems to have paved the way for all future vibrators due to its supreme power and extra-strength versatility. It uses patented technologies and materials on every square inch, plus it’s backed by one of the best industry warranties you’ll find. My first impression wasn’t exactly earth-shaking, but upon closer inspection I quickly changed my mind.

The Main Features

The manufacturer claims that this particular toy can double as a muscle massager, but I think it functions much better as an instant orgasm deliverer. Maybe I’m biased, or maybe my opinion is based solely on the facts. This sleek and sexy toy has far too many features to be ignored or underrated. Not only is it a completely cordless machine but it was also voted best-in-class by consumers and reviewers worldwide. It possesses travel-ready functionality and provides its users with numerous benefits including high-powered indulgence through a whisper-quiet motor and earth-shattering pleasure through things like SenseTouch Technology which makes each setting become more intense with increased pressure.

More than that though, this “smart” wand got its name because of its unique shape and energy-conserving battery. It also just so happens to be waterproof, which means you can explore all eight of the distinct vibe functions in or out of the shower. And with a fully rechargeable interface and an palm-sized, grip-free handle, it’s possible to get lost in la-la land pretty quickly like my partner and I did. Best of all, the buttons are built right in to the side of the device, so you never have to worry about losing your remote or buying spare batteries for a wireless one.

What Comes in the Box?

You don’t get much when you buy the LSW, but I guess that’s pretty intelligent of the designer because you need very little to get started with this thing. I’m sure the marketing team had a different opinion, but the all-inclusive sex wand we’re discussing here came already packed with the following items:

  • The LELO Smart Wand
  • A USB charging cord
  • A set of instructions
  • A warranty registration card

As you’ll soon find out, the makers don’t give us any sort of carrying case or storage container. We also don’t get any lube samples or toy cleaning supplies. So remember, when buying sex toys always budget for the accessories too.

The Experience

My LELO was ordered offline like most things I buy and it arrived at my house in a non-descript package right on schedule. Upon opening the box, I noticed that the toy’s container was much smaller than I thought it would be, plus it wasn’t very high quality which meant I couldn’t use it as storage when I was done (bummer #1). Not exactly a miniature model but certainly not big and bulky like the old-school models, the Smart Wand looked just compact enough to slip secretly into my handbag but still appeared large enough to command authority in the bedroom. I figured there was only one way to test my theory, so I wasted no time.

The first round was a solo mission, san partner because I wasn’t sure how to use the couples-friendly features at first. Starting out on the lowest setting like always, it was clear that this thing had some juice behind it. I’m not sure if I made it all the way to the top or not because I think I blacked out a few minutes in. My partner comes crashing through the door with a worried look on his face. Apparently, my loss of all motor function left me shivering on the floor beside our bed which, in his defense, probably looked like I was having a stroke. The robust and constant flow of vibes is what set me off, so I should have known better than to start experimenting with that SenseTouch nonsense.

The next thing I know, my partner is snatching it out of my hand and putting my pussy through another round of torture. The head is so soft, squishy and wide that it nearly envelopes your vajeen when pressed firmly against the clit. Hell, I even felt it in my ass (which was amazing, by the way). We poked and prodded until we worked up a sweat and then headed to the shower. That’s where I was “kindly” reminded of the toy’s waterproof qualities. Assuming I’d had enough to frustrate my lover into submission as he feverishly tried to pleasure my worn out crotch, I ended up gushing again before the water got cold. At this point, I’m regretting this purchase because my partner has been carrying it around the house like it’s Excalibur. What have I gotten myself into?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Did you notice I didn’t mention anything about using lube with the Smart Wand? That’s because this thing functions just fine with or without it.

The Ups and Downs

I try to remember, as you should, that there’s no such thing as an absolutely perfect product. No matter how hard manufacturers try, mankind is just too diverse to ever be satisfied with one single sex toy. And even if that product was eventually invented, we’d still find something to complain about on it. Meanwhile, the LELO company is offering up a high-class vibrating wand with the following ups and downs:


  • Integrated couples-friendly technologies
  • Becomes more powerful with increased pressure
  • Fully submersible in water
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Extremely long battery life


  • Not compatible with online porn media libraries
  • Not ideal for wireless toy lovers

The Takeaway

The folks at the Swedish-based LELO factory have been churning out high-quality sex toys for good girls and boys around the world since the very beginning. Innovators in their field, the inclusion of certain technologies is indicative of the outstanding craftsmanship and unbeatable attention given to all their products. So while the Smart Wand may not be their best seller, it’s most certainly a leader among vibrating wands everywhere. It’s ideal for individuals as well as couples, plus it features intuitive components that make customization much simpler. Overall, I’d say it’s a nicely versatile option for people who enjoy experimenting with external stimulation.

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