Best Water-Based Lubes: ID Glide “Natural Feel”

Water-based lubes are virtually everywhere on today’s market, but each of them is just a little bit different from the others. Telling them apart can be more of a pain in the ass than just not using any at all. However, the hunt is well worth the trouble once you track down something worthwhile. And although these particular kinds of lubes are considered to be the best in the biz, some of them are still downright disappointing. I got tired of going through the ups and downs of the shopping process, so that’s when I started being more critical about the lubricants I use on myself, my partners(s), and my favorite sex toys. After all, there’s nothing more embarrassing than causing your lover pain because you insisted on using a low-quality lube just to save a few bucks.

Granted, you don’t always get what you pay for and price isn’t always indicative of quality, but searching through the annuls of today’s highest costing lubes isn’t a bad idea. That’s where I found some of my favorite products, believe it or not. It’s also where I eventually located a whole treasure trove of water-based lubricants that were endorsed by tons of positive consumer reviews. One of those products, the “Natural Feel” lube by ID Glide, just so happened to be waiting for me one afternoon when I was finally ready to buy. Without much hesitation, I clicked “Add to Cart” and patiently waited for my opportunity to either waste money or spend the weekend in bed. So, did I call in sick to work on Monday or was my stomach upset for a completely different reason? Well, let me start out by making sure you know what I’m talking about first.

What Is ID Glide Natural Feel?

ID Glide is a water-based personal lubricant that’s designed to feel as natural as humanly possible. Made for individuals and couples and ideal for all types of sexual action, this stuff is generally preferred for its gentle ingredients and long-lasting formula. In fact, IDG is actually recommended by most doctors because of its ability to enhance pleasure and comfort during intimate encounters without causing skin irritations or toy material depletion. It also works to compliment the body’s own lubrication to deliver superior sensations with an uncannily organic feel. Suitable for the most sensitive skin types, the contents of this product have been made under the strictest manufacturing guidelines using industry-leading research for the development of its compounds. Best of all, the lube and bottle are both crafted here in the United States and are cleared by the FDA as 501K products.

The Main Features

ID Glide Natural Feel is an award-winning water-based formula that features almost everything a man, woman or couple would want in a personal lubricant for sex and/or masturbation. Because of its pure composition, it’s guaranteed not to stain fabrics and can be used with all sex toys (even ones made out of natural rubber latex, silicone, polyurethane and polyisoprene). IDG features a unique formula that’s both long-lasting yet easy as pie to rinse off. Plus, it’s made to be quickly reactivated with a drop of water or saliva when it begins to dry out. And by the way, the manufacturer promises that the product doesn’t get sticky or tacky during the process either.

Bottles come in a wide variety of sizes, mostly because of the insane popularity of the brand’s products. Smaller containers (like the 2.2 ounce one being reviewed here) come with a flip-tip, screw-on cap. However, larger containers are equipped with removeable pump-style nozzles to make application easier. This lube is so famous that it’s also sold in small sample packets in gas stations around the country, so at least you can get a taste of what it’s like to use it before you spend a bunch of money on a bigger bottle.

What Comes in the Box?

Even today’s top lubricant manufacturers don’t always include a bunch of freebies in the box with their products. In fact, because lubes are considered accessories, they typically don’t come with many of their own. Most of the time, you don’t even get a box; you just get a bottle. As for Natural Feel by ID Glide, it’s shipped in a simple squeeze bottle unless you buy a bigger/smaller size than the one featured here. Bigger bottles come with a pump-style nozzle while smaller ones only have a flip-top lid or a tear-open package. And don’t go looking for special discounts or incentives from the manufacturer either because none of that stuff is included with your purchase.

The Experience

My experience is based on the level of success I have with various sexual activities, including vaginal, anal, oral and stimulation with sex toys. It also hinges upon its performance under the basic criteria I’ve set forth. I use those criterium to judge all lubricants I come in contact with because it’s only fair. Remaining objective is the only way to truly determine something’s value. With that said, here’s how ID Glide NF measured up against the competition (and my opinion):

  • The Container 

The quality of the container is good all-around but the design of it depends solely on the size you purchase. As mentioned earlier, I bought the 2.2-ounce bottle because I wasn’t sure about what I was getting into and didn’t want to waste a load of cash. Had I known that the product inside the bottle was so silky and interactive with my body, I may have sprung for the container with the pump nozzle. It’s good stuff, don’t get me wrong, but that round cylinder is almost impossible to hold onto when your hands are covered in lube.

  • The Ingredients 

I’ve always been a big fan of water-based lubricants because they’re extra silky in consistency, safe on all skin types and easy to use, plus they don’t stain materials and can be applied to all sorts of sex toys. The ID Glide Natural Feel lube is no exception. I had zero allergic reactions to the ingredients and my partner’s experience was the same. And since it was FDA approved, we used it for oral sex a couple times. Still, there were no adverse side effects associated with its ingestion and her saliva did a great job of keeping things actively lubricated throughout the duration of my blowjob.

  • The Sensations 

For such a watery lube I wasn’t expecting too much in the way of protection and friction control, but I was pleasantly surprised. The formula is nice and coagulated while still being thin and pliable, meaning a little goes a long way and it stays on the application point without moving around too much. When applied, it dries out very slowly and can be quickly re-moistened with some spit or a drop from the faucet. So, while it may not have the moisturizing and/or massaging capabilities of similar products, it’s still a tough contender because of the way it reacts to the human body.

  • The Scent 

As far as I could tell, this stuff didn’t have any scent at all. It’s not marketed as fragrance-free but it obviously is because neither my partner nor I smelled anything but our scented mood candles and body odors. So, while it’s not exactly ideal for people who prefer flavored lubricants during oral sex, it’s a nice compliment to blowjobs when you don’t mind the taste or smell of your partner’s junk.

The Ups and Downs

Keep in mind that there’s no such thing as perfect lubricant. What works for me might not work for you. Trust me; I learned that the hard way. I also learned that the best way to tell if a product is worthwhile or not is to carefully consider its ups and downs. Even the most popular, high-quality lubes have a few unique design and/or formulation flaws. This is not a game. We’re talking about your money here. So, these are the things I think you should know about ID Glide Natural Feel water-based lubricant before you fork any of it over:


  • Reactive to moisture
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes and bottle types
  • Easy to wipe off
  • Lightweight formula for enhanced sensations
  • FDA approved as safe and effective
  • Made from hypoallergenic ingredients
  • Recommended by doctors


  • Not as long-lasting as other lubes
  • Some bottles may spill if not stored correctly

The Takeaway

While water-based personal lubricants are the most popular option for most people, they’re not all made the same. ID Glide’s Natural Feel lube is a great example of that because of its unique composition and user-friendly formulation. It reacts to moisture in the body to remain long-lasting without becoming sticky or tacky in the process. It’s also contained within a variety of different bottles for the user’s maximum convenience. I liked how smooth it felt on my skin and how easy it was to take off in the end. I appreciated the way my sex toy materials felt with it as well. Overall, I’d say IDG is an ideal product for any man, woman or couple looking to improve their sensations during sex and/or masturbation with a lubricant that’s safe for all skin types and packaged ergonomically.

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