Buyer’s Guide for Couple’s Sex Games

Because Your Love Life Is Stale and You Know It.

I have never been a big fan a playing games when it’s time to have some serious sex. Being silly in the bedroom never leads to anything good, but fortunately that’s not that couple’s sex games are all about. Playfully somber, modern-day sex games for couples make it easy to combine personalities and experiment in new and exciting ways. And I would know. My relationship is over a decade old and we’re still fucking like it’s our first time.

The reason: We use high-quality sex games for couples to keep things fresh and exciting. After running out of ideas, it’s easy to slip into a rut with your partner. Couple’s sex games bring back the excitement while also reigniting the passion in an otherwise healthy relationship. So, contrary to popular belief, sex games for couples are not designed for folks who have become bored with their sex life. Instead, they’re usually made for people who know exactly what they want, and that can be you if due diligence if your top priority.

This buyer’s guide is designed to help you find the most satisfying sex game for couples on the market, regardless of advertisements or feigned popularity. Start by understanding the definition, then end by getting a few helpful hints on what the majority of people are using. Stay tuned for all the information you need, plus three (or four) helpful suggestions to kick your shopping trip off with a bang. Welcome to the wonderful world of couple’s sex games – where anything goes and your personal preferences are of primary importance. Let’s begin.

What Is a Couple’s Sex Game?

You might think of a couple’s sex game as a playful experience shared by you and your chosen partner. And while that’s generally the definition I’m looking for, the couple’s sex games I’m talking about here are totally different. They involve a wide variety of parts and pieces, rules and regulations, moods and motivations and, best of all, plenty of possibilities. They’re like Monopoly for the monogamous and Russian Roulette for the raunchy. This world wouldn’t be complete without them, but you won’t ever know that if you don’t figure out how to shop for the best one.

Sex games for couples are a dime a dozen these days – from a simple deck of cards or a rudimentary pair of dice to a full-fledges board game complete with its own rule book and consequences. Unfortunately, that wasn’t always the case. As a relatively new development, well-made couple’s sex games are often used in relationship therapy to reestablish bonds and rekindle lost flames. The best versions always involve high-quality products that work in unison to provide each player with the most satisfying sexual experience possible. In fact, the main purpose of a couple’s sex game is to excavate the erotic thoughts that dwell deep within. If you do this right, you’ll know exactly what I mean very soon.

Why a Couple’s Sex Game Though?

Before writing this I took a good look at the average couple and I noticed that one thing was usually missing from it: romance. Not only that, but passion, gratitude and empathy lacked quite a bit as well. Peering in on the personal lives of my friends and family members made me sad inside, especially once I noticed that most of those people truly valued their partner but just didn’t know how to show it. And aside from whipping out a kinky sex toy as though penetration is the only thing on your mind, there are very few things available to reignite (or support) your relationship’s delicate flame.

Granted, high-quality sex toys definitely have their merits. In fact, most of today’s best couple’s sex games come with at least once “marital aid” in the package. Still, using sex toys without inspiration takes a vivid imagination – something that not all people have. Sex games come to the rescue in that regard, using the best of both worlds to create a steamy atmosphere that promotes better lovemaking. Here are the top 7 ways that a couple’s sex game can revolutionize your love life:

  • They Take Your Love Life from Bland to Grandstand 

The right couple’s sex game has the ability to spice things up in the bedroom, but that’s just putting it lightly. Sex games for couples are always designed with both partner’s needs and wants in mind, tearing down inhibitions in a safe and natural way that’s free from drugs or alcohol (although those pair nicely). Well-made games for couples have a knack for making the experience more enjoyable and less stressful for everybody involved. Considering the fact that sexual intercourse and foreplay are meant to be fun and exciting exercises, it only makes sense to engage in activities that support those moods.

  • They Give You Amazing Ideas 

I sometimes have trouble coming up with new things to do in the bedroom. Like most people, there are only so many ideas that come flooding in when all the blood is rushing to my genitals. Without proper planning it can be tough to conjure up fantastic situations wherein everyone busts a nut. High-quality, well-equipped sex games for couples not only provide you and/or your partner with a handful of suggestions but they also come with everything you need to make it happen. This allows you to fulfill fantasies of all sorts at the spur of a moment, further fanning the flames of your passion.

  • They Allow You to Try New Things 

Sex games for couples are more than just a few silly activities to try with your partner. There are rules to the game, and obligations which all players must satisfy. Getting your partner to agree to play a legitimate sex game can break the ice in a way you never thought possible, giving everyone involved the upper hand or at least some control over the situation. Wanting to try some dominance play? Select a couple’s sex game made specifically for that kind of thing and watch what it does for your relationship.

  • They Are Safe and Satisfying 

The two most important S words in sex: “safety” and “satisfaction.” Both of those bases get covered by a good sex game when you use it right. Not only are the contents of the best games always made to work in tandem with one another, but they’re also crafted out of high-end materials that are safe for all skin types and experience levels. Truly the most user-friendly erotica product on the modern-day market, couple’s sex toys are super easy to customize and never produce the same results twice.

  • They Feature Items and Ideas That Are Compatible with Your Favorite Sex Toys 

Using a sex game for couples does not have to derail your entire sex life. In fact, most of them are put together in such a way that their parts and pieces work nicely with your favorite dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, and so on. If you pick the right one, you might even get some activities or suggestions for those sex toys of yours – recommendations from the pros about things you couldn’t think of on your own.

  • They Are Ideal for Newbies and Pros Alike 

Sex games are fun for everyone, and by everyone I mean anyone who’s into achieving orgasm in creative ways. Whether you’re new to the sex circuit or an old pro, well-made couple’s games can transform your sex life and take you to places you’ve never been before. Each experience is different because of the overall design of the game itself, but every partner you play with provides a brand-new opportunity as well. In short, the possibilities are virtually endless with these things.

  • They Make Great Accessories for BDSM Play 

BDSM (bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism) is a popular form of sex play that can incite passion, redefine boundaries and produce intense climaxes if it’s done right. To do it right, you need the correct set of tools. A good couple’s sex game usually provides you with that, or else it at least gives you ideas/instructions on how to properly use the tools you already have. And even if you’re good at what you do, the best couple’s games provide back-up toys so you can keep the good stuff put up until things get more serious.

As you can see, there are plenty for good reasons for the millions of couple’s sex games sold around the world. Finding one is not the hard part. The trouble doesn’t start until you’re trying to select the one that’s just right for you. Fortunately, I have the answer.

The Top 5 Ways to Tell If That Couple’s Sex Game Is Worth It Or Not

Spending any amount of money on a non-necessity item always involves a certain level of scrutiny on the product, and rightfully so. The modern-day sex toy market isn’t shy about introducing new products at the speed of light – dildos, vibrators, prostate massagers, sex games, you name it. And although the average consumer may beg for better options, we’d prefer it if the terrible choices fell to the wayside in the meantime. But since that never happens, we’re left trying to find our needle in the haystack.

To sift with a little more success, just keep your eyes peeled for the following 5 things that will help you determine whether that couple’s sex game in your shopping cart is worth your time or not:

  • The Game Style 

Not all couple’s sex games are made the same and you should definitely know that by now. Some are designed to be used with cards while others utilize one or more dice for game play. If you’re into the weird stuff, you might even get unique, playground-style games like Pin-the-Tail or Ring Toss. There is no right answer here. The point is to find something you think you’ll like and actually use. If you’re not into card games, try dice. If dice aren’t you thing, use cards. If both of those options give you chills, look for a couple’s game that comes with sex toys of some sort. There’s literally something out there for everybody, I’m not even kidding. Pick a style and go for it, or combine several different games/pieces for a customized experience.

  • The Parts and Pieces 

Speaking of combining parts and making pieces work for you, not against you: The couple’s sex game you choose should have the kind of components that assimilate well into your existing sex life (and sex toy collection). Unless you’re down for some very unfamiliar experimentation, you’ll have to choose something that contains parts and pieces that you’re familiar with. Not into BDSM and have no plans to become a fan anytime in the future? Well then, you don’t need to buy a sex game that comes with a paddle, flogger or wrist restraints. Trying to think “outside the game box,” so-to-speak? Well then, you’ll want to select something that gives you plenty of options and lots of sexy suggestions (and a few accessories to get each session kicked off wouldn’t hurt either).

  • The Creativity of Play 

Having a cute little deck of cards and a pair of “sexy” dice is one thing, but enjoying a wide variety of kinky game play options and activity suggestions is the entire reason you’re searching for a couple’s sex game in the first place, am I right? Don’t settle for second best. Remember, you’ll probably use this game more than once, so be sure to get something that has plenty to offer. Creativity can be found in the sheer number of cards, dice and/or accessories provided by the manufacturer. And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll even find games that come with expansion packs, add-ons and other fun features that you and/or your partner can explore.

  • The Packaging 

While you may not think this is an important factor, it truly is when you think about it. Especially if you purchase a couple’s sex game that comes with several small pieces, the packaging will determine how easy the game is to play, how hard it is to store, and how long you’re likely to keep the entire thing intact. Small pieces get lost easily, so hunt down a game that comes with its own storage container for the cards, dice or accessories. If the game you like doesn’t come with something like that, be sure the box it’s contained in can double as storage or select a safe spot in your home ahead of time. Maintenance is important; this is not a game.

  • The Compatibility 

When it comes to couple’s sex games, compatibility refers to a whole lot – compatibility with your love life and sexual appetites, compatibility with your favorite sex toys, compatibility with your style. This is one of the most crucial considerations, but many people fail to make it because it seems so simple. Sex game manufacturers always want to sell you a game that “has everything you need,” but we all know that such a product is rare. Make sure the one you select truly has the right stuff, or else be sure it’s compatible with the things you’ll need to get it there.

The Three Kings: My Favorite Couple’s Sex Games

Whether you know everything about yourself and have a million guidelines doesn’t always matter. Sometimes, you just need a few product suggestions to get the ball rolling. After all, how else will you know what’s even out there? For your convenience, the following three are (in my opinion) a good place to start:

BEST OVERALL: The Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games Collection

This is the definition of the dirty dozen, with 12 different couples-friendly sex games that range in intensity and kinkiness but collectively build towards the greatest orgasm possible for you and/or your partner. Open the book to find a selection of card games featuring sexy suggestions and role playing scenarios to get the party started (and properly finished). The Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games Collection comes with 118 cards total, divided into equal parts based on the game it’s associated with. Enjoy games like Sexy Scavenger Hunt, Finish the Fantasy, Dirty Truth or Dare, and Call of the Wild just to name 1/3 of the possibilities. Ideal for long-term couples and new lovers both, this well-rounded collection is the gift that keeps on giving.

Pro: This is the most versatile and well-rounded sex game for couples available right now.

Con: It does not come with any sex toys or accessories.


As a monogamous couple, it can be tough to act out fantasies that involve other types of people. When you play the couple’s sex game called Monogamy: A Hot Affair, you no longer have to wonder what it would be like, nor do you have to deal with consequences of infidelity. This best-selling game features a set of sexy dice and a set of cards with over 400 tantalizing ideas under three different intensity levels. On top of that, it also comes with a ring-toss apparatus to add a little chance into the mix. Described as “for the intelligent and adventurous mind” as well as “addictive” and “rejuvenating,” this brilliant take on couple’s play encourages sex toy use and breaks down barriers while rebuilding the walls of passion.

Pro: This game has the potential to reignite sexual tension between you and any partner you play it with.

Con: The components to the ring toss are somewhat flimsy and hard to keep track of considering the game comes with no special storage container for its small pieces.

BEST FOR BDSM: The Tie and Tease Board Game

This fun and exciting game is laid out and played exactly as you’d expect from a traditional roll-the-dice board game to be. However, the object of the game is something you’re probably not familiar with. Designed to be a unique role playing activity, the Tie and Tease board game gives players the opportunity to redefine roles and swap back between dominant and subordinate as the pieces dictate. The ultimate BDSM sex game comes alive on fold-up carboard featuring sexy images to inspire passion. Meanwhile, the plot thickens with each roll of the suggestive die and the entire thing comes a cloth tie, a blindfold and a very “specific” rule book.

Pro: With a wide range of play suggestions and possibilities, this is a sex game that’s suitable for all levels of BDSM from beginner to expert.

Con: This sex game for couples may not be for everyone since it’s geared more towards BDSM lovers than anyone else.

BONUS: The Love Is Art Kit

Not necessarily a game but just as much fun and certainly as conducive with a playful experience, the Love Is Art Kit may very well be the most affordable one-of-a-kind piece of art in your entire home. It’s basically just a blank canvas and some body-safe paint in colors of your choice, but the idea of making a unique painting from the motions in your oceans is sexy in and of itself. On top of that, it comes packaged in a nicely discreet cylinder with a handle and it has a set of clear instructions in case you’re out of ideas.

Pro: It’s a boss’s way of acquiring art for the walls and emptiness for the balls.

Con: You’ll need a hard surface and plenty of cleaning supplies.

The End Game

You’ve come a long way since the first time you had sex with your partner. Even if that was only a few weeks, so much has been learned between then and now. The developments enjoyed and plans made often require the help of a good sex game for couple’s. After all, where do you think we got the idea for Strip Poker and Truth or Dare? The problem is not with understanding why a good couple’s sex game is so useful. The problem is finding the right one. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be a pain the rear end anymore. All that matters is that you and/or your partner has a safe and satisfying sexual experience (hopefully more than once). If that takes a 200-piece board game with a handful of accessories and dozens of sexy ideas, then so be it. No excuses. Play like a champion today.

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