The Coco de Mer Emmeline Review For 2021

There are certain sex toys that capture the attention of the masses as soon as they hit the market. Those toys, albeit extremely diverse, always have one thing in common: They do exactly what they were designed to do.

Regardless of a product’s price, its design or the creations of the competition, the bottom line is always centered on whether the product in question works as intended.

Some brands appear to have quality and consistency cornered, while other manufacturers seem to struggle on ways to find balance between turning a profit and creating a worthwhile toy.

As for the Coco de Mer London folks, their luxury-grade marital aids and accessories always seem to find their way to the top of the pile.

I had the pleasure of testing out their Emmeline for the first time and it wasn’t quite what I expected. The unique design and well-appointed components made me take a second look, but it was the overall functionality of the features as a whole that inspired this review.

I’m used to eager manufacturers making promises they can’t keep, so I was poised for both excitement and disappointment.

However, the relatively decent reputation of the Coco de Mer London company helped me feel a bit more confident as I slid this bad boy inside my body, but mostly because I knew I would at least get some customer service if my device broke or malfunctioned in any way.

I can tell that many of you have no idea what I’m talking about. Millions have heard of the CDM brand, but few are familiar with all the toys in their enormous collection.

This particular model I’m referring to is unique in several different ways, and it may or may not be the toy you’re looking for. So, here are the things I think you should know about it.

What Is the Coco de Mer Emmeline? 

The Emmeline by one of London’s most exclusive sex toy manufacturers, Coco de Mer, is a high-end, high-tech, self-pleasure product that’s designed for both internal and external use.

Its sleek and sexy construction makes it ideal for men, women and everyone in between, plus consumers rave about the silky smooth exterior and supremely body-friendly shape.

Made for sophisticated eroticism and versatile foreplay, this bad boy claims to be the most luxurious vibrating dildo on the planet because of its unique combination of features, functionality and fashion-forward ergonomics. So, is it worth your money or is the manufacturer blowing smoke up your keister?

The Main Features 

CDM’s Emmeline dildo has just about every high-end feature you’d want in a unisex marital aid. It functions as a vibrator primarily, which obviously means it has a few patterns to cycle through (5 to be exact) and various speeds to explore as well.

All of that is controlled by twin buttons on the side of the machine, both of which are positioned in such a way to make in-action settings changes a no-brainer.

The entire thing is hourglass shaped too, which makes it ideal for vaginal and/or anal penetration as well as direct external stimulation to various parts of the body. And speaking of shapes, this thing also features a rounded, bulbous head for increased pleasure and enhanced ease-of-use no matter what position you’re attempting.

The smooth, firm Emmeline is designed for intense g-spot and/or p-spot stimulation, not to mention it’s good for “out-of-body experiences” too.

Not only was this delicious dildo featured in the popular “Fifty Shades” erotica series because of its attractive appearance but it has also won a handful of industry awards and maintains a massive fan following.

The buttery silicone material covering the powerful, integrated motor is skin-safe, compatible with all water-based lubes, and 100% waterproof. Plus, the USB rechargeable battery can come in handy during extra-long lovemaking sessions and budget-conscious masturbation.

What Comes in the Box? 

With this luxury-grade pleasure product you only get the bare essentials but the packaging is really nice. It comes in a Coco de Mer-styled brown leather cylinder container that features a gold-plated zipper closure. Inside the container you’ll find the following objects:

  • The CDM Emmeline Massager
  • A USB charging cord
  • A set of instructions

The Coco de Mer London brand is well-known and extremely respected around the world, which means their reputation hinges on whether customers enjoy their products or not.

With that said, all CDM toys come standard with a manufacturer’s warranty and no post-purchase registration is required. You don’t get any lube or toy cleaner though, so be sure to stock up so you can keep your massager in top working order for as long as possible.

The Experience 

I ordered my Emmeline through an online dealer so I had to wait a few days before I could test it out. When it arrived, I opened up the packaging to reveal the box with my new toy in it.

The first thing I noticed was that the box was made out of extra-thick cardboard – a nice touch for shipping if you ask me. It had pretty attractive art on it too, making me think that it could be given as a romantic gift to a partner or something.

Either way, the contents of the box are what interested me the most, so I popped that shit open and gave everything a once-over.

Everything was intact and neatly packed, and setup was an absolute breeze. Mine came pre-charged by the manufacturer so I didn’t have to kill time waiting on a power up. I don’t know if they all come like that or not.

Anyway, my first round was with the device programmed to its lowest speed setting. I played with the vibe patterns a bit until I found what I was looking for. I started trying it out on different body parts as an external massager and almost forgot my partner was in the room.

Meanwhile, my man was busy digging in his underwear drawer for some extra lube because this thing’s bulbous tip was quite a bit larger than we were expecting when we planned all this out. That’s when things got interesting.

I was already seconds from an external vaginal climax when the party started with my overzealous partner.

He’s new to anal play but was convinced to try it because of Emmeline’s smooth exterior and its relatively simple design (I think he just liked that it didn’t resemble a penis in any way, shape, or form).

I swear to Oprah my man let out the most guttural moan I’d ever heard when the toy entered his anus for the first time. He had me finish him (twice) before he would get it back.

We rinsed it off thoroughly and then it was my turn (again). By that time, we were pretty sure the battery was going to give out at any second, so we charged it for about 30 minutes while we had a come-down cigarette.

The second round wasn’t nearly as eventful as the first. The somewhat limited features and functions made it rather difficult to do much experimenting.

The fact that it’s not compatible with any other sex toy or online porn platform was surprisingly, especially considering how popular and well-connected the Coco de Mer brand is. Regardless, we found it to be a nice little bonus to our dildo collection because of its otherwise solid craftsmanship and robust, reliable functionality.

The Ups and Downs 

I try to remember, as you should, that there’s no such thing as an absolutely perfect product. No matter how hard manufacturers try, mankind is just too diverse to ever be satisfied with one single sex toy.

And even if that product was eventually invented, we’d still find something to complain about on it. Meanwhile, the Coco company is offering up a high-class vibrating dildo with the following ups and downs:


  • Over two dozen sensation combinations
  • Discreet design for enhanced privacy
  • Whisper quiet motor, even on the highest setting
  • Extremely attractive machine and storage
  • Fully submersible in water
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials


  • Not compatible with other sex toys
  • Does not sync with interactive online porn libraries
  • Somewhat expensive

The Takeaway 

Although the Coco de Mer Emmeline vibrating dildo is one of the more expensive sex toys on today’s market, the immediate impression given by this product exudes sophistication and taste – two things that are considered priceless to some people.

It’s an expertly crafted plaything with a touch of professional perversion attached, complete with ergonomic components and sleek, discretionary storage. And while it may not be the most high-tech product available right now, it’s most certainly one of the most popular.

As for me, this thing got me there but it wasn’t as easy as I’m used to. The toy itself has some pretty solid construction and a well-balanced weight distribution, but I’ve been using it more as an external massager because it’s difficult to keep ahold of when thrusting aggressively.

Overall, I’d say it’s well worth the money either way, especially if you’re looking for something super classy to add to your stash.

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