Electrostimulation Prostate Massager Buyer’s Guide

Because Even Your Ass Is Tired of the Same Old Crap.

Having sex and masturbating are two of the most enjoyable and customizable activities in life. In fact, one of them is the reason why I got suspended from my 11th grade gym class, but we won’t get into that. All I’m saying is that a decent orgasm is powerful enough to inspire people. Whether that inspiration is used for good or gross is a matter of personal opinion. I, for one, regret nothing.

With that said, I’ll admit that I eventually learned the value of discretion. Having received my informal education on embarrassment and parental shame, I finally channeled my innate perversion and insatiable sexual appetites into discovering the best sex toys in the industry. And once I stumbled upon electrostimulation, my life was never the same. Had I not felt in debt to my folks for making them endure my delinquent ass in high school, I would have dropped out of college just to chase the next best O-face with one of these things.

Electrostimulation is kind of new to most people, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been on the docket for quite some time. But with a name like “electrostimulation,” it’s easy to see why so many folks shy away from this type of toy. Not nearly as intimidating as you think – or as I thought the first time I used one – “e-stim” sex toys can make you fall in love with your body all over again. And since the technology is so understood, it’s now used in devices of all kinds, from dildos and vibrators to cock rings and prostate massagers. . .which brings me to my next point: Electrostimulation prostate massagers are where it’s at, and I’m not just saying that because I enjoy having stuff shoved up my ass.

Even for those who aren’t necessarily fans of ass play, a good e-stim prostate massager will change your mind (and your perspective on what good sex is all about). We can’t all be insane perverts who get kicked out of P.E. for masturbating under the bleachers on the basketball court while two people watch, but we can all own a high-quality sex toy like this if we know what we’re doing. And that’s why I’ve decided to share my thoughts with you, because electrostimulation isn’t something you want to miss, but a poor approach will leave a nasty taste in your mouth.

What Is an Electrostimulation Prostate Massager?

To understand what an electrostimulation, or e-stim, prostate massager is, you have to learn a few basics first. For starters, it helps to know what a prostate massager is (and isn’t) before you go churching it up with high-tech features. Put simply, a prostate massager is a compact, body-safe, synthetic device used to stimulate the male prostate gland for either medical purposes or for sexual pleasure.

Prostate massagers are made from a wide variety of materials, have unique shapes, and offer features based on several factors including but not always limited to things like the user’s intended purposes, the manufacturer and the intended functionality of the device itself. If made well and used right, a good prostate massager can produce extremely intense orgasms via the p-spot (sometimes called “prostate milking”). In some cases, p-spot toys like this are even utilized as a tool to prevent or treat prostate cancer and/or erectile dysfunction. So, if you can achieve all of that simply by playing with a sex toy, why wouldn’t you?

As for the electrostimulation part the equation, it’s a relatively new concept but with well-defined evidence to support its efficacy (including my own personal testimony). Electrostimulation, e-stim or TENS, works by sending a gentle current of electricity through the toy and into your body at the contact point. Safe, satisfying and completely controlled, e-stim devices mimic the way your central nervous system operates, generating marrow-deep orgasms that involve involuntary muscle spasms and contractions with a single touch. Commonly used in BDSM games for climax control, electrostimulation is so powerful and innocuous that it’s also used by physical therapists to get the blood flowing again in recovering injury patients.

But even with all that evidence, there’s still one major problem with e-stim prostate massagers and sex toys in general that no amount of funding or research can solve. The most glaring issue is that there’s an enormous degree of variability between the intensity levels required to initiate orgasm in people. As a result, the sex toy industry has introduced countless options for the consumer to consider, each one with its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. If you’re new to e-stim, picking something out is virtually impossible. If you’re a veteran electrostimulation enthusiast, it’s still one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever have to make simply because of the variety available. Either way, it helps to have an appreciation for what we’re talking about here.

Why an Electrostimulation Prostate Massager Though?

In case you didn’t know, electrostimulation is what all the cool kids are doing. Especially when it comes to prostate play, e-stim sex toys make a big difference in the success and satisfaction obtained by those involved. What do I mean by that? I mean simply that electrostimulation prostate sex toys are the bee’s knees and you should check them out 5 good reasons. Those reasons are as follows:

  1. E-stim Creates Enhanced Sensations – Bceause electrostimulation is a powerful and precision-based tool, it’s easy to enhance the pleasurable sensations you experience during sex and/or masturbation simply by adding it into the mix. The more creative you get with it, the more intense the stimulation becomes until you finally blow your load all over the bed. Prostate play is already very intense, so you can only imagine what e-stim ass games will feel like (unless you find the right device and use it correctly, of course).
  2. Electrostimulation Improves the Quality of Your Orgasm – Not only do you have a greater chance of reaching orgasm by using a prostate massager with electrostimulation capababilities, but you’ll also become instantly privy to the best climax of your entire life. I’m not exaggerating when I say that e-stim makes all the difference. You think you know what orgasm feels like, but you have no idea unless you’ve experienced it with an electrical current shooting through your anus.
  3. E-stim Play Can Rejuvenate Dull Nerve Endings – In fact, electrostimulation wasn’t used in sex toys until recently when the first sex toy company added it to one of their dildos. Before that, the technique was used primarily to revive dulled out or dead nerves during or after physical therapy. But ever since we discovered how helpful and pleasurable the sensations were, we’ve started adding the e-stim feature into almost anything we can get our hands on – starting with prostate massagers.
  4. Electrostimulation Increases Sexual Desire – This side effect usually doesn’t take place until after you use an e-stim p-spot massager for the first time. Similar to addiction, proper use of electrostimulation can turn you into a fiend and leave you desperate for more. The stiffs like to call it “increased sexual desire,” but I just call it “inevitable ralization of the obvious.” To me, it’s obvious how a good sex toy can make you chase down orgasms, but then again, I masturbate in public, so…
  5. E-Stimulation Is Often an Optional Add-On to an Already Awesome Sex Toy – If you purchase the right product, you don’t have to use the e-stim feature at all unless you want to. Many devices come ready for electrostimulation but can either be turned off at will or not even used without a power box. And while the electro-life can get a tad expensive, it’s almost always worth the cost because it adds yet another layer of pleasure to your already amazing sex life.

And another thing (said like an annoying partner): From a purely scientific standpoint, prostate play is an important part of a man’s sexual health. According to modern medical journals, prostate massages positively influence the male sexual response cycle – an essential part of semen production, erection quality, and arousal. Due to the prostate gland’s peculiar proximity to the anterior wall of the rectum, it can be easily stimulated through the use of an ergonomically shaped p-spot sex toy that either penetrates the anus, stimulates the perineum or both. Many devices have been using vibration to increase the quality of the massage, and there’s truly nothing wrong with that. I own a handful of vibrating prostate massagers myself, but electrostimulation prostate massagers feel like vibration on superhero mode.

Meanwhile, here are a few things you’ll need to know before ever going shopping for an e-stim prostate massager:

  • Your Skin Type Are you and/or your partner allergic to anything that you know of? Do those allergies include aversions to certain materials or personal lubrication ingredients? Have you thought about how that might affect your sex life and toy selection? Are you ready for me to stop asking questions?
  • Your Sensitivity Level – Keep in mind that, which electrostimulation is made to be extremely intense, most modern-day prostate massagers offer either adjustable settings or the ability to completely shut the function off altogether. Still, you’ll want to become familiar with the tolerance levels in play so you don’t scare anyone away.
  • Your Sex Life – Your sexual behaviors and desires are bound to change once you incorporate a good e-stim prostate massager into your life. Make sure you’re ready with the right equipment. Also, that equipment will vary depending on the device you choose.
  • Your Budget – Like me, you probably don’t have a fortune to spend on an e-stim sex toy. Set up a budget beforehand but keep it flexible. Remember that most electrostimulation prostate massagers require a separate power box to generate the electrical current. Be sure to add that into your initial budget to save time and prevent yourself from making the wrong kind of O-face at checkout.

Now that you’re well-versed in prostate massaging, electrostimulation and yourself, it’s time to do what we came here for. Shopping for your first (or next) e-stim prostate massager isn’t always easy, but it’s much simpler when you use have a sensible place to start. Follow me to the lush land of lovemaking, where electrostimulation is the star and your prostate is the antagonist.

The Top 5 Ways to Tell If That E-Stim Prostate Massager Is Worth It or Not

You’ll have to get smart unless you want to get ripped off. And while there aren’t so many e-stim devices as there are dildos, vibrators and butt plugs, there are still a few key things to look at or consider when searching for the best electrostimulation prostate massager. Here’s what you need to keep your eye on:

  • The Size

Prostate massagers come in all sizes, from compact and miniscule to mighty and massive. Depending on your desires and intentions, the size of the electrostimulation device you need will vary widely. Pay attention to numbers associated with insertable length and girth or circumference. Remember that newbies should always start small until they’ve become more comfortable with p-spot play or more familiar with electrostimulation.

  • The Shape

As with size, prostate massagers feature a wide variety of shapes too, from bulbous to smooth and everything in between. It would help to know where your prostate gland is located before picking out a toy based on its shape. However, lumpy prostate massagers are typically your best bet regardless of experience level. On the flip side, a smooth device is easier to manipulate and can still reach the sweet spot with a little help from the conductor.

  • The Materials 

Good electrostimulation devices are always made out of conductive materials. However, they generally feature materials that are safer on the skin than what’s used to generate a charge too. Look for things like silicone, polycarbonate or elastomer on the parts that will make contact with your body. Remember, you can’t always use a condom with e-stim sex toys, so pick one that’s crafted out of materials that won’t cause skin irritation or allergic reaction (or a knock-down, drag-out fight with your favorite lube).

  • The Functionality 

One question you need to ask yourself and answer is whether the device you’re considering is even realistic for your current or planned sex life. Does it make things easier or harder for you and/or your partner in the bedroom? Can it do what you need it to do without causing a problem? Do you require more than what it has to offer and if so, does the manufacturer offer anything in the way of accessories or add-ons to make up for its shortcomings? I know that no e-stim prostate massager is perfect, but vetting one out with mindfulness can help you narrow down the search quite a bit.

  • The Versatility

Owning a well-made prostate massager is one thing, but spending money on the relatively new concept of electrostimulation is another. And since it’s a kind of expensive kink, make sure the device you pick out can play nicely with the toys in your existing collection. This is especially important when selecting an external power box, since many of them can be used with several different toys and toy types, even ones from a different brand. So, how user-friendly is that e-stim p-spot massager in your shopping cart? You better find out.

The Three Kings: My Favorite Electrostimulation Prostate Massagers

I’m a very opinionated person. However, I understand that e-stim erotica and p-spot play are extremely subjective pastimes. You and your partner want something that hits the spot and hits on all the points mentioned above. I get that, which is why I’ve done some homework ahead of time. Out of all the electrostimulation prostate massagers available on the market today (minus the rare device I haven’t tried yet), the following three are what I believe to be the top dogs. And remember, the compatible power box may be expensive but get the right one and you’ll be able to use it with several different e-stim toys.

BEST OVERALL: ElectraStim Silicone Noir Sirius Prostate Massager

As one of the world’s most luxurious prostate massagers, this thick and lumpy bad boy is packed with pleasure features that are designed to make your toes curl. Crafted out of platinum-cured silicone and shaped for a man’s unique body, the ElectaStim Noir Sirius is a p-spot massager for the history books. It features quadripolar connectivity, which means it has four (4) separate inputs for those of you who got kicked out of math class for the same reason I got kicked out of gym. And regardless of our collective intelligence (or lack thereof), the prestigious ElectraStim brand has done an amazing job at making this sex toy as user-friendly as possible. Not only does it bend and adjust for maximum stimulation but it also features dual conductive zones on the shaft and perineum stimulator pad (yes, it has one of those too). With a compatible power box (the best ones are sold by the same company, by the way), you can enjoy either a 2-input joyride or a 4-input playdate for hours on end.

Pro: The device itself feels spectacular as a stand-alone prostate massager, plus its compatible power box generates its power from your home’s electricity, so there’s no charging or batteries required.

Con: There are none really. This is truly a well-rounded product with an amazing presentation, minus the fact that it doesn’t come with an adequate storage container.


Quite the unique electrostimulation device, this quiet and compact prostate massager offers the same great TENS sensations without all the annoying plugs, wires and pins. Designed for both men and women, the Erectonus features an ergonomic shape, a body-conscious size and uses an innovative self-contained power system that boasts more than 70 hours of built-in juice. The relatively unknown manufacturer says, “The high-grade zinc coating provides endogenous electrophoresis of zinc ions,” but that’s just a fancy way of saying it’s powerful, made from skin-safe materials and able to conduct electricity like a symphony orchestra. This bad boy uses pulse stimulation too, meaning it sends a series of waves through the body wherever it touches. With a wide range of uses and an attractively modern design that’s extremely user-friendly, the Erectonus deserves a spot in everybody’s sex toy collection and is in line to become a household name.

Pro: This one can be used vaginally, anally or otherise with the same great results.

Con: It’s not shaped specifically for anal stimulation, so it might not massage the prostate as intently as specially-designed sex toys.

BEST FOR EXPERTS/COUPLES: The ElectraStim EM60-E Flick Single Output Stimulator and ElectraPads Set

Although not your average butt plug-style prostate massager, this little number is a collection of parts and pieces that work together to give you and/or your partner the time of your life. As a surprisingly powerful, single output electra-stim package, the ElectraStim EM60-Flick Set uses an innovative motion-activated “Flick” unit that can be manipulated and customized with simple wrist movement. And while it’s primarily an external e-stim sex toy, this kit comes with soft, luxurious, adhesive ElectraPads that are flexible enough to fit right on top of your anal opening, on the perineum or along the shaft of your penis (or anywhere else you want for that matter). With 24 individual settings for intensity and 8 distinct modes of operation, this e-stim “prostate massager” recharges using a standard USB cable and comes with its own convenient storage bag (plus a 2-pin 2mm connecting cable and 4 unipolar pads).

Pro: The ElectraStim Flick Set can be shared between 2 partners to enjoy interactive electrostimulation any time you touch.

Con: Better for e-stim experts, the included set of instructions could be a tad clearer and this option does not provide internal stimulation like a traditional prostate massager.

The End Game

It’s always difficult picking out your first (or next) e-stim prostate massager, especially when you’re pushing boundaries with anal playthings and electrostimulation. The journey to self-discovery and satisfying orgasms isn’t nearly as treacherous as you think, though. Today’s best sex toy manufacturers make high-quality, skin-safe products that can be used with pride and confidence. However, you’ll never know that if you don’t understand the fact that the most important thing is for you and/or your partner to have a safe and satisfying sexual experience (hopefully more than once). If that takes a self-contained, unisex e-stim device with a pulsating function and a robust power source, then so be it. Now is the time for you to make a change, or an upgrade at least. Even your asshole is tired of the same old crap.

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