Fleshlight Review For 2023 – Find Special Fleshlight Sex Toy Prices Online

Fleshlight Turbo
  • Patented blow job simulating masturbator from Fleshlight
  • Unique design with 3 points of insertion to mimic different areas of the mouth
  • Compatible with Fleshlight accessories for full hands-free fun
Fleshlight Flight
  • Lightweight discreet male masturbator for enhanced pleasure
  • SuperSkin material for realistic feel - warms up just like the real thing
  • Sensual internal rings heighten experience
Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit
  • Realistic stamina training pocket pussy
  • Sturdy Fleshlight case for discreet storage
  • Lifelike vagina entrance adds to the real feel experience
Fleshlight Elsa Jean
  • Realistic pocket pussy molded from legendary porn star, Elsa Jean
  • Pearlescent case with suction control
  • Temperature-responsive canal lined with ribs and nubs feels just like the real thing
Fleshlight Go Torque
  • Transparent Fleshlight Go male masturbator in a discreet, travel-friendly size
  • Temperature-responsive, real-feel material for mind-blowing satisfaction
  • Semi-transparent so you can watch as you thrust


When most people hear the word “Fleshlight,” they instantly think of sex toys or male masturbation. That’s because the brand has become synonymous with self-pleasure since their inception many years ago.

Now, their products are sold all over the world and carry the reputation of being the best.

But some people wonder whether that’s all just a bunch or hype or not. After all, it only takes some clever advertising and a ton of sales to make an impact on the industry. And how hard is it to sell sex toys?

Not that hard apparently. The brand has already sold millions of units and their profits continue to rise each year.

So, are one of these devices worth the money or are we all being duped? According to most consumers, this brand remains on the cutting edge of sextech and the sultry revolution.

That means they’re most likely legit, if not completely underrated. But that also means we need to take a closer look.

What is a Fleshlight?

This is a specialty sex toy for men. The general description is a male masturbation unit, or a stroker. However, the maker’s inventory has exploded over the last few decades.

So now, there are literally hundreds of different options and some of them are even for women. Therefore, the definition of a Fleshlight has moved from describing a men’s masturbator to describing an all-inclusive device that’s fun for the whole family (well, sort of).

When the brand was first introduced back in the early 2000s, it became the most innovative sex toy design on the market.

Since then, their intuitive concepts have been copied by countless companies trying to rake in some of the fame for themselves. And since they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, that says an awful lot.

Their ideas have been jacked most likely because their toys are high-quality exhibits of kinky creativity. They each feature unique components across a broad spectrum of purposes, from penile ejaculation and prostate massage to everything in between.

Plus, most of their stuff is attractively constructed, not to mention surprisingly artistic. Hell, this brand was the first and only to patent a line of zombie-like strokers for fuck’s sakes.

These mighty machines are either manual, automatic, or a little bit of both. They’re all covered in high-end materials and have ergonomic dimensions as well.

As a matter of fact, their original lineup was (and still is) one of the only male masturbation collections to offer a size for every man. And since they’re so user-friendly to boot, this brand also offers specialized devices for things like stamina training and virtual reality fantasy fulfillment.

The Pros & Cons of Using a Fleshlight For Sex

After all that, any man would question why these things aren’t flying off the shelves.

In a way, they are. Still, smart guys know that nothing in this world is perfect. So, we approach the situation differently.

Regardless of how popular or unpopular a toy has become; most frugal men like me know it’s important to look at a brand or product objectively.

For example, the Fleshlight Launch device might not be ideal for all guys despite the fact that it’s constantly sold out. And because the brand’s inventory is enormous, it can be tough to pick the right one. I’m still not sure I’ve made up my own mind.

Fortunately, there’s a search bar on the website, but you still need to know what to look for or else it’s useless.

Either way, this company focuses on providing users with a body-positive experience. That means they move away from cheap, low-quality, novelty ideas in favor of more sophisticated pleasures. So, there are no blow-up dolls available, but I did find a product called “Sex in a Can,” so there’s that.

The makers of these products know that the “try before you buy” concept doesn’t work with sex toys. But that doesn’t stop them from charging premium prices for all their stuff, canned or not. The profits generated by curious consumers like me has paid for brand mainstreaming, product line expansions, and countless new inventions.

So far, the company is yet to offer satisfaction guarantees or extended product warranties though.

Despite all that, this well-known brand has nabbed numerous mentions in major motion pictures and in popular TV series.

Now, the company’s reputation seems to be creating its own momentum by becoming a household name. What was once the unquenched idea of a burnt-out police officer is now a premium sex toy business with an interesting history, a distinct rep, and a huge fan following.

The bad news is that you can’t exactly pick up your favorites from the local supermarket. They’re not available at Target or Walmart (yet) and even some adult entertainment stores don’t have them in stock.

Therefore, finding the products you want can be a major headache. And at nearly $70 a pop for the most basic model, that’s a high price to pay for something I can’t even touch until it arrives.


Tips For Buying Your First (or second) Fleshlight

Talk about risk assessment; you’re going to need a nap before exploring this brand’s inventory. That’s because there are hundreds of different toys to choose from.

Then, there are the unique models and various features to add, subtract, multiply, or divide as well. This won’t be a quick process, so get comfortable.

Meanwhile, your friends probably won’t be of any use when it’s time to weigh the options.

In fact, they’ll probably make fun of you for buying one despite the fact that, statistically, someone in your group owns one already. They took a ride on the overwhelming and confusing rollercoaster that is picking out your first (or second) toy, but you don’t have to. These are the things your friends are too embarrassed to talk about, but I’m not.

#1. Become a Master of Categories

On their website, you’ll find a few different tabs that help you navigate the inventory. Try to ignore the hot imagery that’s plastered on the main page because that’s just a distraction.

We’re here to handle business and become the Masters of Masturbation. So, start by hovering over each tab to reveal the subcategories.

There, you’ll find exciting but somewhat mysteriously named sex stuff like this:

  • Quickshot Launch
  • Stamina Training Unit
  • Fleshskins
  • Sleeves
  • Fleshsack
  • Anal Toys
  • and the Four Loco Sex in a Can™ Series

You can also explore the Fleshlight Girls Collection, female toys, Fleshjack Boys, and some Build-Your-Own options too. They’ve got a deal page with money-saving combos and a list of best-sellers as well.

Plus, you can explore their Cams section for live performances that sync with some of their top interactive toys.

#2. Check Out All the Textures

This brand is known for having some of the best toy textures known to man.

Plus, each one is encased in a rigid, ergonomic holster that fits in the palm of your hand for easier motions. The sleeves are also removeable (most of the time), which makes them interchangeable and simple to clean despite the intensely pocketed surfaces.

At the same time as being meaty enough to make an impression, these sleeves are extremely malleable and supple too. That delicate balance is achieved through the brand’s patented SuperSkin material, with variable surfacing based on the toy’s overall design.

All textures feature a specialized pattern that either mimics certain movements, demonstrates realness, promotes a specific action, or all of the above.

In fact, the sleeve textures are really where this brand shines. That’s because some of them are shaped like real porn star genitalia or made to force ejaculation for better stamina control.

The swirling, inundating contours twist and turn around your penis shaft while you jerk up, down, or sideways.

Meanwhile, all of their textures are designed for maximum stimulation with or without an automatic device’s assistance.

With all the variety, I had a hard time picking out my first one too. It was impossible to imagine what the textures might feel like just by looking at them.

So, I chose two different models to start: the original full-size Fleshlight with the Mini Lotus texture, and one using the Build Your Own feature with the Wonder Wave texture. Both were pretty impressive, and it’s difficult to mess things up thanks to their user-friendly DIY system.

By this time, I gained some experience and wrote a nice guide which will help you to find the top fleshlight model on the market.

BUYER’S TIP: Some of their specialty textures feature embossed signatures by the XXX performer that inspired the design.

#3. Snatch the Perfect Orifice

When it comes to entries, you can have pretty much anything you want with this brand. For the love of everything sexy, I found orifices shaped like fantasy and sci-fi characters up in there.

This brand truly amped up their variety game and it really shows. It also makes the selection process even harder, although there are only three basic holes to choose from: pussy, ass, or mouth.

It’s hard to copy nature’s perfect design but these folks do a decent job of it anyway. The vaginal orifice option doesn’t exactly look like the real thing but it’s not too shabby either.

Perhaps it’s a little cartoonish with caricaturized dimensions and not-so-fleshy colors, yet you can tell it represents a pussy from a mile away. That’s really all that matters unless you’re starting a collection. In which case, I suggest buying a Fleshlight Girls or Guys device because holy realism, Batman.

Otherwise, choose from one of the many other orifice options available because they’re all equally as corny. That is, until you get into stuff like the Ice, the Stamina Training Unit (STU), the Flight Series, and the Quickshot. All of those varieties feature less anatomically correct orifices and textures in exchange for more powerful experiences.

For example, the Quickshot is transparent and open-ended. I can’t remember the last time I saw a vagina, anus, or mouth like that.

Either way, you should be just about ready to go by this stage in the game. Despite the toys’ exaggerated features, somewhat cumbersome casings, and manual override requirements, the rest of the finished product is generally realistic.

At the very least, it can help to inspire your imagination or aid with VR fantasy fulfillment if you get one of their automatic masturbation machines for men. Your selection of the right accessories can help enhance the experience as well.

#4. Pick Up the Right Accessories

Do you know what a “sex toy ecosystem” is? Well, you’re about to. That’s because this brand categorizes all of its pleasure accessories into different biomes and then creates tailorable accessories to go with each one.

In that way, their newly introduced accessories can always be used with existing devices.

Plus, they can be shared with different brand-name toys because they’re made for that specific ecosystem. Thanks, Fleshlight.

Also, this brand supports its customers with an entire lineup of high-end toy care products and personal hygiene goods. There’s no excuse, aside from being broke, to ever experience blue balls with these folks.

You can get patented personal lubrication, antibacterial device cleaners, material renewal powders, and even plug-in drying units to help you stay safely active. They’ve got sturdy cases and USB sleeve warmers too.

On top of that, you can find other toys that aren’t male strokers inside their massive accessories collection. I’m talking about super-sexy stuff like vibrating cock rings, suction-cup shower mounts for pegging, dick-shaped packers for anal sex, and penis pumps to help you get started.

Their best-selling “accessory” of all time is called the Launch and it houses any of your favorite handhelds while turning them into automatic strokers with VR capabilities.

The even better news is that the Launch is compatible with certain toys from other brands (Kiiroo, for example).

So, your good old-fashioned Fleshlight gets turned into a couple’s-friendly plaything in the blink of an eye. The bad news is that this Bluetooth-ready, self-driven case is rather large and takes a while to charge. But as a consolation prize, the brand made the Quickshot Launch.

BUYER’S TIP: The Quickshot Launch is lot like the original in that it operates automatically and can mimic the motions of far-off partners. However, it’s compatible with the transparent, open-ended Quickshot sleeve and nothing else.

#5. Bring It Home

Finally, you’ll have to decide on a convenient shipping method because they give you several to choose from. I had a little buyer’s remorse as soon as I clicked the “complete your order” button, but that’s okay.

As it turned out, shipping was fast and flawless, not to mention discreet. I’m pretty cool with my UPS man, so I appreciated the company not outing me about my perverted ways with a bright and colorful box.

I still had some questions though, as I assume many of you do too when you order a sex toy online with a credit or debit card. Until the first successful shipment and satisfying jerk off session, my internal monologue sounded like a broken record playing these hits:

  • How do I know that my privacy is being protected for real?
  • Is there anything on the label that tells the UPS guy what I ordered?
  • What’s going to show up on my credit card statement?
  • How do I fix something or get a refund/replacement if it breaks?
  • Did I just waste my money on something I could do with my hand…again?

To be honest, I don’t have a lot of experience buying sex gear off of the internet. I usually stick to porn and web cam videos, so this whole cyber shebang took my jerk-off game to another level.

Everything arrived on schedule and undamaged, plus I’m pretty sure the UPS man had no idea what he delivered to my house because he still makes eye contact with me to this day. I thank the cryptic shipping label for that.

Listen, I know that over 8 million other men (including some pretty famous people) have ordered and received a Fleshlight in the mail before I tried this little experiment.

So, I’m sort of embarrassed to admit that I filled my cart, got all the way to the order form, then closed my browser before masturbating with my bare hands and falling asleep. It’s not that I hesitated to pull the trigger though. The problem is that I sprained my wrist, stained my sheets, and wasted time for no good reason.

Everything turned out fine and I ended up using my new device at least half a dozen times in the first week alone. My shipment came directly from Fleshlight.com with no humiliating mention of the brand or product inside. In other words, the discreet package label that simply read “ILF” for Interactive Life Forms, soothed my worried mind into a deep trance that resulted in hours of playing with myself. I regret nothing.

A Quick Note About Buying Fleshlight Toys Online

Like me, you may get tempted to save some money by purchasing your playthings from a secondary source. That’s not a good idea, folks. Third-party sex toy dealers offer amazing prices, I’ll give you that much. But they don’t offer product quality guarantees and you can’t work directly with the brand’s award-winning customer service if you go that route.

Dedicated sex toy companies staff knowledgeable agents to help with your questions, comments, and concerns. They’re also diligently trained to handle delicate subjects like male masturbation, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and remote tech support.

Merchants that sell everything from wedding rings to mattresses won’t offer the same level of support.

Plus, middleman sellers aren’t nearly as neat and discreet as well-established companies with a reputation for being clandestine.

That usually means your credit card statement will end up saying something funky or telling. Instead, this brand lists the same “ILF” on all its public consumer platforms, so you can still track your spending without giving away your dirty secrets.

BUYER’S TIP: For an extra layer of protection and privacy, load some money onto a gift card that’s sponsored by a major carrier and then use it to buy your sex toys online.

My Experience With Fleshlight Customer Service

I noticed that this sex toy company – unlike many others – gives customers several ways to interact with their staff who are, by the way, surprisingly friendly. If going to their informative “ABOUT” page isn’t enough to assuage your woes, there are a few other avenues to explore.

First and foremost, the “CONTACT US” button at the bottom of the main page, which is the method I chose.

I didn’t have any real concerns because my experience went smoothly. So, I had to make some shit up just to see how their customer service would handle it. Much to my surprise, their responses were quick and efficient. I could even tell that a real human being was behind the answers because they addressed specifics in my inquiry.

Of course, I asked for a full refund for the purchase price and was turned down because that’s nonsense no matter where you go.

Afterward, I was directed to their FAQ landing page that had tons of common questions and answers for me to explore.

Honestly, I feel like I have a PhD in penis play and at least a master’s degree in the Fleshlight brand. The agent gave me an email address for follow-ups and made sure I had the toll-free number too, just in case.

Later, I called in to ask about setting up my account for the Loyalty Program because I’m pretty sure I’ll be a frequent flyer here. Luckily, that went smoothly too.

BUYER’S TIP: I learned that some of their masturbators come with a removeable plastic rod in the middle to help keep their shape during shipping. Plus, the smallest sleeve offers a 2-inch girth which is pretty fitting for the average man.

My Fleshlight Review: Opinion On The Quality

I’ve always thought it was a shame to call these “toys” when they’re made from premium materials and do very adult things.

However, I can definitely see how a newbie would want to just play around for a little while. There are so many options to choose from that it’s almost impossible to predict how things will go. Besides, this brand’s gargantuan lineup can be extremely intimidating.

Now, I’m well aware that every man is different. That means his/your experience could be a lot different than mine. However, considering the consistency of quality churned out by this globally recognized brand, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll have similar opinions when you’re done. Here’s my Fleshlight review so far:


I thought the materials felt rather sticky for being described as “flesh-like.” Of course, I’ve had many long nights where my flesh became tacky after sex too, so maybe they’re just ahead of the curve or something.

Either way, the stuff feels pretty substantial against the skin, albeit hefty and somewhat chemically odorous. It still beats other pocket pussies on the market by a mile as researched in our pocket pussy vs fleshlight article.

OBSERVATION: The brand’s patented SuperSkin™ materials feel like flesh if you close your eyes, but everything piece of lint and airborne debris in the room attaches to it. Get cleaning supplies and renewal powder to prevent a ball-ache.


My opinion is that the casing has become more of a novelty than a standard. After all, pretty much everyone on the planet knows that a Fleshlight is.

So, it’s almost impossible to hide or explain it to anyone who wasn’t born under a rock. Their alternative casings and automatic machines certainly help break up the monotony, but they’re such revolutionary products that they’ll soon be recognized by everyone too.

OBSERVATION: I found out that you can remove the sleeves from most of the handheld devices and then use them as discreet pocket pussies when you need extra privacy. They work just as well, although you might need some extra lube to avoid chaffing.


When it comes to male masturbation, texture is everything. That’s why all these sex toy brands are out here killing each other over new shapes and clever names.

So, a few initial thoughts about the textures that are available through the particular brand:

  • They’re extremely soft, even to the point of being a little squishy.
  • Each option is equally flexible and stretchy.
  • Some of them feel even better when they’re used with an automatic device.

Also, a few things I learned about the textures after I used some of them:

  • They remain supple to the touch even after they’ve been used (a lot).
  • They’re easily damaged if you don’t take care of them properly (or at all).
  • The chemical smell goes away after a little while (thankfully).

To be clear, I wasn’t wrong about any of my initial assessments. It’s just that I developed a more intimate relationship with my sleeves over time, so I learned about their quirks quickly.

OBSERVATION: I thought the porn-star molds would feature textures that resemble the innards of the model but that’s not true.

However, each model helps design their sponsored product and there’s even an insignia left behind for collectors. That, however, did not help me cum any faster when I was watching porn.


I thought the plastic casing was noticeably swankier than most. Its texture reminded me of something out of a sporting goods store and it had a bunch of extra features I didn’t know about initially.

For example, there’s the twist-of top cap for protection and another end cap to regulate airflow and manage the tightness inside the canal.

Overall, it’s a smart design but that size is what kills it for me. Like I said, it’s not exactly discreet, nor is it something that’s easy to use for guys with mobility problems.

OBSERVATION: It turns out that the extra mass actually improved my sensations in several ways. In fact, it helped isolate my hair palm from the main source of pleasure, thereby creating a more exotic experience.


Heads up: these toys are a little on the heavy side, especially when you start adding accessories or begin using the large, high-tech machines that go with them.

For example, the standard casing weighs nearly two pounds, which technically means you could knock out anyone who had a problem with you using it. However, that’s not necessarily a good thing when you’re trying to travel without everyone smelling your dirty laundry.

OBSERVATION: I noticed that some of their devices have optional suction controls and built-in spots for removeable bullet vibrators. I wish I would have known that before buying a standard model. Wait, no I don’t.

Overall, the concept, the execution, and the results are all above par. Their devices feel built to last and come with basic protections from the manufacturer just in case. Though my verdict on whether or not these products are worth the money is still in debate, my knee-jerk reaction was a generally positive one.

Cleaning and Maintaining a Fleshlight Stroker

Luckily, cleaning my new sex machine was relatively painless. Drying it, now that was another story. Remember the part about their massive collection of accessories and all that jazz?

Yeah, well you might want to refer to that section again. I’ll walk you through the cleanup process but you’re on your own when it’s time to dry.

All you have to do is run some warm, fresh water over the surface of your sex toy sleeve to wash off ejaculate, lube, and debris. If the casing doesn’t have electronic components on it, then you can run that sucker under the water as well.

They both dry up pretty quickly if you’re in a dehumidified room, but times also depend on what type of texture you chose. That’s because the more complex the texture is, the more spots there are for moisture to pool.

Meanwhile, refrain from scrubbing the surfaces and use a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic sex toy cleaner instead. You don’t want to use hand or body soap, trust me.

Those products may clean the surface at first, but they’ll destroy your toys after you put them away. And speaking of putting them away, store your toys properly lest they come rolling out of the closet when company comes over.

The makers actually provide discreet storage containers in their accessory ecosystem. They come in various shapes and sizes too, plus some of them can fit more than one toy inside at the same time.

Whatever the case may be, don’t even think about putting your devices away until they’re completely dry because that’s how infections start, kids.

My problem isn’t with the overly simplified cleaning process; my problem is the fact that drying a Fleshlight takes forever. In one instance, it took my toy almost 2 days to dry out. I found out later it was because I was staying by a lake for a month and the humidity in the air affected that.

Either way, I recommend getting the Drying Pole because ain’t nobody got time for that (and because it’s a lot cheaper than a dehumidifier or a brand-new toy).

HUMPER’S HACK: I eventually got tired of waiting for my device to dry, so I used a hairdryer on it for about five minutes. Just make sure you keep the heat at a minimum because otherwise it might melt your materials.

Do I Need to Use The Fleshlight Renewal Powder?

The short answer to that question is “maybe.” You see, using one of these toys for a long time means that it can break down after a while.

So, that’s when you might want to think about using the patented Renewal Powder because it helps prevent material destruction while also preserving its softness. And if you want to restore your device back to its near-new condition, use the powder for that as well.

On the flip side, if you plan to masturbate with your toy all the time, then using the powder might not be worth the mess or expense. Truth be told that stuff is just corn starch in a fancy container.

So, you can have the best of both worlds just by going to the store for some cheaper supplies. If you do decide you need it (which isn’t likely), try to buy it at the same time that you buy your toys. In that way, you might be able to save a little money by purchasing products in bulk.

To Warm or Not to Warm, That Is The Question

As of the time of this review, Fleshlight has released a Sleeve Warming Pole to help guys experience more realistic sensations.

However, that’s just another expense down the Accessory Ecosystem drain and it’s not even necessary. Granted, the pole makes it a lot easier to warm your sleeve and it’s a lot less messy than the alternative. But it won’t save you anything but time, so don’t put your wallets away yet.

Otherwise, you can keep some of your pocket change by simply running your sleeves under hot water before you use them. The manufacturer recommends soaking them instead, but I prefer to quickly douse them so I can get back to business faster.

Besides, soaking them creates strange little air pockets because of the excess water pools and I’m not about that life.

If “enhanced realism” isn’t one of your top priorities, skip the process entirely. Keep in mind, however, that your toy will probably be cold to the touch at first, especially if you store it in an area that’s not temperature controlled.

So, weigh your options carefully because first impressions last forever.

Is the Fleshlight Discreet or Nah?

Okay, one final thing before I go. I have to be painfully honest here and say that I don’t think the Fleshlight lineup is as discreet as the manufacturer thinks it is. I say that because we live in a futuristic society that no longer carries around flashlights the size of miniature baseball bats. This is 2021, not 1998 and we all want to go back to the future.

The fact that these products are of extremely personal nature but not quite as concealable as expected was a disappointment to say the least. They’re marketed as something that can be hidden inside a toolbox to make nosy family and neighbors think nothing of it.

But these days, most men use compact, ultra-high-tech LED flashlights instead. So, now you’ve got to explain to people why your shit is so outdated instead. I don’t know which one is worse.

The fact of the matter is that these toys are not appropriately sized for their lofty description anymore. The only people who might actually mistake it for a legitimate flashlight are kids and old people – the same two groups of people who might also try to use it when the lights go out.

Regardless of its relatively clandestine design, you still need to be careful with it around grandmas and new girlfriends.

These bad boys have become pretty recognizable at this point, plus they’re pretty big too. Talk about being a victim of your own success and design. Their ability to camouflage into my surroundings was a major concern considering how much effort was put into marketing them otherwise.

If your toy is ever sitting out in a room somewhere, chances are someone will notice it and know exactly what it is.

Where To Buy Fleshlight Sex Toys At The Best Price Online?

We always recommend buying fleshlights from their official website only. This will always give you the best price and fastest shipping. Also, there are plenty of fakes out there so be careful!


The Final Verdict

I have to be completely honest; I’m surprised by the efficiency and sensibility of the Fleshlight brand’s sex toys for men (and women). They’re pleasantly versatile and helpfully sturdy, even if they’re not the most discreet things in the world.

I even figured out a way to hump mine after wedging it between two bed pillows. I suggest buying sex furniture with cut-outs instead though because I almost broke my back with that nonsense. Those shower mounts aren’t a bad idea either, by the way.

The fact that you can warm (or cool) the sleeves is an added bonus on top of the already impressive texture, soft flesh-like materials, and conveniently removeable design. Their orifices might need a little work though. But you’ll probably be even more disappointed by some of their specialty items (I’m looking at you, Sex in a Can).

So, I’d say take your chances with the stuff that’s already tried and true.

Keep in mind that these toys are designed for more than just solo stimulation. I found that they make couple’s play even more exciting and they can be used for BDSM as well.

Because of the close, 360-degree contact inside the canal, it’s almost impossible to find a position that won’t work. These not-so-sleek suckers seem to bring out a man’s sexual superpowers and that’s all any of us want anyway.


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