The Fun Factory Manta Review For 2022

The Fun Factory Manta is the reason why I no longer panic on long business trips. Suffering through weeks of tedious labor without an orgasms can feel like hell on Earth.

So, I need a sex toy that can keep up with the demands of my dick. And this compact creation put an immediate fork in my road.

Here is what I think you should know.

What Is the Fun Factory Manta?

fun factory manta vibrating stroker

As an innovative penis stroker, the Fun Factory Manta features a design like nothing else. You can use it to pinpoint specific nerve endings all over the body, not just around the crotch.

That means it’s perfect for muscle massages. And men with erectile dysfunction (ED), problems with premature ejaculation, or other penile sensitivity issues can benefit as well.

The forked form folds around the shaft for deep, targeted stimulation.

Plus, you guide every movement with the touch of your hand.

With an ergonomic shape and user-friendly features, there are several exciting ways to play. And since it’s a manual vibrator for men instead of an enclosed masturbator, clean-up is easy and couple’s kink is encouraged.

DID YOU KNOW: You can place the Manta between yourself and a partner for hands-free fun.

The Main Features

Who doesn’t appreciate a lightweight, compact male massager with such a versatile design? The Fun Factory brand is known for creating products that satisfy unique tastes.

So, it should come as no surprise that the Manta men’s vibrator also promotes sexual experimentation through orgasmic elevation. It’s even slathered in hypoallergenic materials to help you enjoy effortless erotica for hours.

Indulge your senses as you become the boss of your balls again. The U-shaped prongs grip your groin to deliver customized pleasure at variable speeds.

You can use the simple push-button interface to scroll through the settings. There you’ll find six distinct velocities paired with six rumbling vibe patterns, giving you more control over the situation.

Handle it on your own or give the reins to a partner for a tailored tickle to your pickle.

Place the prongs at the base of your penis for an enhanced ride with the benefits of a cock ring. Or attack your frenulum for “just-the-tip” teasing that milks your glans.

You can also pleasure a partner’s body instead of your own, thanks to the unisex design.

Plus, this sleek device features a travel lock to ensure discretion on the go. And it’s relatively quiet compared to similar sex toys.

Moreover, the Manta by Fun Factory features a finger loop base to help you maintain control.

With 1.5 inches of forked and frisky diameter plus 7.5 inches of lustful length, this device fits right in the palm of your hand. And since it uses phthalate-free, latex-free materials, you can share the sensations with a partner despite skin sensitivity or allergies.

NOTE: Always use a high-quality water-based personal lubricant with silicone sex toys.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Skin-Safe Silicone

This pleasure device for men is supposed to be durable and long-lasting. But always check the owner’s manual for information about the mechanical limits.

For example, the Manta is waterproof and USB rechargeable.

However, that means there are certain things you can and cannot do.

So, don’t forget to register the warranty after you buy the device. Otherwise, the manufacturer might not cover factory flaws, shipment issues, or other damages.

How Does Fun Factory Manta Feel?

Devices that offer tailored intensity are a treat. And most modern sex toys for men can provide at least a modicum of customization. But the Manta is self-driven.

So, the level of fun you have depends on how you use it. That means practice makes perfect, and consistency equals cumming.

This thing can deliver powerful vibrations on contact, but you can still feel the rumbles elsewhere.

Thus, the Manta is great for enhancing the sensations of intercourse, oral sex, anal sex, and other sex toys. It’s also perfect for men who know exactly what they like.

Plus, women might find it interesting for pinpointed clitoral massage.

Either way, the FFM works wonders when you’re grinding out differences in the bedroom.

The reason is that it creates a symbiotic sensation between two bodies in motion. The sleek design means it stays in place even if you enjoy rough sex. And since it’s smooth with delicately textured forks, you both get a little something out of the session.

NOTE: Always clean the device before and after each use to keep it feeling great.

What Comes in the Box?

Experienced shoppers know that they shouldn’t expect much in the box with a simple sex toy. And most of the time, even high-tech devices only come with the bare essentials.

You’ll have to stock up on things like lube and cleaning products because you get none of that with your Manta purchase.

But you do get these things, and that’s probably enough:

  • The Fun Factory Manta Male Vibrating Stroker
  • USB Charging Cord
  • Instruction Manual

The Fun Factory does an excellent job of making their products user-friendly. Plus, most of their stuff automatically comes with a limited one-year warranty.

However, coverage and guarantees can change depending on where you buy it.

So, shop smart and buy your accessories ahead of time.

The Pros & Cons

You can’t find a perfect pleasure product no matter where you look. That’s because modern man is too diverse to agree on a single approach to sex.

So, we use delicious devices despite their flaws. And it’s our job to sort things out.


  • There are numerous ways to enjoy this device by yourself or with a lover.
  • The vibrations are strong but not stinging.
  • It doesn’t take the battery very long to recharge.
  • You can clean the materials with simple soap and water.


  • The device requires constant manual control regardless of your position.
  • You can’t attach the Manta to a mount for hands-free play.
  • There are no interactive features to explore.

Remember, USB rechargeable vibrators for men are notoriously touchy. That means the motor can die and the computer chip can malfunction.

So, be sure to follow the care and maintenance instructions then register your warranty. And don’t tamper with the components because there are several other ways to improve your experience with the Fun Factory Manta.

How to Make the Fun Factory Manta Feel Better

Just because a sex toy for men features a compact, convenient design doesn’t mean it can’t feel better. Here are three ways to enhance your orgasms with the Manta male masturbator:

#1. Try Augmented Lubricant

Perk up your penis with a thick layer of specialty lube. Choose heating, cooling, or tingling formulas to bring out the best when you bust a nut.

#2. Improve Your Stamina

Point the toy at your most sensitive areas to train nerve endings and increase your endurance. You can also hand it to a partner for forced orgasms.

#3. Use It During Oral Sex

Put your money where your mouth is. Pair a solid blow job with the FFM vibrating stroker to perform the sort of oral sex that belongs in the history books.

TIP: You can use a flavored lubricant to improve an oral experience even more.

The Final Verdict

The Fun Factory Manta is a lightweight, compact penis stoker that offers countless play options and customized pleasure. You can enjoy it by yourself or with a partner for hands-on humping and personalized pumping.

Plus, it provides targeted stimulation across a broad range of body parts, not just the treasure chest.

Bottom Line: The Manta by Fun Factory is like a tuning fork for your frenulum, complete with glans-rocking features and an ergonomic design.

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