Top 7 Best Handsfree Male Masturbators In 2023 – Reviews & Best Prices Online (See The List Below)

At A Glance: Our Quick Top 5 Picks for Hands Free Male Masturbation

Autoblow Artificial Intelligence Plus
  • Hands Free Robotic Blowjob Toy
  • Voice Control
  • Uses interchangeable sleeves
Kiiroo Keon
  • Super realistic sex simulation with a possibility of VR experience and sexcams
  • Automatic, handsfree, portable device
  • Sleek, discreet design
Lovense Max 2
  • Luxury app-controlled male masturbator with air pump design
  • 3 suction intensities and 7 vibration functions
  • Best for people that are on a budget
The Handy
  • Ultra premium handsfree masturbator
  • Built with premium quality materials and the very best electronic components
  • Ready for Virtual Reality video
Arcwave Ion
  • Try how female orgasm feels
  • High tech discreet masturbator with Pleasure Air Technology for mind-blowing frenulum stimulation
  • 8 intensities to target nerve-endings that can't be stimulated by other toys

Your run-of-the-mill masturbation machine for men (MM) isn’t always equipped with automatic components. Manual versions are traditionally favored for their fundamental efficacy and innate durability.

However, manual masturbators require a kind of muscle power that not all men possess (or want to expend).

Furthermore, they don’t always have the customizable features that many men prefer.

Hands free male masturbation devices are different.

They’re becoming increasingly popular because they not only produce the same basic sensations but they don’t require any manual power to do it and they’re often tailorable to the user’s preferences.

Why Use A Handsfree Masturbator?

The basic functionality of a modern-day MM explains why their manufacturers are selling millions of units at a time.

Aside from being the lazy lover’s best friend and a wonderful substitute for actual, the best hands free masturbators offer a wide range of benefits to the average man’s sex life.

Below are the top 3 advantages that users can become immediately privy to once they buy an automatic jerk-off machine and use it responsibly:

  • Better Multi-tasking Abilities

Having empty hands AND empty balls at the same time is quite the treat – a fortunately convenient circumstance that none of us ever thought we’d see ourselves in.

Thanks to advancements in technology, today’s best masturbation machines for men offer a variety of self-driven, pleasure-producing, computer-controlled components.

Usually, the maker combines those components into a user-friendly design that features things like touch-sensitive control interfaces, wireless remotes, smart phone apps, motion sensors, and artificial intelligence to deliver a completely hands-free experience that allows you to use your hands for the more important things. . . like holding on for dear life.

  • Increased Endurance and Skill

Well-equipped automatic devices give you the ability to brush up on your skills in between sessions with a live partner.

They never tire, seldom break down or malfunction and are always ready when you are (regardless of whether you take them to dinner first).

Properly executed masturbation with one of these machines can help you knock one out before the big game.

And, if used right, they can also increase your sexual stamina and endurance while making it easier for you to imagine kinky scenarios to experience with your partner.

  • Couple’s Kink

Speaking of partners, the best models have started being designed to incorporate your lover or favorite porn star into the mix. Using things like Bluetooth, mobile apps and virtual reality, today’s top devices allow couples to get kinkier than ever, sometimes without ever meeting face to face.

Those features, when combined with motion sensors, heating elements and vibrating or pulsating motors, create realistic experiences for everyone involved.

Best of all, high-end machines are often compatible with others, allowing you and/or your partner to experience the exact same sensations at the exact same time.

Advantageous or not, you’ll never fully enjoy all that these toys have to offer if you never learn how to tell them apart. Many options have similar features and/or functionality, but the rules of game restrict any of them from being replicas.

In other words, they’re all as different as the snowflakes that fall from the sky, which means you’ll need some insights to differentiate between them from one another in any realistic or effective way.

The Top 7 Best Hands Free Male Masturbators In 2023:

I’ve narrowed my favorite devices down to the top five (a feat more difficult that slaying a dragon, I’d imagine). Here they are in all their glory:

#1. The Autoblow A.I. Plus – Best Handsfree Male Masturbator Overall


The inventor of the Autoblow has made several best-selling models already – the original, the AB2 and now this. His most recent version immediately went viral upon release, probably because of its exclusive inclusion of artificial intelligence.

This magnificent machine not only mimics the sensations of oral sex using a realistic 5-inch stroke and a human-like sleeve but it also teaches itself how to improve the blowjob with every pass.

The device features a unique penis gripper and utilizes proprietary magnetic sensors to manipulate the sleeve texture from the inside out (and over 250 pleasure points to boot).

It has a handful of pre-programmed modes and offers a one-of-a-kind “Edging” function that allows you to start and stop without losing the ideal setting.

With dimensions appropriate for almost everybody and ideal ergonomics too, this bad boy is easy to clean and ever easier to fall in love with.


  • 20+ different blowjobs
  • Accommodating to all penis sizes
  • Plug-in power source requires no batteries or charging downtime
  • Learns the user’s behavior over time for improved hands free male masturbation
  • Voice Control


  • Not compatible with online porn or other sex toys
  • Non-discreet design, difficult to hide


#2. Kiiroo Keon Hands Free Male Sex Toy


Proudly made by one of the industry greats, Kiiroo, the Keon device is one of a kind and virtually unstoppable machine made to pleasure your penis as well as the private parts of any partner you deem worthy.

It not only syncs with your favorite online porn content but it also connects to other sex toys for a real-time erotic experience that has absolutely no distance boundaries whatsoever.

Hook it up to a pair of virtual reality goggles for an elaborate 3D ride or let the automatic motors crank out a fantastic orgasm in one of the pre-programmed pleasure modes.

This versatile plaything can be used solo, with a live partner or alongside a lusty webcam porn star, plus you can customize the toy inside the chamber and enjoy all the features even when it’s stuck on the charger.

Overall, it’s probably the most comprehensive high-tech male masturbation machine on the market and it doesn’t have a horrible price tag either.

TIP: Use it with their “Power sleeve”  for an ultra-intense, endurance boosting session.


  • Compatible with other Kiiroo sex toys
  • Can be used with VR headset for interactive hands free male masturbation (porn, games, webacams)
  • Stroke speeds up to 230 per minute
  • Adjustable stroke lengths
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Made from patented body-safe materials


  • Cannot be used with Fleshlight sleeves
  • Long charge time required (approx. 6 hours

#3. The Lovense Max 2 Hands Free Male Sex Toy


Max by Lovense made a statement in the industry a few years ago when it became one of the very first high-tech male masturbation devices in the world.

The overall functionality is less complex than most similar machines, plus it uses patent-pending air pump technology to mimic the contractions of a live human sex.

It also contains a powerful vibrating motor that offers a range of speeds, patterns and intensity levels just in case solo missions are more your style.

If not, the Lovense brand has made sure to include Bluetooth and virtual reality (VR) compatibility with the Max so that its users can either play with a partner or explore the many porn videos available in the online library.

Interact directly with the device or utilize the smart phone app to customize each session as you see fit, with dimensions befitting of almost any man and features ideal for beginners and experts alike.


  • Simplified design for easier use and better discretion
  • Compatible with some other sex toys
  • Specialized canal texture and opening
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Made from body-safe materials


  • Short battery life
  • Limited settings and porn content available

#4. ArcWave Ion Handsfree Male Sex Toy


If you’ve ever wondered why they say a woman’s orgasm is more intense than a man’s, then now’s your chance to find out.

The new Arcwave Ion features state-of-the-art technology that produces intensely pleasurable sensations focused primarily on the penis frenulum to simulate a clitoral-like climax.

It uses targeted, pulsating air waves instead of vibrations and/or suction. Thus, it delivers a one-of-a-kind experience through a compact, lightweight, handheld casing.

The exterior is also ergonomically designed for optimal handling, plus it has a twist-apart function that makes it super easy to clean.

Its powerful motors generate considerable air pressure within the textured canal, with several different pleasure settings to explore through the simple three-button control interface that features raised edges for easier handling.

Best of all, the Arcwave Ion is built for individuals, couples, traveling, and stamina training because it’s versatile and easy to hide.


  • Very discreet looking & easy to hide from your wife or roomates 🙂
  • USB rechargeable battery for longer sessions
  • Convenient storing, drying, and recharging base included
  • Made from skin-safe materials
  • Smart Silence™ technology
  • Fully submersible in water (device only)


  • Somewhat short battery life
  • Somewhat loud

#5. The Kiiroo TITAN Tight Sleeve Edition


Because the Kiiroo company is leading the way in making interactive, couples-friendly sex toys, their innovative TITAN device for men is among the world’s foremost hands free male sex toys.

It functions primarily as a private pleasure device, but it does so much more than stimulate all the nerve-endings in your penis.

This thing features a 9-motor interface and a wide range of vibration sensations that all play together with the interactive features to create a tailored experience for all those involved – even if “those involved” include a female partner whose hundreds of miles away.

Essentially, it’s the smaller, more compact version of the FL Launch only it doesn’t sync with as many toys (just every single thing in the Kiiroo inventory, that’s all). Using Teledildonics and a “Real Feel” sleeve, few toys have the balls to step up to this industry titan.


  • Compatible with online porn AND all of Kiiroo’s interactive lineup
  • Unisex ergonomics for easier manipulation
  • Stealth opening for increased discretion
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Made from body-safe materials


  • Texture-free canal material not suitable for all users
  • 1-inch canal diameter may be too small for some


#6. Kiiroo Onyx Plus


The Kiiroo Onyx+ is the newest sensory adventure to come from the same brand that brought you another top-selling interactive plaything just a few years back. This new and improved version is sleeker, lighter, and more powerful than ever before.

Plus, it still has the fun interactive features that made its predecessors famous. So, use the ergonomic design and high-tech functionality to light up your life in more ways than one.

With a 140-stroke-per-minute capability and touch-sensitive controls, it’s almost impossible not to.

This device remains nearly silent while doing its thing, which involves performing continuous up and down motions to simulate the sensations of real intercourse or oral sex with 10 contracting rings.

You can also connect it to another Kiiroo Onyx+ or anything from the brands interactive inventory to experience real-time pleasure with a partner.

It syncs to your favorite interactive 3D porn content as well, with virtual reality capabilities and instant access to loot when you’re ready.


  • Compatible with OhMiBod Fuse and Esca
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Four ways to connect to pleasure
  • Made from hypoallergenic materials
  • USB rechargeable battery


  • May not accommodate all penis sizes
  • Long wait for charging (4 hours)


#7. Universal Launch Hands Free Fleshlight


The Fleshlight brand will probably always be synonymous with male masturbation, and that’s because of products like the Fleshlight Universal Launch. It’s a rather large machine but with great size comes great power.

This bad boy can make waves at speeds of up to 250 strokes per minute, with a special stamina training sleeve and a convenient spot for your smart phone.

It features four different built-in stroke settings and three available pleasure zones – base, shaft or tip..

There are a pair of handlebars on the sides to help you manage takeoff, plus you can use it wirelessly or while it’s plugged in for a completely customized hands free fleshlight experience.

The design is somewhat sus, but it’s extremely easy to maintain and offers simplified assembly.


  • You can upgrade to up to 20+ different feeling sleeve textures
  • Ideal for watching the action & stamina training
  • Hands-free or hands-on fun
  • Made from skin-safe materials


  • Rather large device


BONUS: The LELO F1S Developer’s Kit V2


The original concept for the LELO SDK was centered on helping men achieve the kind of sexual stamina they desired.

What ended up being created was one of the greatest inventions since sliced bread: the amazing F1S Developer’s Kit – a fully customizable, automatic masturbation device for men that offers a full 360-degree pleasure canal and a powerful motor that juices the user’s dick at varying speeds and intensity levels to deliver a reliable, hands-free orgasm whenever you want it.

Ideal for solo experimentation or interactive fun, this thing can run on Cruise Control or hook up to your favorite VR glasses to explore what the included online porn library has to offer.

Best of all, it features a built-in manual control interface but comes with the manufacturer’s app-controlled Developer Software so you can try your luck with an endless number of settings and combinations.


  • Sends vibrations up and down the shaft using patented SenSonic Technology
  • Includes a Progress Tracker for stamina training
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Waterproof casing
  • Can be used manually or on automatic Cruise Control


  • Not ideal for all penis sizes
  • Not compatible with other sex toys

6 Ways to Tell If That Robotic Hands Free Male Masturbator Is Worth It or Not

Buying a new sex toy is a subjective exercise that requires a combination of opinion and information. Many people use primarily their opinions to choose the right toy, and most marketers rely on that simple fact of life.

Instead of falling for the hype, use your best judgement while looking at the following six things that all high-end hands free male masturbators  (should) have:

  • The Size

Appropriate sizing is important, especially when it comes to choosing a masturbation machine that requires deep penetration of the penis.

Hands-free masturbators are particularly dangerous to use when they don’t have the right dimensions internally or externally.

Always check for the measurement specifics: total length, insertable length and width (or girth).

Remember, the average man’s penis is between 5 and 7 inches long with a girth of about 1 to 2 inches around.

Most toys are made to accommodate the average man but some offer features that make the dimensions more customizable – a perk befitting of guys who lie on either side of the size spectrum.

  • The Shape

Shaping, otherwise known as the “design,” plays a crucial role in your consideration as well. The shape of your favorite toy may look nice initial but function poorly in the end.

On the other hand, an otherwise unattractive device may function exactly as you’d like it to. Never judge a book by its cover, but instead select your machine based on its overall form.

Does it have a place for you to place your hands when you want to take it out of automatic mode? Does it even have a manual override option? Can the shape of the device or its internal components be changed in any way?

Obviously, this part of the equation is important.

  • The Features

Each one of these devices uses the same basic operating procedure – penetration of the penis into a silky, sometimes textured sleeve, a variation of vibrations to explore, and maybe a few stroke lengths of speeds to try out.

There’s nothing new under the sun. In fact, the only thing “new” is the way in which these innovative manufacturers combine the most commonly used features.

Every now and then you’ll come across devices that have unheard of components, but for the most part you’ll mainly find differences in the number of vibe modes, the types of materials used, and the shape or size of the machine itself.

Anything out of the ordinary is considered innovative and is typically made to suit the needs of either very average people or extremely specialized groups.

  • The Compatibility

If a toy gets along with other toys it’s generally considered a good one, but that’s not a rule that always applies. Interactive devices are the kinds that can sync up with other high-tech devices for a real-time experience that breaks the barriers of time and space.

Ideal for long-distance relationships and impromptu orgasms, compatible masturbation machines can be used solo or with a partner in a wide variety of ways.

Keep in mind, however, that those types of toys often require a secondary device or accessory to enjoy them fully, plus they can take a special kind of knowledge to operate properly and may need more attention on the back-end than most standard manual models.

You know what they say: “With great power comes even greater responsibility.” Don’t forget.

  • The Ergonomics

Most people automatically assume that no-hands male sex toys require little to no ergonomics. In fact, many users end up purchasing a product without ever considering this factor.

Let me break it down for you: Basically, ergonomics are the ways in which a person or user successfully interacts with a man-made machine.

Therefore, masturbation devices with good ergonomics are easier to use, simpler to clean or maintain and typically providers of more intense sensations because they’re designed to suit the needs of the average male body.

Don’t skip this step if you know what’s good for you.

Look for things like well-placed hand grips or handles, lightweight or compact casings, comfort insert features, discreet appearances and built-in control interfaces or wireless manipulation options.

It’s 2021, that’s the least these manufacturers can do.

  • The Materials

Last but never least, always check out the materials with which each device is made. Most manufacturers have gotten used to making their machines out of hypoallergenic materials, but there are still a few low-quality stragglers parading around as high-quality options.

Never settle for anything that contains phthalates or parabens, as those substances have been linked to serious illnesses. Stay away from latex too, especially if you have sensitivities or allergies.

For best result, stick with products made out of skin-safe stuff like silicone, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or a patented polycarbonate blend and use a good water-based lube with it at all times.

It’s funny how a shopper can know about all the factors mentioned above and then use that knowledge to look at various devices but show up empty-handed at checkout.

These advertisers do a good job of making everything look fun and sexy, but practicality is key for most shoppers (especially considering the price of some of these things).

But as personal and/or expensive as it all may be, one thing will never change: There will always be a handful of machines that take the cake.

Where To Find The Best Hands Free Masturbators Online:

AUTOBLOW – The official website of the legendary hands free male masturbator that some men love and some hate.

KIIROO – The official website of the most high-tech sex toys for men on the market.

LOVENSE – The official website of a very promising male sex toy brand that already produced some serious players in the market.

THE HANDY – Brand new player on the block with a very quality hands free sex toy.

FLESHLIGHT – The official website of the most popular male sex toy brand in the world which now offers some handsfree sex toy options.

The End Game

Nobody said this would be easy.

Just remember that it’s your call at the end of the day. And while real human sex will always be better than hands-on or hands free male masturbation, there’s one thing we seem to be forgetting: Artificial intelligence that will “get to know you” can sometimes be better than a porn star or partner who thinks they already do.

I’ll leave you with that, ladies and gentleman, hoping I’ve somehow helped you become less hairy-palmed and horny. What matters most is that you and/or your partner has a safe and satisfying sexual experience (hopefully more than once).

If that takes a fully handsfree masturbator with virtual reality capabilities and a half-dozen or so vibe settings, then so be it.

Have you seen your hands lately? You look like an indentured servant to your dick, just sayin’.

No Hands Male Masturbator FAQ

Q: How am I supposed to use a sex toy like this?

A: Typically, your standard MM will feature a tight, often life-like orifice and a long, shaft-accommodating canal that sometimes carries textures and/or vibrating motors within.

Users simply insert their erect or semi-erect penis into the opening (or orifice) at the top of the device to begin enjoying customizable hands free male masturbation during a completely manual or fully automatic session.

For the most part, using a good water-based lube comes highly recommended as well.

Q: Can I use one of these machines if I have erectile dysfunction?

A: Not all MMs are designed for men with ED because they require direct penetration from an erect or semi-erect penis. Look for a device that features an open-ended or hinged form – something that closes in around or directly stimulates your flaccid penis.

Most of today’s masturbation machines for men are geared towards stimulating the average fella’s shlong, unfortunately.

However, there have been several great improvements to the market’s selection over the last few years, which means male masturbators are now more appropriate for erectile dysfunction sufferers than ever before, albeit not always automatic in their overall design.

Q: Can I use one of these hadsfree male sex toys if I have Peyronie’s Disease (curvature of the penis)?

A: Not all MMs are designed for men with Peyronie’s Disease (PD) because they require direct penetration from a straight penis.

Look for a device that features an open-ended or hinged form – something that closes in around or directly stimulates your curved penis.

Most of today’s masturbation machines for men are geared towards stimulating the average fella’s shlong, unfortunately.

However, there have been several great improvements to the market’s selection over the last few years, which means male masturbators are now more appropriate for PD sufferers than ever before, albeit not always automatic in their overall design.

Q: Can I use one of these machines if I am in a committed and/or long-distance relationship?

A: Not only do today’s best machines have countless couples-friendly and/or interactive features, but many of them are even endorsed by doctors and relationship therapists for their ability to support a healthy sexual bond between partners despite modern-day obstacles.

Innovations such as Bluetooth, smart phone apps, large online media libraries and virtual reality have made toy procurement an actual “marital aid” again.

Q: Are there any specific things I should ALWAYS do with my hands free male sex toy?

A: Owning a masturbation device is an exercise in freedom and self-expression. There are virtually no limits to the things you can do with yours.

As a general rule, however, always read the owner’s manual and clean your machine after every use based on the directions provided.

Q: Are there any specific things I should NEVER do with my device?

A: Never use a non-waterproof device in or around water or dense moisture. Never use your machine for anything other than what it’s intended for (as stated by the manufacturer).

Never forget to clean your toy after every use and never store your plaything in a place that gets direct exposure to sunlight, dust, debris or contact with extreme hot/cold temperatures.

Q: How do I properly care for and maintain a toy like this?

A: The manufacturer of each toy should give you all the information you need to properly clean and maintain your new device.

Some provide a Quick Setup Guide and then offer a full manual on their website, while others include the full manual in the box with the toy.

Either way, be sure to follow the care instructions closely.

Usually, you’ll be told to remove the sleeve, empty its contents and rinse it with warm water and a gentle antibacterial soap. However, some specialty toys require specific cleaning supplies and/or material renewal products so pay close attention.

Q: Could this device desensitize my penis in any way?

A: It has been well documented that excessive sex and/or masturbation can cause health and wellness problems such as erectile dysfunction and general penile desensitization.

This is especially true among men who overuse devices with extremely intense sleeve textures or functionality features.

Using delaying products like sprays, lotions and condoms may allow users to enjoy their machines more often without suffering the consequences.

However, regular use without those things should never lead to an issue if the user always enjoys his device responsibly.

Q: What happens if my hands free male sex toy malfunctions or breaks?

A: If available, be sure to always register your device’s warranty within the first 30 days of your purchase.

That way, you’ll have some back-up if anything goes wrong.

Devices without a warranty should be taken special care of, and if things break or malfunction, those devices should be repaired with spare parts made by the original manufacturer only.

Q: Are there any ways to save money on my purchase?

A: You almost never have to pay full price for new sex toy like this, mostly because their manufacturers are always hosting special sales and money-saving events.

Look for special discount codes, coupons and member incentives to keep some of that hard-earned cash in your pockets. If all else fails, buy your devices in bulk or as part of a pre-packaged kit.

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