16 Homemade Vibrator Ideas + Safety Tips and User Guide

Homemade vibrators might seem silly, but they can be a practical alternative to a lacking sex toy collection. Buying expensive pleasure products isn’t always an option. However, living without a satisfying orgasm is virtually impossible. Vibrators made from home can help bridge the gap without breaking the bank.

Before disregarding the idea, consider this: The average vibrating dildo costs about $75. Products made from home cost far less but can deliver similar sensations. This article will explore 15 different homemade vibrator ideas and discuss usage tips to help you enjoy safe sex.

What Is a Homemade Vibrator?

You already know what a vibrator is, or else you wouldn’t be reading this article. A homemade one is one that you make at home. You save money because you don’t buy it from a store. It’s also ready on-demand, with no waiting time for shipping. However, creating an at-home sex toy can be complicated, and you must be cautious to stay safe.

Homemade products underpin countless industries and inspire iconic brands. Using something you assembled from ordinary household objects isn’t crazy. Necessity has always been the mother of invention. And people need to get off when their crotches come calling.

Your contraption might not become the next market sensation, but it can at least give you the experience you desire. Command your possessions to perform in new ways to reveal their full potential. Then consider your DIY sex life a treat for your inner freak.

DID YOU KNOW: The world’s first dildos were made of chalk, hardened clay, and animal bones.

Why Use Vibrators Made from Home?

Store-bought vibrators are fantastic. That’s why today’s sex toy industry is worth billions of dollars. You can create various scenarios and fulfill any fantasy…for a price. The products are also expensive and delicate, meaning you can’t play too rough and must pay big bucks to replace broken parts.

Many people choose not to invest in their kink collection but develop their own stash instead. Homemade vibrators are relatively easy to make and safe to use with the necessary precautions. Building one and masturbating with it is beneficial in several ways, including these:

#1. They Are Less Expensive

Building your own sex toy costs far less than buying one from the store. You don’t receive a manufacturer’s warranty this way because you’re the maker. However, you enjoy the confidence of knowing you set the standards. Determine the rules and save yourself some money in the meantime.

TIP: Choose items you’re not afraid to break, disassemble, or lose.

#2. You Can Customize the Experience

Make a masturbator that does what you tell it to, not what some sex toy designers decided in a boardroom. Tailor the sensations to suit your desires without voiding warranties or wasting your wallet. Then incorporate add-ons and accessories as needed.

TIP: Stock up on adhesive, tape, and Velcro strips to help craft complex vibrators.

#3. Hiding Them Is Easy

With homespun sex products, you can quickly disassemble the rig and put each part back where you found it (after washing it off, of course). People in your vicinity will be none the wiser, and you can continue pleasuring yourself while reaping the other advantages.

TIP: Separate your favorite vibrator components from objects used by loved ones.

Homemade vibrators also provide an extra kick of kink to your routine. Using ordinary things for personal satisfaction can increase excitement because it’s forbidden. However, you can enjoy stimulation in the comfort of your home if you play it safe.

Safety Tips and User Guide

Many people roll their eyes as soon as safety is brought up in conversations about self-pleasure. The two concepts seem diametrically opposed. How can you freely explore your fetishes or satisfy sexual cravings while worrying about getting hurt? It’s not as challenging as you think.

Experience intense sensations without incident by following these simple safety guidelines for homemade vibrators:

Keep Your Supplies Clean

Doing the deed with dirty tools can be counterproductive and dangerous. Many household objects are usually covered in germs and bacteria. Meanwhile, masturbation isn’t a clean pastime. You’ll produce body fluids and penetrate delicate orifices for pleasure. This experience requires cleanliness to prevent skin irritation and infection, so keep your components tidy.

NOTE: Anal penetration is particularly risky because of fecal matter bacteria. Proceed with caution.

Use Lots of Lube

Lubrication helps protect your skin and enhance your sensations during sex and masturbation. Nothing changes when you swap devices or techniques. Use plenty of lube when playing with homemade vibrators, and ensure you choose a compatible formula. Never skip this step in a hurry, and don’t use spit, body lotion, or other products as alternatives. Stick to the hypoallergenic stuff.

NOTE: Cover your vibe with water-based personal lubricant to enjoy a comforting experience.

Check the Owner’s Manuals

You’ll likely build a vibrating device using multiple objects, so be sure they go together. Check the owner’s manual on each component, or look online for more information. Ensure the materials are safe for skin contact and can handle lubrication. Don’t connect incompatible products, and never insert something with an explicit warning against it.

NOTE: Contact the manufacturer for specific details on warranty coverage limitations.

Avoid Sharp Objects

Inserting a sharp object into your vagina or anus could cause severe internal pain. You can also bruise yourself or cut the delicate skin inside your hole. These injuries are challenging to treat and embarrassing to discuss. Prevent accidents by using rounded or blunt objects instead. Try filing edges if possible, or get creative to install padding around sharp edges.

NOTE: Abrupt movements during insertion can damage your build or break your items.

Don’t Forget the Condoms

Wearing condoms is essential when having sex with a partner, but it’s also crucial when masturbating with homemade vibrators. The extra layer of protection helps shield your skin from leftover bacteria while protecting you from sharp corners, edges, and rough surfaces. Condoms also make the session feel fantastic with or without lubrication.

NOTE: Buy pre-lubricated condoms to streamline your technique.

Staying safe while playing with homemade sex toys isn’t a buzzkill. It’s the best way to enjoy stimulating sensations without ending up in the emergency room. Many ER visits involve sex-related injuries that could have been avoided. Untold numbers of people fall victim to their libido, but you don’t have to.

Use homemade vibes with caution, and stop if you feel pain or discomfort. Always trust your instincts but don’t be afraid to consult a doctor if you have problems. Or use non-vibrating objects to acclimate yourself to masturbating with household objects. You can try cucumbers, bananas, and hairbrush handles in a pinch.

16 Creative Homemade Vibrator Ideas (and How to Use Them Safely)

Making a homemade vibrator is easier than it sounds. You don’t even need special skills or equipment in most cases. Meanwhile, people usually have a few potential components lying around their houses. So, you might not have to visit the store either.

Do you have 20-30 minutes for prep and a relatively creative mind? Then you can make a vibrator at home. You’ll likely find these 16 everyday household objects the perfect candidates for your homespun humper design:

#1. Rumbling Appliances

Most households have a washer and dryer for doing laundry. Stick in an unbalanced load to cause a rumble, then sit on the lid. You can leisurely change the cycle settings to customize your experience. However, try not to use this method while others are in the house. And remember to wash off the appliances’ surfaces to remove your body fluids.

TIP: Afraid of getting caught? Turn on some music and lock the door for more privacy.

#2. Electric Toothbrushes

An item in your bathroom offers multiple speed settings and the perfect shape for vaginal or anal insertion. It’s your electric toothbrush, and you can use it for masturbation. You can also use its bristles for a clitoral massage. This method works best with condoms and new devices because you can’t boil most electronics unless they’re waterproof. Check the owner’s manual for more details.

TIP: Buy a new electric toothbrush for this exercise. It’s still cheaper than a store-bought sex toy.

#3. Face Scrubbing Devices

Give yourself a facial, then use the vibrations from the scrubber motor to stimulate your genitals. You might not be able to insert the device into your vagina or anus, but you can still enjoy external stimulation. Always clean the handle and brush head before starting to prevent unwanted skin irritation. Or dedicate a specific brush to your sexual appetite and save the others for washing your face.

TIP: Apply lube to the bristles for a smooth, satisfying sensation.

#4. Electric Shaver

Choose your favorite electric razor for its powerful vibrations and adjustable settings. They make great homemade vibrators if you use them cautiously. Flip the device over and use the handle for external stimulation. If you remove the razor head, you’ll prevent injury and avoid removing pubic hair in a patchy pattern. Or slide a condom over the top to create a slippery barrier so you can use both sides.

TIP: Insert the device slowly and remain around the rim of your orifice to stay safe.

#5. Simple Playthings

Do your kids have a bunch of old toys they no longer use? Find some fresh batteries and go to town. You can recycle forgotten playthings by transforming the electronics into DIY vibrators. Depending on your chosen device, you’ll enjoy internal or external pleasure with variable settings and unique shapes. Target your clitoris, g-spot, or p-spot with the correct configuration. Then wash the surface and hide it for next time.

TIP: Never use a toy your child still plays with because it could cause confusion.

#6. Smartphones & Tablets

Your smartphone or tablet probably has volume settings that include vibrating. Also, some apps and programs send notifications that automatically buzz your device. Look at your control panel to find the appropriate feature, then use apps, games, phone calls, and texts to send your crotch a message. Phones are best because of their size, but tablets can provide a wider surface area for dual stimulation.

TIP: Clean your device before each session to remove bacteria and debris, or use a condom.

#7. Handheld Fans

A personal fan is powerful enough to use as a homemade vibe but compact enough for internal or external pleasure. You can also alter most handheld fans without incident or injury because the mechanisms are relatively straightforward. This option is also inexpensive and available everywhere. Use it by removing all but one of the fan blades. It will slap your clit to cause an explosion in no time.

TIP: Check for sharp edges and remove them to prevent scrapes, cuts, and bruises.

#8. Showerheads & Faucets

If you remove your showerhead, you can use it as a sex toy. Running water from the faucet also works to stimulate genital nerve endings. These techniques don’t involve vibrations or electronics. However, the water movement sends waves of pleasure through your body while washing away your desires. Turn the temperature down for numbing or up for heat. Just don’t make it too hot or too cold.

TIP: Enjoy this method after bathing or showering to ensure a clean experience.

#9. TENS Units

TENS stands for transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation. Many people use it for therapeutic purposes when treating muscle aches and body pain. They range in size, shape, design, and price. However, TENS machines are perfect for at-home sex games. Most devices come with various stick-on pads for different body parts. You can also create a gradual climax or practice edging. Use yours to pinpoint specific erogenous zones and deliver extreme satisfaction anywhere.

TIP: Remove the hair from your skin before placing the sticky pads (electrodes).

#10. Hot Tub or Whirlpool Jets

Your bathtub is waiting, but the basin will deliver more than you expect this time. Much like showerheads and faucets, the water jets in your whirlpool can provide intense stimulation. Use the water pressure to massage your vulva, clitoris, or anal region until you reach an orgasm. You can finish yourself and then wash off without grabbing extra supplies. Everything you need is right in front of you.

TIP: Clean the tub and flush the jets before lying down or masturbating with water.

#11. Stereo Speakers

Crank up the volume on your stereo for a rumbly, rhythmic surprise. Increase the bass output for more intense vibrations. Then sit with your genitals as close to the speakers as possible. You can adjust the volume and sound settings to achieve a pitch-perfect climax. Feel the music as it pulsates through your body to produce a harmonious orgasm. Or choose specific songs to double your pleasure.

TIP: Avoid confrontation by playing your music modestly around housemates or neighbors.

#12. Muscle Massagers

Grab that back massager or neck pain relief machine and give it new life. It’s time to transform your therapy devices into makeshift vibrators. Some feature functions that can improve sexual gratification or make masturbation more convenient. They’re also discreet devices, so most visitors don’t think twice when seeing one. You can even buy body massagers with flexible necks to stimulate hard-to-reach places.

TIP: Treat this like a traditional sex toy and use compatible lubrication to protect your skin.

#13. Nail Filer Machines

These machines are similar to electric toothbrushes, shavers, and handheld fans. They feature tiny but powerful motors that produce significant vibrations for your pleasure. Turn it on and apply it to your skin for instant stimulation. As always, wash the surface before each use or cover it with a condom to stay protected. You can add more lubricant when you wrap the device in rubber or latex.

TIP: Remove the abrasive head to shield your body and reduce friction.

#14. Video Game Controllers

If someone in your house plays video games, use one of the controllers as a vibrator alternative. Many new video controllers feature a built-in “rumble” function that jingles during specific on-screen events. You can dictate when the vibes happen and for how long. However, the challenge is maintaining the vibrations during evolving gameplay. Try scraping your virtual call against a wall for continual stimulation.

TIP: Choose a video game with lots of action to keep the good times rolling.

#15. Riding Lawnmower

Take a trip on your lawn care equipment to experience a noteworthy orgasm. Most lawnmowers vibrate when you start the engine. So, you can sit on the seat to feel deep, rumbly sensations. Remove your clothes to eliminate barriers, but clean the seat afterwards. Rev up the motor to intensify your vibes until you reach the goal. Then put your equipment back into storage for another rainy day.

TIP: Don’t turn on the grass cutting blades while using a lawnmower for masturbation.

#16. Vacuum Cleaner

Clean the house, then empty a nut with the help of your vacuum. Powerful sweepers can provide stimulating suction power, perfect for clitoral or penile orgasms. Some machines also feature variable settings to help you customize the experience. Check the owner’s manual for more information on how your contraption works. Then proceed with caution to avoid injury.

TIP: Use all the vacuum parts to discover which one feels best.

Don’t be afraid to try multiple options before settling on your favorite. No rule says you have to love the first few options. Take your time to experience the pros and cons of each technique. Then monitor your results by taking notes and discussing opinions with your doctor or partner.

Learning how to make your homemade vibrator can be challenging when you’ve never done it before. The concept is also foreign and somewhat intimidating, even for people with lots of experience. Staying safe is only half the battle. Discovering the perfect product is just as essential.

How to Make a Homemade Vibrator

Homemade vibrators are more accessible than most people think. You don’t need exceptional skills or creativity. It’s all about making responsible decisions about your body and possessions. DIY masturbation techniques are customizable to each person. Don’t live by someone else’s standard.

Talk is cheap, but a decent orgasm can be expensive. Make a high-quality vibrator at home by following these three simple steps:

STEP ONE: Choose Your Tools

Carefully pick which household items deserve elevation to homespun hero. If you can think of something not listed here, go for it. Just be sure to read the owner’s manual for specific usage instructions and safety warnings.

STEP TWO: Check the Specifications

Ensure your equipment is compatible with your skin type, condom selection, and lube choice. For example, a smartphone might not work well with water-based lubrication. Cover delicate objects with condoms to protect the machine while enjoying a smooth glide.

STEP THREE: Craft with Care

Assemble, disassemble, or rearrange your new device with due diligence. You’re the only one responsible for safety when you use products the way they were not intended. Many manufacturers will void warranty coverage if you tamper with the original design. Tinker at your own risk.

Test your homemade vibrator on a less sensitive part of the body for the best results. Choose an arm or leg to prevent injury if your machine doesn’t work.


Using a DIY vibrator is fun, convenient, and inexpensive. However, you must choose your tools wisely and craft with care. Also, be sure to clean each item before and after using it. Forgetting to maintain your invention could result in skin irritation, infection, or worse.

Personal pleasure is natural, and your urges to satisfy cravings are normal. Using homemade sex toys can help you achieve erotic goals while saving money and building an on-demand collection. Truly devoted Kinksters are never afraid of innovation. The possibilities are virtually endless when you think outside the box.

Homemade Vibrator FAQs

These are the most commonly asked questions about vibrators made from home:

How Do I Clean a Vibrator Made from Home?

Cleaning a DIY sex toy is simple. However, the process depends on which items you use. For instance, washing off the surface of your phone may require extra steps. Some devices aren’t waterproof, so you have to use wipe-off or fast-drying cleaning products instead.

Check the owner’s manual for specific maintenance instructions and cleaning tips. If all else fails, use an antibacterial wet wipe. Then let the item dry before returning it to storage.

Is There a Specific Way to Store My Toy?

You can store your handmade vibrators in multiple places. Most people choose their bedside table, dresser drawer, or medicine cabinet. Some also collect all the components in a shoe box they hide under the bed.

Whatever your method, always keep the stash away from prying eyes. Don’t leave the stuff in direct sunlight because it could damage the mechanism. Also, store your stuff away from extreme hot or cold temperatures. Check the owner’s manual for each item to discover more detailed storage tips.

Which Type of Lubricant Should I Use?

Always use a personal lubricant that’s compatible with your skin type. Water-based lube is usually best for any complexion. However, some devices might not be compatible with a watery formula. You can also choose oil-based or silicone-based lubricants if H2O is risky.

Wrap your invention with an unlubricated condom to protect the mechanical components driving the vibrations. This tactic will help preserve some of the power and protect your skin from friction. Then you can apply any preferred lube regardless of the item’s materials or design.

Which Vibrating Items Are the Quietest?

The quietest vibrating things around your house are often the most powerful. However, you might experience decreased pleasure because the machine contains its vibrations. If you can’t feel it in your hand, you probably won’t feel it in your crotch.

Quietly vibrating objects provide gentle stimulation and increased privacy. They might be weak, but they’re not worthless. Choose vibrating stuffed animals, video game controllers, and smartphones or tablets if you’re trying not to make a peep.

Which Vibrating Items Are the Fastest?

Fast vibrations don’t always indicate power or consistency. Some rapid motors are weak and can’t penetrate deep nerve endings. However, many modern electrical products offer fast vibes and intense output. You must determine whether you prefer loud, quiet, fast, slow, or powerful. You usually can’t have it all.

Quick vibes can feel fantastic and help you achieve orgasm faster. They might be weak, but they’re still a viable option. Choose electric shavers, mechanical toothbrushes, and face scrubbers for a moderate sensation you can customize in a hurry.

Which Vibrating Items Are the Strongest?

Robust vibrating motors are easy to find if you don’t need a compact, lightweight design. However, most strong vibrators are too massive for handheld use. The most potent vibes are from appliances, lawn equipment, vacuum cleaners, and muscle massagers. Those items are either designed for skin contact or too powerful to care about comfort. Proceed with caution and read the owner’s manual for more information.

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