Theology & The Church


Answering Pro-Gay Revisionist Theology: Talking Points
How should Christians respond to a false doctrine that threatens to fundamentally alter the church?

My Father’s Closet
As difficult as it was to trust or love my father, I hoped for a closer relationship with him.

Pro-gay Revisionist Theology: An Overview
The pro-gay theology is much like the broader gay rights philosophy, in that it seeks legitimization of homosexuality.

Pro-Gay Revisionist Theology: Did God Really Say...?
A false doctrine concerning homosexual behavior has been launched at biblically orthodox believers.

Responding to Pro-gay Social Arguments (Part 1)
Social justice arguments are effective because they sound so good.

Responding to Pro-gay Social Arguments (Part 2)
The “I-tried-to-change-but-I-couldn't” argument is popular among homosexuals who have accepted their orientation.

Responding to Pro-gay Social Arguments (Part 3)
Ten percent of the population is gay: fact or fiction?

Responding to Pro-gay Theology: General Religious Arguments
To the biblically ignorant, general pro-gay religious arguments can pass for truth.

Sexual Compassion
It's not just gays who struggle with unfulfilled sexual desires.